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So the common unanimous consensus is to keep the boots. \O/ Done. XD

Coupla Shiny Things, now that YouTube/Firefox has stopped being obnoxious by freezing everytime I try to watch something:

1) Park Jungmin - Not Alone
Honest first reaction? I think his face looks longer than usual here. Neigh~ Moving on! *____* I love SS501's use of strings. I love that the string players actually get to be in the MVs, too. More than that (and the obvious pretty), lyrically and message-ly, this song is such a breath of fresh air in light of things like KARA's implosion, JYJ's... everything, Heechul snapping at antis (not that bitchy!Chul isn't awesome in its own way, but ugh drama), and groups/management companies sniping at each other left and right.

2) Jason Mraz & Tristan Prettyman - Lucky
This couple, so cute! I love their older duet, Shy That Way and I was sad when I'd heard they'd broken up - but now they're engaged. ♥ This isn't the best example of her singing, but they're clearly having fun and it is cute. :D

Werk tomorrow, then to San Jose on Thursday to visit people and hopefully get a major haircut.
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Today is sleep-deprived but better! I am currently all a-flail over this bit of news about Yoshiki and Stan Lee's comic collaboration. ZOMG.


It could be dumb, but I think it sounds awesome. XD Superhero band, yes pls (wait, I think I wrote a fic like this once... :P). Finally I may have a reason to go back to the comic book store! I never properly got into any DC Comics*, and Marvel kept killing/paralyzing/brainwashing/zombie-ing my favorite characters, so I stopped reading X-men things, though I do think about going by sometimes to look at the San Francisco-based art.

(Also, hee at Stan Lee being in X Japan's newest PV. He does seem to like his cameos!)

*Despite this, I'm thinking of being Sandman's Death for Halloween.

*adds to geekery with Pokemonz and dragon eggs*
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Santahat!Hyde is a bit early, but oh well. So is my squee, probably. XD
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*does not have a D'espa icon >.>*

Back from D'espa! As things usually go, it went downhill first and then majorly up again. XD They started a little late, and played for less than an hour before having an intermission. The second half was... probably around the same length? There was no encore (unless they're counting the post-intermission part as the encore), but the crowd failed at calling for an encore anyways.

The good, the bad and the aslfjiweasdflj pretty )

As one of the guys I met tonight pointed out, though, this is definitely a merchandise tour. Maru Music/tour organizers are doing everything they can to sell things, and they had a ton of different merchandise, from shirts, to a hoodie, to a $25 folding fan (pretty, but not even for me the fan collector XD), pins, CDs, an Askew magazine special(?), a poster, a photo set.... If you spent $30 or more you were entered in a raffle to win a signed drumhead, as well. And the band only signed posters (and later shirts, and possibly just whatever merch) that had been bought at the show.

But eh, from a viewer's POV? Totally worth it. Not to mention, because the ticket price was relatively cheap for a Jrock concert, even with the merch I got, it was less than what I spent to go see GLAY, or 2PM/Wonder Girls.

Incidentally, slowly learning 2PM's member's names - still fail at identifying most of them - makes me sadder about missing their bit completely in that concert. Oh well. Next month will be SM Town, which I'm sure will make up for that!
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FIRST: Last call for craaaaaaanes! You can comment here (or on any post) with links, or e-mail them as attachments or an upload link to - I do need them approximately NOWish, though. XD

...but I did mess up my timing again, so I have longer to finish the whole thing than I thought I did, so if you absolutely need more time, I have some flexibility.

And courtesy of [ profile] sidnad:


Aki reminds me of a really girly version of GLAY's Takuro. Which I think is a good thing. Such a pretty (and inadvertantly funny) boy man. Especially when he's cosplaying his senpai-idols. XDD
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LJ is once again not working nicely for me (and possibly roomie). I'm writing this entry with the ugly Times New Roman-only, no-graphics version of the Post page. -_-;


At least I managed to check my flist, though, so until LJ starts cooperating, I will leave you all with this pic (courtesy of [ profile] tekaki) of Aki channeling Hyde, which I COMPLETELY approve of.

*____* This makes me keysmash inside, but I can't help but be amused, too, because he tries so hard to be rawr sometimes (not that he isn't succeeding; I mean, it's not like Yuuto trying to be rawr, but it's still cute on some level). XDD

Now back to writing a paper. >.>
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Def Tech has a way of making my mood better almost instantly. Though now I also want to go to Hawaii. Instantly. XD I took a nap today under a pile of blankets and woke up actually hot instead of just not-cold. Win!

