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I woke up to another thunderstorm today. So rare! But rain is good. I snuck up - not intentionally, really - on one of my housemates in the kitchen today and made him jump. XD Yaay, ninja!Liz. Ninja!Liz wants a hamster.

I don't listen to DaizyStripper (I like what I've heard, but just haven't gotten any of their stuff), but I still blogstalk Rei. XD Now, it's partially because he and Rui seem to be buddies, but it's more because Rei has the most spoiled hamster in the world. I'm surprised little Ichigo (who celebrated his birthday the day this pic was posted) hasn't exploded yet from all the crackers, bread, and yogurt he eats. It also looks like he get fresh vegetables every day for food, rather than the pellets we tend to use.

Drat. He eats better than I do. XD

To end, yet another reason to love Massu, from a 2008 episode of Shokura:

Massu: The four of us (KoyamaruTegomass) should go to the beach together.
Koyama: go ahead.
Massu: Come on~
Koyama: But even if we do go, what would you do at the beach, Massu?
Massu: Bury myself in the sand. :DD


Also, Satake Koki is kinda adorable, though I'm pretty sure he's since left JE. Yes, I am learning Kanjuu. >.>

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Def Tech has a way of making my mood better almost instantly. Though now I also want to go to Hawaii. Instantly. XD I took a nap today under a pile of blankets and woke up actually hot instead of just not-cold. Win!

I knew I had a post I wanted to make, and I finally remembered it last night. So, before I delete it from my computer, JE Countdown flail! It's been a week, so I am not going to cut for spoilers (whatever constitutes spoilers in a music show, anyways). If you care, scroll really fast, hit the comment button, and I will protect your eyes. :D I will also keep this all positive, because I whine plenty about other things. Okay, almost all positive. There will be one non-positive.

Commence Flail:
Bad first: YARA HAIR FAIL. Okay, to be fair, I couldn't see it really, really well (though there was a very clear shot of Yone's face behind Tsuyoshi at one point, and I laughed, sorry, Yone), but it did not look promising. Am hoping they shot January Shokuras before he got this hair. XD
Everyone brought the sparkly, wow, especially H!S!JUMP, and Arashi and NEWS halfway through. I wonder how many sequins are used just for Countdown costumes.
Ohkura's smile! And non-permy hair. And Yasu in general. ♥ Okay, one more non-positive: Ryo's ghostly mustache. Although it's also funny, so. XD
Random Junior sightings! Totally found Yamaryo without specifically looking for him because his head is big and blond and fluffy and that flail is unmistakable. Also, he sings along with everything and his mouth is big, too. >.> And therefore, he is easy to spot, I mean.
NYC is stupid catchy. And I love A.ra.shi partly because whenever I listen to it, I think of that clip with MatsuJun majorly failing at being on time. >.>
V6 looked so good in purple and black. *_* Also, everyone still backflipping after 15 years? Hellz yeah. Rock on, chicken!leader!
I feel like Takki is the Gackt of JE sometimes. In that uber-dramatic this-is-srs-bsns-but-I'm-really-a-big-dork way. XD Just substitute Juniors for men in cat suits!
Medleys always fun. Love the random people who end up glomping each other, like Ohno and MiyaKen.
Hee, Okada and Sho, again! Nagase totally in love with Koichi. Tsuyoshi will kill him if he tries anything. A bajillion virtual cookies if you get that reference.
Kanjaninjas! And Toma with a quarter of a pheasant pinned to his suit jacket. ...Go is shorter than Massu? :O D'aww, sparkly TomaPi.
Massu's puuuuunsss... <33

Somehow, when I watched this the first time, the year of the tiger bit didn't hit me. It did when I was in Chinatown on Monday though, 'cause the year of the tiger means that my dad is turning 60 this year. He will undoubtedly not want a party celebrating this. XD

Also, I need more multi-person JE icons. >.> And maybe one of Massu. And Yamaryo and/or Yara. Or Bun-chan and his blankface.
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Quick squee: MBLAQ's Good L.U.V. MV so adorable (though I'm not sure I like all of the border effects). This definitely shows their other side (i.e. not the "chic-dol" one XD)... I mean, making cakes with small adorable children wearing cat hats, and generally being dorks together? Win. Plus, there was only one moment where I was afraid Mir would nomnom a child. XD

*dusts off DevArt* First thing posted in... two and a half years? I did this for the I-House newsletter. The theme this semester was Poetry, so the contributors each picked a poem and wrote a little bit about why they liked it and how it applied to their life here/the I-House (I cropped that out of this version). The illustrators/photographers then well... illustrated or photographed something to match the poem.

