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Another pimp post, at long last! :D

I don't really know why I am doing this except that this little munchkin has managed to take over the brain-eating from five Korean boys (one of whom loves to nom everything, including brains, I'm sure), and so he must be special. Also, I just want a place to the random bits of information I find out about him as I dig for things. :P

This has been in the works for a few months now. The actual post writing didn't start until a couple weeks ago, at which point, what had been a collection of links to translations and subbed clips decided to explode into an index of everything ever.

Yamamoto Ryota Post of Doom - warning: lots of small images )
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This actually doesn't count towards my countdown to 1000, since it's been a private post in my journal for a month now. >.> It started as a dumping ground for amusing YouTube links I found, and then somehow turned into a pimp post. And then continue to explode.

...also, I guess I'm still relatively new to the group, so [ profile] soulfulmaverick and [ profile] missatralissa (and lurkerpeeps?) can smack me if I did something wrong. Or something. I don't really know what I could've done wrong, other than maybe relay rumors as truth, but yeah. *shuts up*

What is this shinysparklygheitry? )
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It is 1:03am... and now we shall see how long it takes me to type this up... Anyways, today it is Yuu's birthday (*points at icon*), and if I wait around to finish pseudo-translating the one questionnaire/survey I have for LiZ, I would never make this post, so....

LiZ - the band with the coolest name in the world )

Edit: Oh, God, this layout is horrible for pimp posts. I need a wider layout. x_x Which is sort of sad since I spent days just trying to fix this one...


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