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It's Pocky Day~! I'd like to go by J-Town and get some in celebration, but I have work from 12:30-8:30 tomorrow. -.- I may have to bite the bullet and just pay more (probably) for it if they have it at Bristol Farms.

I went to see Akanishi Jin again tonight, and here is a bulleted recap because I should've been asleep a couple hours ago.

But the good parts can best be summed up as: Friends + YARAYARAYARAYARAFJDSL YARACCHI WAS THERE. XD )

Okay, I may think of more later, but I really need to sleep now. Unrelatedly, ugh, I hope I get all of the documents I need for this application I am doing! Time is running out!
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Lani's back home now, but it doesn't feel like it. Maybe because I didn't see her off to the airport - or maybe because I was rather hungover when I said goodbye-for-real. There was one false goodbye-for-real before, when I thought I'd be heading home but my dad didn't want me taking BART so late at night, so I ended up staying the night at the Ihouse, after finally achieving 'go club, get drunk.'

I guess it doesn't really feel like any of them are gone, yet. I'm home, so it's not like I'd see them every day even if they were still here. But I think going back to the Ihouse in August will definitely feel a bit weird; it did even when I was just there to visit. Different names on all of the doors... two new people living in Lani and my room...

Well, things change.

As a 'reward' for finally finishing my latest exchange fic (one day, I'll stop either signing up for those, or starting them the weekend before they're due. Though I did start this one earlier - I just... ended up re-starting it twice with completely different ideas >.>), I watched Koizora (the movie), which I'd downloaded and then half-forgot I had. Predictable, full of Incidents, but I really liked it, even the sappy parts, which sort of surprised me. A bit of spoilers ) As much as I enjoyed Miura Haruma with blond hair, I think my favorite character ended up being Hiro's sister. XD Pretty, strong, and sane! Rawk.

And real life Akipon makes me happy. *ignores that Aki goes out to eat/shop/get-toys-from-claw-machines with everyone/Kenzo*
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When my parents got my brother and I, each year, they also bought some bottles of wine (a cabernet sauvignon) to keep until we were older. We opened one of my bottles tonight - it's probably a year or so past its prime, but in the scheme of a 22-year-old wine, that's not that bad, I think. :P The wine itself was pretty good, though I'm no conessieur.

Erika gave me some origami paper and a little box of figures and objects made out of sugar that are usually given on Girl's Day. Cute, and possibly expired. XD Well, probably not, but we like to joke about that since a lot of Erika's packaged food did end up being expired by the time we ate it. It definitely feels like she's gone, but it doesn't at the same time. Sigh. Keri said goodbye the same way my grandma does - very quickly and as if she wants to leave - but I think sentimentality makes her awkward. And she is going to be back briefly in August before heading off to Cleveland State, so I'll see her then.

I also said goodbye to a couple other people today, since they're leaving this week and I won't be going to the airport to see them off.

And because I guess I still care enough to try and save the first one XD:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Grr. The more I get nagged about applying for jobs, the more I feel I'd rather be unemployed for the summer than work retail. But of course, the longer I am unemployed, the more nagging there will be! I just really don't like how my mom's view is that a job is a job; it doesn't matter if you like it. But I would sort of like to at least have some sort of interest in whatever I end up doing, even if it's just on the level of, "Oh, I like this store as a shopper."
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My laptop keeps shutting off by itself, so I will just post this for now and add more details tomorrow. (Aw, I'd hoped to have an An Cafe icon made for this, but my earlier attempts failed...)

An Cafe was, as expected, a lot of fun! And it was great getting to see Jemz again, as well as figuring out/remembering who Those Other Fanime Faces were. :P I don't think I ever thanked her for driving us around and trying to include us in the circle when various people came around to say hi (we saw/sortofmetbutnotreally An Cafe's stylist! Haha XD), so... thank you, [ profile] swtjemz! ♥

Fast typing, go! )

And added to say... )
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Bwahahaha. I am in Chicago! [ profile] coiled_iris is "totally awake," and just "resting [her] eyes" next to me. It looks a lot like sleeping, though... XD Meanwhile, it's still only 10pm to me. Granted, I didn't sleep very much last night, between the packing and the waking up early to go to the cemetary (since Grandpa died on the 31st of March), and sitting on a plane/in an airport is surprisingly draining, but I don't feel like sleeping yet, I guess. :P

I sort of feel like I should have something in mind to do, or some idea of what is going on, but this whole trip doesn't really feel like something that's actually happening. I think I just thought of going to Chicago a few weeks before I booked tickets, and usually a) ...I don't travel by myself, and b) I go with my family and my dad makes plans. So this is very unusual and a little surreal. And I am very out of my element, so I will just follow Iris around. XD


Or maybe I will write fic now while she is not paying attention...
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I woke up at 7am for no apparent reason other than to have another coughing fit. Or maybe because [ profile] coiled_iris woke me up via telepathy. At any rate, I am tired of coughing. It's a good thing I'm not signed up for the Valentine's Day paintball outing half of the house is going on... I'd definitely not be very ninja.

Our super-skinny, odd(ly lovable), quirky quiet Korean friend (with Jaejoong hair, says Iris) is leaving next Wednesday for Hong Kong and then Korea, so we're going to surprise him in SF on Sunday. He thinks only one person is coming up, but there will be... around seven of us. It's that time of the month where I am prone to crying very easily - I cried through a good third of an episode of Mei-chan no Shitsuji today and don't really know why - so hopefully I won't be embarrassing. XD

Ah, but I don't like goodbyes...

On a better note, [ profile] enshinge translated another round of Dengonban, which has so many awesome little snippets, like:

From: Miyake Ken
To: Ueda-kun

Hey Romeo, why are you Romeo?


From: Yamapi
To: Koyama

Sorry I poured sports drinks over your rice and stuff (laughs).


From: Koyama
To: Yamapi

I'm sorry I took so many weird pictures using your cell phone’s camera.


Weird pictures are usually not good. XDD This batch seemed extra-full of awesome, but I think my favorite was the 'shippiest one, though:

From: Yasu
To: Shibuyan

I love you.
I don't need anything else.

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Erm, so there's no really unawkward way to do this: I have a request for money. Don't run yet! It's for a good cause, and a personal one, so it's not like the money is going to a big organization where you don't what exactly it's being used for.

But I would I like to stress this: Do not feel obligated to give. I know a lot of you on my flist are scrapped for cash yourselves, and/or are Struggling Starving Students, and/or have other priorities. I won't think less highly of you if you don't, and you don't get special points if you do (though I am pondering 'thank you' gifts in the forms of icons/drabbles/dunnoyet).

If you do feel inclined to help, don't feel like you have to give a lot. My dad passed this around at work and people donated between $5 and $20 USD, but really, anything will help. And actually, large numbers would probably be suspicious, since my parents think I talk to like... five people, online. XD

So my cousin is in the Peace Corps... and he's trying to build a bridge... )

And again, NO OBLIGATION, obvs. My dad wants to send the check on Wednesday, but I have PayPal, so... I think something could be worked out that way. If you're at all interested, or want to know more - though that is pretty much all I know about the project (or want to throw rocks at me for soliciting in my LJ, or whatever XD), leave a comment with your e-mail address. They are screened.


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