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I was thinking about doing various Special Things for my 1,000th post/5th year LJversary (which are really only special because they're on the same day *ignores the planning that went into making that happen*), but I don't icon or drabble fast enough to do anything very creative. So I will ramble instead.

More than you ever wanted to know about Liz's history on LJ )

Well, that was a rushed trip down memory lane, but I didn't want to look too closely at old entries (I'm not that pathetic), and I have homework and would like to sleep tonight, or at least write a paper that's not semi-coherent, unlike I did last time. Also, I got bored. :P Suffice to say, it's been a topsy-turvy five years.

#999 - @_@

Mar. 2nd, 2008 11:43 pm
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Have MSN now - Yay.

We had Chinese New Year dinner tonight with Mom's side of the family. Evil grandma is actually okay when you're there with a bunch of people - it's mostly how my mom feels the need afterwards to find something to criticize me about (today's was, "You spent a lot of time looking at me"). And one of my aunts really bugs me. Both of my uncles married non-Asian women, and one of them is just so ethnocentric when it comes to food. Granted, PoPo doesn't make it easier by ordering some Americanized Chinese dishes when we go out to eat, but my aunt will make faces and declare something gross just from reading its name on the menu. One example from today was the Oysters and Meat dish, which is actually chopped oysters and chopped meat, eaten wrapped in a lettuce leaf with plum sauce (which my aunt and cousin call "Mushu pork sauce" x_x), and turned out to be probably her favorite dish of the night.

Am I being too harsh? I guess I just figured that after twenty-something years of this, she'd at least have learned a little subtlty, like my other aunt.

And so that this 999th post isn't just whining... snagged from pretty much everyone:

[01] Pick 10 of your favourite movies.
[02] Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie.
[03] Post them here for everyone to guess.
[04] Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie.
[05] No Googling/using IMDb search functions!

I edited character names out where I felt they might give away the movie. Which is nearly all of them, I think, because I'm paranoid. But I don't think most of these are that hard anyways. XD

Hi ho, hi ho )
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Everyone should go check out Pesoguin. It's where the penguin from a few entries ago came from; Ryou sent Kai another little penguin, so I decided to see if there were more. And zomg, there are. If you hover or click on any of the ones bobbing around at the top, they do things. :DDD

[ profile] l33t_dreams made me an awesome, Takeru-ish pillow - meaning it's pink and leopard-print. And AWESOME. It's also been helping me sneak at night, so yay! I use pillows to prop myself up in bed when I am on late at night when I'm not supposed to be. According to my mom, my laptop should stay on my desk. It should not actually ever be on my lap. BUT AWESOME PILLOW.

And Kame is going to be on Aiba's aminal show again, because 1 Pound Gospel was filming nearby(?). There's a little preview clip around of him with an adorable baby otter:

...realistically, this is right before the otter bites him. XD No, no, I don't think that happens. If you ever want to hear me verbally flail, aminals are the way to go. Just FYI. XD

Time has come to decide where I'm going in the fall. Compare and contrast! )

Oh! We start tutoring next week - Tuesday for me. It's kind of nice to know that other people in the class seem just as nervous about this as I do. XD I have two female students, both ESL. One speaks Spanish, and the other Mongolian (and I cannot pronounce her first name at all >.>). I was kind of hoping for a language with a structure I know better, since I think that'd help me identify the sources for some writing issues that seem to come up, but it should be fine. I think my biggest worry right now is where exactly the first-day paperwork we have to fill out is in the tutoring room. XD

Other classes are going well. Music theory is turning out to be my most UGH NO class, not because I'm not interested in it, but because the teacher is not very good at teaching. I'm three points away from an A in Geography, absorb information in Art History like a good little sponge, think that ECE is a bit boring/common-sense but sort of interesting I guess, and pretty much love the Tutor Training class. It's really refreshing to have a class in college where everyone gets to know each other. Plus, I have my lunch buddy friend from Tokyo to talk Japanese/Chinese with. XD Even though it gets confusing.

Note to self: Remember that there is a usually a point in dramas that you are interested in where they start getting into what will be the Bigger Plot, and that it seems to occur around episode 4 or 5 and that you should not watch those on school nights because then you will want to know what happens and end up staying up too late. Also, four hours of sleep does not count as Alright, Enough just because it's only an hour away from five which is only an hour away from six which is A Really Good Amount of Sleep (but not really). -.-

Today, my hot chocolate with whipped cream not only had whipped cream but chocolate sauce and green sprinkles on it. :D

...clearly, I've been saving up a lot of babbling.
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What is NUT-TANK, you might ask?

Or perhaps, who is that guy on the end of KAT-TUN, or conversely, What happened to the rest of D?

Well, here is that story, feat. Ruiza-the-wouldbe-idol with cameos by various JE people, including a certain Akanishi Jin )

P.S. Dear people trying to get issues put on the ballot for November,

Please do not come onto the train anymore. It's bad enough that you and your clipboards and your, "Are you registered to vote? Can you sign this for me?" questions are already at my school, at the grocery store I walk past on the way home, and sometimes elsewhere along the way, but IN THE TRAIN CAR? Is there no respite? This sort of thing makes me so much less inclined to actually feel for your cause.

I pretended I was asleep all the way home, and ended up more tired than before. >.>


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