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So. Big news first: I heard back from JET* and I'm in! Basically! I'm on the short-list, which, if I am interpreting their little glossary correctly means that I will be going to Japan pending my acceptance of their 'job offer' and all of my follow-up paperwork checking out. :DDDDD

[* They said they'd notify people in mid-April instead of early April due to the disaster, and I got their e-mail literally in the middle of the day on the middlest day of the month - amused, yes I am]

I am really more excited than it looks, but I'm also tired after working six days in a row, so I can't summon the proper flail and I haven't really been able to talk about it at work, so I haven't been able to keep the mood up. XD

I also used fail!Korean and fail!Japanese at work a few times this week. I surprised a Korean girl by thanking her as she left in Korean, and used bits of Japanese with an unexpectedly high number of Japanese customers over the last few days. I made one adorable okaasan's day and she came over to tell me I'd made her very happy. Socute. ♥

And I've been crocheting things (or learning to). I've made K8 (minus Maru, as I do not have orange yarn) duckies, but I don't have eyes or stuffing for them yet. >.> In typical overly-ambitious fashion, I've only just started trying to make amigurumi and I've already designed my own onigiri penguin (some of you may have received a holiday card a couple years ago with Gary the Onigiri Penguin on it - this is his navy blue cousin).

So this has been a long week, but had some definite highlights. To say the least. XDDD

P.S. Holy crap, less than a month left to my cousin's wedding! And only a little over a month till Fanime! Oh, time.
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In another instance of Kpop pwning my other fandoms, D released their major anniversary photobook while at least 3/5 of them have horrible costumes and/or hair (Hiroki was fine until he got that bump in his hair - now, he's on the fence), and it makes me sad that I don't even want to click any of the thumbnails. Augh, Ruiza, even the crazy caveman look was better than this! ;_;

Meanwhile, SM released the teaser for SHINee's "Hello" MV, and it is bright and pretty and while it possess some questionable/distracting-in-a-not-neccessarily-flaily-way elements (Taemin's Mir hair, Key's all-red thermal-underwear-resembling ensemble, the Sesame Street-like set Jonghyun is sitting on, possibly the abuse of leopard print... okay, so the Mir-cloneness and Sesame Stree-ness I don't really mind since they amuse me), it has more than enough intriguing/shiny bits to make up for those. XD Like puffy cheeks and what Key is wearing around his neck when they've got their black outfits on, and well, the bright and pretty.

Also, I think I have the "Hello" font?

Let's see what else I can cram into this post in an hour.

Some SM Pandora bracelets? AND A HERD OF HORSIES )

...I wonder if Ruiza likes K-Pop, too, or just JE. XD
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New ViViD and Vistlip PVs are cute. :3 Vistlip more than ViViD, ofc, but ViViD has shirtlessness (from the armpits up -.-). And I think Reno tries too hard to look all rockstar when he plays sometimes. A-n-y-w-a-y-s.

I think I killed my goldfish somehow when I cleaned his tank last night. I mean, he survived the cleaning process, but perhaps he was so traumatized, he had a little fishy heart attack sometime during the night or something. :(

Now the biggest problem is figuring out how to properly dispose of him, since he might be dangerously fat for the toilet, but we have so many cats in the neighborhood, he'd undoubtedly get dug up if I buried him in the yard. Dilemma.

In less fishslaughtery news, I decided to take all of the Rage and Argh that I've been building up as The Last Airbender came out and racebending came to the fore again (I have a rant, but I think it'll just be filtered to those who asked to see it, since it's not really anything new, just my own ramblerant about it, but if anyone else wants to see it, lemme know and I will add you to my filter XD), and make something positive. I try to be optimistic sometimes. So I decided to see how easy it was to make bracelets with our new store design at Pandora, and made some elemental bracelets.

They're inspired by Avatar mostly just in that... they're based on the elements and use some/most? of the same color scheme. Beyond that, though, they're kinda their own thing. But Avatar was what influenced me to make these in the first place, so.

On to the pictures + rambling! )

The end!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Jun. 6th, 2010 01:05 am
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My feet are dying. Even though I was on my feet a lot at Fanime, at least I felt like I was doing something most of the time, even if it was just walking around looking for cameras, or running around the convention center carrying things. It's better than feet hurting hurting hurting from standing in one place doing nothing for hours on end.

Which is what my job is, basically. XD Especially now that we have become a Pandora Concept Store, so all our furnishings are Pandora-dictated, which means a) the beads are arranged inconveniently (both for us and for people wanting to look at them), so I can't easily play with them like I did before, and b) THE CHAIRS ARE GONE. ;____________; No more sitting places in the store. Which means I have 45 minutes for lunch - about half that time is spent sitting, I'd say - and ~8 hours of standing. Plus time for waiting for trains and things. Plus shoes that are nice but not that great for standing that long. It's not too bad when I'm actually doing things, but yeah, we don't get a huge amount of business, so probably a third of the day is spent standing around doing nothing.