The Bell, The Bird, and Me
by ~icarianwings on deviantART

Translation, plus art rambling )

In JE news, I'm going through a Yamamoto Ryota phase that started... oh, two days ago? He was always squishy and adorable and a crazy enthusiastic wiggly dancer, and such a Yara fanboy, but somehow... watching Playzone 2009 just made me want to send him hearts. Instead, I just rewatched all the clips I have with him in them, and confirmed his squishy fanboyishness (also? He has a weird thing for Yara and Yara's snake. It's like he can't separate the two in his head). The way he lights up when Yara says anything nice to or about him (or mean about Senga, haha) is just lovely.

Surprised!Edit: I missed this completely. November 1st, Itsuki and Iru of (ex-)Bergerac attended some sort of event with Kouki (D=Out), Suzuya (of the also-disbanding Himeichigo), Yuuri (Irokui), Yukimi (Canzel), and Yuh (Vistlip). Apparently, whatever it was was Suzuya and Yuh's brainchild.
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Watching May 18 (화려한 휴가) was probably not the best idea for a pre-bed movie. Tonight started out well; I watched WALL-E again, since Iris's flailing about it when she watched it made me want to see it. Watched the October 11th episode of Shokura, as mentioned in the last post.

Moved on to most of Coming Century's most recent live tour (okay, I kinda sped through a lot of the songs in search of ones I knew, MCs, and VTRs but I will watch the rest some time), which was predictably entertaining (and had unexpectedly fail costumes at some points - really, V6 had been doing so well). Okada really does love his skinship. XD He managed to grab both Go and Ken's asses at different points; with Go, it was pretty quick since they were walking, but Go still noticed while Okada pretended like he hadn't done anything, and with Ken, he used the ass-grabbing to push Ken along the stage, and Ken told him to not do that. XD

And then I watched May 18, since it had finished downloading. It's a Korean movie, based on the brutal crushing of a supposed civilian uprising in May 1980 by a somewhat rogue military force. I guess I kept comparing it to Tae Guk Gi in my head, since that's the other Korean war movie I've seen, and both have main characters who are brothers. This one is not quite as gory as Tae Guk Gi, but just the fact that it's not about two armies fighting one another - it's about the military vs. civilians/a civilian militia made it - I think - more poignant for me. Well, I feel like I cried through a good quarter of it.

They had random comedic characters in it, which was a bit unsettling... since, ultimately, you know there won't be a happy ending, and at least one of the funny guys was more of a caricature than a character, so it was hard to match that with the context of the movie. The main character's arc was pretty predictable, as well, but there aren't too many different directions one can go in a movie like this.

At any rate, I generally liked it, but it's not the best movie to sleep on.

So now I have screencaps from the Kamisen tour final, their first in six years. :D

Illustrations of the things mentioned above, plus a VTR bit )

And sleepiness just hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow. *blinks* Time for bed, hopefully without dreams of bloodshed. >.>
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As much as I will miss Yone's blankface and his love for chibi Juniors and when they make him do silly things in the Jr. game segments, I am seriously loving that Goto Hiromi (I wish his name was easier to write: 後藤泰観 XD) gets some of the spotlight now. He's been around for awhile as a sort of unofficial part-time-ish member of Question? (from what I've read, at least - that link is a sort-of-mini pimp post, go click :D), and I am completely totally biased towards strings and think that adding a violin/viola/cello to a regular four/five-piece rock band is pretty much always awesome. Especially when the musician is pretty. Yeah, shallow, but in this case it's JE and therefore allowed. :P


It doesn't hurt that he reminds me of a mix of Kagrra!Shin and someone(s) else I can't figure out.

I am home for a couple days to lurk around and pick up my package. With what feels like half the house in Seattle/Vancouver this weekend anyways, it's not like I'm missing anything. My parents are off on a two-week trip too, though, so home!home is pretty quiet (and more importantly, there is no food ._.), but it's nice. Yaaay, baths!

added: Onto the "Beast Soul" performance now, and I am glad that Goto's singing has improved. XD Still reminding me a bit of Shin. Like, a cousin, or something. Maybe I just have some sort of PSC/Question thing going on, since my first association with Fujiie was Hiroto (not so much these days, but I can still see the resemblance).

*pets Yody*

Ooh. Mini-solos, yay!
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I thought I saw lightning (because who's taking flash photos outside at 4:40am, when I should be sleeping, but have fallen into a v6id and so am not. Again), and then....


