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WARNING: This post is all fandom. XD

Reason #483902 Why Yuuto Should Not Leave SCREW or Why SCREW Is An Awesome Band (take your pick; though I'm sure SCREW can be awesome without Yuuto, he is an integral part of this!):

Please to be noting where Jin's right hand is. For those who would like to be noting, but don't know SCREW, Jin is second from left. Yuuto is far left, then (a strangely short) Byou is in the middle, followed by Manabu and Kazuki.

I don't think much more explanation is needed. Jin doesn't lie when he says Yuuto is his. ♥

Also, Kisumai + Abake = EXTRA extra chipmunky voices. I love how Fujigaya is totally identifiable even with his voice changed, and Kitayama is a ham, and Senkaido are extra bratty, and Yokoo is just crazy and sharky and awesome, and Miyata wins, and Tama-chan doesn't really get exciting tidbits but is adorable anyways.

Inori with chairs and canes is... hang on, I think I'll need some more time to process this as it's not computing and I can't stop picturing Tama-chan doing his little bodyroll (seriously, it took me three tries of rewinding to even pay attention to Nikaido because I kept getting distracted).

I need to sleep earlier. >.>
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Hm. You know, I had wondered about this PSC-sponsered live when it showed up on LiZ's OHP ages ago, since it was pre-ViViD announcement, and it seemed odd to me that there would be no PSC bands in the line-up (I know labels have presented lives with non-label bands, but there's usually at least one band from the actual label appearing sometime).

4月19日(日) 高田馬場AREA
~地中楼閣 その88~■
出演 : LiZ/DOGinTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ/DELUHI/vistlip/ViViD/CELLT

But now it makes sense! Especially since ViViD's debut was said to be happening on the 19th.

And the other fandom thing: April Shounen Club. I haven't watched all of both of them, but the dance battle was srsly good fun, especially with Tama-chan flaunting his height over Kawai at the end. XDD Though I don't know why they pick Question? members for things involving dancing... well, no, it does have entertainment value, but if they want an actual competition? Perhaps not the best idea. XD Granted, Nikaido failed about as much as Fujiie (probably more, since he does actually have to do those dances), so...

Tama is seriously all over the place - from randomly in the middle of KAT-TUN's 10-single-medley with other chibi!juniors on Music Station to (apparently) half the songs in May's medleys. Which makes sense, seeing as the Gokusen special is out now, but it makes me glad that he edged his way up and became my favorite sometime when I was still working on [ profile] je_holiday. XD Not that I think I was ahead of the curve or anything, but I don't like feeling like I'm someone's fan just because he's in the spotlight suddenly, I guess. :P But now I'm doing the sort of possessive thing where I'm glad he's getting more screentime but I sometimes wish he wasn't getting quite so much, just because... then I do feel like I'm just following along. *weird* But generally, it's cool to see him more. So, tag for Tama-chan!

When Hikaru asked what I wanted from Japan, I should've had him bring Tama back. XDD

Oh, and of course! An Cafe tonight with [ profile] swtjemz, Erika and a bunch of Fanime people I should stop referring to as a single entity! Yay!
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I downloaded the Gokusen Graduation Special thing despite the lack of subs (yet!) because... well, TAMA-CHAN! and also, it's not like the Gokusens have the more original/different plots ever, so understanding exactly what they're saying all the time isn't really necessary. XD

I ended up watching for Yuki Jutta and Mayama Akihiro (Kiba and Aoyama from Mei-chan) as well, which led to paying more attention to the rest of the class, which led to also watching for Maeda Goki, who conveniently has a bright blue streak in his hair (and oh, hey, was in that drama where one of Tama-chan's minions gets kissed by a boy). :P

Anyways, I went a little caphappy between the various people sightings, the glee of watching Tama be sullen and badass and the fact that there are just some really awesome facial expressions to be seen. :P Therefore, although the caps are small, this is probably still not dial-up friendly, since there are a lot of them.

...I honestly don't know if you can actually have a plot spoiler for any Gokusen, but... IMAGE SPOILERS AHEAD. Plot ones too, I suppose. :P )

I mock because I was very entertained. XD I actually looked up some new vocabulary from this, which was an unexpected benefit. And okay, maybe I am really looking forward to the Gokusen movie.

In other Gokusen-related things, the Akame-Becky-Joyman comedy duo segment from Cartoon KAT-TUN 102 is great, too. Becky's Yankumi impression is pretty much spot-on. XD Plus, it's been nice to see Jin and Kame interacting in Not Entirely Awkward ways (though the awkward "The janitor told me to come here." "Oh." bit from Epi.100 was also great :P). Though fandom pretty much killed the pairing for me, they did used to be pretty good friends, and it's sort of rare that Jin is actually... I dunno, talking and happy during K-T things? >.>

And I could probably ramble more, but it's almost four and I have class at nine, so you're all spared. For now.


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