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Something doesn't seem quite right about this image:

Yuuto's blog has been completely deleted, as well. :( I didn't save all the pictures I wanted to (I need to start just saving things when I see them), but I got a couple of the ones I quite liked, at least. I hope he re-surfaces soon... especially because I wouldn't even know how/where to start looking for him.

I know I spent most of break whining about how ready I was to go back to school, but now that we're leaving in less than twelve hours, I am wishing I could take my bed with me.

And yes, I am distracting myself from packing! I will be bringing my holiday cards with me to finish before school starts. >.> At this point, the ones that haven't had covers made yet may be Chinese New Year cards. Gary the Onigiri Penguin and... some tiger thing. Next year I shall use the Cinnamonroll Bunny. :D
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For the past week, I've pretty much been jumping from assignment to assignment up until Thursday, which was taken over by Formal Dinner prep, and Friday, which was taken over by Formal Dinner set-up and the event itself. Yesterday and today were meant to be work days for the three papers I have due tomorrow (one is basically done, at least). Also tomorrow is my last day of Aikido class, and the mandatory Aikido field trip.

As you know, yesterday, I woke up feeling a bit sick. Today, I feel horrible. It's not as bad as when I was sick earlier this semester, but my head feels like it's made of stone. I just want to go to sleep, but I think I'll be up all night, since it's extra-hard to concentrate. >_<

I just realized that I've spent roughly half of this calendar year with some sort of cold or flu. I really think it's the I-house, aside from the MusicFest Plague. Ugggh. Someone please turn back time, or magically cure me, or write my papers for me. >.>
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Gotta say, it's a bit discouraging when you are the maker of three of four entries in an icontest and the fourth icon wins. XD It's a nice icon, so I'm not bitter or anything, and well, it's just an icontest. It's just kinda funny/sad (especially because I was joking with my roomie about me losing), since I rather liked all three of my entries.

I am home for Thanksgiving now. We went out for Chinese food tonight at the restaurant I've been going to since... birth, probably. Their cha siu wonton is probably one of my most favorite foods ever. ♥

Got lots of work to do on this break: cooking, writing papers, doing projects for the Ihouse, and being a good Faniminion. Some of these assignments are more fun than others. :P

To-Do, Turkey Edition
Shoosh, Ameba doesn't have a turkey and the only chicken was a baby >.> Snickerdoodles?
Be a Kitchen Grunt
Laundry! Also, don't forget formal dress.
EDAU 172 - Website homework - due... 12/1
COMM 174 - Research intercultural conflict in the US!! - due 12/07
LING 123 - Paper on apes vs. humans! - due 12/3
EDSP 162 - Discussion question #5! - due 12/2
Monitor Secret Santa :D
Clean kitchen more x__x ( general, since I am obvs not at school to do it now)
Google shtuff.
Holiday cards!
Icon NaNo!!

...yokay. That is totally all do-able. \o/?

And Lee Joon has swine flu, poor bebe. His bandmates may have it as well. >.>
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Let's get the -_- news out of the way first. I e-mailed to get a permission code to add Neuro next semester and got this in reply: At this time, we are not giving add codes for students wishing to retake a course.

I have sent a reply asking when/if there will be an announcement about those, or if I should just be annoying about it later (not in those words, ofc), but the office woman wasn't in on Thursday and Friday was a furlough day and now it is the weekend, so *twiddles thumbs*

Moving on! It is Rui's birthday now~ Birthday messages are fun to read. XD Yuh and Tomo both posted exactly at midnight, and Rui posted at seven minutes to with this post:

Tick tock tick tock.


Dork. XD Also, look at my amazing translating skills! Ha.

I dragged myself into consciousness to buy Utada tickets ([ profile] swtjemz, I have yours!) this morning, which wasn't too bad since it wasn't earlier than when I normally wake up for classes, and for some reason, I woke up at 7:30 (again - I've woken up at 7:30 three or four times this week), and then maybe 8:30. Plus, even though LiveNation did not send me a presale code, it wasn't hard to find online. I figured she wouldn't sell out in five minutes but this is part of the fun. Even if I sort of want to go back to sleep.

