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Yesterday ended up being another dwelling-on-Jasmine day. We went to visit my grandma - who is doing much better, and continually complains about her inability to walk (note that it's only been a week since this whole broken leg ordeal started, AND she's 92 ^^;), and on the way to dinner, I happened to look up at the street signs just as we passed a street called Versailles. And then as we pulled into the parking lot, we were almost hit by a twit who was backing out of a parking space and not paying attention at all. I'm pretty sure the bruise on my thigh is from our abrupt stop.

Dinner was good, at least.

I ended up downloading Photoshop 7 again, and Vista makes it look somewhat alien, so I'm glad I didn't try tackling a completely new version yet. :P

Anyhoo, I have last minute packing to do. >.> A lot of it.

But I will leave you with SCREW screencaps from their new OHP! This is one of those bands where I don't listen to the music much (though I tend to like their singles, so I don't know why I don't), but I really like the band itself. XD

Especially when they can has pretty pictures! )

D should be changing their OHP sometime soon, too... *scoots off to pack*
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Silly stubborn dragons are not growing up. Halp. D:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

edit: okay, wow... this ER fansite is amazing. When I started writing this post, neither of my dragons had wings, and twenty-five minutes later, one is already an adult.

Well, these are sort of old images now, but I'll just keep up with my collection. :P This is supposed to be for the Snow White single, but it reminds me more of Narnia for some reason.

D's newish OHP look )

I was going to spend this break hoarding things to watch when I get back to school where I live in fear of being banned for downloading things, but I only got started last night. Currently, I'm just aiming for Ryuusei no Kizuna and... the six subbed episodes of Pi Li MIT, the first of which I watched last night.

Arron is suitably pretty and broody, and for someone so shiny, he seems to play arrogant (or Very Self-Confident, I suppose) characters well/often. The other two guys in the MIT group are doofs, but it works, somehow. One of them just wants to be the hero all the time, and the other is like Junno in Yuukan Club (narcisstic), but also very computer-savvy, so they're actually competant as well as being doofs. Gui Gui's character, though, is just annoying. I guess her appeal is supposed to be in her enthusiasm for finding clues, but she just pouts and bubbles through everything, looks really dumb and sounds incredibly grating. It's so typical of TW drama characters, but there are other actresses (Ella!) who can pull it off more entertainingly. Though I think even Ella in this role would be annoying, but at least I could be amused by her facial expressions.

....and the S in me is looking forward to everyone getting pushed around in this show. :D

Ugh. My laptop fan is making distressing noises again.
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I have had a weirdly emo night (which was interrupted by the drunk Australians coming in and turning on the light x_x), but it's better now.

Anyways. YUUTO IS SUCH A PRETTY PRETTY GIRL. I wonder if his lipring is gone for good, too, though. But it was never such a big fixture for him as it was for Aoi or Myv.

I like the title of his blog, too. Yutopia. Oh, so punny. And pink. He's the only one who hasn't posted yet, but it makes me happy that Jin and Manabu have already figured out how to post pictures. :D

But anyways, pictures as usual, just to keep up with my collection. For once, they aren't my caps, though.

Snagged from nejireta_shiso because I don't feel like opening PS )

I really do feel more squeey inside. I'm just a weird mix of tired and upset and angstbatty and happy and it doesn't lend itself to writing well. I hope I'm not getting sick again - Satoru had a fever today, and Sarah K. is sick, too.

edit: Yay, update from Yuuto! With a picture - some sort of bizarre (self?) portrait of himself.
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Will finish typing up ramble sometime. These posts are just easier to make. :P Linked the rest of LiZ's new OHP pictures in the last post. Shiny!

D updated their OHP today. For those from the meetup, D is the band with the former Junior in it. He's the kindofslutty-looking blonde with the awesome boots. >.> I think they're awesome. Would not/could not wear them at all, even if they were in my size, but I like looking. XD

In which Asagi has a pimp cane, Ruiza manages to look slutty without exposing much skin, Hide-zou flashbacks to a previous era, Tsunehito is a man, and Hiroki de-ages )

Time for new D icons! Especially since I've definitely failed my icon challenge for them. >.>

Also, I am sort of proud of myself for noticing this before the post in the D comm went up. Just because. I need a nap.
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Well, my next post was going to be a HELLO NEW FRIENDS + JE Meetup recap post, but then, LiZ happened, so HELLO NEW FRIENDS, this is a little indies Jrock band that Liz flails over a lot. Like, whenever they do something, and especially when they change their costumes. Which isn't all that often. BUT IT'S HAPPENED AGAIN (last time was in March or April).

Like last time, their profile pics haven't been updated at the same time as their group pic, but hopefully they'll change them more quickly than before. >.>

Oh, Ryou. On the plus side, it doesn't look like he's crimping his hair this time. On the not-plus side, his head looks seriously odd-shaped, which I think might have something to do with the camera/how-it-was-shot as well as... Ryou's hair being too short and his head being odd-shaped.

KAI. Why is Kai so giant-looking? XDD But pretty! *so biased* Okay, his head is a little odd-looking too, in a balloony sort of way. But I think it's mostly because I am not used to him being so tall next to Ryou (and even Rei).

Rei is all rawr again, which I'd been seeing in blog pictures, but it looks much better here. Um... yeah... that's about it for the tiny rawr vocalist. :P

I think I remember Yuu talking about cutting his hair, or maybe that was someone else (I know Shun did, but I thought Yuu had too. Maybe?), but this is unexpected! In a good way. His hair has so many spiky bits they distract from the weirdness of his chin, which is actually not all that weird in this picture. Relatively not weird. >.>

Aaaaannnd lovely little Vict. :DD Who is getting prettier and prettier, even with that purpleblue blob on his face. I would like to see the other side of his face, though - I spy facepaint... seems to be 'in' now, which I do not mind at all. It's interesting. XD

As for the new costumes... well, somehow, they seem a little more uniform than they've been in the past, and I will miss Kai's armwarmers from before (things with laces - not shoes *_*), but it's cool to see them in new things. And I like purpleblue, so the color scheme is pretty to me. I wish we'd get more full shots of them, though.

edit: Profile pics! )

*blinks* And now even the flailiness of LiZ getting new clothes is not enough to keep me awake. I hope! It'd be nice to get decent sleep. :P
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HOLY CRAP NEW SCREW OHP PICS. They're posted at [ profile] nejireta_shiso, but it's locked, and I don't like linking to locked posts (and because I'm weird, I screencapped them again myself, and okay, I like my collection of OHP pictures >.>), so they are here too.

saldkfjawoie more? )

I need new SCREW icons! Time to put the 200+ new patterns/brushes I added to PS this week to use.

In other exciting things, WALL-E is out today! :DDDDD


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