Mar. 11th, 2013 07:32 pm
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I learned a new word today: 黙祷 (mokutou)

It means 'silent prayer.' At 2:46 today, we had a moment of silence in the city hall. It was a nice moment. It's been two years now. I remember when I arrived in Japan, I was told many times, by JET representatives, by co-workers in the city hall and at school, and by random people I met, how brave we were to have decided to come to Japan even after the earthquake. It's praise I still don't fully understand or accept. Most of that is because I don't live anywhere near Fukushima or Miyagi - I admit that had I been placed near the radiation zone, I would've had to think more carefully about my decision, but I am a very safe distance away.

I know that Kumano is not a good place to be if tsunamis are a big fear. I'm less than a ten minute walk from the beach, and while many of my schools are on hills or much further inland, some of them, including my favorite elementary school (and the attached special ed school and the nearby junior high school) would be destroyed in a tsunami of the size of the one that hit Tohoku. And it's certainly a possibility, one that I've thought about in darker moments. But there's nothing to be done but be thankful that it hasn't happened, and to know where to go, and have an emergency bag packed at home.

Today is a good reminder that I need to update that bag.

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

Also, this is worth watching. It's available only today (not sure of the timezone), and it's pretty heart-wrenching (I cried through most of it, though I do cry at pretty much everything). The first five minutes - footage from an eyewitness as the tsunami approaches - are terrifying in a way horror movies can never be. But I love the "sakura master" and his thoughts on the trees and life.
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In a few days, I'll have been living in Japan for one year. Tomorrow, I'm heading up to Tokyo for my own little Summer vacation, and I'll actually be there when this year's Group B Orientation is happening. Sneef. Only took me a year to get back to Tokyo!

I have many thinky thoughts about my year, but I really need to pack and clean and get rid of yucky stuff in my fridge, and generally not be on the Internet. >.> I also have a relatively-massive fic (it's not long for some people, but so far is twice as long as my best NaNo attempt XD) I am determined to finish by Sunday. It was for a challenge due last month - and that was with the whole challenge extended by a month.

In the meantime, I'll give in to my lazy organizing self and do a little LJ friends-list housekeeping... mostly just removing LJs people don't update anymore.
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Most of my fandom entries are public. Due to both me tending to ramble on and on in posts and cover both fandom and RL things, and more anonymous spambots on LJ, most entries are now friends-only. Currently, I'd rather not friend people I don't really know/haven't crossed paths with before unless I maybe have been lurking around/stalking. If I don't know you, and you still want to friend me, please drop me a comment on this post! :P

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Got sent home from work due to (my super attractive) loud sniffling and coughing. Also, I don't have any classes to prepare for until Wednesday. I think I would've been able to stick it out for the rest of the day (they tried to send me home an hour and a half into the day, so I said I'd stay till lunch) but I'm relieved to not have to. Feel like crap!

Have some chocolate!

In Japan, Valentine's Day is traditionally when women give chocolate the guy they like (the equivalent of our elementary school tradition of giving Valentines to everyone is called 'giri-choco' or obligation chocolate - for co-workers and such). March 14th is White Day, when the guys return the favor for the girls they like. The grocery store was well-stocked with adorable chocolates (and chocolate-making material). On February 15th, I bought some. :P


Yes, I have a chocolate penguin, turtle, and dolphin. :DDD The Pokemon tin contains these, little cookies covered in chocolate. I mostly bought those for the tin, though.

This mood icon perfectly fits my brain right now. Go me.

...also, let's make this my first not-locked post since last April. Just cos. Hi, world!
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Oops. I forgot to mention this in my last post, but [livejournal.com profile] rabies's comment reminded me of it: I made yet another blog for my adventures in Japan, since I certainly don't want my family members following my LJ. XD

It can be found here:

--> http://tobitatsu.tumblr.com/

As you can see, it will probably/hopefully mostly be a photoblog with anecdotes, and perhaps the occassional longer post as things progress. This is for two main reasons: as a government employee, I have to be pretty careful about what I say, especially on a public forum, and also, I didn't really want to end up neglecting this journal in favor of another blog. So, apologies to people who like everything to just be in one place! But that's where my JET adventures will be for the most part. I'm sure some stories will end up here, of course.
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So. Big news first: I heard back from JET* and I'm in! Basically! I'm on the short-list, which, if I am interpreting their little glossary correctly means that I will be going to Japan pending my acceptance of their 'job offer' and all of my follow-up paperwork checking out. :DDDDD

[* They said they'd notify people in mid-April instead of early April due to the disaster, and I got their e-mail literally in the middle of the day on the middlest day of the month - amused, yes I am]

I am really more excited than it looks, but I'm also tired after working six days in a row, so I can't summon the proper flail and I haven't really been able to talk about it at work, so I haven't been able to keep the mood up. XD

