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So. Big news first: I heard back from JET* and I'm in! Basically! I'm on the short-list, which, if I am interpreting their little glossary correctly means that I will be going to Japan pending my acceptance of their 'job offer' and all of my follow-up paperwork checking out. :DDDDD

[* They said they'd notify people in mid-April instead of early April due to the disaster, and I got their e-mail literally in the middle of the day on the middlest day of the month - amused, yes I am]

I am really more excited than it looks, but I'm also tired after working six days in a row, so I can't summon the proper flail and I haven't really been able to talk about it at work, so I haven't been able to keep the mood up. XD

I also used fail!Korean and fail!Japanese at work a few times this week. I surprised a Korean girl by thanking her as she left in Korean, and used bits of Japanese with an unexpectedly high number of Japanese customers over the last few days. I made one adorable okaasan's day and she came over to tell me I'd made her very happy. Socute. ♥

And I've been crocheting things (or learning to). I've made K8 (minus Maru, as I do not have orange yarn) duckies, but I don't have eyes or stuffing for them yet. >.> In typical overly-ambitious fashion, I've only just started trying to make amigurumi and I've already designed my own onigiri penguin (some of you may have received a holiday card a couple years ago with Gary the Onigiri Penguin on it - this is his navy blue cousin).

So this has been a long week, but had some definite highlights. To say the least. XDDD

P.S. Holy crap, less than a month left to my cousin's wedding! And only a little over a month till Fanime! Oh, time.
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Today is sleep-deprived but better! I am currently all a-flail over this bit of news about Yoshiki and Stan Lee's comic collaboration. ZOMG.


It could be dumb, but I think it sounds awesome. XD Superhero band, yes pls (wait, I think I wrote a fic like this once... :P). Finally I may have a reason to go back to the comic book store! I never properly got into any DC Comics*, and Marvel kept killing/paralyzing/brainwashing/zombie-ing my favorite characters, so I stopped reading X-men things, though I do think about going by sometimes to look at the San Francisco-based art.

(Also, hee at Stan Lee being in X Japan's newest PV. He does seem to like his cameos!)

*Despite this, I'm thinking of being Sandman's Death for Halloween.

*adds to geekery with Pokemonz and dragon eggs*
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Santahat!Hyde is a bit early, but oh well. So is my squee, probably. XD
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*does not have a D'espa icon >.>*

Back from D'espa! As things usually go, it went downhill first and then majorly up again. XD They started a little late, and played for less than an hour before having an intermission. The second half was... probably around the same length? There was no encore (unless they're counting the post-intermission part as the encore), but the crowd failed at calling for an encore anyways.

The good, the bad and the aslfjiweasdflj pretty )

As one of the guys I met tonight pointed out, though, this is definitely a merchandise tour. Maru Music/tour organizers are doing everything they can to sell things, and they had a ton of different merchandise, from shirts, to a hoodie, to a $25 folding fan (pretty, but not even for me the fan collector XD), pins, CDs, an Askew magazine special(?), a poster, a photo set.... If you spent $30 or more you were entered in a raffle to win a signed drumhead, as well. And the band only signed posters (and later shirts, and possibly just whatever merch) that had been bought at the show.

But eh, from a viewer's POV? Totally worth it. Not to mention, because the ticket price was relatively cheap for a Jrock concert, even with the merch I got, it was less than what I spent to go see GLAY, or 2PM/Wonder Girls.

Incidentally, slowly learning 2PM's member's names - still fail at identifying most of them - makes me sadder about missing their bit completely in that concert. Oh well. Next month will be SM Town, which I'm sure will make up for that!
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I woke up later than I'd hoped to, so now I'll have to go shopping on my dinner break, which will undoubtedly be at 2:30 again. >.> I had a really weird and sort of disturbing dream that combined my mom's nagging, the clay from this Korean program on a potter I was watching yesterday, Fanime and Playzone 2009. It was like we had Juniors (and random Jrockers) at Fanime, and were trying to pull a production of Playzone together. And my mom was the director. >.>

So that was fun. But then I woke up, and [ profile] tekaki had scanned Aki's part of Rock and Read 28. The whole shoot is lovely... I'm not sure what to make of the shorts he's wearing, but that didn't matter when the two pictures below appeared:

*______* + ahahahaha, tramp stamp. >.> I love his tattoo, really. I love it a lot. ♥ And it's nice to see it.