Tickets were a little more expensive than I thought they'd be, but still not bad? I guess? My view of expensive has changed since getting into Jmusic. XD It's really just the processing fee that makes them seem expensive. That, and for me, having six tickets on my credit card. :P

Ahh, my social life woke up last night again. A few of us went to Gary's for dinner before he heads to Hong Kong for a few weeks. There was a lot of Japanese being thrown around, but it was pretty simple so I understood most of it. \o/

And to end with another topic jump: the line-up for Gackt's next PV is interesting! And pretty. XD I wonder if Tsukasa (and Shun?) was recommended by Yoshiki.

Bass: Ni~ya from Nightmare!
Drums: Tsukasa from D'espairsRay!
Guitar: Shun from Duel Jewel!
And our YOU from GACKT Job.

The exclamations and lack of enthusiasm for You (XD) are from Gackt's OHP, not me. Well, I suppose this is a good way for him to worm his way into the ears of fans of those bands who don't listen to him.


Oct. 6th, 2009 02:35 am
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Why am I so desperate to distract myself even when I know it's just going to come back and kick me in the ass? -_-

I feel slightly better today, though I've felt nauseated for most of the evening, and my appetite has been hit-or-miss. When I was finally hungry, I had a horrible lunch... and y'know, having an unsatisfactory meal when you're hungry can be really disappointing. XD So I skipped dinner, and had some senbei when I stopped feeling like being sick was imminent. And now I am hungry.

I also have to finish my essay on the mating calls of frogs and birds tonight, since my teacher never got back to me about whether or not I could turn it by e-mail since I am still not sure if I will be able to go to class tomorrow. I feel weirdly bad for not being able to say, "Oh, I'll be healthy on this exact day, so expect me back then," since I really don't know how I'll be feeling. Every day seems like it starts out well, and then goes downhill. I still have a cough like I'm going to expel a lung, though, so I'll probably wait until that becomes less dire-sounding, since the school is still very much in a mood of "If you're sick at all, DO NOT COME TO CLASS (but we don't want to see you at the health center unless you're really really sick)." >.>

I just wish I knew if I am able to turn my paper in late. Because then I would sleep and finish it in the morning. On the upside, this teacher has brought us back to middle school and wants a standard five-paragraph, regurgitate-the-lecture-notes, restate-your-introduction-in-your-conclusion essay, and he's outlined what he wants in it, so it isn't that hard - it's just tedious.

ladksfjwlei, okay. Working. I know that being up at 2:50am while sick is not smert, but there's no way I can wake up early to finish this. -_- Maybe I'll just go to sleep and wheedle with the teacher tomorrow.

...I am coming up with new ways to distract myself! Fantastic. *chirps*

edit: I'm amused by this post at [ profile] alice_nine, regarding the Best Artist Japan 2009. To sum it up, "Let's vote for A9! credits for this post go to [ profile] kattunlove!"

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


May. 13th, 2009 07:54 am
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*eyes overhead slides nervously* How long does it take these things to dry? 'Cause mine are still smudging and I would kind of like to be able to use them in my presentation. But maybe I printed them on the wrong side? Augh.

Still have to run off to Kinko's to get thirty copies of my handout made. I've been awake for over an hour already, and went to sleep after five, so... yay, another almost all-nighter! I'm pretty sure I bothered my roommate in her sleep, so I feel sort of bad for that, but at least I'm finished with my stuff and she doesn't have class 'till 3pm. I plan to come back and nap, so [ profile] swtjemz, if you see this... uh... just text me with the time you'll be by later? >.> I'll try to be awake long enough to establish that so Erika knows. XD

*smudge smudge smuge* D:

No more time! Waughzoom.
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Formal Dinner is tonight, which I still can't believe. It's not like I have much time to think about it anyways, though, between finals, projects, I-house committments and online things.

We had an awesome guest lecturer in class yesterday, who talked about helping people understand emotions and how to deal with them (something that is often particularly difficult for people with autism, since emotions are so abstract). She introduced us to Kimochis (warning: Flash-heavy), adorable Tamagotchi-like characters who all have different stories. In class, she used Cloud, whose head spins around to show an unhappy face, and Huggs, an octopus with personal space issues. I wants them. Just for me, even. >.>

And now I am off to get a dress for tonight with Erika. Augh, too much to do this weekend. The group doing the baby pictures this semester actually asked me if I could help them, and I had to laugh - not the least of the reasons for that was because they only asked me a few days ago, and I have no desire to repeat the last minute stressflail of that project. Then they wanted to use my presentation from last semester and just splice in the new babies (more difficult than making a new movie, I think), and one of the girls actually got sort of mad because I couldn't find my copy of it. It's not my fault they didn't start earlier...