I also used fail!Korean and fail!Japanese at work a few times this week. I surprised a Korean girl by thanking her as she left in Korean, and used bits of Japanese with an unexpectedly high number of Japanese customers over the last few days. I made one adorable okaasan's day and she came over to tell me I'd made her very happy. Socute. ♥

And I've been crocheting things (or learning to). I've made K8 (minus Maru, as I do not have orange yarn) duckies, but I don't have eyes or stuffing for them yet. >.> In typical overly-ambitious fashion, I've only just started trying to make amigurumi and I've already designed my own onigiri penguin (some of you may have received a holiday card a couple years ago with Gary the Onigiri Penguin on it - this is his navy blue cousin).

So this has been a long week, but had some definite highlights. To say the least. XDDD

P.S. Holy crap, less than a month left to my cousin's wedding! And only a little over a month till Fanime! Oh, time.
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This is a compilation of the listings at [livejournal.com profile] help_japan that mention J-Rock and/or visual kei bands.

help_japan )

[livejournal.com profile] help_japan

Mar. 14th, 2011 02:29 am
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I'm auctioning off a thousand origami cranes right over here~ I'm so pleased to already have a few bids, since I always wonder about my little comment getting lost in the sea of offers. XD

So far, this is the cutest thing I have seen: self-portraits drawn by Japanese kindergarteners who wanted to help after their teacher told them about the auction.

From my flist, [livejournal.com profile] musikologie is offering up a box of fun from Honolulu which I may have to bid on. >.> Because ooh, Hawaii.

I was also thinking of auctioning off prints (either as a set of four, or one larger landscape poster-ish thing) of the world peace project I did last year. I can't quite bear to part with the original - and thinking about mailing it gives me a headache - but I think the whole crane + world + hope aspect is pretty appropriate, and it would be nice to use it for something again. I'm encountering a few logistical hitches though: getting good enough photos of each board to print them and not have them look like, well, photos of a board (i.e. with glare and tilting), and then figuring out what size to shrink them to. I would like the cranes to still be visible, but I don't really want to reprint this life-sized... hmm.
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So the common unanimous consensus is to keep the boots. \O/ Done. XD

Coupla Shiny Things, now that YouTube/Firefox has stopped being obnoxious by freezing everytime I try to watch something:

1) Park Jungmin - Not Alone
Honest first reaction? I think his face looks longer than usual here. Neigh~ Moving on! *____* I love SS501's use of strings. I love that the string players actually get to be in the MVs, too. More than that (and the obvious pretty), lyrically and message-ly, this song is such a breath of fresh air in light of things like KARA's implosion, JYJ's... everything, Heechul snapping at antis (not that bitchy!Chul isn't awesome in its own way, but ugh drama), and groups/management companies sniping at each other left and right.

2) Jason Mraz & Tristan Prettyman - Lucky
This couple, so cute! I love their older duet, Shy That Way and I was sad when I'd heard they'd broken up - but now they're engaged. ♥ This isn't the best example of her singing, but they're clearly having fun and it is cute. :D

Werk tomorrow, then to San Jose on Thursday to visit people and hopefully get a major haircut.
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It's Pocky Day~! I'd like to go by J-Town and get some in celebration, but I have work from 12:30-8:30 tomorrow. -.- I may have to bite the bullet and just pay more (probably) for it if they have it at Bristol Farms.

I went to see Akanishi Jin again tonight, and here is a bulleted recap because I should've been asleep a couple hours ago.

But the good parts can best be summed up as: Friends + YARAYARAYARAYARAFJDSL YARACCHI WAS THERE. XD )

Okay, I may think of more later, but I really need to sleep now. Unrelatedly, ugh, I hope I get all of the documents I need for this application I am doing! Time is running out!
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Oh, Kagrra, you've had a good run, but still, it seems sudden (though perhaps not, in light of Isshi's recent health issues). I wonder if phrasing it as a "demise" is Isshi's kanji otaku-ing (since I haven't seen the original Japanese), a way of technically not disbanding so they can do things in the future without 're-banding' or if it really is as dramatic as it sounds.

In better news, vistlip's FC is stirring again, so more signs that they are going to come back soon and aren't just sending out feelers of hope for no reason.

And in news that made me squee, Sungmin's been cast (as a guy named Sungmin, no less) in an upcoming drama, playing the president's son (or... well, presidential candidate's son). I'm not sure how applicable this will be to the drama version, but even the more vague reports say his character is a sort of well-meaning-but-a-bit-ethically-wrong type. Which is yay, so much better than sappy love story type guy. XD

P.S. SuJu as aminals so cute.

LAJkdf time to go!
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Because sometimes (every day XD) I need a reminder that even though I dwell on the bad little things until they become big things, little things can be happy things, too.