*rushes off to work with pretty images in her head*
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1) ...people are talking out in the hall at almost3am. I bet it's the people who'd complain if anyone but them was out there. >.>

2) Despite knowing that getting into another band is a Bad Idea when I should be focusing on school, I am burying myself in V6 things. Ken-chan has been... on my radar for awhile, I knew Morita and Inocchi from a clip of Takki on Gakkou e Ikou (in which Inocchi is hilarious), Iris has flailed at me about Okada, and I like the SC/Countdown renditions of their songs, but I'd never really paid attention to them as a group before. It's totally worth it, so far. XDDD Even though I had "Ai no Melody" stuck in my head all through Coffee Night yesterday.

3) Tonight, I became an investigative reporter. Or, as I like to think of myself, a SPY. Awesome.

4) GLAY WAS AMAZING. In what is hopefully not going to become a trend, [ profile] swtjemz and I had ticket adventures, since I forgot my ticket at the I-house, so we had to go back from Stanford to get it. >.> We got into the Fillmore right as the first song was starting, and took advantage of the lack of people outside to buy shirts. I also forgot to go to the ATM after class, so I didn't have enough money for my shirt (note to self: owe Jemz money again), and between us, we didn't have enough for one for [ profile] dammitliv. So sorry!! Aside from The Great Vacation CD(s), the US Tour shirt was the only thing they were selling.

Jiro had the most awesome pants )

After the concert, we were walking back through the J-Town mall, and some guy was singing "With Or Without You" at the karaoke place. Good choice, though he probably hadn't picked it because of GLAY. XD

This has been a good year for concerts, I'm realizing as I go through my concert tag. Just since April... there's been An Cafe, Yoshida Brothers, Epik High + MYK, Halko Momoi, VAMPs, and GLAY.

...I don't even want to think about how much money this has cost me. Okay, well, Momoi was basically free. But the others... XD Not that I'm complaining, really! Though I am also noticing now that last year's ticket was about as expensive as this one - I wonder why it felt so much more expensive this year. >.>

Though I would like to know why the Internet is so slow at 4am. This is my downloading time!
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[ profile] annapeace, now is when everyone should be going, "Aww, how cute!" XD Ganked from Miyavi's MySpace:

She is so "Lovelie" !!

we hope our lil girl will become a person who is able to love and also be loved,
and that's the reason of her life and why she is born.

so we gave her the name 愛理 "Lovelie"

愛 stands for Love
理 stands for Reason

"The reason of Love"

and also we gave her a middle name.

"Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara "as an american.

(click for the giant version I accidentally did not resize the first time around!)

Full entry under the cut, with excerpts back in place XD )


Jul. 31st, 2009 04:45 pm
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My laptop has been shipped! Yaaaay. It should arrive next week, the day after my new external and my warranty get here (though I was notified about those half a week ago). :DD I'm not one to name my electronics, but I'm thinking I might - though I still haven't even settled on names for my goldfish >.> - just because I felt vaguely guilty for calling my current laptop You Stupid Piece Of Shit after four years of mostly-good service.

I don't know much about hair spray, but I'm pretty sure having your hair sprayed while eating lunch is not the smartest multi-tasking ever, Hiro.

Daizy Stripper's Rei has such an adorable hamster. Is it sad that almost all of the pictures in my DS folder are of the hamster? >.> Or that I can get into a band via rodents?

My dad has been painting the workshop downstairs, and I think the fumes are getting to me. @_@ Ugh~
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Hee, KAZ posted a blog from SF. He also talks about Seattle, but the SF part was mostly: Today after breakfast, I went shopping in San Francisco by myself. I bought some T-shirts and jackets that are not available in Japan. San Francisco is really cold, so you must have long sleeve shirts!

They also went on a cable car, and to Alcatraz. :D

And here are some videos I have talked about:

Hyde meeting Megumi on Utaban. He is so not over twenty dorky. XD Nakai: "Okay, Love love attack!"

And HERE is Arashi doing the first part of A.RA.SHI with blindfolds/headphones on. XD Matsujun FAILS. I think this is one of my favorite Arashi clips, along with anything in which Aiba gets chased by wild animals and/or speaks English. >.> I have a broad definition of 'favorite.'