I'm pretty sure there have been bugs crawling on me all night, since our room is warm, and my laptop is shiny.


1) Since Wednesday, I've slept a total of 10 hours and eaten 2 proper meals (lunch at 3pm on Wednesday, and dinner yesterday). I sort of worry myself sometimes with the ease with which I can forego food (today, I ate some Goldfish crackers and five Pringles, and drank a bit of water and a cup of tea. And I contemplated getting food a lot).

2) It sounds like rain! Ooh, it is... Too bad my room is still 80-something degrees Fahrenheit. It's quite nice outside.

3) I spent last night watching Neverland, the 2001 drama with Tsubasa, Ken, Hina, Toma and Koki. Once I got over the cheesy dramatic effects (drastic closeups every other second on people when Things Happened + completely unsubtle soundtrack), the terrible subs (there were Chinese subs and horrible English ones), and the generally poor video quality, it was surprisingly good (though I kept thinking that Ken looked like Yasu). If nothing else, the boys all get points for tackling such complex roles pretty well across the board.

Spoilers, if anyone cares )/end spoilers

4) Still on a V6 kick. Stupid shiny new fandoms with all of their shiny TV shows... >_< Am saving the food ones until after I start eating properly again. Tonight's V6 "drama" was Hard Luck Hero, which was also surprisingly good. More fun than Neverland, since there's some humor in, with less angst, better music, more cars, and all of V6 being spazzy/flaily/panicky/dramatic together. ♥ Plus shirtless!Okada doing a random dance, for those who like their eyecandy with their pseudo-gangsta movies. ;)

Another reviewish thing, but sans spoilers )

5) Miyake Ken has a twin sister! But apparently, she left with his dad, whenever that was.

6) I went back and translated that little blurb with Ruiza from some JE magazine. Nothing particularly eye-opening (he thought Kimutaku's singing voice was cool! He was bad at Chem, and good at Math! He lived with two dogs, but one was his grandma's!), though I wonder why we had previously assumed that the drama mentioned (Ginrou Kaiki File) was one that he had been in... it's just one he liked. Which means that this blurb is from at least 1996, which means that at the youngest, he's 17 in that magazine.

7) There are definitely bugs on me.

8) Go figure that number 6 would be the one to break the train of V6-related rambling.

9) Today, I am going to sleep before 6am. So. Goodnight! I'll spend the weekend resetting my body, I think. :P

10) ...Oh, Bergerac's last live was/is today in Japan. :((( Tatsuha hasn't updated his blog since they first announced they were disbanding back in June, and I miss his random camwhoring.
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I'm doing my best to not dwell on lost opportunities like I usually do. It's working about half the time, aka whenever shiny things happen to distract me. XD Here are the shiny things:

1) I ordered my new laptop today~ It will arrive sometime in the beginning of August, I hope. Otherwise, I'll probably be back at school. >.> My dad decided that my parents will pay for it after all, since it's been four years, and I owe them money for school anyways, so - as he put it - I'll already be depleting my savings. Thanks, Dad... I think. :P

2) Two words: bubble tea.

3) [ profile] je_fqfest reveals went up. [ profile] mousapelli wrote me awesome Tamagocchi Goseki/Tamamori: We've Been Waiting, Going On!

All of you closeted (and not closeted, of course) Junior fans on my flist (*cough*[ profile] perfect_enigma*cough*) should read this because it is a cracky, unusual pairing and JE fandom is perhaps not as... open towards teh cracky pairings as Jrock is? XD But really, it has Goseki-sama! And Tama-chan! And Goseki-sama and Tama-chan! And various other Juniors because you can never have just two.

4) [ profile] enshinge's translations in general.

And now my mom is home. Maybe this means it's naptime~ Too late. The nagging has begun~
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Hm. You know, I had wondered about this PSC-sponsered live when it showed up on LiZ's OHP ages ago, since it was pre-ViViD announcement, and it seemed odd to me that there would be no PSC bands in the line-up (I know labels have presented lives with non-label bands, but there's usually at least one band from the actual label appearing sometime).

4月19日(日) 高田馬場AREA
~地中楼閣 その88~■
出演 : LiZ/DOGinTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ/DELUHI/vistlip/ViViD/CELLT

But now it makes sense! Especially since ViViD's debut was said to be happening on the 19th.