I knew I had a post I wanted to make, and I finally remembered it last night. So, before I delete it from my computer, JE Countdown flail! It's been a week, so I am not going to cut for spoilers (whatever constitutes spoilers in a music show, anyways). If you care, scroll really fast, hit the comment button, and I will protect your eyes. :D I will also keep this all positive, because I whine plenty about other things. Okay, almost all positive. There will be one non-positive.

Commence Flail:
Bad first: YARA HAIR FAIL. Okay, to be fair, I couldn't see it really, really well (though there was a very clear shot of Yone's face behind Tsuyoshi at one point, and I laughed, sorry, Yone), but it did not look promising. Am hoping they shot January Shokuras before he got this hair. XD
Everyone brought the sparkly, wow, especially H!S!JUMP, and Arashi and NEWS halfway through. I wonder how many sequins are used just for Countdown costumes.
Ohkura's smile! And non-permy hair. And Yasu in general. ♥ Okay, one more non-positive: Ryo's ghostly mustache. Although it's also funny, so. XD
Random Junior sightings! Totally found Yamaryo without specifically looking for him because his head is big and blond and fluffy and that flail is unmistakable. Also, he sings along with everything and his mouth is big, too. >.> And therefore, he is easy to spot, I mean.
NYC is stupid catchy. And I love A.ra.shi partly because whenever I listen to it, I think of that clip with MatsuJun majorly failing at being on time. >.>
V6 looked so good in purple and black. *_* Also, everyone still backflipping after 15 years? Hellz yeah. Rock on, chicken!leader!
I feel like Takki is the Gackt of JE sometimes. In that uber-dramatic this-is-srs-bsns-but-I'm-really-a-big-dork way. XD Just substitute Juniors for men in cat suits!
Medleys always fun. Love the random people who end up glomping each other, like Ohno and MiyaKen.
Hee, Okada and Sho, again! Nagase totally in love with Koichi. Tsuyoshi will kill him if he tries anything. A bajillion virtual cookies if you get that reference.
Kanjaninjas! And Toma with a quarter of a pheasant pinned to his suit jacket. ...Go is shorter than Massu? :O D'aww, sparkly TomaPi.
Massu's puuuuunsss... <33

Somehow, when I watched this the first time, the year of the tiger bit didn't hit me. It did when I was in Chinatown on Monday though, 'cause the year of the tiger means that my dad is turning 60 this year. He will undoubtedly not want a party celebrating this. XD

Also, I need more multi-person JE icons. >.> And maybe one of Massu. And Yamaryo and/or Yara. Or Bun-chan and his blankface.
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I woke up later than I'd hoped to, so now I'll have to go shopping on my dinner break, which will undoubtedly be at 2:30 again. >.> I had a really weird and sort of disturbing dream that combined my mom's nagging, the clay from this Korean program on a potter I was watching yesterday, Fanime and Playzone 2009. It was like we had Juniors (and random Jrockers) at Fanime, and were trying to pull a production of Playzone together. And my mom was the director. >.>

So that was fun. But then I woke up, and [ profile] tekaki had scanned Aki's part of Rock and Read 28. The whole shoot is lovely... I'm not sure what to make of the shorts he's wearing, but that didn't matter when the two pictures below appeared:

*______* + ahahahaha, tramp stamp. >.> I love his tattoo, really. I love it a lot. ♥ And it's nice to see it.

*rushes off to work with pretty images in her head*
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Thanksgiving was as epic as it usually is at my house, from the waking up early (almost 45 minutes earlier than my alarm, in my case - and I'd had a dream that I was hosting an X'mas party and running late and stressing out >.>) to the day of cooking, to the awesome appetizers, which are different every year, to the predictable tastes of everything we had for dinner, to the massive pile of dishes afterwards... and now the sleepiness. XD It was generally a lot of fun, though. Everyone all got along and my spacey grand-aunt wasn't too out of it this year. Last year, she was almost falling asleep at the table. This year, though, she even remembered that Saemi had been with me last year, and asked where she was. :O

I made two and a half icons today, which is, aside from the turkey day-related things on my to-do list, all I was able to get done... Tomorrow is a trip to Sacramento to visit Evil Gramma, which will be So Much Fun. I wonder how many bushels of various bitter vegetables she'll try to give us. >.> Oh, and I posted some drabbles I'd written on the train for my first post evar at [ profile] je100 (finally), so that was productive and not on my list at all. Saturday will have to be my Really Productive day, then.