I added/am adding a bit more to the last post, so check there if you want more concert rambling. XD I'm also finally listening to the CD. ♥ It makes me feel good even though I had to wake up today to move sheetrock up to the freakin' ceiling of our little workshop.

...Okay, listening to "Sex Blood Rock N'Roll" keeps making me think of Miku's duck voice in An Cafe's Duck no Magical Adventure. >.>
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Woo! I'll just jump right into this recap, and start with the whining, so I can end on a good note. XD The quickie is that they sold out of merchandise completely, so we weren't able to buy anything. The initial sale table was pretty mobbed, too, so they ended up shutting it down. Now for the rambly ones: I seem to have bad intuition when it comes to bringing my camera to concerts. I brought it tonight, and left it in the car with the thought of just bringing it to the club later. The venue/band's only rule was no flash photography, which meant fancams were go. So I kicked myself periodically throughout the evening for opting to leave my camera in the car, especially since even though I was in the last row of the main floor, I had a pretty good view, particularly once everyone rushed the stage. >.>

We also skipped the afterparty, which, admittedly, I had come to be looking forward to (and it is pretty rare for me to be looking forward to going out to a club XD). It wasn't just because of Epik High - I was viewing it as my last chance to go out and have fun like that before the semester's end (though of course, spending a chance like that with Epik High is definitely a plus!). But everyone - all of two people :P - else didn't feel up for it, and the $20 cover didn't help, so I wasn't about to make things potentially momentarily awkward by being contrary.

I was also a bit miffed/confused by myself because I really didn't feel as excited before or after as I thought I'd be. I was actually really sad in the car ride on the way home for reasons that had nothing to do with the concert. During the show, however, it was an entirely different story...

Bottom line: Epik High is fuckin' amazing. )
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....Basically, I have problems with dates. I just swap weeks or days or something, and thus end up planning to do things on days they aren't happening, or worse, end up unprepared (or doing last minute prep) for something I need to do. I have a calendar to keep track of due dates and stuff, but somehow, things slip by anyways - they get written down on the wrong date, or somehow overlooked completely (for one class - and I managed to notice this 'cause I was double-checking my dates after yesterday's fiasco - I had all of the test dates/assignments written down except for one random test). So, how do people remember things they have to do?

In other news, after much wrangling and Ticketmaster failure, I has tickets to Epik High on the 15th! The first time around, I had a decent balcony seat, but then Ticketmaster errored on me. The second time, I ran out of time because the Activate button wouldn't show up on Visa's verification page. The third time, I played around with the size of my browser window and somehow got it to show up. I actually ended up with a floor seat in one of the central sections, though, so... maybe it's good that it didn't work? Granted, it's in the last row, so hopefully I'll be able to see. >.>

The show is right before finals, but luckily, half of my classes either don't have final tests or have their final tests before the designated week, and there's still the weekend to study. It will be a good break, I think, in between project crunch time and test crunch time. Maybe we will go see the Yoshida brothers that week too, which would be... quite different, but equally cool.

I don't think I've gotten this many comments on a Facebook status as I am getting now for the Epik High squee. XDD Too bad no one is volunteering a toy vehicle for my presentation tomorrow. I might end up just making an origami boat. >.>

I am kind of really enamoured with my header. XD This is a good sign!

Adopt one today!
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My laptop keeps shutting off by itself, so I will just post this for now and add more details tomorrow. (Aw, I'd hoped to have an An Cafe icon made for this, but my earlier attempts failed...)

An Cafe was, as expected, a lot of fun! And it was great getting to see Jemz again, as well as figuring out/remembering who Those Other Fanime Faces were. :P I don't think I ever thanked her for driving us around and trying to include us in the circle when various people came around to say hi (we saw/sortofmetbutnotreally An Cafe's stylist! Haha XD), so... thank you, [ profile] swtjemz! ♥

Fast typing, go! )

And added to say... )
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Holy pretty blond Aki. Well, probably not holy, really. Not quite sure what I think of his outfit, or what I'll think when we get bigger pictures, but so far, I like it. XD I'm having flashbacks to when Pon went blond, but not to such a aljfwie;ajwl?! degree. Also, Yuuya: *___*

In more fandom news, xTRiPx has a new single out with a new PV (their second) apparently with it. W00t!

And back to the nutty Koreans, this interview is a bit meh to me - just in that it wasn't particularly eye-opening or particularly cracky, but it has some cute moments (and hey, it's in English XD), like: Mithra->Tablo: Tablo's best quality is that he is crazy. His worst quality is that he tries to hide it sometimes.

