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Oh, Kagrra, you've had a good run, but still, it seems sudden (though perhaps not, in light of Isshi's recent health issues). I wonder if phrasing it as a "demise" is Isshi's kanji otaku-ing (since I haven't seen the original Japanese), a way of technically not disbanding so they can do things in the future without 're-banding' or if it really is as dramatic as it sounds.

In better news, vistlip's FC is stirring again, so more signs that they are going to come back soon and aren't just sending out feelers of hope for no reason.

And in news that made me squee, Sungmin's been cast (as a guy named Sungmin, no less) in an upcoming drama, playing the president's son (or... well, presidential candidate's son). I'm not sure how applicable this will be to the drama version, but even the more vague reports say his character is a sort of well-meaning-but-a-bit-ethically-wrong type. Which is yay, so much better than sappy love story type guy. XD

P.S. SuJu as aminals so cute.

LAJkdf time to go!
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Re: vistlip's car accident.

First, I'll preface this with: THE BAND IS ALIVE AND NOT SERIOUSLY INJURED (physically, at least). THANK GOODNESS. Of course, it's terribly sad that their manager did not survive, and I don't mean to make her death seem somehow 'okay' because the band is fine, but oh god, Shattered-Tranquility, you cannot give me a headline like "vistlip involved in car accident" with the first line of the article being "We have received news that vistlip was involved in a grave car accident this morning." and then make me scroll all the way past a picture of the band before I find out that the band all survived without life-threatening injuries.

The translations here of different articles mention that Tomo (real name Masushita Tomoo - or Tomohiro, or some reading of 朋央) was the driver of the van involved. Why the vocalist of the band was driving at 1am after a live is... a little perplexing to me, but what's done is done. I just know he's going to take this to heart, but I hope he can work through it without too-negative side-effects, and I hope the accident wasn't due to anything he did. :/ *squishes from afar*

Augh, all of them were too young for this... she was too young to die, Tomo's too young to have this hanging over him, and the others are too young to have seen it happen. Not that there's ever a time where it's better, and I know younger people witness much worse, but... man. A bunch of vistlip is pretty much my age, and thinking about being in a situation like that... I don't know. :/

This icon is totes inappropriate, but it's the only vistlip one I've got.
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The Internet here is making the old I-house Interent look lightning-fast. x_x 10kb/s FAIL. Also, I was accidentally half an hour late to work today, which I am secretly glad for because the day was sooo sloooow. Post-Christmas shopping rushes do not affect us. XD But ultimately, I feel this day was good. :3

Good! Gary stopped by (with his sister and his mother) to visit me at the store, and then I ran into Justin during my dinnerbreak, which came at 2:30 when I was still full from lunch, because my bosses didn't want to have to cover for me (okay, that part wasn't good - the running into was XD).

Good! I have a little book on basic Japanese grammar and it is actually helpful. I wish it had kana as well as romaji for the examples, but it's succinct and gets the basic idea of things across, which is more what I need.

Good! [ profile] dammitliv and [ profile] elagnithgins, and [ profile] pot_and_kettle's presents all came today! It was like Christmas morning, but at 11pm and more exciting. XDDD ♥♥♥ My mom kept hovering around to find out what I got, too. Sys, everything was lovely, but I gotta say that I love that the pen was wrapped in some kid's math progress report. XD Definitely unique wrapping paper.

Good! Revisiting the old "list your top 10 celebrities" meme at [ profile] kamikaze_bunny's demand. XD The last time I did this was over three years ago when I was still heavily into X-men RPGs and not yet really in J-fandoms. This time? I went solely with Asian fandoms. And I am so indecisive I started kinda picking by category, which is how they're organized (as opposed to in 10-1 order). Also, if you asked me my top ten in a month, some of them would probably be different. :P

(Internet is now at 7.6kb/sec. *diiiies veeerry sloooowly*)

Hiyo, shiny people! )

Well, that's my list! I really rambled a lot, as I usually end up doing... :P And I could've added at least a few more people to this list, I think, since I like a lot of people equally/almost equally, but for different reasons. This will definitely do for now, though!

Tomorrow, we are off to the U.S.S. Enterprise! W00t~

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Stalked Santa on until he got to San Francisco. I'm a little disappointed we didn't get a cheesy CG video of Santa flying over the Golden Gate or something, but not really. XD

As far as I am concerned, tonight was Christmas (maybe I am in the wrong timezone?), and tomorrow is just... celebrating Christmas with the Other Side of the Family, but not actually Christmas, in spirit. Or something. Well, I have low expectations, and even my mom (it's her side of the family) is prepared for a fail!dinner.