Mmm, in shiny news, Rui has an amazing ability to look pretty in all sorts of hairstyles, the most recent being dreads, which many Jrockers seem to end up using as a pineapple impression. Are jealous. Especially because he has popped up with a new style (that looks like an old style, but shh) and a lighter color, and it looks lovely on... at least the left side of his head. And okay, I'm a sucker for those... mini-cornroll things. Whatever you call them.

The first picture is from his blog, and the second is from Haku(-sama)'s. Haku's the bassist for Canzel. I am sort of surprised I'd never heard of the band before... or it was just the name in passing and I don't remember it. Anyhoo.

Pretty! Haku's got a cute little smile, too.

...and I'm really way more sleepy than thankful, but it's Thanksgiving, so what the hey. XD
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I Come With the Rain was posted up at [ profile] jdramas, so I watched it today. And now I am highly recommending it. With some caveats.

If you are easily squicked, this is definitely not a movie for you. One of the characters makes sculptures out of human body parts. There is a lot of violence, some gore, and a scene with bugs on Kimura Takuya's pretty face. Personally, I thought the level of gore was really good. Nothing was too graphic - the bits that would've been were off-screen or hidden by camera angles/props - but there were definitely moments where I cringed in sympathetic agony. Lots of moments. But in a good way.

On the shallow upside, Josh Hartnett spends about half the movie shirtless (...though occasionally bloodied at the same time), and Lee Byung Hun, KimuTaku, and Shawn Yue are all shirtless at least once within the first hour. :D? And you get to watch them all speak English. Even Josh Hartnett! XPP And that KimuTaku dude.

Overall, I thought the movie had a great sense of tension. Even when you know what's coming - the director liked to draw some moments out a lot - there's more of a feeling of, "Oh crap oh crap oh crap" than "blah blah blah." Some themes were pushed a bit too hard, I felt, but it wasn't so relentless that it ruined the movie by any means.

The music was done by Gustavo Santaolalla and Radiohead. Personally, I could've done with less Radiohead and more Gustavo, but the score went well with the movie. Stylistically, it took me a couple minutes to get used to the pacing and the filming style, but it fits the story as well. This director is the one currently signed on to adapt Murakami's Norweigan Wood, and I will tentatively say I think his style will work with Murakami's quirkiness (though obviously, it's a bit different adapting a book to screen than directing something that's purely script), which makes me happy.

And it was generally refreshing getting to see Asian actors with Western actors in a movie like this. Specifically, it was awesome getting to see KimuTaku ~the idol~ playing the character he does. I haven't seen anything from his filmography but MR. BRAIN, but this doesn't strike me as typical idol fare. XD

I really hope it gets a wider release (i.e. one in the US at all?). It'd be great to see it in one part, instead of two. Plus, the sound on the [ profile] jdramas version would fade in and out sometimes, and I couldn't quite tell if/how much of it was intentional for Dramatic Effect, or if it was due to the rip, but either way, it was a bit distracting. And, of course, it'd just be nice to see Asians in American-released movies in a "cool" movie like this one instead of seeing Americans in American remakes of "cool" Asian movies. :D

Also, I was halfway through that last sentence when I noticed that [ profile] nihongofrancais had posted a reviewflail about this movie too. Granted, her's is a little more spoilery (on a certain scale of spoileriness - she doesn't give a blow-by-blow account, ofc XD), but see, I am not the only one who recommends it!
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None of the recent J-dramas have really jumped out at me as MUST-WATCH-NOWs, so I went and watched Kisarazu Cat's Eye a couple weeks ago, and started Akihabara@DEEP last night (partly because of back-burner curiosity, and partly because [ profile] ilanabean42 recently pointed out the unfortunate lack of Kazapon love in the world). I totally want to take Page home and feed him cookies or something. So adorable. ♥ Also, if I was a bit nerdier, I would think up therapy techniques to help him with his stutter, but I am not. >.>

I tried fruitlessly to download the second episode allll afternoon, and it is finally done now. Yay! But I have been distracted by the first episode of MBLAQ's "Art of Seduction" show, and the dancey dorky Korean boys have won for the moment. I still die a little inside when I realize that they are all younger than me, and especially that Mir is the youngest (for some reason, I thought it was Thunder? Maybe because people keep mentioning that he's Dara's younger brother, so he seems like the baby XD) and still only eighteen. Though it's still not as weird as knowing that all of Big Bang is younger than me - not by much, but... o_O;

"Oh Yeah"'s lyrics don't match their dancing at all, and I feel like I lose brain cells when I listen to it, but I can't stop. Korea > Liz.