And the other fandom thing: April Shounen Club. I haven't watched all of both of them, but the dance battle was srsly good fun, especially with Tama-chan flaunting his height over Kawai at the end. XDD Though I don't know why they pick Question? members for things involving dancing... well, no, it does have entertainment value, but if they want an actual competition? Perhaps not the best idea. XD Granted, Nikaido failed about as much as Fujiie (probably more, since he does actually have to do those dances), so...

Tama is seriously all over the place - from randomly in the middle of KAT-TUN's 10-single-medley with other chibi!juniors on Music Station to (apparently) half the songs in May's medleys. Which makes sense, seeing as the Gokusen special is out now, but it makes me glad that he edged his way up and became my favorite sometime when I was still working on [ profile] je_holiday. XD Not that I think I was ahead of the curve or anything, but I don't like feeling like I'm someone's fan just because he's in the spotlight suddenly, I guess. :P But now I'm doing the sort of possessive thing where I'm glad he's getting more screentime but I sometimes wish he wasn't getting quite so much, just because... then I do feel like I'm just following along. *weird* But generally, it's cool to see him more. So, tag for Tama-chan!

When Hikaru asked what I wanted from Japan, I should've had him bring Tama back. XDD

Oh, and of course! An Cafe tonight with [ profile] swtjemz, Erika and a bunch of Fanime people I should stop referring to as a single entity! Yay!
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I downloaded the Gokusen Graduation Special thing despite the lack of subs (yet!) because... well, TAMA-CHAN! and also, it's not like the Gokusens have the more original/different plots ever, so understanding exactly what they're saying all the time isn't really necessary. XD

I ended up watching for Yuki Jutta and Mayama Akihiro (Kiba and Aoyama from Mei-chan) as well, which led to paying more attention to the rest of the class, which led to also watching for Maeda Goki, who conveniently has a bright blue streak in his hair (and oh, hey, was in that drama where one of Tama-chan's minions gets kissed by a boy). :P

Anyways, I went a little caphappy between the various people sightings, the glee of watching Tama be sullen and badass and the fact that there are just some really awesome facial expressions to be seen. :P Therefore, although the caps are small, this is probably still not dial-up friendly, since there are a lot of them.

...I honestly don't know if you can actually have a plot spoiler for any Gokusen, but... IMAGE SPOILERS AHEAD. Plot ones too, I suppose. :P )

I mock because I was very entertained. XD I actually looked up some new vocabulary from this, which was an unexpected benefit. And okay, maybe I am really looking forward to the Gokusen movie.

In other Gokusen-related things, the Akame-Becky-Joyman comedy duo segment from Cartoon KAT-TUN 102 is great, too. Becky's Yankumi impression is pretty much spot-on. XD Plus, it's been nice to see Jin and Kame interacting in Not Entirely Awkward ways (though the awkward "The janitor told me to come here." "Oh." bit from Epi.100 was also great :P). Though fandom pretty much killed the pairing for me, they did used to be pretty good friends, and it's sort of rare that Jin is actually... I dunno, talking and happy during K-T things? >.>

And I could probably ramble more, but it's almost four and I have class at nine, so you're all spared. For now.
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I woke up at 7am for no apparent reason other than to have another coughing fit. Or maybe because [ profile] coiled_iris woke me up via telepathy. At any rate, I am tired of coughing. It's a good thing I'm not signed up for the Valentine's Day paintball outing half of the house is going on... I'd definitely not be very ninja.

Our super-skinny, odd(ly lovable), quirky quiet Korean friend (with Jaejoong hair, says Iris) is leaving next Wednesday for Hong Kong and then Korea, so we're going to surprise him in SF on Sunday. He thinks only one person is coming up, but there will be... around seven of us. It's that time of the month where I am prone to crying very easily - I cried through a good third of an episode of Mei-chan no Shitsuji today and don't really know why - so hopefully I won't be embarrassing. XD

Ah, but I don't like goodbyes...

On a better note, [ profile] enshinge translated another round of Dengonban, which has so many awesome little snippets, like:

From: Miyake Ken
To: Ueda-kun

Hey Romeo, why are you Romeo?


From: Yamapi
To: Koyama

Sorry I poured sports drinks over your rice and stuff (laughs).


From: Koyama
To: Yamapi

I'm sorry I took so many weird pictures using your cell phone’s camera.


Weird pictures are usually not good. XDD This batch seemed extra-full of awesome, but I think my favorite was the 'shippiest one, though:

From: Yasu
To: Shibuyan

I love you.
I don't need anything else.

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Been a long time since I crossposted this way. XD

[20 Kanjani8 icons from the TORN fancams (6 animated) - Over here at [ profile] dammitliz]

Like it says on that post, please don't ask me for the original videos, because my conscience doesn't like the animated icons. >.> See the post for a less cryptic explanation.

