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If anyone would like to link friends/fellow contributors/people who were wondering why you were carrying a crane around to this post, please go ahead!

I hadn't realized I actually first posted about this back at the end of February. O_o Granted, the first two weeks were pretty much just spent on gathering pictures, and most of the real work happened in the last week before Pancake Breakfast, but that is still longer than I thought it was. Funny, since I remember thinking that I had No Time For This when I first decided to do it.

Pancake Breakfast went well overall - a bit chaotic, and for some reason, everyone expected me to know who was working what position in what section of the dining areas (and also to be able to be bussing in three different areas at once). >.> Aside from working two shifts as a busser and contributing to the World Peace art exhibition, I made origami doves to hang from the ceiling as well as smaller doves and peace signs (not origami), so there will be pictures of those as well. Despite the rain, we ended up with almost 500 people in attendance over four hours,

The art piece turned out really well! There are a few things that gave me moments of ARGH, like when the paper warped, and how the kanji are kinda crooked, but generally, I'm very pleased with the end result. So THANK YOU ALL again for your support! ♥♥♥♥♥ I was amazed by the amount of pictures that were sent in, and I loved hearing the little stories that some of you included with them about the places/objects in the photos, or the process of taking them.

So, let's begin! If you want to skip me rambling about how I made the thing, go to the second cut. ;)

The creative process... )

And the actual exhibition starts about here! )

Once again, thank you all! The other pieces in the exhibition were really well-done - some were definitely made by art majors - but when I saw the final product up, I definitely didn't have that "AUGH AMATUER" feeling at all. It looks lovely. :D

Now... what to do with it when I have to take it down...
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To everyone who sent me crane pics! I want to put together a list of contributors and where they took pictures, so please let me know how you'd like to be credited. So far, the consensus is "First Name, Last Initial," but if you'd like to use something else (full name, nickname, LJ username, first initial + last name, only first/last name, etc.), that's fine, too, as long as it is kid-safe. XD

Project Update:
I'm looking at another $60-70 worth of photo prints here... x_x I love seeing all of the pictures people have sent in, but man, it's hard to narrow them down, and now I really do have to... I can't afford to print all of these!

This is either my last round or second-to-last (depending on if Erika can get me Japan pics), and I definitely have enough pictures. I just made the mistake of weeding out the ones that I kinda liked for collages first, and now that I see my subtotal, I am thinking I will need to re-do some of these and swap some pics out. At least Walgreens does the formatting for me. :P

Ugh, I hope this ends up like one of those Mastercard ads.

Four sheets of foamboard: $10.00

Photos of 1,000 cranes: toomuchtothinkabout $120.00

Stamps: $5.00

Blu-Tack I ended up not Using: $3.00

Gloss medium: $4.00

(Paintbrushes and rubber cement: $5.00) <- in parantheses 'cause Mom generously paid for those. XD

An art project that looks ~awesome~?

Better Damn Well Be Priceless.

This is not to say that I haven't loved seeing what everyone has come up with; it's just the money part that has me cringing a bit. Well, and how I know I will end up doing this all Thursday night.

Though I am amazed at how I will be spending at least $100 on photo prints, but I still haven't bought things for me that I know I want and have been telling myself I will get at some point in the near future. >.> Need to stop thinking so hard about self-indulgences, sometimes. But I guess this is a self-indulgence, of sorts, too... anyways. Contributors, comment please!

Comments are screened just in case.
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So far, I've received cranes from [ profile] annapeace, [ profile] dammitliv, [ profile] elagnithgins, [ profile] ginzarhapsody, [ profile] karinberry, [ profile] l33t_dreams, [ profile] lucentstreak, [ profile] slytherisa, [ profile] stirfried_lies, [ profile] sunfish60669, and [ profile] swtjemz. If I've missed anyone, please let me know! It's entirely possible I overlooked a post or lost a comment somewhere or that I have your pictures and just missed your name here. @_@ Thank you very much to everyone who has sent in pics so far! It's been really lovely to get this sort of response. ♥♥♥

I'm going to be taking pictures myself up through the last week of March (I was told today that, "oh, it's fine" that my project is far from done - lasjdf;wei way to make me needlessly worry), so if anyone has any additional pictures or hasn't gotten around to taking any yet, feel free to send them. :) I think I have a lot of blue crane-pics, though, so cranes in other colors (especially... dark/bright green, yellow, orange, gray/black/white, I think) would be nice. :D

I still put together a rough draft/outline version, just so that I have an actual plan. Which I do. Sort of. >.>

Anyhoo, for the curious who want to see how this is going )
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REALLY. PLEASE HELP? ALSO, I'M TRYING TO GET PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD IN ON THIS, SO IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND THEM THIS WAY. And if you can't/don't do this, I won't hold it against you. ;) I will also maybe mail my holiday cards soon, since I'm promising to mail things now. -.-


WHAT: Helping Liz with an art project for the International House on the theme of "world peace." I want to collect a bunch of pictures of origami cranes in places around the world, and put them on a big foamboard. Ideally, I'd like each person to try and take at least 10 pictures each. They don't all have to be drastically different, but some variety would be nice. XD

HOW: I can send you a crane (or two, but just one per picture, please!) if you don't have origami paper/can't fold a crane. If you do want to use your own, then I'd just like to make sure I don't end up with a bunch of cranes all in the same color. This doesn't seem like it will be a problem. But if everyone suddenly decides they want red/green/blue/purple, then I will suggest others instead. XD

WHERE: Wherever you live. Especially for those of you in Faraway and Exciting Places, I'd love it if you could get at least a few pics in places that kinda reflect where you are. I don't know how feasible that is, but... yeah. Even just having the crane next to... a packet of TimTams, or a Costa cup and/or with some pound coins. Otherwise, just around your apartment/house, work, school, wherever. I'd like this to be international, but also reflect individual interests.

AND THEN: E-mail me (or zip and upload to somewhere like YouSendIt or Mediafire, if they're really big) the pictures, please! They just need to be big enough to print at Walgreen's, so... at least 540x360 pixels.

WHEN: By March 15th. Yeah, they really didn't give us a lot of time for this. -_-;

*The actual due date is in the first week of April, but they want pictures of the projects "almost finished" by March 15.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer any sort of compensation other than gratitude and YAYs for your time/effort, but I will definitely be sharing pics of the final product. :) If you're interested or have any questions, comment please! Comments will be screened in case addresses get passed around. ;)

Current list of places/crane colors )


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