I do feel enthralled is a bit of an exaggeration, though... XD
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I am on my new laptop! Woo! The screen is over an inch larger than my last one, which means there's enough space on the keyboard to fit a number pad. It's kinda weird. XD It's still lighter than the old laptop, though. The hard drive arrived yesterday, so I can properly format that, and then spend the next week moving things...

I'm thinking that maybe now is the time to finally move on from Photoshop 7, too. How daring of me. XD
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I'm doing my best to not dwell on lost opportunities like I usually do. It's working about half the time, aka whenever shiny things happen to distract me. XD Here are the shiny things:

1) I ordered my new laptop today~ It will arrive sometime in the beginning of August, I hope. Otherwise, I'll probably be back at school. >.> My dad decided that my parents will pay for it after all, since it's been four years, and I owe them money for school anyways, so - as he put it - I'll already be depleting my savings. Thanks, Dad... I think. :P

2) Two words: bubble tea.

3) [ profile] je_fqfest reveals went up. [ profile] mousapelli wrote me awesome Tamagocchi Goseki/Tamamori: We've Been Waiting, Going On!

All of you closeted (and not closeted, of course) Junior fans on my flist (*cough*[ profile] perfect_enigma*cough*) should read this because it is a cracky, unusual pairing and JE fandom is perhaps not as... open towards teh cracky pairings as Jrock is? XD But really, it has Goseki-sama! And Tama-chan! And Goseki-sama and Tama-chan! And various other Juniors because you can never have just two.

4) [ profile] enshinge's translations in general.

And now my mom is home. Maybe this means it's naptime~ Too late. The nagging has begun~


Jun. 12th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Yes, this deserves its own post.

AUGH. *________________* I want scans of Hiroto from Neo Genesis 36 so badly now. Alien-visual-rock!Pon can replace hide!Pon in [ profile] dammitliz's layout. :DDDD

I am flailing incoherently on the inside, really. *_____*

Also, the Takagi twins will be guesting on an episode of Meitantei no Okite, Matsuda Shota's detective comedy. And I think they will both be part of Kusanagi's yakuza in Ninkyo Helper. Yay, Takagis! :D

...did not know Yabu was in that, too. And Yamamoto Yusuke! Eenteresting.

EDIT: OH. And I forgot about this yesterday (yes, a travesty, I know)!


I was reminded of this because someone else (that scan came from [ profile] sidnad) posted scans of SID, VAMPS and Gackt up at [ profile] jrock_scans, which therefore included:


The end. Of the world. How has this post not spontaneously combusted yet?
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1) I'm still trying to figure out Ameba Pigg. Rather, I returned to trying to figure it out, and get a lot more than I did last time. Not enough to really do anything other than run around and make people shiny, but most of the settings were full anyways. I did accidentally stumble upon both the VK-themed forest (that is, a meeting place for fans of VK in a park/forest) and "Johnny's Forest," which is... for JE fans, obviously, while randomly finding places to visit. XD

2) Despite the lack of subs and the fact that this drama actually needs English subtitles for me to be able to grasp big things, the lure of Kame&Kimutaku was too great, so I watched episode 3 of Mr. Brain today. After the twists and creepiness of Episode 2, Episode 3 was pretty straightforward and 'safe,' but it was still nice to see Kame onscreen again. XD Playing a 28-year-old. HA. Anyways. Seriously looking forward to next week's episode. I mean - Sato Takeru! And more ooh-y, (highlight to read, just in case anyone is spoilerphobic about the previews for future episodes XD) Sato Takeru playing the piano with bloody hands. Intriguing~ Episode 5 has Nakama Yukie guest-starring. :DD

3) Liv linked me to a performance of Gackt's newest single, Koakuma Heaven, which people should watch while paying careful attention to the lyrics. Or you can just click here. Or here for a translation, in both textspeak (what the song was written in) and normalspeak. Oh, Gackt. v(^_^)v

