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VAMPS was last night, and my throat is still feeling scratchy, which means it was a good show. XD Hyde's voice is getting increasingly scratchy as well, since he screams so much and should stop smoking, but VAMPS still puts on a really excellent show, especially in terms of audience interaction. Perhaps the best I've seen, from the J-rock bunch? Miyavi's close, and GLAY's pretty good, except for Jiro, who just spins around in the back until "Shutter Speeds no TEEMA."

...on a sidenote, I just YouTubed that song to make sure I was getting it right, and pulled up a live clip from 1999. Jiro looks. Weird. XD

Anyways, I went in without having listened to most of VAMPS's new album, just "Devil Side," so I didn't know any of those songs, but he brought out older ones, too, like "Love Addict" and "Hunting," and solo!Hyde songs like "Jesus Christ," and - of course - "Trouble" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" back to back.

We decided to squish in the middle, which is a very squishy place. I spent the first three songs being blocked by tall people, so I mostly watched the stage lights because they were rainbow-colored and therefore, really interesting. XD After awhile, people shuffled around more and I could periodically see the top of Hyde's head, or Ju-ken, especially when he came out on the side more. And as the show went on, it got better... people moved, and VAMPS moved around more too, and yay, I could see.

Hyde had pretty blond hair this time, none of that Hermione frizz, and wore his sorta puffy-sleeved button-down shirt un-buttoned all night. He has nice abs. :3 KAZ was wearing a half-sleeved shirt with a collar that looked like it had been cut to make it wider. It declared in big white caps: FREE SOUL. And I couldn't read Ju-ken's tank top - or see anyone below the waist for the most part. Ju-ken also had a hat on with a 'V' button/patch pinned to it.

Halfway through I stepped on gum, then stepped on the same gum with my other show, so that was a bit distracting, especially when we were supposed to be stomping or jumping. XD But we turned out to be in a really good spot for getting things thrown at/towards us. There was water, a few times, which was nice since it was warm in there (as an aside, I am really glad to see that fewer bands I go to spew water at people - most seem to just splash it from the water bottles instead).

[ profile] slytherisa caught one of the rubbery Frisbee/UFO light-up things that (mostly) KAZ was flinging out, her friend nearly caught a wristband (the same as the ones they were selling) Ju-ken threw, but the guy in front of us pretty much literally dove to the floor for it. And I got a Ju-ken pick! I actually had no idea he'd even thrown it, but suddenly, people in front and to the right of me (funny since he was on the left) were searching the floor for something. I thought that maybe someone else had stepped on the gum, so I looked down to see if it was still in front of me like I thought it was. I was trying to keep track of it a little so I wouldn't step on it again. Instead, I saw a guitar pick. XD So I ninja-ed and picked up and they kept looking for it. >.>

They threw a bunch of stuff all night, including the rose petals off the red and white roses Hyde had twined around his mic stand, at least half a dozen water bottles, picks, and the light-up UFO boob implant things. At one point, Ju-ken picked up his mic stand and was holding it out/over the audience, and dipped it down so everyone could just pull the picks off of it, like it was a very bizarre fruit tree. XD

It is a very sparkly pick!

Hyde talked about how they recorded some stuff in SF, which was a surprise, and about how he loves clam chowder, which was not a surprise, and about how he was hungry and wanted to eat "craziest Americans" (this led into "Hunting," I believe?). XD KAZ talked a bit too, and also loved clam chowder. After Hyde, he sounded especially soft-spoken. Cute. Compared to Hyde's typical crowd-whoring (tongue everywhere), and Ju-ken's delighted spaz, KAZ seems positively stoic, even when he's yelling at the crowd and waving his guitar around. XD

Merchandise was quite affordable for once. I got a CD and a tote bag to add to my collection. XD Posters were $5 (D'espa's was $15 + signatures, but the quality is not great), CDs were $20, T-shirts were $20 (everyone else's have been $25-30, but I opted to not get a shirt because of the naked devilgirl on the back, and I didn't really want to spend $50 on merch), tote bags were $10, there was a cute folding fan for $25 (okay, that one wasn't as affordable), rubber wristbands were 2 for $5... no pamphlet thing this time, though.

So it was kind of an up-and-down experience. The ups definitely made up for the downs, but losing a button off my (new!) jacket while in line and stepping in gum twice and not being able to see half the time were annoying. XD

In SHINee news, adorable MV is confirmed adorable (aside from Key's collar thing, because that just makes me think bad things). A little over-leopard-printed, I have decided, but I really like the purple jacket Key has on, though I am biased towards purple, and it's not leopard-print pants. :P I am also amused that Twitter's trending topics make up for me not following any Kpop news comms, since shiny new things always pop up.

...I've really failed at going grocery shopping this afternoon. *scoots!*


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