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NOOOOOOOO, why, Yuuto?

;_____; If I wasn't in class, I think I would cry. This is a bad year for the bassists I like, it seems - of course, Jasmine You is the only one who can't come back, but Tatsuha hasn't been seen since July when Bergerac announced their disbandment, and now Yuuto is leaving... hopefully, he'll pop up somewhere else soon. Or go back to SCREW. >.>

I can hope.

Everyone made comments about it, too. Bits of Manabu's and Jin's made me d'awww.

"I’ve been in the band believing that SCREW is SCREW with all five of us.
Therefore, at the beginning, I couldn’t accept that Yuuto was going to leave, and I felt like I would give just about anything (to have him stay). However, However, I’ve come to realize that I have a new respect for the future of this important friend in which we’ve taken care of each other, and shared in both happiness and sorrow."
- from Manabu

Since SCREW’s formation, my friend Yuuto, who I have supported and been supported by, who I’ve laughed with, made songs and performed lives with, has decided to leave the band.

When I said friend, I meant family.
- from Jin

Though I am glad (I think, because right now, I can't imagine SCREW with a different bassist) that Byou opted not to go for disbandment.


Jul. 12th, 2009 01:58 am
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[ profile] dammitliv! Last night, I discovered that the back cover of GLAY's Heavy Gauge album GLOWS IN THE DARK. I have two glow-in-the-dark devil duckies, but I had not noticed my CD rack glowing before. XD

Dad is leaving for (the airport for a plane to) New Orleans in an hour, so I am staying up to wait. XD It's a volunteer project with his old youth church group, helping out Habitat for Humanity, which he's worked with for at least ten years now, locally.

*twiddles thumbs*


Bergerac has an announcement and individual statements up about their last live and the reasons behind their breakup. Rumors on the Bergerac comm say they just felt that they've done all they could as a band, and decided to break up before they started feeling grumbly at one another. From what I could decipher from Google's translation of their OHP, this doesn't seem wrong... there wasn't really any mention (that I could see) of them feeling like there was trouble within the band, but just a sense that they'd had a good run together, but it was time to move on. I hope that's not just spiel...

Sincrea has a new look, and their OHP seriously fails in my browser, or else something's just off with their coding. >.> But anyways, you can still see them. Kazi... a visor? Really? >.> Though I envy the blue streaks in his hair. Am not sure Tomo's Rapunzel look was really neccessary. XD I remain biased towards Hal Hiro, even with the random goggles. And now I will stalk them all on Ameba!

Oh. I went to... someone from vistlip's house on Ameba the other day. He wasn't there but another fan was, so I ran away. XDD


I watched Gohatto (Taboo) today, Matsuda Ryuhei's first big film from 1999, about gay attraction among samurai. Well, mostly just about his character and how, because of his attractiveness, Shit Goes Down. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be more... intricate(?) than I thought it would be.

A small bit of spoilery rambling )


I picked up Son Of A Witch, the sequel to Wicked, at the bookstore last night. I had intended for it to be reading for a week, but I have finished it already. >.> Oops. It's one of those books in which a lot happens, but by the end, you realize that not a lot has also happened, but I still quite liked it.

And now Dad is awake! >.> Time to pretend like I've been not on the computer...


Jul. 7th, 2009 12:52 am
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Saw UP tonight. Amazing, lovely movie... it's definitely one of my favorites from Pixar (but nothing touches Finding Nemo XD), and the short before is awesome as well. The local touches are always fun - in this one, the ice cream shop that the boy talks about going to is an actual ice cream shop(/restaurant) that's about ten minutes walk from my house. :D It's a bit of a local legend, so that was fun to see.

I was going to ride on the UP high for the rest of the night, but Liv gave me some bad news when I got home (not your fault, Liv! I'm glad to know, even though it's sucky :P):

Bergerac is disbanding.

And I kinda want to cry. Not the ideal way to discover I'm more attached to this band than I thought I was (or wanted to believe I was, I guess)... They released their first mini-album just a few months ago, and they announced their plans to disband at their first one-man at the year, so... I am definitely surprised. They'll play their last live September 12.

They're just so goofy and dorky (Itsuki has an awesome cackling laugh XD), and I like their music, and I don't want them to go away! Well, they obviously feel that the band won't work out, but I at least hope they can find/form other groups so they can stay in the scene. >.> Especially Tatsuha, because yeah, I'm biased, and he is an adorable, tiny (just the neck of his bass looks almost as tall as he is), Gloomy-Bear-obsessed piece of almost-jailbait. Ah, but it's hard to be optimistic when they're all being emo in their blogs like they are. Iru's like Yuuya - a cracky, crazy drummer; he should not be emo, ever. XD

Ahhh. At least I was planning on buying their mini-album already. ;_______;


And for a horse of a very different color, I spy Aki's name in Yuuto's blooooog~ Run away, Yuu-chan!

my failtranslation )
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1) I'm still trying to figure out Ameba Pigg. Rather, I returned to trying to figure it out, and get a lot more than I did last time. Not enough to really do anything other than run around and make people shiny, but most of the settings were full anyways. I did accidentally stumble upon both the VK-themed forest (that is, a meeting place for fans of VK in a park/forest) and "Johnny's Forest," which is... for JE fans, obviously, while randomly finding places to visit. XD

2) Despite the lack of subs and the fact that this drama actually needs English subtitles for me to be able to grasp big things, the lure of Kame&Kimutaku was too great, so I watched episode 3 of Mr. Brain today. After the twists and creepiness of Episode 2, Episode 3 was pretty straightforward and 'safe,' but it was still nice to see Kame onscreen again. XD Playing a 28-year-old. HA. Anyways. Seriously looking forward to next week's episode. I mean - Sato Takeru! And more ooh-y, (highlight to read, just in case anyone is spoilerphobic about the previews for future episodes XD) Sato Takeru playing the piano with bloody hands. Intriguing~ Episode 5 has Nakama Yukie guest-starring. :DD

3) Liv linked me to a performance of Gackt's newest single, Koakuma Heaven, which people should watch while paying careful attention to the lyrics. Or you can just click here. Or here for a translation, in both textspeak (what the song was written in) and normalspeak. Oh, Gackt. v(^_^)v

4) Bergerac's Tatsuha is finally 21. He celebrated by disappearing from his blog and possibly bleaching his hair again. I can't tell if it's a new picture he put up or not. :P

5) Um... 5... 5... Oh! [ profile] karinberry posted about the upcoming Beck live-action with Mizushima Hiro, Sato Takeru and Osamu Mukai all in the band (and Kiritani Kenta as well - who I keep picturing as either his character from Ryuusei no Kizuna or Rookies, mostly RnK). Shiny cast~


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