Things That Made Me Happy Today
1) Food from Chinatown - jook, chow mein, cha siu, kimbap, saengsun and hobak jun, and melon cookies! Mmm. And there is cake.
2) Taking a hot bath.
3) Re-reading pieces of Kafka on the Shore and realizing that a) I still don't fully understand it (this does make me happy; every time I read it, I discover new things) and b) Oshima is still win. :P
4) Terry Pratchett. 'Nuff said.
5) Finally doing the banking stuff I said I would do last week. >.>
6) The Giants beating the Phillies. I'm not even a baseball fan. It's just nice that not all the major Bay Area teams are sucking this season. XDD Also, it was actually interesting at the end.
7) Friends. My friends, that is, not the TV show. Though that would probably have made me happy, too.
8) Happy Together on TV, which was funny even though I only knew who one of the guests was.
9) Hansen's Mandarin Lime soda. Also, coffee milk.
10) Subbed super Junior clips. Especially that Fantasy Couple one, because there is a gif from it that I have been quite curious about. And the one from Family Outing 2 with Taecyeon/Yoona vs. Soheechul.
11) Chicktionary. >.> Between that and Angry Birds, I feel I have a theme going with my iTouch games.
12) On a related app note, finding the SM TOWN LIVE '10 app, albeit way late. Still, I can have lightsticks or balloons or obnoxious flashing colors on my screen in the appropriate colors for all the groups! And they have little greeting audio clips, and funnily-written bios and pictures.
13) Catching up on some of the WTFery of the X-men. Absorbing babies! Wolf-demon mutant-human pregnancies! Oh, and Rictor and Shatterstar apparently kissed last year! On-screenpage, even! Go them. Poor Jean-Paul tries so hard, but only gets AIDS-retconned-into-a-Faerie-Disease (ya rly), off-screen romance (followed by paralysis) and snark. Well, snark's fun.
14) Not having writer's block!

P.S. U-KISS's Eli, breaking one's hand does not call for a 'lol.'. :P

Time to make more Heechul Twittgrish icons! Tomorrow. >.>
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Today is sleep-deprived but better! I am currently all a-flail over this bit of news about Yoshiki and Stan Lee's comic collaboration. ZOMG.


It could be dumb, but I think it sounds awesome. XD Superhero band, yes pls (wait, I think I wrote a fic like this once... :P). Finally I may have a reason to go back to the comic book store! I never properly got into any DC Comics*, and Marvel kept killing/paralyzing/brainwashing/zombie-ing my favorite characters, so I stopped reading X-men things, though I do think about going by sometimes to look at the San Francisco-based art.

(Also, hee at Stan Lee being in X Japan's newest PV. He does seem to like his cameos!)

*Despite this, I'm thinking of being Sandman's Death for Halloween.

*adds to geekery with Pokemonz and dragon eggs*
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Santahat!Hyde is a bit early, but oh well. So is my squee, probably. XD
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VAMPS was last night, and my throat is still feeling scratchy, which means it was a good show. XD Hyde's voice is getting increasingly scratchy as well, since he screams so much and should stop smoking, but VAMPS still puts on a really excellent show, especially in terms of audience interaction. Perhaps the best I've seen, from the J-rock bunch? Miyavi's close, and GLAY's pretty good, except for Jiro, who just spins around in the back until "Shutter Speeds no TEEMA."

...on a sidenote, I just YouTubed that song to make sure I was getting it right, and pulled up a live clip from 1999. Jiro looks. Weird. XD

Anyhoo, VAMPS! )

Merchandise was quite affordable for once. I got a CD and a tote bag to add to my collection. XD Posters were $5 (D'espa's was $15 + signatures, but the quality is not great), CDs were $20, T-shirts were $20 (everyone else's have been $25-30, but I opted to not get a shirt because of the naked devilgirl on the back, and I didn't really want to spend $50 on merch), tote bags were $10, there was a cute folding fan for $25 (okay, that one wasn't as affordable), rubber wristbands were 2 for $5... no pamphlet thing this time, though.

So it was kind of an up-and-down experience. The ups definitely made up for the downs, but losing a button off my (new!) jacket while in line and stepping in gum twice and not being able to see half the time were annoying. XD

In SHINee news, adorable MV is confirmed adorable (aside from Key's collar thing, because that just makes me think bad things). A little over-leopard-printed, I have decided, but I really like the purple jacket Key has on, though I am biased towards purple, and it's not leopard-print pants. :P I am also amused that Twitter's trending topics make up for me not following any Kpop news comms, since shiny new things always pop up.

