Mar. 11th, 2013 07:32 pm
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I learned a new word today: 黙祷 (mokutou)

It means 'silent prayer.' At 2:46 today, we had a moment of silence in the city hall. It was a nice moment. It's been two years now. I remember when I arrived in Japan, I was told many times, by JET representatives, by co-workers in the city hall and at school, and by random people I met, how brave we were to have decided to come to Japan even after the earthquake. It's praise I still don't fully understand or accept. Most of that is because I don't live anywhere near Fukushima or Miyagi - I admit that had I been placed near the radiation zone, I would've had to think more carefully about my decision, but I am a very safe distance away.

I know that Kumano is not a good place to be if tsunamis are a big fear. I'm less than a ten minute walk from the beach, and while many of my schools are on hills or much further inland, some of them, including my favorite elementary school (and the attached special ed school and the nearby junior high school) would be destroyed in a tsunami of the size of the one that hit Tohoku. And it's certainly a possibility, one that I've thought about in darker moments. But there's nothing to be done but be thankful that it hasn't happened, and to know where to go, and have an emergency bag packed at home.

Today is a good reminder that I need to update that bag.

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom

Also, this is worth watching. It's available only today (not sure of the timezone), and it's pretty heart-wrenching (I cried through most of it, though I do cry at pretty much everything). The first five minutes - footage from an eyewitness as the tsunami approaches - are terrifying in a way horror movies can never be. But I love the "sakura master" and his thoughts on the trees and life.
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Oops. I forgot to mention this in my last post, but [livejournal.com profile] rabies's comment reminded me of it: I made yet another blog for my adventures in Japan, since I certainly don't want my family members following my LJ. XD

It can be found here:

--> http://tobitatsu.tumblr.com/

As you can see, it will probably/hopefully mostly be a photoblog with anecdotes, and perhaps the occassional longer post as things progress. This is for two main reasons: as a government employee, I have to be pretty careful about what I say, especially on a public forum, and also, I didn't really want to end up neglecting this journal in favor of another blog. So, apologies to people who like everything to just be in one place! But that's where my JET adventures will be for the most part. I'm sure some stories will end up here, of course.
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So. Big news first: I heard back from JET* and I'm in! Basically! I'm on the short-list, which, if I am interpreting their little glossary correctly means that I will be going to Japan pending my acceptance of their 'job offer' and all of my follow-up paperwork checking out. :DDDDD

[* They said they'd notify people in mid-April instead of early April due to the disaster, and I got their e-mail literally in the middle of the day on the middlest day of the month - amused, yes I am]

I am really more excited than it looks, but I'm also tired after working six days in a row, so I can't summon the proper flail and I haven't really been able to talk about it at work, so I haven't been able to keep the mood up. XD

I also used fail!Korean and fail!Japanese at work a few times this week. I surprised a Korean girl by thanking her as she left in Korean, and used bits of Japanese with an unexpectedly high number of Japanese customers over the last few days. I made one adorable okaasan's day and she came over to tell me I'd made her very happy. Socute. ♥

And I've been crocheting things (or learning to). I've made K8 (minus Maru, as I do not have orange yarn) duckies, but I don't have eyes or stuffing for them yet. >.> In typical overly-ambitious fashion, I've only just started trying to make amigurumi and I've already designed my own onigiri penguin (some of you may have received a holiday card a couple years ago with Gary the Onigiri Penguin on it - this is his navy blue cousin).

So this has been a long week, but had some definite highlights. To say the least. XDDD

P.S. Holy crap, less than a month left to my cousin's wedding! And only a little over a month till Fanime! Oh, time.


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