On the other hand, this music is pretty chill. XD "Jawaiian" reggae! Whodathunk.

I got a Ponyta!
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I was on receptionist duty tonight, and I was going to do my usual bumming around online as well as maybe attempting the 10-word 'drabble' challenge meme thing that [ profile] mousapelli posted, but then! The Internet completely died (house-wide, and probably down the street as well) for most of my shift, thus making it very boring.

My external was also being a bum and didn't let me finish watching May 1st's Shokura or transfer it to my harddrive, so I didn't even have new shinies to watch. I got through half of the abake (those will never ever grow old ♥ It was my first time to hear/watch Koi no ABO as well, and it seriously made my day up until the external was not working >.>), though.

But now I'm back in my room, and the 'net is working, so I will try again...

I might post the Sparky the Squirrel story after I read through it a few more times. In the meantime, if anyone wants to do the mad-lib I made (keep in mind that it's for 7-year-olds and a school setting, so it's not intentionally dirty at all, and also a bit random :P), here is what you need to comment with:

Noun (plural)
Noun (x5)
Adjective (x8)
Verb (3)
Verb (past tense)
Food (x2)
General Place

I will fill in the madlib and reply to you with your finished version!

Ahh, formal dinner is this Friday! Already. x___X

Getting the new babies off to a head start so maybe I can spam less with them later:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Woo! I actually finished my project before nine! I wrote a story for 7-year-olds about a squirrel, and a mad-lib about finding strange things on the playground. XD This is one of the things having group projects is good for - making me get my work done at a sane hour.

A couple days old but I hadn't seen it yet: Naked pop star escapes charges.

Kusangai being dropped from some of his endorsements was to be expected, but jail time seemed O__o, so the whole thing is sort of funny again. XD Well, the "What's wrong with being naked?" part is, so now I have an icon to commemorate it. And I was amused that this article mentioned that he'd been found with his clothes "neatly folded" nearby. So he doesn't remember why he stripped, but he had the presence of mind at the time to fold his clothes and put them in a pile? That is... kinda awesome. >.>

But generally, yay for prompt apologies!

....aaaaand tickets for [ profile] swtjemz, Erika and I to go see the Yoshida Brothers on the 13th have been bought. Also yay!

Not yay? The two projects I have due on the 13th (before the show, obviously). At least I can sort of combine them, but it's still more than a bit flail-inducing.

Other dragons' turns: All grown up!
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I just finished twinifying my LJ! As much fun as Jin and Yuuto are, there was something about the division of space in that header that kinda bugged me, so I'd been pondering a change for awhile (this seems to happen - I'll go for a year without changing my header, then change it a couple times in a few months and then go for another year with the final choice XD). The new header features the Takagi twins with lyrics from the Sakamoto twins', aka ON/OFF, character song from Fuma no Kojiro .

And because I am a dork like this, I bumped my Akipon profile banner to my fic journal, which it fits more anyways, and made a new profile banner. This one features the Sakamoto twins with lyrics from Takagi Manpei's character song from Jyuken Sentai Gekirangers.

Both have lots of feathers. :D Lots of feathers. My computer is glad that Photoshop is closed now, but I want to revamp [ profile] dammitliz's profile sometime soon, since that's been the same since I created the comm and it's a bit outdated (for instance, it still says it's for hyelle_narmo's icons). It could prolly use a new layout too, though I don't mind staying with hide!Pon for a little while longer... since I should also probably work on finishing a new post there first anyways.

Well, I should really be working on the various projects I have coming up, which I will do. I missed getting my test back in Neurology, and I have a feeling I'll have to do makeup work to help my grade since I was pretty sick when I took that test. >.>

= THURSDAY 4/30: EDSP 112 paper/presentation
= FRIDAY 5/1: EDSP 161 LEARNING JOURNAL!! (<-- zomg, I keep just forgetting to do these; it's so stupid x_x)
= SATURDAY 5/2: Mom's birthday
= SATURDAY 5/9: Dad's birthday, Fanime meeting
= SUNDAY 5/10: Mother's Day
= MONDAY 5/11: EDSP 120 presentation
= FRIDAY 5/15: Epik High? :D?
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GIP: Because Byou and Yuuto are surprising and yet not. It's surprising to see in a magazine, rather. Yuuto's already said that they all get along so well they can kiss each other before going onstage. XD

TO DO: One paper due and one midterm tomorrow. Remember to talk to Audiology prof about checking out the audiometer another time. Call Amy to make haircut appointment. Go home! This week and next week are going to be kind of hectic, I think. But then it's Spring Break! ...when I will go home and do nothing and get nagged about doing nothing.