I am trying to not be a complete Grinch this year, but it's been hard. XD HOWEVER, I did buy a 2010 calendar today, of the fabulous Domo-kun. It makes me very happy. Domo-kun is awesome.

And I made another holiday icon, since I'd had this cropped since this summer. :P It made me realize vistlip's been doing this video series for over a year, which makes me optimistic about them continuing it. I mean, Kagrra no Su's been going for a long time, and vistlip seems to be able to turn everything into something silly and funny, or at least entertaining.

P.S. [ profile] karinberry and others in the LA/Hollywood area: X-Japan wants YOU to be a screaming fangirl (warning: streaming BGM)! I don't know if you'd even be interested or able to participate in this, but I thought it was kinda cool, and typical Yoshiki to try and shut down (part of) Hollywood. XD And if anything, on that day, you will know what's happening if other people are like, "WTF is going on here?"
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Thanksgiving was as epic as it usually is at my house, from the waking up early (almost 45 minutes earlier than my alarm, in my case - and I'd had a dream that I was hosting an X'mas party and running late and stressing out >.>) to the day of cooking, to the awesome appetizers, which are different every year, to the predictable tastes of everything we had for dinner, to the massive pile of dishes afterwards... and now the sleepiness. XD It was generally a lot of fun, though. Everyone all got along and my spacey grand-aunt wasn't too out of it this year. Last year, she was almost falling asleep at the table. This year, though, she even remembered that Saemi had been with me last year, and asked where she was. :O

I made two and a half icons today, which is, aside from the turkey day-related things on my to-do list, all I was able to get done... Tomorrow is a trip to Sacramento to visit Evil Gramma, which will be So Much Fun. I wonder how many bushels of various bitter vegetables she'll try to give us. >.> Oh, and I posted some drabbles I'd written on the train for my first post evar at [ profile] je100 (finally), so that was productive and not on my list at all. Saturday will have to be my Really Productive day, then.

Mmm, in shiny news, Rui has an amazing ability to look pretty in all sorts of hairstyles, the most recent being dreads, which many Jrockers seem to end up using as a pineapple impression. Are jealous. Especially because he has popped up with a new style (that looks like an old style, but shh) and a lighter color, and it looks lovely on... at least the left side of his head. And okay, I'm a sucker for those... mini-cornroll things. Whatever you call them.

The first picture is from his blog, and the second is from Haku(-sama)'s. Haku's the bassist for Canzel. I am sort of surprised I'd never heard of the band before... or it was just the name in passing and I don't remember it. Anyhoo.

Pretty! Haku's got a cute little smile, too.

...and I'm really way more sleepy than thankful, but it's Thanksgiving, so what the hey. XD
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Let's get the -_- news out of the way first. I e-mailed to get a permission code to add Neuro next semester and got this in reply: At this time, we are not giving add codes for students wishing to retake a course.

I have sent a reply asking when/if there will be an announcement about those, or if I should just be annoying about it later (not in those words, ofc), but the office woman wasn't in on Thursday and Friday was a furlough day and now it is the weekend, so *twiddles thumbs*

Moving on! It is Rui's birthday now~ Birthday messages are fun to read. XD Yuh and Tomo both posted exactly at midnight, and Rui posted at seven minutes to with this post:

Tick tock tick tock.


Dork. XD Also, look at my amazing translating skills! Ha.

I dragged myself into consciousness to buy Utada tickets ([ profile] swtjemz, I have yours!) this morning, which wasn't too bad since it wasn't earlier than when I normally wake up for classes, and for some reason, I woke up at 7:30 (again - I've woken up at 7:30 three or four times this week), and then maybe 8:30. Plus, even though LiveNation did not send me a presale code, it wasn't hard to find online. I figured she wouldn't sell out in five minutes but this is part of the fun. Even if I sort of want to go back to sleep.

Tickets were a little more expensive than I thought they'd be, but still not bad? I guess? My view of expensive has changed since getting into Jmusic. XD It's really just the processing fee that makes them seem expensive. That, and for me, having six tickets on my credit card. :P

Ahh, my social life woke up last night again. A few of us went to Gary's for dinner before he heads to Hong Kong for a few weeks. There was a lot of Japanese being thrown around, but it was pretty simple so I understood most of it. \o/

And to end with another topic jump: the line-up for Gackt's next PV is interesting! And pretty. XD I wonder if Tsukasa (and Shun?) was recommended by Yoshiki.

Bass: Ni~ya from Nightmare!
Drums: Tsukasa from D'espairsRay!
Guitar: Shun from Duel Jewel!
And our YOU from GACKT Job.

The exclamations and lack of enthusiasm for You (XD) are from Gackt's OHP, not me. Well, I suppose this is a good way for him to worm his way into the ears of fans of those bands who don't listen to him.


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