On the boyband side (sorry, JE peeps, still Korean!), Jungmin and his narcissism is weirdly endearing. And well, so are his girly wiggles, his smile, his general sparkly ghei and his promises to kill his bandmates. ♥ If Hyunjoong wasn't such an intriguing and quirky person, Jungmin would definitely be my favorite from SS501.

XD Funny, I told Iris a few days ago that I felt kind of like I was sort of... letting down the people who friended me for fandom reasons, since - especially this school year - I've been rambling more about school and RL than fandom things, and I usually tend to flail about fandom to Iris or Liv, depending on who's online. :P But now I'm posting fandom-related things and I feel spammy about it. Though I'd feel spammy posting more than once a day about any topic...

I don't know why I'm still awake. But yay, day off!


Mar. 18th, 2009 07:01 pm
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I am also ignoring how much the flight was for a 2 day trip, but whatever. I never do this sort of thing, and I don't have to pay for a hotel, so it evens out somewhat.

BUT BOTTOM LINE. BOB! IRIS! And I've never been to Chicago - hell, I've only ever flown by myself once somewhere, and that was just to LA to meet up with [ profile] karinberry and JRR (aka, the last time I saw Iris - has it really been almost three years since then? o_O). SQUEE.

Also, some pimpage for my batch at [ profile] pickmybest:

The way it works is you pick your top five icons, list them from 5th to 1st, and say why (you don't have to be longwinded, but you can XD something like "I like the colors" is fine, though) in a comment. Um... there are some icons in this batch that I haven't posted yet, so... yeah! Maybe that's a carrot for going over to at least check them out?

Over here!

......and oh hey, because I'm not going to class tomorrow so that I can go to the airport, I just realized that my Spring Break has unofficially started already. Cool. XD

an ode...

Dec. 7th, 2008 02:01 pm
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Yesterday was good. I decided to not think about finals or projects (since I have 1/2 of a final this week and a small presentation to do, plus an optional revision of an essay due - but I got a C and a B on the two we did, while I'm fairly certain most people got a D or F on at least one of those; go me!), and the Asian Invasion met in its complete form for the first time in a few weeks, so... yeah. More on that after the AI goes ice skating and maybe fails? XD.

This post is for [ profile] dammitliv. Who is awesome!

She dug up a program that I could use to make my baby pictures movie/slideshow thing (which I ultimately didn't use, but hey, the effort is there!), as well as finding the TMNT theme song, and helped me with the test run of the animation and then assembled one of the final slides. And she generally let me ramble/stress/rant/fret at her in the hours(/minutes/seconds) before I had to present the thing.

The actual presentation went well, though. I was shaking the whole time, but people enjoyed it. The music cut off ten seconds before the end of the presentation, but still... at least it was finished. The slideshow group (like a yearbook of this semester's events) wasn't even finished, but they did their best too. Poor Jacques was seriously stressing out the whole time he was trying to find all of the clips to play. Definitely emphasized there...

Anyways, Liv! Thank you! ♥ I definitely owe you one (or two, since you beta read that fic for me, too)!

Also, she made AWESOME JROCK SANTA HAT ICONS! Go grab one (or more)! I would if I didn't still have my selfmade icons only 'policy' in place. XD

Are we Livz or the Big Hero 2? XD Or both...

I am not sure how this mood icon contains gratefulness. I think it's because his eyes are all shiny or something. >.>
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'cause this totally deserves its own entry:

I APPROVE OF AKI'S HALLOWEEN COSTUME. AHAHAHA. Especially since it was posted just a day after I saw this old picture from LiZ!Kai. XDDDDD
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FLH!Jiro has Timbaland's "Apologize" playing on his blog and I didn't recognize it until it was too late. Now it will be stuck in my head all day (ironically, the last time I got it stuck in my head was when our resident Taiwanese guy was singing it).

