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Miyavi is now a father (to go with that, melody is now a mother!)! Wow! It's hard to imagine, but all joking aside, he seems like he'll be a good dad. He seems to really love kids, and well, any guy who will perform "If You're Happy and You Know It" in a concert will have no problem entertaining a little boy/girl. XD

And to make this not another one-note post, I finally went and snipped pictures for the second part of my intro post, so here are the perhaps-less-well-known (in JE circles, if not in general) guys I squee over. >.> My fandom squees are pretty much single-gender, I'll admit, though I think Kuroki Meisa is going to be who/what gets me through Ninkyo Helper, along with Yuki Jutta and the Takagis (I like it well enough, but I like it more when she's on-screen, so far XD).

So... I went through a twin phase )
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Okay, so it's supposed to be 'Ohio,' but it still works.

Good morning, lovelies! If I yawn while having a conversation with you today, it is because I did not really feel tired until around 6:30am (and couldn't sleep in the bed anyways - I think the mattress is too firm for me), and so decided to just not sleep. I took pictures of the sky every 5-10 minutes for an hour instead as the sun slowly rose and the fog moved. :P

So, yes. Am now quite tired, but at least this means I'll sleep well tonight.

I was pondering things to stick in this post, or to work on while watching the sky, and ended up reading fmylife for awhile and opting out on the frustration of having multiple programs open/freezing. I was rambling at [ profile] nihongofrancais last night about the Takagi twins and she agreed that I glom onto some obscure actors (obscure or just... non-JE, and therefore maybe obscure to the JE/Jrock portion of my flist, which is pretty much everyone who would probably care to read about jdramas XD) and that she doesn't recognize their names. I thought that maybe I will do a post introducing some of these guys briefly, just so other people will know who they are. I think I will do the post at some point, but not right now, and at any rate, the Takagi twins are in my header, so that takes care of them for the moment. :P They also have a tag.

Oh~ Shiny things! I have a new header with alien-visual!Pon up at [ profile] dammitliz, along with some light brushes and Ayabie and Uruha icons.

And I has an evil bunny. :3 With seahorses and sea turtles and eggs and swallowing. Be afraid, be very very afraid.


Jun. 12th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Yes, this deserves its own post.

AUGH. *________________* I want scans of Hiroto from Neo Genesis 36 so badly now. Alien-visual-rock!Pon can replace hide!Pon in [ profile] dammitliz's layout. :DDDD

I am flailing incoherently on the inside, really. *_____*

Also, the Takagi twins will be guesting on an episode of Meitantei no Okite, Matsuda Shota's detective comedy. And I think they will both be part of Kusanagi's yakuza in Ninkyo Helper. Yay, Takagis! :D

...did not know Yabu was in that, too. And Yamamoto Yusuke! Eenteresting.

EDIT: OH. And I forgot about this yesterday (yes, a travesty, I know)!


I was reminded of this because someone else (that scan came from [ profile] sidnad) posted scans of SID, VAMPS and Gackt up at [ profile] jrock_scans, which therefore included:


The end. Of the world. How has this post not spontaneously combusted yet?
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It is 3:42am, and it's a good thing I'm not trying to sleep right now. I'm still writing about Sparky the squirrel and his adventures in S-blend land.

Anyways, people were just yelling/cackling/stomping in the halls. People were outside an hour ago, shouting and singing. I can hear... well, I almost hope they're sex noises, because otherwise, someone is either in serious pain or has Down's Syndrome (I really don't mean to make fun of Down's here, but the sounds honestly remind me of the nonverbal boy with Down's who I've observed a couple of times...). x____x

On the other hand, this seems like a good time to use one of my new icons.

I woke up late today (yesterday?) and threw off my planned schedule, but it was alright. The Japanese Culture Association Festival was fun - they got over twice as many people as they were hoping to get, but they didn't run out of food. I didn't get to try the okonomiyaki, though, 'cause they were probably cooking a fresh one when I had to dash out to my class meeting. Fresh, burning hot takoyaki, though? Mmm. Mako asked me if I wanted to try making some, but I didn't have time, and would also undoubtedly fail, though the two guys and the girl who were making them made it look easy (if slightly messy), of course. I grabbed some kakigori on my way out, which made for a nice snack en route to the library.

Aside from the food, they had posters put up with information about different parts of Japan, origami paper, and yukata that people could try on (one was the one I wore at Pancake Breakfast, which has been in my closet ever since >.>), as well as two dance performances from a pair of middle-aged ladies in purple kimono with shiny pretty fans.

After my group meeting, we ended up going out for sushi, too, since one of Erika's friends works at a restaurant on First that Erika had wanted to try. She wasn't with us this time, but it was good, so I have no problem going back with her. XD

...awww, it sounds like Shinpei went to see the play Manpei is one of the leads in and cried so much his eyes hurt. ♥

And now the noise is starting again. What part of "Shhh!" do these people not understand? *rawrs*

Adopt one today!
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I just finished twinifying my LJ! As much fun as Jin and Yuuto are, there was something about the division of space in that header that kinda bugged me, so I'd been pondering a change for awhile (this seems to happen - I'll go for a year without changing my header, then change it a couple times in a few months and then go for another year with the final choice XD). The new header features the Takagi twins with lyrics from the Sakamoto twins', aka ON/OFF, character song from Fuma no Kojiro .

