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Because sometimes (every day XD) I need a reminder that even though I dwell on the bad little things until they become big things, little things can be happy things, too.

Things That Made Me Happy Today
1) Food from Chinatown - jook, chow mein, cha siu, kimbap, saengsun and hobak jun, and melon cookies! Mmm. And there is cake.
2) Taking a hot bath.
3) Re-reading pieces of Kafka on the Shore and realizing that a) I still don't fully understand it (this does make me happy; every time I read it, I discover new things) and b) Oshima is still win. :P
4) Terry Pratchett. 'Nuff said.
5) Finally doing the banking stuff I said I would do last week. >.>
6) The Giants beating the Phillies. I'm not even a baseball fan. It's just nice that not all the major Bay Area teams are sucking this season. XDD Also, it was actually interesting at the end.
7) Friends. My friends, that is, not the TV show. Though that would probably have made me happy, too.
8) Happy Together on TV, which was funny even though I only knew who one of the guests was.
9) Hansen's Mandarin Lime soda. Also, coffee milk.
10) Subbed super Junior clips. Especially that Fantasy Couple one, because there is a gif from it that I have been quite curious about. And the one from Family Outing 2 with Taecyeon/Yoona vs. Soheechul.
11) Chicktionary. >.> Between that and Angry Birds, I feel I have a theme going with my iTouch games.
12) On a related app note, finding the SM TOWN LIVE '10 app, albeit way late. Still, I can have lightsticks or balloons or obnoxious flashing colors on my screen in the appropriate colors for all the groups! And they have little greeting audio clips, and funnily-written bios and pictures.
13) Catching up on some of the WTFery of the X-men. Absorbing babies! Wolf-demon mutant-human pregnancies! Oh, and Rictor and Shatterstar apparently kissed last year! On-screenpage, even! Go them. Poor Jean-Paul tries so hard, but only gets AIDS-retconned-into-a-Faerie-Disease (ya rly), off-screen romance (followed by paralysis) and snark. Well, snark's fun.
14) Not having writer's block!

P.S. U-KISS's Eli, breaking one's hand does not call for a 'lol.'. :P

Time to make more Heechul Twittgrish icons! Tomorrow. >.>
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Today is sleep-deprived but better! I am currently all a-flail over this bit of news about Yoshiki and Stan Lee's comic collaboration. ZOMG.


It could be dumb, but I think it sounds awesome. XD Superhero band, yes pls (wait, I think I wrote a fic like this once... :P). Finally I may have a reason to go back to the comic book store! I never properly got into any DC Comics*, and Marvel kept killing/paralyzing/brainwashing/zombie-ing my favorite characters, so I stopped reading X-men things, though I do think about going by sometimes to look at the San Francisco-based art.

(Also, hee at Stan Lee being in X Japan's newest PV. He does seem to like his cameos!)

*Despite this, I'm thinking of being Sandman's Death for Halloween.

*adds to geekery with Pokemonz and dragon eggs*
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Santahat!Hyde is a bit early, but oh well. So is my squee, probably. XD
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So, Sasquatch in the Ult!X-men verse (seen here) is actually Rahne Sinclair on drugs (they're all on drugs now, actually - Cyke can control his powers, Dazzler creates animate animals out of electric-looking light, Nightcrawler removes one of Rahne's arms accidentally by teleporting it away). WTF. And rumors have it that Snowbird is Dani Moonstar. And Vindicator has some super seekrit identity that he wants to stay seekrit (even to the point of breaking Jubilee's finger when she touches his mask). According to the writer, he wanted Alpha Flight to reflect the current multicultural world, hence Jubilee, Rahne and Shiro (though where's their token black character?). I still want to know what happens. >.>

Oh comics.

Quick To-Do List:
= Propose icon thingie to Liv :D
= Rework schedule so that it doesn't take me three years to graduate. x_x asldfaiwe this is stressing me out. It looks like I will either have to take 18 units/6 classes or... possibly fall behind, since the one class of the five I "should" be taking that I am not signed up for is offered only once a year. Or I could drop the GE class. That would be easiest, I suppose.
= Pay bills
= Get textbooks

edit: *flails about a lot* Okay, okay. I think this will be okay, though I just realized I need to take two PE classes at some point too, for a total of... 22 classes over the next two years. And it looks like I'll have class on Friday after all, but just from 10-12:45, so I have my afternoon free, which is nice.

Possible new schedule, for my reference )
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= First day as a colored belt kid in seven years, and I end up training with a woman whose first day was today. Doing a technique that I haven't even done yet. Luckily, senpai Bob, who was running class today, decided to scale ushiro ryote dori shiho nage (a two-hand grab, in motion, from behind) down to katate dori shiho nage (same hand grab, can be done static).

= Liz is a mumbly senpai. It's weird being senior to older people. XD

= I've been watching too much Shounen Club and am on a Juniors kick. And I still think that Question?'s Fujiie is Pon's seekrit older brother, just playing a bass and a bit more rodenty (good rodents!) looking and with a higher-pitched voice. And girlier.

= Randomly decided to catch up on the massive trainwreck that is the X-men comicverse, and found out that a) Pixie is all 'dark' and has a psychic dagger (hello, Psylocke much) in 616, and b) Ultimates has a new writing staff that includes some guy from Heroes, and is starting a new arc that seems to feature Piotr prominently. I'm hoping this means Jean-Paul will get more screentime too. And it would be awesome if Piotr/Jean-Paul got some screentime. Pagetime.

= Following that, a major o_O for Ultimates!Alpha Flight. I like what they did with Snowbird - it makes more sense for a demi-goddess of the land to look like a native (or well, basically native) of the land she's from, rather than some pale blond chick. But Shiro and Jubilee? Token Asians? Random way of getting them into the books? I would've much preferred Puck II to Jubes, anyways. They've got similar characters/looks, but Puck II is more badass and less annoying. At any rate, they're there to kidnap Jean-Paul. Yay!

= ...If they kill Ult!Jean-Paul, I will be very sad.

= Oh, jeez. Now I remember why I stopped following comics:

...resulting in Warren having an eagle-like head and feathered upper torso. )

= I still want to read this Ultimate arc, I think. >.> At least the art doesn't make me cringe anymore.

= Hello, Jrock/pop friends. Meet Liz's comic book geek side. :D :D


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