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The Internet here is making the old I-house Interent look lightning-fast. x_x 10kb/s FAIL. Also, I was accidentally half an hour late to work today, which I am secretly glad for because the day was sooo sloooow. Post-Christmas shopping rushes do not affect us. XD But ultimately, I feel this day was good. :3

Good! Gary stopped by (with his sister and his mother) to visit me at the store, and then I ran into Justin during my dinnerbreak, which came at 2:30 when I was still full from lunch, because my bosses didn't want to have to cover for me (okay, that part wasn't good - the running into was XD).

Good! I have a little book on basic Japanese grammar and it is actually helpful. I wish it had kana as well as romaji for the examples, but it's succinct and gets the basic idea of things across, which is more what I need.

Good! [ profile] dammitliv and [ profile] elagnithgins, and [ profile] pot_and_kettle's presents all came today! It was like Christmas morning, but at 11pm and more exciting. XDDD ♥♥♥ My mom kept hovering around to find out what I got, too. Sys, everything was lovely, but I gotta say that I love that the pen was wrapped in some kid's math progress report. XD Definitely unique wrapping paper.

Good! Revisiting the old "list your top 10 celebrities" meme at [ profile] kamikaze_bunny's demand. XD The last time I did this was over three years ago when I was still heavily into X-men RPGs and not yet really in J-fandoms. This time? I went solely with Asian fandoms. And I am so indecisive I started kinda picking by category, which is how they're organized (as opposed to in 10-1 order). Also, if you asked me my top ten in a month, some of them would probably be different. :P

(Internet is now at 7.6kb/sec. *diiiies veeerry sloooowly*)

Hiyo, shiny people! )

Well, that's my list! I really rambled a lot, as I usually end up doing... :P And I could've added at least a few more people to this list, I think, since I like a lot of people equally/almost equally, but for different reasons. This will definitely do for now, though!

Tomorrow, we are off to the U.S.S. Enterprise! W00t~

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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I meant to post this before, but I kept forgetting... [ profile] dammitliv linked me to it, and I think it is kind of awesome. To be honest, I couldn't watch the whole thing because as great as Michael Jackson's music is, the man himself creeps me out after awhile. >.>

This is the second part, but the uploader also has the first and third parts. Basically, MJ was in Japan and showed up at one of SMAP's rehersals to surprise them. I love when he first appears... Kimutaku's automatic peace sign, Shingo's fangirling, Nakai's incessant, disbelieving, "Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson?", Kusanagi's English introduction (and on an unrelated sidenote, he really looks Korean. Well, he reminds me of Jonghyuk, who I thought was Japanese when I first saw him, so maybe he looks Japanese after all XD), Goro's... dancing... Part 3 has handshakes, MJ being intrigued by the giant TV screen, and SMAP (but especially Nakai and Shingo) acting as MJ's bodyguards.

An unneccessary list of wishful thinking )

That list can best be summed up as "Needs Money!". -_- And time passes a lot more quickly than I think it does, sometimes - it's now almost 2:30am. *scoots off to sleep*


Jun. 12th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Yes, this deserves its own post.

AUGH. *________________* I want scans of Hiroto from Neo Genesis 36 so badly now. Alien-visual-rock!Pon can replace hide!Pon in [ profile] dammitliz's layout. :DDDD

I am flailing incoherently on the inside, really. *_____*

Also, the Takagi twins will be guesting on an episode of Meitantei no Okite, Matsuda Shota's detective comedy. And I think they will both be part of Kusanagi's yakuza in Ninkyo Helper. Yay, Takagis! :D

...did not know Yabu was in that, too. And Yamamoto Yusuke! Eenteresting.

EDIT: OH. And I forgot about this yesterday (yes, a travesty, I know)!


I was reminded of this because someone else (that scan came from [ profile] sidnad) posted scans of SID, VAMPS and Gackt up at [ profile] jrock_scans, which therefore included:


The end. Of the world. How has this post not spontaneously combusted yet?
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1) *insert keysmash here*

Helloooo, baby. I sort of want to do that "top 10" photomeme thing again just for fun and eyecandy.

2) I think I'm getting sick. My throat hurts and I am sniffly. I should maybe stop staying up so late and start eating better. But having cracktastic conversations with people is just so entertaining.