4) Bergerac's Tatsuha is finally 21. He celebrated by disappearing from his blog and possibly bleaching his hair again. I can't tell if it's a new picture he put up or not. :P

5) Um... 5... 5... Oh! [ profile] karinberry posted about the upcoming Beck live-action with Mizushima Hiro, Sato Takeru and Osamu Mukai all in the band (and Kiritani Kenta as well - who I keep picturing as either his character from Ryuusei no Kizuna or Rookies, mostly RnK). Shiny cast~
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*_________________________* Oh, Hyde. Playing with cherries while KAZ just gets to try and find interesting poses to strike with a skull. XD

Yes, it was really hard not to make a joke of arguable tastfulness about this picture.

I may have to go buy this Pati Pati. GLAY's shoot is shiny, too, and there's also Mao's... sort of weirdly-soft-looking solo shoot.

EPIK HIGH (+ afterparty!) TONIGHT!! I feel pretty good about my Audiology final, too, so I won't be dwelling on that later. That stupid monthly thing, there may be dwelling upon, though.

...there are suspicious noises coming from upstairs. (/_\) And hey! I think this song has part of my name in the title. Ha. I never noticed that before...

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Added more to my An Cafe post, though I actually don't know if I have any An Cafe fans on my flist (who weren't at the show, that is... Jemz :P). But it's there for my memories, I guess!

I woke up for class, went to the room, and found out that we don't actually have class today, which I knew, too, because as I came back to my room, I remembered telling Jemz that when I was still figuring out if I could go to An Cafe. >_< So now I want to sleep again.

Maybe a nap and then I'll work on my notesheet for my midterm tomorrow...

But first, YouTube!

= YouTube Symphony Orchestra Global Mash-up - Tan Dun's "Internet Symphony, Eroica"

I think this project is pretty cool, and would've loved to be a part of it if I... were a better player. >.> They do have at least one violist, though, from Sydney! I like the intro videos as well, since it's interesting to see the variety of people who were picked for this and who will be performing together at Carnegie Hall tonight.

I am also amused because this this YTSO and the youth orchestra I was in is called YPSO. XD

= Wizard - Masumi... stripping

I don't even remember how I got to this video, but I know that Rame's attempt to get Jui to strip from a few years ago was involved. XP Because of that, I didn't actually expect Masami to strip down to a thong (and then not even that, but by then he's got a robe). Didn't expect the random handcuffs and the blindfold either, but man, that boy knows how what "fanservice" is. XD Though... arms and abs are nice, but being able to count ribs is less so. Burgertiem!

And hey, I like their music too. Though I really don't need more new bands to listen to, especially with my laptop struggling as it is. >.> AND with drama season starting up! Eeee. The first episodes of three of the ones I am interested in are up - and I'm still hoping someone will pick up Hyoryu Net Cafe to sub, though I'm just glad it's being uploaded right now. I impressed Saemi yesterday by knowing more about current/past season dramas she does, so she asked me to tell her about the big dramas that have come out since she's been here in the US. Ha.

Oh, damn. Dare I use a torrent and risk getting banninated? :O At least the upside of Hyoryu Net Cafe being only 25 minutes long is that the file is relatively small. *wibbles* Ah, well. I will just set my upload limit to something obnoxiously low...

I think these just need a little nudge, since one of them has already hatched... so, sorry, dragons again!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Holy pretty blond Aki. Well, probably not holy, really. Not quite sure what I think of his outfit, or what I'll think when we get bigger pictures, but so far, I like it. XD I'm having flashbacks to when Pon went blond, but not to such a aljfwie;ajwl?! degree. Also, Yuuya: *___*

In more fandom news, xTRiPx has a new single out with a new PV (their second) apparently with it. W00t!

And back to the nutty Koreans, this interview is a bit meh to me - just in that it wasn't particularly eye-opening or particularly cracky, but it has some cute moments (and hey, it's in English XD), like: Mithra->Tablo: Tablo's best quality is that he is crazy. His worst quality is that he tries to hide it sometimes.

On the boyband side (sorry, JE peeps, still Korean!), Jungmin and his narcissism is weirdly endearing. And well, so are his girly wiggles, his smile, his general sparkly ghei and his promises to kill his bandmates. ♥ If Hyunjoong wasn't such an intriguing and quirky person, Jungmin would definitely be my favorite from SS501.

