Jan. 23rd, 2010 09:17 am
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Downloaded the Gokusen movie at 3am, which was perhaps not the wisest thing to do. XD Between it and my jetlagged roommate, I haven't slept yet. Well, neither of us has, so... woo!

I didn't go caphappy like I did with the Gokusen 3 special (not yet, at least), but um, flailsquee reactions? Ready, go - spoiler warning! )

Well, I thought it was worth the loss of sleep. Now off to actually eat breakfast for the first time in a week or two!
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WARNING: This post is all fandom. XD

Reason #483902 Why Yuuto Should Not Leave SCREW or Why SCREW Is An Awesome Band (take your pick; though I'm sure SCREW can be awesome without Yuuto, he is an integral part of this!):

Please to be noting where Jin's right hand is. For those who would like to be noting, but don't know SCREW, Jin is second from left. Yuuto is far left, then (a strangely short) Byou is in the middle, followed by Manabu and Kazuki.

I don't think much more explanation is needed. Jin doesn't lie when he says Yuuto is his. ♥

Also, Kisumai + Abake = EXTRA extra chipmunky voices. I love how Fujigaya is totally identifiable even with his voice changed, and Kitayama is a ham, and Senkaido are extra bratty, and Yokoo is just crazy and sharky and awesome, and Miyata wins, and Tama-chan doesn't really get exciting tidbits but is adorable anyways.

Inori with chairs and canes is... hang on, I think I'll need some more time to process this as it's not computing and I can't stop picturing Tama-chan doing his little bodyroll (seriously, it took me three tries of rewinding to even pay attention to Nikaido because I kept getting distracted).

I need to sleep earlier. >.>


Oct. 6th, 2009 02:35 am
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Why am I so desperate to distract myself even when I know it's just going to come back and kick me in the ass? -_-

I feel slightly better today, though I've felt nauseated for most of the evening, and my appetite has been hit-or-miss. When I was finally hungry, I had a horrible lunch... and y'know, having an unsatisfactory meal when you're hungry can be really disappointing. XD So I skipped dinner, and had some senbei when I stopped feeling like being sick was imminent. And now I am hungry.

I also have to finish my essay on the mating calls of frogs and birds tonight, since my teacher never got back to me about whether or not I could turn it by e-mail since I am still not sure if I will be able to go to class tomorrow. I feel weirdly bad for not being able to say, "Oh, I'll be healthy on this exact day, so expect me back then," since I really don't know how I'll be feeling. Every day seems like it starts out well, and then goes downhill. I still have a cough like I'm going to expel a lung, though, so I'll probably wait until that becomes less dire-sounding, since the school is still very much in a mood of "If you're sick at all, DO NOT COME TO CLASS (but we don't want to see you at the health center unless you're really really sick)." >.>

I just wish I knew if I am able to turn my paper in late. Because then I would sleep and finish it in the morning. On the upside, this teacher has brought us back to middle school and wants a standard five-paragraph, regurgitate-the-lecture-notes, restate-your-introduction-in-your-conclusion essay, and he's outlined what he wants in it, so it isn't that hard - it's just tedious.

ladksfjwlei, okay. Working. I know that being up at 2:50am while sick is not smert, but there's no way I can wake up early to finish this. -_- Maybe I'll just go to sleep and wheedle with the teacher tomorrow.

...I am coming up with new ways to distract myself! Fantastic. *chirps*

edit: I'm amused by this post at [livejournal.com profile] alice_nine, regarding the Best Artist Japan 2009. To sum it up, "Let's vote for A9! credits for this post go to [livejournal.com profile] kattunlove!"

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Okay, so it's supposed to be 'Ohio,' but it still works.

Good morning, lovelies! If I yawn while having a conversation with you today, it is because I did not really feel tired until around 6:30am (and couldn't sleep in the bed anyways - I think the mattress is too firm for me), and so decided to just not sleep. I took pictures of the sky every 5-10 minutes for an hour instead as the sun slowly rose and the fog moved. :P

So, yes. Am now quite tired, but at least this means I'll sleep well tonight.

I was pondering things to stick in this post, or to work on while watching the sky, and ended up reading fmylife for awhile and opting out on the frustration of having multiple programs open/freezing. I was rambling at [livejournal.com profile] nihongofrancais last night about the Takagi twins and she agreed that I glom onto some obscure actors (obscure or just... non-JE, and therefore maybe obscure to the JE/Jrock portion of my flist, which is pretty much everyone who would probably care to read about jdramas XD) and that she doesn't recognize their names. I thought that maybe I will do a post introducing some of these guys briefly, just so other people will know who they are. I think I will do the post at some point, but not right now, and at any rate, the Takagi twins are in my header, so that takes care of them for the moment. :P They also have a tag.