And because I am a dork like this, I bumped my Akipon profile banner to my fic journal, which it fits more anyways, and made a new profile banner. This one features the Sakamoto twins with lyrics from Takagi Manpei's character song from Jyuken Sentai Gekirangers.

Both have lots of feathers. :D Lots of feathers. My computer is glad that Photoshop is closed now, but I want to revamp [ profile] dammitliz's profile sometime soon, since that's been the same since I created the comm and it's a bit outdated (for instance, it still says it's for hyelle_narmo's icons). It could prolly use a new layout too, though I don't mind staying with hide!Pon for a little while longer... since I should also probably work on finishing a new post there first anyways.

Well, I should really be working on the various projects I have coming up, which I will do. I missed getting my test back in Neurology, and I have a feeling I'll have to do makeup work to help my grade since I was pretty sick when I took that test. >.>

= THURSDAY 4/30: EDSP 112 paper/presentation
= FRIDAY 5/1: EDSP 161 LEARNING JOURNAL!! (<-- zomg, I keep just forgetting to do these; it's so stupid x_x)
= SATURDAY 5/2: Mom's birthday
= SATURDAY 5/9: Dad's birthday, Fanime meeting
= SUNDAY 5/10: Mother's Day
= MONDAY 5/11: EDSP 120 presentation
= FRIDAY 5/15: Epik High? :D?
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I am sick again. I guess the bug from a couple weeks ago never really went away, though this time I started with the hacking cough and have since moved on to the sore throat, runny nose and the new ailment, headache. -_- I am so tired of this. And tired in general. And pretty anti-food, because the idea of swallowing most things makes me throat go, "WAUGH." Though I could go for ramen, or udon or something involving noodles in soup. Oooh, maybe wonton. Too bad I have only tasteless (but healthier) instant noodles.

Thursday had a definite Pro for staying in the Ihouse. I woke up 7 minutes before my midterm started. Didn't have time to brush my teeth, wash my face or put my contacts on, but I still made it in time, which I definitely would not be able to do if I lived further away. On the other hand, I'd probably have just gotten up when my alarm went off an hour before class started if I knew I had to take longer to get to school.

And in the researching (i.e. obsessive Googling/YouTubing?) of the Takagi twins, I found out that Manpei was a power ranger (Sentei ranger, rather) in the original version of Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, and that Shinpei played his evil mirror reflection in an episode. Downloaded that, which of course led to downloading more, because the evil characters are kinda hot. >.> I feel gipped. Our PR villains had the same over-the-top sort of costumes, but were not half as pretty... I remember thinking that the villain for Jungle Fury was bordering on offensive, because he was some sneering young blond guy playing a ninja master.

I'll take Araki Hirofumi (aka Rio, the lion ranger dude thing) instead, pls. And his lovely sidekick, Yuka Hirata (aka Mele, a chameleon-based character):

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The original also definitely has more less-hokey violence and more ghei than the American version, both of which I approve of. I find that I even liked the horrible anamatronic animal-people characters and the excessive explosions/sparks (excessive explosions are part of my childhood!).

And a giant pretty people ramble )

This post was originally going to be a Takagi post, so to not leave Shinpei out (....not that I really mentioned Manpei much, but at least he was in the show!). He, Yuta Jutta (Kiba from Mei-chan) and two other guys did a photobook project under the name of Nachural, and there was a DVD with it, so he isn't without his own squishy pile of fun. Plus, sleeping like tetris pieces. Jutta is pretty amusing, too. XD

....and I think that is long enough. Suffice to say, venturing out of the JE void is a scary and very fun thing. XD

Plus, dragons:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Random memage snagged from slytherisa )

Yeah, this post is pointless. :D Well, it's kind of GIPy! Sato Takeru looks quite a bit like Kame in this picture, and not as sleepless/hungry as he has been looking in Mei-chan, which I am caught up on now! I want to squish Mameshiba so much... and I really empathize with him (aside from the whole... competing with his brother thing, 'cause I don't see that happening with me anytime soon XD). Though... Erika and I are both wondering if Yamada Yu's character is supposed to be a high-school age girl, because even with Asian unaging skills, she doesn't quite look young enough. >.>

And on a barely-related note ('cause they weren't in the episode at all), I had no idea the actors playing old!Hongo's butler clones are actually (rather adorkably lovely) twins. Pretty and stalkable. Ooh, and one of them is in another drama with the actor playing Aoyama, with both of them acting as cafe workers. Yay, snappy uniforms?

I also watched D's Snow White PV Offshot (that Iris squished for me <3333), and I don't think Ruiza has ever been so flat-out adorable as he was when he was clinging to Hide-zou. ♥


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