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Another Jasmine You mention: Revenant Choir has a page up with translated blog entries/messages from other people in the J-rock industry. Sono and Anzi's are there (along with the entries from the rest of Matenrou), and their translators are waay better than me, so yeah. I'm just relived I wasn't completely off-base on everything. >.> Also, that I don't have to try and translate anything anymore (to satisfy my own curiosity), since Asagi's entry is long and Asagi-ish, and therefore very poetic and... epic. But very nice. And Soan's post is just heart-breaking. Most of the other people who posted knew Jasmine in some way or who just felt connected to him through their music/instrument, or if they were closer friends, their posts are still somewhat guarded, but Soan's isn't.

Excerpts... don't really know why )

But after I read that page, I came across Miyavi's latest MySpace post. And ignoring the scraggles on his chin, it and the accompanying picture, lifted my mood:

The post with the picture properly in place )
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[ profile] annapeace, now is when everyone should be going, "Aww, how cute!" XD Ganked from Miyavi's MySpace:

She is so "Lovelie" !!

we hope our lil girl will become a person who is able to love and also be loved,
and that's the reason of her life and why she is born.

so we gave her the name 愛理 "Lovelie"

愛 stands for Love
理 stands for Reason

"The reason of Love"

and also we gave her a middle name.

"Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara "as an american.

(click for the giant version I accidentally did not resize the first time around!)

Full entry under the cut, with excerpts back in place XD )
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So Myv has a little baby girl!! And poor melody had to go through twenty hours of labor... I don't really know why I'm so happy for them, since obviously, I don't know either of them, but... I guess it's still a bit surreal to me. XD Myv is definitely not the first guy from his generation of performers I'd expect to end up married and a father.

And I know I am way behind on this, but Lee Jun Ki had a new minialbum thingie a few months ago. I finally got around to checking it out, and found the MV for J Style, in which Jun Ki is a shapeshifting panther, is surrounded by fangirls and boys, and displays a frustrating amount of chauvinism as he inspects a line of women as if they're horses, but is also still as pretty (if not prettier) than most of them, and thus I can forgive him. >.> Plus, eyeliner. And the lyrics are also, um, win (italics are English in the song):

Don't look so surprised, you promised!
I wanna give u the best service tonight
Whatever you want, I want to give it all to you
I wanna satisfy your senses all night

You're my V.I.P, always hold me, oh
I'm your T.O.P, giving only my best, yeah...

Come closer, I'm ready to go in
Let me in, you want me? Invite me, it's so simple (baby)
Touch me, I will take you to another fantasy world
You want me?
Come on, touch me, come on, welcome to J Style

Leave your reaction for afterwards
U know the best is yet to come, but tonight
Heat it up as much as you can, starting up
Set up your sexy dance right now

- more at The Purple Line

Yup. XD Though the "T.O.P" part just reminds me of TOP from Big Bang. Which I'm kinda okay with.
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Miyavi is now a father (to go with that, melody is now a mother!)! Wow! It's hard to imagine, but all joking aside, he seems like he'll be a good dad. He seems to really love kids, and well, any guy who will perform "If You're Happy and You Know It" in a concert will have no problem entertaining a little boy/girl. XD

And to make this not another one-note post, I finally went and snipped pictures for the second part of my intro post, so here are the perhaps-less-well-known (in JE circles, if not in general) guys I squee over. >.> My fandom squees are pretty much single-gender, I'll admit, though I think Kuroki Meisa is going to be who/what gets me through Ninkyo Helper, along with Yuki Jutta and the Takagis (I like it well enough, but I like it more when she's on-screen, so far XD).

So... I went through a twin phase )
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Melody's myspace post regarding her marriage to Miyavi is really quite adorable. It's sad that it seems like she had to choose between being married and being a singer, but she seems really happy with him, so I'm sure it will work out in the end. And since they got engaged last May, at least we know now that the suspiciously-abrupt marriage wasn't just because of her pregnancy (though maybe they weren't planning on marrying quite at this time, but White Day doesn't seem entirely random :P). They seem like a lovely couple, though I'm a bit surprised that I'm so... d'awwww about this whole thing. XD

Oh, and Miyavi has his post too!

Awwwwww. ♥

Though oops, Myv. His status on Myspace is still 'single,' though melody's is 'married.' :P

Today is Ryo's (RL girl!Ryo, ofc) birthday, so we'll be going over to Nikki and Hikaru's later. Hikaru's mother and younger brother are visiting, which will be interesting! Apparently, Keri and his mother share similar auras - Hikaru's said before that Keri is like his mom - and his younger brother is both skinnier and taller than him, which means he's over 180cm. Eeeenteresting.
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I'm curious why the first show booked was San Francisco, and I'd noticed that you had been in SF for New Year's Eve. How did you find your way here?

You mean last time? I was just driving.

You were just driving around California?

Yeah, so that's why I came here by myself, I drove here. I'd never been here, so that's why I wanted to come, for the experience.

- From SF Weekly's interview with Miyavi

♥ It's socool that he just went driving through California. :D And of course, yay for San Francisco! The rest of the interview is pretty good too - despite his US manager telling him that he shouldn't say it's okay for fans to download .mp3s, he does (sort of - he's cool with it, yo), and the interviewer asks some interesting questions, particularly about how VK and its peeps are viewed in Japan, and of course, wtf Myv is doing with his own music. XD

...and now iTunes isn't working. *restarts*


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