Jan. 25th, 2010 11:59 pm
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I was going to do some sort of concert report, but ZOMG, BLOODY MONDAY 2. Totally not going to be waiting for subs for this one before watching. XD It's unrealistic and over-the-top (especially whenever someone references "Bloody Monday," and there are dramatic pauses and a swell of music), but I am a sucker for a good action drama, and like the first one, the first episode of this definitely delivered right away.

Plus, well, the cast is nice. XDD


Ooh, shirts. Anyways. Class starts tomorrow, but I've only got two tomorrow, starting at 12pm, so yay!
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Def Tech has a way of making my mood better almost instantly. Though now I also want to go to Hawaii. Instantly. XD I took a nap today under a pile of blankets and woke up actually hot instead of just not-cold. Win!

I knew I had a post I wanted to make, and I finally remembered it last night. So, before I delete it from my computer, JE Countdown flail! It's been a week, so I am not going to cut for spoilers (whatever constitutes spoilers in a music show, anyways). If you care, scroll really fast, hit the comment button, and I will protect your eyes. :D I will also keep this all positive, because I whine plenty about other things. Okay, almost all positive. There will be one non-positive.

Commence Flail:
Bad first: YARA HAIR FAIL. Okay, to be fair, I couldn't see it really, really well (though there was a very clear shot of Yone's face behind Tsuyoshi at one point, and I laughed, sorry, Yone), but it did not look promising. Am hoping they shot January Shokuras before he got this hair. XD
Everyone brought the sparkly, wow, especially H!S!JUMP, and Arashi and NEWS halfway through. I wonder how many sequins are used just for Countdown costumes.
Ohkura's smile! And non-permy hair. And Yasu in general. ♥ Okay, one more non-positive: Ryo's ghostly mustache. Although it's also funny, so. XD
Random Junior sightings! Totally found Yamaryo without specifically looking for him because his head is big and blond and fluffy and that flail is unmistakable. Also, he sings along with everything and his mouth is big, too. >.> And therefore, he is easy to spot, I mean.
NYC is stupid catchy. And I love A.ra.shi partly because whenever I listen to it, I think of that clip with MatsuJun majorly failing at being on time. >.>
V6 looked so good in purple and black. *_* Also, everyone still backflipping after 15 years? Hellz yeah. Rock on, chicken!leader!
I feel like Takki is the Gackt of JE sometimes. In that uber-dramatic this-is-srs-bsns-but-I'm-really-a-big-dork way. XD Just substitute Juniors for men in cat suits!
Medleys always fun. Love the random people who end up glomping each other, like Ohno and MiyaKen.
Hee, Okada and Sho, again! Nagase totally in love with Koichi. Tsuyoshi will kill him if he tries anything. A bajillion virtual cookies if you get that reference.
Kanjaninjas! And Toma with a quarter of a pheasant pinned to his suit jacket. ...Go is shorter than Massu? :O D'aww, sparkly TomaPi.
Massu's puuuuunsss... <33

Somehow, when I watched this the first time, the year of the tiger bit didn't hit me. It did when I was in Chinatown on Monday though, 'cause the year of the tiger means that my dad is turning 60 this year. He will undoubtedly not want a party celebrating this. XD

Also, I need more multi-person JE icons. >.> And maybe one of Massu. And Yamaryo and/or Yara. Or Bun-chan and his blankface.
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I woke up later than I'd hoped to, so now I'll have to go shopping on my dinner break, which will undoubtedly be at 2:30 again. >.> I had a really weird and sort of disturbing dream that combined my mom's nagging, the clay from this Korean program on a potter I was watching yesterday, Fanime and Playzone 2009. It was like we had Juniors (and random Jrockers) at Fanime, and were trying to pull a production of Playzone together. And my mom was the director. >.>

So that was fun. But then I woke up, and [ profile] tekaki had scanned Aki's part of Rock and Read 28. The whole shoot is lovely... I'm not sure what to make of the shorts he's wearing, but that didn't matter when the two pictures below appeared:

*______* + ahahahaha, tramp stamp. >.> I love his tattoo, really. I love it a lot. ♥ And it's nice to see it.

*rushes off to work with pretty images in her head*
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WARNING: This post is all fandom. XD

Reason #483902 Why Yuuto Should Not Leave SCREW or Why SCREW Is An Awesome Band (take your pick; though I'm sure SCREW can be awesome without Yuuto, he is an integral part of this!):

Please to be noting where Jin's right hand is. For those who would like to be noting, but don't know SCREW, Jin is second from left. Yuuto is far left, then (a strangely short) Byou is in the middle, followed by Manabu and Kazuki.

I don't think much more explanation is needed. Jin doesn't lie when he says Yuuto is his. ♥

Also, Kisumai + Abake = EXTRA extra chipmunky voices. I love how Fujigaya is totally identifiable even with his voice changed, and Kitayama is a ham, and Senkaido are extra bratty, and Yokoo is just crazy and sharky and awesome, and Miyata wins, and Tama-chan doesn't really get exciting tidbits but is adorable anyways.

Inori with chairs and canes is... hang on, I think I'll need some more time to process this as it's not computing and I can't stop picturing Tama-chan doing his little bodyroll (seriously, it took me three tries of rewinding to even pay attention to Nikaido because I kept getting distracted).

I need to sleep earlier. >.>


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