And I think I'm suffering from people withdrawal, both Fanime and I-House people. There are some people from both that I do not miss, but generally... it's a big difference to go from being around so many people and the funtimes associated with them to being home with parents. XD

Anyways, I need to do a Fanime post at some point. There was so much going on this year, not just with Fanime, that I think I'll have to break it down by day, in order to cover all of the chaos. But I think tomorrow is tentatively my last day for work for this block (unless I decide to go in on Tuesday, buuuuut.... we'll see), so I should have time for that later this week.
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Customers and bosses came in and foiled my Nobuta bracelet making. XD I have forty-five minutes left, though, so I can re-do it... Also found out from seeing next week's schedule that I'm done after this Friday! I wish I wasn't, 'cause I could use the money, and it's not a bad job, all things considered. My co-workers are fun,

*break for three Japanese ladies*

My co-workers are fun, it's not incredibly hard work, though it can be tedious (had a woman in today who had me pull out ten glass beads and then spent forever narrowing it down to three), but I get to talk to all sorts - and the price/reputation of these act as a kind of people-filter. I also get to be amused and/or headdesk at the questions we get.

I know I shouldn't laugh at people who don't know anything about Pandora, but there's a difference between not knowing anything and being curious about it, and not knowing anything but making assumptions, I guess. Today's prize goes to the (American, because currency does matter) woman who came in with three young girls and asked me how much a complete bracelet cost, "like $200?"

"...for a full silver one?" I asked, to clarify. She nodded. "About $600 to $1,000," I said, and they left very quickly after that. I wanted to point out that she's paying for sterling silver and possibly 14k gold, but I didn't. And, the average for a full bracelet is really more like $700-something, if you have mostly silver with a bit of glass, gold or CZ in there.
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I started off the day being fed up with Public Displays of Affection (more fed up than usual). I don't mean holding hands or leaning on each other or, I don't know, a quick kiss... it's the making out while waiting for coffee, or while waiting in line at a store that bothers me. Also, I guess I've just seen so much PDA (in general) connected to material greed while working at a jewelry store during the holiday season that I'm tired of it.

But then, as I was leaving, I saw an adorable gay Asian couple. Okay, they were pretty, too, and I am shallow and therefore biased. >.> Both of them were probably around my age, and one had deliberately-styled-fluffyish brown-blond hair. He had his arm looped through the other boy's, and pulled it out when they had to manuever through the crowd, and kinda swatted at the other guy's ass in an unobstrustive way - so unlike the guy who stood at Peet's, making his order with his fingers busy moving around in his girlfriend's back pocket the entire time, with a giant queue a few feet behind him. >.>

Anyways, once they got on the escalator, the brunette twined their arms together again, and the other boy turned around to kiss him on the cheek as they went up to the next floor. I wish I could draw better - it'd make a really cute picture, I think. I can't even describe it well, but it was sweet. And put me in a much better mood. ♥

Tomorrow is my weekend, but I'll be heading over to the city at the same time as usual for a trip to Kino's, and maybe I'll skulk by the new Cure USA store, too. It is a curious thing.

And then it is Christmas, which I am still not really looking forward to. Ah, well. Hopefully the last of my grades will be in, at least. My GPA is definitely looking better so far.
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1) The 'time sensitive' package is my Windows 7 upgrade. Not so exciting after all.

2) Holiday cards will be late. The earliest I can even mail them off is Christmas Eve, so... yeah. I worked on a few of them at work today, though. >.>

3) By the end of this 6-day workweek, I will have listened to at least 42 hours of Christmas music from three different CDs. I hate Frosty the Snowman. And people. And it's only been four days. *cries*

4) On the goodish side, I used Japanese at work yesterday. A woman came in with her husband and two chibi kids (the girl was adorable, and kept running around giggling but did not stick her mouth on anything or run into people). Her English was pretty good, but her husband just spoke Japanese. I understood almost everything they said to each other, which was cool, but as my expressive language is horrible, I could only think to say, "Arigatou gozaimasu~!" at the end, which I did. And she laughed in surprise. XD

5) There was a very long line at Peet's Coffee today and while I was waiting for my drink, a man came up to complain that his mocha wasn't as sweet as it usually is. I wanted to tell him to shut up and be a man and go add more sugar if he couldn't handle it. But I said nothing, and the barista apologized very nicely while he added two more squirts of chocolate for a total of four shots of chocolate in the one non-hot-chocolate drink.

6) I made an MBLAQ bracelet today. I quite liked it, but I didn't have my camera, so I will have to recreate it another day and take a picture. :DD Making bracelets makes my job more interesting. I still have to upload the pictures from the ones I made over the summer, though. XD

7) Goodnight!


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