D(O)RAMA: Yaaaay, MOAR TWINS. I didn't watch Mei-chan with Erika this week because she was studying, so I didn't get as much of what was going on, but I think I generally understand. Also, the random animated sheep are getting less subtle. :P And no, I am not going to talk about the plot! What plot?

FANDOM: I think if I met someone like this in person, I'd probably find this much optimism annoying, but coming from Hiroto (the talking wisdom tooth boy), it's just sort of adorable:

Well, a few days ago I met my dad,

He said "Your new album's kinda good."

It's kinda vague but I had the feeling they were words that were hiding a big light so it made me happy.

My favorite saying goes
"The doubtful eye sees an obstacle.

But the believing eye sees a solution."...

I'm focusing on the genuinely good part where I'm gaining life experience.

What my parents told me made me feel good somehow.

I... want to take a nap before working. It just took me three tries to remember how to make things double-spaced in Word.
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DISCLAIMER: This is a whiny post.

Peoplenoise is very annoying to me right now. As is my roommate's habit of coming in, turning on her radio (sometimes despite me already playing music from my computer), and then leaving the room for long periods of time. I turn it off when it starts bugging me (like now), but still.

Download speed reached the ultimate crawl today with an estimated 4 hours left do download 80 MB. We're back down to roughly an hour - it changes by the second, though. >.> I wish I could download things faster at times that are more sane than 3am.

I have a neuroanatomy test tomorrow and CANNOT REMEMBER ANYTHING. Our professor is a lovely person, but I feel like her expectations are a bit high. We've had three lectures in which a ton of new vocabulary was thrown at us, and that's it (not to mention, in two of those classes, we played a jeopardy game based on each day's lecture, so we are expected to remember things as we hear them, which is hard to do even if you look over note beforehand). She doesn't really explain things, so there's nothing to really connect everything together yet - it's all just memorization.

I am still tired from yesterday. And it is still raining. I quite like the rain (everyone said I was crazy because of that yesterday), but it doesn't really help when you want to get out of a funk. :P

Non-Whiny Things: I have coffee milk so I can stay up late studying! Miyavi is still unfairly gorgeous. The sprinklers outside were just on, even though it has been raining for an hour or so. My cough is almost completely gone.

Things I Forgot To Mention Yesterday About Yesterday: Ryo said that her favorite JE guy is Akanishi, and later mentioned that her younger brother looks a bit like Miura Haruma. Also, Nikki's watched Bloody Monday, too, but with Chinese subs. :D Hikaru made me take his jacket when I was going to run to the ATM without it, which turned out to be really nice because the lady in front of me decided to take a long time getting money. He also did most of the yakiniku cooking at our end of the table, so Ryo and I didn't really have to do anything - he just kept dropping meat into our bowls. Mmm. Meat.

I feel like 'stupid' should be a mood. XD Also, I want to make a new moodtheme, but of whatwho?
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*generally fails at both academic and non-academic tasks*

It'd figure I'd miss posting the last day of the month, even with the half dozen triumphant NaBloPoMo finish posts on my flist. >.> And I had started typing something up, too!

je_hols is definitely kicking my ass. I'm pretty sure I dreamt about JE until I woke up at 8am this morning, and then when I fell asleep for another hour and twenty, I dreamt about a bizarre, grisly scavenger hunt that involved people from my house/classes and sometimes having to kill people (we had to kill random made-up people, not each other). Maybe they were zombies or something. I know I shot a guy in the forehead and he didn't die. It was a very odd and stressful dream, but now I am awake, so at least I won't be late for class. >.<

Projects projects projects by Wednesday. Formal dinner on Friday. Have to acquire and learn to use Flash by then... since I don't have class on Thursday, I think I know what I'll be doing that day. :P I have a feeling I'll be clawing my way through this week...

Also, kettle corn is addictive.

more lists

Nov. 19th, 2008 12:03 pm
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Stickies would be a really useful application for PCs. I woke up twenty minutes late for class and missed an exam today. Well done, me.

