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Jan. 22nd, 2008 03:56 pm
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It's probably somewhat disrespectful to refer to someone as the character you (and others, notably [livejournal.com profile] jedibri) RPed them as, but I guess I feel like I 'know' Heath Ledger better as Warren than as Heath. Since I didn't know Heath at all. >.> But I knew my Warren inside-out, and Bri's Warren via his girlfriend-turned-wife, and I guess I'm sort of sad for them too, even if they're fictional and no longer active.


Well, I'm shocked, but at the same time, he has always been kinda unpredictable. :/

And now the lyrics I used (Dashboard Confessional's "Am I Missing?") for Warren's banner are terribly ironic.

...as is the song I'm listening to now.

edit: I've decided I think I'm in a bit of shock, which is sort of really bizarre. I did follow his career (...and well, magazine appearances when I was iconing him) for awhile, though, and he was just so young... I guess that's enough.
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[01] List your top ten celebrity crushes
[02] Put them all in the ORDER of your lust for them
[03] Say which movie/show/etc. it was that hooked you
[04] Tag five people!

Only, I am going to change [02] because I need to get back to studying. Therefore, everyone is in alphabetical order, not lust-order. Yes, I am lazy, but at least I'm making an attempt at being productive. And I don't actually think I lust over all of these people. But whatever.

Picspam-shaped )

And yeah, um, if you want to do the meme, consider yourself tagged. I have a quiz to study for, except that my stomach hurts. Stupid dorm food.

Oh boy.

Jul. 11th, 2005 01:04 pm
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So far today, I've caught up on banners for [livejournal.com profile] xmen_icontest. Also changed layout, and went back and tagged all posts with banners (that still show up), themes, and winners. Realized it's been around since March 2004. O.o

And, a few days ago when I was very bored and without the computer, I went and cast XA!JP's circus crew, well, only cast the people I'd mentioned in various narratives. Just because XA needs more NPCs, right. Stef, you don't have to go and add all of these to the NPC wall (unless you want to, of course - in which case, I can point out a few places to find pics for the more obscure people), but I bolded the names of those who would be most likely to make an in-game appearance. The rest are only for my amusement, and if I ever write stuff about his history.

Brief disclaimer for non-XA people. I stole the name Zumanity from Cirque du Soleil. I stole some people and a lot of the acts from Cirque du Soleil. That is why they are similar. Yes.

Zumanity! )
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Which of my characters... (No logic need apply)
1. ...is your favorite?
2. ...is your least favorite?
3. ...has the best Pb choice?
4. ...has the worst Pb choice?
5. ...would you not miss if I killed?
6. ...would you harm me physically if I killed?
7. ...would you, irl, consider dating/sleeping with?
8. ...would you, irl, likely get in a fist fight with?
9. ...would you, irl, probably be friends with?

Where applicable, which of my characters...
10. ...can you not stand my version of?
11. ...do you love my version of?
12. ...is closest to canon?
13. ...is furtherest away from canon?

Are any of my characters... (soft and squishy ?)
14. ...considered datable by yours?
15. ...considered friends by yours?
16. ...considered enemies by yours?
17. ...looked up to by yours?
18. ...looked down on by yours?
19. ...completely ignored by yours? on purpose?
20. ...insert a question you want to answer here. and answer it. Or not. I couldn't think of good questions for people. But hey, if you've got one...

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