But the new S.H.E + Fahrenheit song in which everyone wears chunky cow costumes makes it okay. The best cow parts are actually in part two of the behind-the-scenes footage. Calvin beatboxes, Jiro raps, and Calvin, Jiro and Chun are generally all... hip-hop niu. Jiro also says something completely incomprehensible (to me, at least - and possibly to Calvin too, judging from his reaction) in English. Part One has Arron and Ella abusing Calvin, and Part Three has them all trying to run up a wall. :P

Also! My dragons have all matured! I'm naming them all after songs, and so far I have:

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
From L to R: Hameln (Kirito - named by [ profile] omen1x2), Baby Star (SCREW - I couldn't get the star in the middle to work), Kaze no Tori (Matenrou Opera), Utakata (Kagrra,)

Hameln's the only boy so far. I has new eggs now because I fail at pacing myself. XD

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
The white one will grow up to be sopretty. :D
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Marathoned the last four episodes of Maou. It is now... past 6am. I am still sick. On the other hand, I slept for almost 12 hours last night, so... okay, no, getting two hours of sleep tonight is still not good. >.>

Anyways, SPOILERS for... well, mostly the end of the drama lie herein.


And now I can go get... an hour and a half of sleep? Ah, I'll sleep in the car...

Oh, and I promise I won't do this for every post unless death is approaching, but I has eggbabies now - please click :D

I know some people call them egg-chan(s), but I already use drabblebabies and angelbabies as words, so eggbabies seems to fit me better. XD
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Free Image Hosting at + Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

asdfjaiwe;al I know there are better pictures of Hyde for this, but am I not the only one who got srs Hyde vibes from Aki's costume?

Fic, pls.

Going home this weekend! It's weird, 'cause during the summer, I always laughed about coming home/seeing family every weekend, but last weekend, they came down to drop stuff off, and this weekend, I'm going home. XD But hey, it's a three-day weekend, I don't have much work yet, and there's no food service here, so why not go home for a bit of mooching? >.>

And hahahaha at Yuusuke in this shoot. Sorry bebe. >.>

I wonder whatever happened to that prequel to the mermaid!Yuusuke+kelpie!Ruiza(+ninja!Aoi) that I had going...

*creates more random tags*
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So I was told to do a post of Squee. Here it is. :D The GLAY concert really, really snuck up on me, but I guess that's what happens when you don't wake up the morning tickets go on sale to sit at your computer and try to get one.

I went straight from the library (where I found a book from 1968, written by 8th graders, called Oakland, the Mellow City. AHA HA HA HA) to the train station, where a creepy man came and stood like, two inches away from me, despite there being plenty of space elsewhere on the platform. And then when I walked away under the pretense of looking for a map, he kept staring at me, and I thought he was going to follow me, so I hid among other people.

And thus, Liz was made skittish until she found [ profile] slytherisa in Japantown. XD We had dinner there, and then headed over to the Fillmore, where we were right in front of a Very Loud Young Man (I think he probably has learning disabilities of some kind) who made a lot of calls on his cellphone and talking Very Loudly. We were also coincidentally conveniently right in front of one of [ profile] swtjemz's friends. XD know, I don't know why I do pre-live things. My momentum slows way down. Basically, Jemz talked work a lot, it was kind of cold but not too bad, and I didn't get my hand stamped for drink-buying-abilities even though I could (and probably should've just for hey-I'm-21! kicks, because I haven't had kicks yet. No birthday drink for Liz yet! Fail.). We hung around near the back again, since the Fillmore is also small, and this crowd seemed to have tall people in it. We ended up against the wall by the bar, which was nice because some of us were able to just sit on the divider thingie. I sat the whole time because I was taller sitting on that than I was when I was standing. >.>

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BUT I DID IT ANYWAY. ZOMG LIZ. Er, not me-Liz, band-LiZ. *______*

VICT IS BLOND. And... not quite pretty, since it's Vict, who used to be all dark and glowery and now is BLOND and shiny and has beautiful wingy eye makeup. But he's something. He-llo. *_*

Kai's hair is brighter! Which I already knew. >.> But I like it! Rei's silver has been gone for awhile, so the blond isn't surprising, but he looks older now, I think. Yuu's chin is still really weird. >.> And Ryou is like Gaze!Kai... he doesn't change. :P I wish he would at least stop crimping his hair, though, but I think it was worse before.

I also like their new name/logo design. Very swirly., if only they would change their individual profile pics too, then I could get more decent icons out of this. *still doesn't have a Kai icon* *wants a Vict one too now*

In other news, I am crying at EVERYTHING today. I will blame this on hormones and being Yasu - I tease because I love, rly a girl. Also, I've discovered I can fit under my desk very nicely. >.>


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