= EDAU 115 Quiz - 1 hour!
= EDSP 113 Test - Friday
= COMM 100W - Final Draft due 11/25
= EDSE 102 - Language Sample Analysis due 12/3

= Pay Ihouse
= COMM 100W - Read/critique group C's papers; print group B critique
= print hard copy of newsletter crap
= BABY PICTURES: print, construction paper?

I guess it's about the right time of the year for this.

Next semester )

edit: Teacher doesn't do test makeups unless there's an emergency. Looks like the highest grade I'll be getting in this class is a C, and I might be lucky to get that. Now, how do I explain this to the parents?

edit2: Well, even if I get a D, I can still talk to my professors for next semester (since they're all ones I have now, ha) about taking the two classes that have EDSE 102 as a pre-req.
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To Do:


= Coffee Night meeting, 10:30pm
= Rehearse for Pancake Breakfast
= Volleyball at 8pm?

= PCB sound check, Saturday 11am-2pm
= EDSP 113 Bring cups on Monday
= EDAU 115 Midterm and Quiz, Wednesday - bring 50q scantron
= COMM 100W Quiz next Thursday, 2pm

= E-mail Betty
= Birthday fic for [ profile] coiled_iris

Also, this song is odd. It's Maroon 5, and yet not. And weirder than w-inds.' "Kazauta."
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So, Sasquatch in the Ult!X-men verse (seen here) is actually Rahne Sinclair on drugs (they're all on drugs now, actually - Cyke can control his powers, Dazzler creates animate animals out of electric-looking light, Nightcrawler removes one of Rahne's arms accidentally by teleporting it away). WTF. And rumors have it that Snowbird is Dani Moonstar. And Vindicator has some super seekrit identity that he wants to stay seekrit (even to the point of breaking Jubilee's finger when she touches his mask). According to the writer, he wanted Alpha Flight to reflect the current multicultural world, hence Jubilee, Rahne and Shiro (though where's their token black character?). I still want to know what happens. >.>

Oh comics.

Quick To-Do List:
= Propose icon thingie to Liv :D
= Rework schedule so that it doesn't take me three years to graduate. x_x asldfaiwe this is stressing me out. It looks like I will either have to take 18 units/6 classes or... possibly fall behind, since the one class of the five I "should" be taking that I am not signed up for is offered only once a year. Or I could drop the GE class. That would be easiest, I suppose.
= Pay bills
= Get textbooks

edit: *flails about a lot* Okay, okay. I think this will be okay, though I just realized I need to take two PE classes at some point too, for a total of... 22 classes over the next two years. And it looks like I'll have class on Friday after all, but just from 10-12:45, so I have my afternoon free, which is nice.

Possible new schedule, for my reference )
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Kagrra no Su's last card game keeeeeled me. They are such lovely lovely dorks. I love it when Shin stops being shy and gets really into the game. XD And thank you Nao, for all of that gratuitous touchingtacklingfootsieplaying. :D This week has been grand for PSC: Miyavi on Sunday, watching the extra DVD from Alice Nine's Hello, Dear Numbers on an actual TV screen (I'd seen it before, but not in awhile, and damn, everyone is so pretty), general SCREW flailing, and now this. ♥

= Basically done with school now! Got a B- on my last test, but eh... as long as I pass (which I will). I overheard a girl telling someone she felt like she deserved to celebrate her semester since she thought that she "did good" this time, and didn't drop any of her classes! Any of her... two classes. Yeaaah. >.>

= Went to the dentist yesterday and ended up with a referral to a facial pain clinic thing in SF. The nightguard he gave me for a trial run had actually made my jaw lock up more (i.e. every night, and even for a few nights after I stopped using it). Sigh.

= Signed up for my third behind-the-wheel test, a day before the transfer info day at SJSU and two days before my permit expires again.

= Sold one of my books back today for $58. Maybe I'll splurge after all. Stupid Queen of Pirates disrupting my nice little indies J-rock buying plan.

= Brain feels like this: @_@

= Going to get a Venus flytrap today. I want to get two so I can have one in my room. It shall be named Ryo-chan~ with the tilde. And hopefully I will not kill it.