Mom got a glimpse of my computer when I was working on these, saw this and asked me who he was. I stared at Ohkura's crotch for a minute and pondered what to say. For some reason, 'stripper' came to mind, but I just said, "He's a singer." Mom calls PSing "picture stuff," too. But she's getting better about the whole Japanese music thing. I was listening to Matenrou Opera's Kaze no tori in the kitchen last week and instead of saying, "Oh, More Japanese Stuff? :/" she just asked if he (Sono) was also playing the piano.

And now, time for an icon meme. I usually see this one done with just the icons people have uploaded, but [ profile] dammitliv ([ profile] ice_cubed) did it with All Of Her Icons Ever, so I thought I'd give it a try and mix the two. The first icon in each category is from the ones I have uploaded, the others are from an assortment of fandoms.

I ramble about Photoshop a lot. )

aljfwiejaaw goodnight.
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Let us open with a brotherly quote:

"brother: o shit waffles! yeah i forgot about that one..."

So, yes. I forgot that we were going to drive down to LA tomorrow to retrieve said brother. We're staying overnight, and coming back on Saturday. Because the weather is so hot (this is probably the warmest summer I can remember - we do get warm days here, but usually not until August, and certainly not in May like he have this year), we're leaving at 5:30am to try and beat most of the Central Valley heat. x_x

BUT ON THE VERY UP SIDE, I get to see [ profile] karinberry again! And it hasn't even been a year since our last meeting. :DDD

I had a dream last night that there was a fancam for Ryo and Ohkura's TORN, and the dance involved kissing. At least I think it was a dream. >.> I didn't remember it until this afternoon, which makes me wonder if it's my faulty memory smushing things from last night's 1-Hour Challenge together.

I also have a ramble to do for Satomi Hakkenden, but I'm going to wait until I watch the bits I haven't watched yet. I've seen 95% of it, and the other 5% either on mute or um... while skipping around. I watched it at night, and my dreams are easily influenced by whatever I'm doing before I sleep, and I did not want evil dreams.

But I definitely recommend it. It surprised me because I was expecting something hokey and unintentionally silly, but despite the conventional plot devices and the hilarious fake blood, it's pretty good (though not without its hokey moments, since there is a Romance). There's pretty hair, and violence and a bit of gore, and pretty pretty costumes, and Yamashita Shoon and puppies. No, really.

I need a wibblyninja!Shoon icon (haha, at first I left off the 'icon' part). And to possibly write fic about wibblyninja!Shoon. >.> *has bunny, sort of*

*totally hit a Shoon spot in my Juniors void*

And finally, for some context re: the beginning quote, brother was actually talking about forgetting Father's Day:

brother: maybe ill buy him my reportcard AHAHAHa
me: ...
me: odd child
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= First day as a colored belt kid in seven years, and I end up training with a woman whose first day was today. Doing a technique that I haven't even done yet. Luckily, senpai Bob, who was running class today, decided to scale ushiro ryote dori shiho nage (a two-hand grab, in motion, from behind) down to katate dori shiho nage (same hand grab, can be done static).

= Liz is a mumbly senpai. It's weird being senior to older people. XD

= I've been watching too much Shounen Club and am on a Juniors kick. And I still think that Question?'s Fujiie is Pon's seekrit older brother, just playing a bass and a bit more rodenty (good rodents!) looking and with a higher-pitched voice. And girlier.

= Randomly decided to catch up on the massive trainwreck that is the X-men comicverse, and found out that a) Pixie is all 'dark' and has a psychic dagger (hello, Psylocke much) in 616, and b) Ultimates has a new writing staff that includes some guy from Heroes, and is starting a new arc that seems to feature Piotr prominently. I'm hoping this means Jean-Paul will get more screentime too. And it would be awesome if Piotr/Jean-Paul got some screentime. Pagetime.

= Following that, a major o_O for Ultimates!Alpha Flight. I like what they did with Snowbird - it makes more sense for a demi-goddess of the land to look like a native (or well, basically native) of the land she's from, rather than some pale blond chick. But Shiro and Jubilee? Token Asians? Random way of getting them into the books? I would've much preferred Puck II to Jubes, anyways. They've got similar characters/looks, but Puck II is more badass and less annoying. At any rate, they're there to kidnap Jean-Paul. Yay!

= ...If they kill Ult!Jean-Paul, I will be very sad.