...I've really failed at going grocery shopping this afternoon. *scoots!*
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In another instance of Kpop pwning my other fandoms, D released their major anniversary photobook while at least 3/5 of them have horrible costumes and/or hair (Hiroki was fine until he got that bump in his hair - now, he's on the fence), and it makes me sad that I don't even want to click any of the thumbnails. Augh, Ruiza, even the crazy caveman look was better than this! ;_;

Meanwhile, SM released the teaser for SHINee's "Hello" MV, and it is bright and pretty and while it possess some questionable/distracting-in-a-not-neccessarily-flaily-way elements (Taemin's Mir hair, Key's all-red thermal-underwear-resembling ensemble, the Sesame Street-like set Jonghyun is sitting on, possibly the abuse of leopard print... okay, so the Mir-cloneness and Sesame Stree-ness I don't really mind since they amuse me), it has more than enough intriguing/shiny bits to make up for those. XD Like puffy cheeks and what Key is wearing around his neck when they've got their black outfits on, and well, the bright and pretty.

Also, I think I have the "Hello" font?

Let's see what else I can cram into this post in an hour.

Some SM Pandora bracelets? AND A HERD OF HORSIES )

...I wonder if Ruiza likes K-Pop, too, or just JE. XD
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I have plans for more posts (like... memeage, whoops >.>), but first, a big flail. :D

I just got back from seeing X Japan in Oakland - though Yoshiki kept calling it San Francisco, more on that later - and though I, as always, had some misgivings before going 'cause I was going by myself, it was, as always, really awesome. :DDD

WE ARE.... )


Sep. 18th, 2010 03:47 pm
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Paris, Je T'aime is really rather sweet, and really cool when you consider all the directors and actors involved. Plus, the 5-minute time for each story fits my current attention span quite well. >.>

The scratched DVD is a bit of a bummer. At least everything still plays, just with some funny glitches (and only when Gaspard Ulliel is speaking, somehow).

And really, I just wanted to post these:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

>.> New Pokemon include one that looks like a flying squirrel. <333


Aug. 11th, 2010 11:03 am
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• finally connected to the wireless at werk! Not sure it will work in the store, though.
• also, am lost in the mall. Stupid construction work.
• had another weird dream.
• need to werk now.

Pointless post is... full of bullet points. XD
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I had another bad dream last night, but I can't remember the details anymore, and I'm pretty sure there were no creepy killer girls or K-pop idols in it. XD

Made kimchi stew today for lunch because I have been cold lately, and I need to find things to do with the big jar of kimchi we have. It turned out alright, I think, though I am still craving Korean food, but it's not as bad as the food cravings I would get when K8 would have food prizes on Janiben, or the Kansai Jrs. would go restaurant-spotlighting, or KAT-TUN would have cooking/food things on Cartoon KAT-TUN (before it got all weird), or when vistlip had their okonomiyaki-eating contest. I suppose I'll have to make do with Sorabol tomorrow when I go in to work.

(They called me this afternoon about tomorrow... I was tempted for a second to decline, but I could use the money, and I know I'd just sit around doing notmuch if I stayed home. At least I'll be doing something. I'm sure this will seem a little different three hours into my eight-hour shift. XD At least my bosses are in Vegas, so I can sneak a little maybe.)

Note to self: bring camera, make bracelets!

Also, need more K-pop icons, and possibly tags. Sorry, J-Pop/Rock, I'll be back in awhile~ I think once I gave in to SHINee, I gave in to the rest of them, but I'm enjoying it. XP It made me sad that the Korean idols were so hard for me to tell apart (some still are, but it's a lot easier now than when I first tried to learn SuJu, back in 2006).
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*does not have a D'espa icon >.>*

Back from D'espa! As things usually go, it went downhill first and then majorly up again. XD They started a little late, and played for less than an hour before having an intermission. The second half was... probably around the same length? There was no encore (unless they're counting the post-intermission part as the encore), but the crowd failed at calling for an encore anyways.

The good, the bad and the aslfjiweasdflj pretty )

As one of the guys I met tonight pointed out, though, this is definitely a merchandise tour. Maru Music/tour organizers are doing everything they can to sell things, and they had a ton of different merchandise, from shirts, to a hoodie, to a $25 folding fan (pretty, but not even for me the fan collector XD), pins, CDs, an Askew magazine special(?), a poster, a photo set.... If you spent $30 or more you were entered in a raffle to win a signed drumhead, as well. And the band only signed posters (and later shirts, and possibly just whatever merch) that had been bought at the show.

But eh, from a viewer's POV? Totally worth it. Not to mention, because the ticket price was relatively cheap for a Jrock concert, even with the merch I got, it was less than what I spent to go see GLAY, or 2PM/Wonder Girls.

Incidentally, slowly learning 2PM's member's names - still fail at identifying most of them - makes me sadder about missing their bit completely in that concert. Oh well. Next month will be SM Town, which I'm sure will make up for that!


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