XD Funny, I told Iris a few days ago that I felt kind of like I was sort of... letting down the people who friended me for fandom reasons, since - especially this school year - I've been rambling more about school and RL than fandom things, and I usually tend to flail about fandom to Iris or Liv, depending on who's online. :P But now I'm posting fandom-related things and I feel spammy about it. Though I'd feel spammy posting more than once a day about any topic...

I don't know why I'm still awake. But yay, day off!


Mar. 18th, 2009 07:01 pm
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I am also ignoring how much the flight was for a 2 day trip, but whatever. I never do this sort of thing, and I don't have to pay for a hotel, so it evens out somewhat.

BUT BOTTOM LINE. BOB! IRIS! And I've never been to Chicago - hell, I've only ever flown by myself once somewhere, and that was just to LA to meet up with [ profile] karinberry and JRR (aka, the last time I saw Iris - has it really been almost three years since then? o_O). SQUEE.

Also, some pimpage for my batch at [ profile] pickmybest:

The way it works is you pick your top five icons, list them from 5th to 1st, and say why (you don't have to be longwinded, but you can XD something like "I like the colors" is fine, though) in a comment. Um... there are some icons in this batch that I haven't posted yet, so... yeah! Maybe that's a carrot for going over to at least check them out?

Over here!

......and oh hey, because I'm not going to class tomorrow so that I can go to the airport, I just realized that my Spring Break has unofficially started already. Cool. XD
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I am sick again. I guess the bug from a couple weeks ago never really went away, though this time I started with the hacking cough and have since moved on to the sore throat, runny nose and the new ailment, headache. -_- I am so tired of this. And tired in general. And pretty anti-food, because the idea of swallowing most things makes me throat go, "WAUGH." Though I could go for ramen, or udon or something involving noodles in soup. Oooh, maybe wonton. Too bad I have only tasteless (but healthier) instant noodles.

Thursday had a definite Pro for staying in the Ihouse. I woke up 7 minutes before my midterm started. Didn't have time to brush my teeth, wash my face or put my contacts on, but I still made it in time, which I definitely would not be able to do if I lived further away. On the other hand, I'd probably have just gotten up when my alarm went off an hour before class started if I knew I had to take longer to get to school.

And in the researching (i.e. obsessive Googling/YouTubing?) of the Takagi twins, I found out that Manpei was a power ranger (Sentei ranger, rather) in the original version of Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, and that Shinpei played his evil mirror reflection in an episode. Downloaded that, which of course led to downloading more, because the evil characters are kinda hot. >.> I feel gipped. Our PR villains had the same over-the-top sort of costumes, but were not half as pretty... I remember thinking that the villain for Jungle Fury was bordering on offensive, because he was some sneering young blond guy playing a ninja master.

I'll take Araki Hirofumi (aka Rio, the lion ranger dude thing) instead, pls. And his lovely sidekick, Yuka Hirata (aka Mele, a chameleon-based character):

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The original also definitely has more less-hokey violence and more ghei than the American version, both of which I approve of. I find that I even liked the horrible anamatronic animal-people characters and the excessive explosions/sparks (excessive explosions are part of my childhood!).

And a giant pretty people ramble )

This post was originally going to be a Takagi post, so to not leave Shinpei out (....not that I really mentioned Manpei much, but at least he was in the show!). He, Yuta Jutta (Kiba from Mei-chan) and two other guys did a photobook project under the name of Nachural, and there was a DVD with it, so he isn't without his own squishy pile of fun. Plus, sleeping like tetris pieces. Jutta is pretty amusing, too. XD

....and I think that is long enough. Suffice to say, venturing out of the JE void is a scary and very fun thing. XD

Plus, dragons:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I finally got all of the Tahoe pictures moved and resized, but not uploaded yet. In the meantime, this a cropped, but fullsize, version of the coolest picture I think I have ever managed with this camera: a snowflake on the sleeve of my sweatshirt. I was really surprsied it turned out this way, actually, since it was so close and usually things get fuzzy when they're this close to the camera. Not to mention, this is from the way home, and my camera was pretty ornery by then.


And a less zoomed-in/still-a-bit-cropped version.

HA. Dragons have turned into Pokemon for the holidays (causing much angst and whining among some Grinches >.>). Also:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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