= Oh, jeez. Now I remember why I stopped following comics:

...resulting in Warren having an eagle-like head and feathered upper torso. )

= I still want to read this Ultimate arc, I think. >.> At least the art doesn't make me cringe anymore.

= Hello, Jrock/pop friends. Meet Liz's comic book geek side. :D :D
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The WST was over two hours of sitting in a stuffy classroom with no air conditioning. x_x It was about as challenging as any of those high school standarized tests (i.e. not very), and was especially easy because a lot of it dealt with error analysis and things that I've spent the whole semester doing in my Tutor Training class and with my tutees.

I like trains, though. I watched some little white birds diving for food at a lake. They had really sharp wings and would hover and hover and then just tuck their wings in and drop like little missiles into the water. Sometimes they'd sort of just angle their wings a bit and fall like sheets of paper. Really really pretty.

And trains are good for listening to new music I put on my iPod. Today was KAT-TUN's DON'T U EVER STOP (and dammit, I want to type 'YOU' every time) and SuG.

So. I have this thing about Jin. Sometimes I think he's great fun, in a funny, hip-swiveling sort of way - depending on context (I mean, the first time I saw a picture of him was when he'd gotten to LA and ended up in a pikachu outfit), and sometimes I think he's annoying, in a bratty, I-don't-really-want-to-be-here sort of way. I rarely find him hot, though (yes, shocking! call it overexposure?).

But 'kay, LOVEJUICE changed that. Also that moment in DUES with the "Hell, yeah." But mostly LOVEJUICE. Especially that bit in the beginning that goes, "Drop. that. shit. like." Which makes me laugh because it's so.... Jin+LA, but also turns a small part of me to goo. >.>

I actually really liked all of their solos. Are people spoilerphobic about this? )

I was going to listen to both KAT-TUN and SuG on the way down to San Jose, but I ended up listening to DUES on repeat. >.> Listened to SuG on the way up, though, but I slept through a few songs. This was not because of the songs - I really like SuG; they don't sound like most of the other Jrock I listen to; I was sitting in the sun.

Aaaaaaand, happy birthday, Alei and Karen! ♥ I wish I had presents or a shiny graphic or something, but... maybe belatedly. I make no promises, though. XD

I may need a Jin icon. For those slutty moments that I have oh-so-often-right.
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After more fretting/fuming this morning, I texted [ profile] karinberry even though she is in Vegas, and asked if she could get a ticket for me. She said that she was having a friend get hers for her and after I asked if her friend could get a ticket for a random stranger(!), there was a Very Long Pause. In which we left the house and I crossed my fingers and hoped that my brother's Blackberry's internet would run the ticket ordering page (it didn't - but it did get the website). Then Karen said that [ profile] swtjemz would try and get a ticket for me, too. \O/

The first news back was that they were sold out, and Jemz wasn't even able to get one ticket. Which was fifteen minutes after they went on sale. I was in the middle of an angsty SEE THIS IS WHY I DON'T GET EXCITED ABOUT CONCERTS EARLY x___x post when Karen called (and my phone was on silent, so I really just happened to glance at my phone at the right time) and we said, "Hello? Hello?!" about six times before she said that WE HAD TICKETS. YAY TICKETS. YAY MYV. YAY KAREN (AND JEMZ by extension? XD).

Grandma tried to give me a frozen McDonald's fish fillet thing. She asked me if I wanted a fish hamburger, and took it out of the freezer and I don't know how I kept from laughing, since it was still in the cardboard box and everything. I'd been expecting something she'd smuggled out of a buffet place.

Spring Break is over.

This week, I did many things. Next week, there will be many things as well.

Highlights? )

Am also finally reasonably confident in my ability to tell Kanjani8 apart, at least in non-chibi pics, and so have been on a K8 kick for the last half of the week. Of course, this means rewatching everything I'd seen them in before with my newfound knowledge of OH HEY THAT'S WHO THAT IS.

In keeping with my trend of liking the short and/or seemingly-innocent ones (according to Iris), I have glommed onto Yasu. One day I should make a list and find the average height of my band favorites. Though some of them are relative: Arron is 177cm/almost5'10" and the shortest in FLH by 3cm, but significantly taller than most of the others who would be on this list.
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You know you're gonna be working in a cool place when the front desk guy's name plaque includes, as part of his job title, "Ninja." XDD

And now, PV flailings for Fahrenheit and KAT-TUN )

To add something Jrock-related, Liz!Kai (Mr. Snaggletooth) thinks you're funny (Ryo is looking sly behind him)!


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