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Oh, Kagrra, you've had a good run, but still, it seems sudden (though perhaps not, in light of Isshi's recent health issues). I wonder if phrasing it as a "demise" is Isshi's kanji otaku-ing (since I haven't seen the original Japanese), a way of technically not disbanding so they can do things in the future without 're-banding' or if it really is as dramatic as it sounds.

In better news, vistlip's FC is stirring again, so more signs that they are going to come back soon and aren't just sending out feelers of hope for no reason.

And in news that made me squee, Sungmin's been cast (as a guy named Sungmin, no less) in an upcoming drama, playing the president's son (or... well, presidential candidate's son). I'm not sure how applicable this will be to the drama version, but even the more vague reports say his character is a sort of well-meaning-but-a-bit-ethically-wrong type. Which is yay, so much better than sappy love story type guy. XD

P.S. SuJu as aminals so cute.

LAJkdf time to go!
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Because sometimes (every day XD) I need a reminder that even though I dwell on the bad little things until they become big things, little things can be happy things, too.

Things That Made Me Happy Today
1) Food from Chinatown - jook, chow mein, cha siu, kimbap, saengsun and hobak jun, and melon cookies! Mmm. And there is cake.
2) Taking a hot bath.
3) Re-reading pieces of Kafka on the Shore and realizing that a) I still don't fully understand it (this does make me happy; every time I read it, I discover new things) and b) Oshima is still win. :P
4) Terry Pratchett. 'Nuff said.
5) Finally doing the banking stuff I said I would do last week. >.>
6) The Giants beating the Phillies. I'm not even a baseball fan. It's just nice that not all the major Bay Area teams are sucking this season. XDD Also, it was actually interesting at the end.
7) Friends. My friends, that is, not the TV show. Though that would probably have made me happy, too.
8) Happy Together on TV, which was funny even though I only knew who one of the guests was.
9) Hansen's Mandarin Lime soda. Also, coffee milk.
10) Subbed super Junior clips. Especially that Fantasy Couple one, because there is a gif from it that I have been quite curious about. And the one from Family Outing 2 with Taecyeon/Yoona vs. Soheechul.
11) Chicktionary. >.> Between that and Angry Birds, I feel I have a theme going with my iTouch games.
12) On a related app note, finding the SM TOWN LIVE '10 app, albeit way late. Still, I can have lightsticks or balloons or obnoxious flashing colors on my screen in the appropriate colors for all the groups! And they have little greeting audio clips, and funnily-written bios and pictures.
13) Catching up on some of the WTFery of the X-men. Absorbing babies! Wolf-demon mutant-human pregnancies! Oh, and Rictor and Shatterstar apparently kissed last year! On-screenpage, even! Go them. Poor Jean-Paul tries so hard, but only gets AIDS-retconned-into-a-Faerie-Disease (ya rly), off-screen romance (followed by paralysis) and snark. Well, snark's fun.
14) Not having writer's block!

P.S. U-KISS's Eli, breaking one's hand does not call for a 'lol.'. :P

Time to make more Heechul Twittgrish icons! Tomorrow. >.>
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In another instance of Kpop pwning my other fandoms, D released their major anniversary photobook while at least 3/5 of them have horrible costumes and/or hair (Hiroki was fine until he got that bump in his hair - now, he's on the fence), and it makes me sad that I don't even want to click any of the thumbnails. Augh, Ruiza, even the crazy caveman look was better than this! ;_;

Meanwhile, SM released the teaser for SHINee's "Hello" MV, and it is bright and pretty and while it possess some questionable/distracting-in-a-not-neccessarily-flaily-way elements (Taemin's Mir hair, Key's all-red thermal-underwear-resembling ensemble, the Sesame Street-like set Jonghyun is sitting on, possibly the abuse of leopard print... okay, so the Mir-cloneness and Sesame Stree-ness I don't really mind since they amuse me), it has more than enough intriguing/shiny bits to make up for those. XD Like puffy cheeks and what Key is wearing around his neck when they've got their black outfits on, and well, the bright and pretty.

Also, I think I have the "Hello" font?

Let's see what else I can cram into this post in an hour.

Some SM Pandora bracelets? AND A HERD OF HORSIES )

...I wonder if Ruiza likes K-Pop, too, or just JE. XD
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Bonamana + Lucifer = 7.25 minutes of kinda awesome XD

On the other hand, this just goes to show how similar these types of songs really are. But I can't say I really care. :P

...this may get the momentary association of "Bonamana" with naked old men out of my head. For that is the song I was listening to when I glanced out the window of the bus the other day and saw three naked men walking down Market Street in San Francisco. It was both more and less surreal than the time I saw a herd of naked old men doing a birthday bike ride in Golden Gate Park. (/_\)

Werk tomorrow. I think I will try to make bracelets again. I want to make a vistlip one, but they're tricky, so we shall seeeee.


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