3) Tonight's cracktastic conversation involved explaining 'doggy-style,' the difference between Richard and Dick (and how Richard is a name but not a body part), and perverted words/phrases in three different languages.

I blame a certain Burmese boy.

4) Note to self: Jerry. As in Tom and Jerry.

5) Coffee Night tonight involved trying to slip ice down peoples' shirts/pants/holes-in-pant-knees. Grand immature fun. I think I won.

6) GIP! Oh, Teru. So unfair.

7) I had a number seven, but I don't remember what it was.

8) Oh! I'm going home this weekend. It will be good, I think, even if I miss some hijinks. No booze, no smoky-smelling clothes, just... nagging, which I can live with for two days, right?

9) CURSE YOU AND YOUR CATCHINESS, BIG BANG. At least I'm not feeling particularly driven to find out stuff about the group members other than their names. :P There's something weird about most of them being younger than me, even if being 20 is really not the same as being like... 15. I guess it's just that with Jrock, they tend to look younger than they are, and with Kpop, I keep thinking they're older than they are.


10) AkiPon + Kenzo = cute drinking fun. Cute drinking fun + Ruki = Impending Doom. Impending Doom + Uruha = DESTROY.
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[ profile] sadisticplay posted this like, a month ago, and I was going to do it then because I felt bad for guessing so many of hers (and so me posting it myself would make me feel better? I do not know). But of course, I got carried away, and so because I felt like the Jrock/pop would be so easily identifiable, I made two pictures - the cropped, "normal"-sized ones might make it a little harder to guess, though some people are pretty recognizable all over, and if you click them (just for jrock/pop), they link to bigger, more obvious pictures. And then, because I felt like no one would get most of the western groups that came up (honestly, I'm looking at these pictures, and I can't tell you who half of them are, and there's one band I couldn't even find a mediocre, decently-sized picture of so I used an album cover) - but also that I should try and make this more accessible to people who aren't on my flist for Jmusic reasons - I decided to add more Jrock/pop. So instead of 20, there are 39. >.>

1. Open a music player.
2. Go to 'all music'/'library'.
3. Hit shuffle/repeat/randomise.
4. Find photos of the first 25 artists/bands that come up (no repeats and no cheating).
5. Have people guess who the artists/bands are.
6. Paste this in your journal and do it too, so I can have fun guessing as well.

Yeaaah... I must've been really bored when I started this )

Also, alsidjfaoiwe slutPon. I may have to amend my "pon is the cutest thing ever" tag. Not that he isn't, but his photoshoot image seems to be veering away from that. Significantly. XD And randomly, what is Ryouhei wearing on his head? Bizarre rabbit ears? O___o


Jun. 6th, 2008 02:06 am
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Hello, tiny earthquake!

Hello, previously-recently-calmed nerves!

Kids, this is why going to sleep at a reasonable hour in tiny earthquake country is good. If I'd been asleep, I don't think I'd have even noticed this one. Instead, I am awake, and randomly posting on LJ!

Apparently that was a 3.5, about eight miles away. Hm. Little rumbly~

'nother job interview tomorrow. I've decided to not take the one I interviewed for earlier, which means a) more peace of mind, but also b) not having a job. >.> Which means more nagging = less peace of mind. Eh.

Time to sleep. Rly.

edit: alkfjiwleafd Pon. SOMEONE is growing up, I see. *__*
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New layout at [ profile] dammitliz, featuring - of course - pink-haired Pon! *_*

Now to find something/someone for [ profile] sweetdepravity?

Parents are leaving early tomorrow morning for a trip down to Palm Springs. They'll be back Friday night. This is sort of yay because there will be no nagging for a week, but sort of definitely not-yay because I have to walk to school on my early days (when I'd usually get a ride to the train station), so while I can stay up late without worrying about getting caught, I have to wake up almost half an hour earlier.

Also, it's supposed to keep raining and windying, which is not all that fun to walk in. Especially when one has a tendency to be blown about by winds. >.>

I think I'm in denial that tomorrow is Monday.
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My rainy AkiPon bunny has evaporated, which is actually sad because I had most of it written in my head on the way home.

*flails away*

Oh, ha. Also, new header, because... do I really need a reason? I don't think I was ever quite satisfied with the way the Shin one turned out, and Ruiza is just *___* in V!nyl Syndicate.


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