= That Day In the Life meme looks interesting, but I think I will wait until... well, I guess I could start it tomorrow, but Friday seems like an odd day to start on. Maybe Saturday? I feel memeish and jumpy, though that's possibly because I got two hours of sleep and drank coffee (decaf, but still).

= How shall I cut my hair? Not too short, but I want to do something new(ish).

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Yay boredom! I got two hours of sleep and my voice is still tired, but I kind of like it when it's like that, even though I'm sure it sounds even stranger then usual to other people. XD

So far today:

- I woke up late.
- Someone stepped on me.
+ I found a dollar.
+ I watched a quartet of Canadian geese goslings squabble and nap.
+ My music theory final ended an hour early
+ I pimped Miyavi (complete with embarrassing rambling) to a guy in the theory class, who likes his style. \O/
+ I bought candy with my dollar.
+ I saw the tiny cute Chinese guy. By tiny, I mean 5'2"-ish. Every time I see him, I think, "Damn, Hyde's that size," and even though I have seen Hyde, I cannot picture him being that tiny.
- I realized I needed the dollar for bus money. Whups.
+ But candy is nice.

+ I will kick my Art History final's ass and even if I don't, I've only missed .5 points in that class

Today is looking up! Tonight, however, I have no idea what will happen. My friends want to have dinner and a sleepover starting at 6pm, but I should probably go to Aikido, which is from 6-7. Though there's also class on Thursday I could go to (BUT NEXT WEEK IS TESTING WAUGH CRAP AND I HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR MY DRIVER'S TEST AGAIN - MAY WHY ARE YOU SO BUSY), and I mostly just need to go to figure out who to ask to be my partner for the test. >.> And while I don't have any finals tomorrow, I kind of need the sleep that I would miss by sleeping over, and I have a paper I really should start.

But this is one of the few times this summer that this many of us will be around, so... I guess I'll go and stay late but not sleep over.

Hyde so pretty.
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Everyone should go check out Pesoguin. It's where the penguin from a few entries ago came from; Ryou sent Kai another little penguin, so I decided to see if there were more. And zomg, there are. If you hover or click on any of the ones bobbing around at the top, they do things. :DDD

[ profile] l33t_dreams made me an awesome, Takeru-ish pillow - meaning it's pink and leopard-print. And AWESOME. It's also been helping me sneak at night, so yay! I use pillows to prop myself up in bed when I am on late at night when I'm not supposed to be. According to my mom, my laptop should stay on my desk. It should not actually ever be on my lap. BUT AWESOME PILLOW.

And Kame is going to be on Aiba's aminal show again, because 1 Pound Gospel was filming nearby(?). There's a little preview clip around of him with an adorable baby otter:

...realistically, this is right before the otter bites him. XD No, no, I don't think that happens. If you ever want to hear me verbally flail, aminals are the way to go. Just FYI. XD

Time has come to decide where I'm going in the fall. Compare and contrast! )

Oh! We start tutoring next week - Tuesday for me. It's kind of nice to know that other people in the class seem just as nervous about this as I do. XD I have two female students, both ESL. One speaks Spanish, and the other Mongolian (and I cannot pronounce her first name at all >.>). I was kind of hoping for a language with a structure I know better, since I think that'd help me identify the sources for some writing issues that seem to come up, but it should be fine. I think my biggest worry right now is where exactly the first-day paperwork we have to fill out is in the tutoring room. XD

Other classes are going well. Music theory is turning out to be my most UGH NO class, not because I'm not interested in it, but because the teacher is not very good at teaching. I'm three points away from an A in Geography, absorb information in Art History like a good little sponge, think that ECE is a bit boring/common-sense but sort of interesting I guess, and pretty much love the Tutor Training class. It's really refreshing to have a class in college where everyone gets to know each other. Plus, I have my lunch buddy friend from Tokyo to talk Japanese/Chinese with. XD Even though it gets confusing.

Note to self: Remember that there is a usually a point in dramas that you are interested in where they start getting into what will be the Bigger Plot, and that it seems to occur around episode 4 or 5 and that you should not watch those on school nights because then you will want to know what happens and end up staying up too late. Also, four hours of sleep does not count as Alright, Enough just because it's only an hour away from five which is only an hour away from six which is A Really Good Amount of Sleep (but not really). -.-

Today, my hot chocolate with whipped cream not only had whipped cream but chocolate sauce and green sprinkles on it. :D

...clearly, I've been saving up a lot of babbling.


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