Oh~ Shiny things! I have a new header with alien-visual!Pon up at [livejournal.com profile] dammitliz, along with some light brushes and Ayabie and Uruha icons.

And I has an evil bunny. :3 With seahorses and sea turtles and eggs and swallowing. Be afraid, be very very afraid.
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Ugh, I am not liking these random periodic bursts of heat that we've been having this Spring. It was quite warm today (er... yesterday), and supposed to be (a high of - and I feel like this sites estimates are usually low for the highs) 97F/36C later today. x___x Of course, it won't last, and it's supposedly going to be 78F/26C by Thursday. Dear weather, please stop yo-yo-ing, thanks.

Went to the last/mandatory meeting for Fanime today, and ended up sitting in front of two guys who decided to have a running snide commentary throughout the whole thing. Well, it was mostly one guy talking to the other. Annoying~ I am definitely glad to have met some people already, since I feel a bit weird coming in without ever having attended Fanime (or, well, any other con for that matter, aside from WonderCon one year). Even though its the whole reason I'm even in this situation, being friends with [livejournal.com profile] swtjemz and having to listen to her talk shop at every concert or outing has its perks! :P

Cannot sleep. But I watched episode four of Atashinchi no Danshi, which was fun. I love how weird and two-faced all the brothers are. XD Spoilery. )

I skimmed through some of Godhand Teru, mostly for the previews to see how things would sort of go, and since it's only six episodes long (to make way for MR. BRAIN), I may be able to stand the hokeyness and the predictability for the characters I do like. Even if it does seem like Mizukawa Asami's character is less likable than I thought she was, her character's brother (aka Kaname Jun, again!) is turning out to be intriguingly ebil with his weird hands.

Last week, I watched the third episode of The Quiz Show 2, and didn't feel like I missed much (as far as carryover plot points) from skipping the first two episodes, but I'll probably go back and watch them at some time. Watching Yoko be sneaky is nothing new, but Sho's maniacal evilness is scarily fascinating. And scary. And of course, blah blah angsty emo past part is also interesting. :P

So it looks like this season, I will be trying to keep up with Atashinchi no Danshi, Hyoryu Net Cafe, and The Quiz Show 2. BOSS looks interesting as well, but subs are slow, so that one can wait.


May. 13th, 2009 07:54 am
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*eyes overhead slides nervously* How long does it take these things to dry? 'Cause mine are still smudging and I would kind of like to be able to use them in my presentation. But maybe I printed them on the wrong side? Augh.

Still have to run off to Kinko's to get thirty copies of my handout made. I've been awake for over an hour already, and went to sleep after five, so... yay, another almost all-nighter! I'm pretty sure I bothered my roommate in her sleep, so I feel sort of bad for that, but at least I'm finished with my stuff and she doesn't have class 'till 3pm. I plan to come back and nap, so [livejournal.com profile] swtjemz, if you see this... uh... just text me with the time you'll be by later? >.> I'll try to be awake long enough to establish that so Erika knows. XD

*smudge smudge smuge* D:

No more time! Waughzoom.
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To phrase things as I did in my diagnostic test report:

Plus (+)
+ EPIK HIGH TICKET arriving from home!
+ seeing everyone all dressed up all pretty
+ the appetizers, salad and dessert at Formal Dinner
+ finding a lovely dress at the mall that fits and is in a color that is not black or dark blue
+ the cute guys who work at the Japanese place in the mall - though at least one of them is probably Chinese... he was singing random songs while cooking (XD)
+ not being drunk
+ passing the "can you swivel your hips" test XD

Minus (-)
- crying for some unknown reason that probably has to do with realizing that once again, we're nearing The End
- the bruise on my shin from hitting it repeatedly on my bedframe in the last two days
- the bruise on my leg from my laptop falling off my desk and landing on it with its edge
- the bruise in the palm of my hand from my laptop falling off my desk (again) and nailing my hand with one of its corners (yes, I'm special. And my laptop falls because I have it sort of half off the desk sometimes, and if I gesture bigly, I sometimes hit it)
- burning my tongue on my tea at lunch
- and then feeling dehydrated
- being late with things

...'things' being a certain fic exchange. I am at the point where I'm treating it as a school assignment so I'll stop giving into distractions (like housemates and the Formal Dinner afterparty) and actually get it done. I know I probably shouldn't have signed up at all, since I did know it'd be around the end of the school year, but... ah, well. It's too late now, and if I didn't think I would fall asleep in the next fifteen minutes, I would pull an all-nighter if I had to, to finish it out of guilt. >.>

I went and made an angsty playlist of songs that remind me of people leaving/the end of things. Not quite as chill as the Jawaiian reggae, but more cathartic to listen to.

Okay, a plan: skimp on sleep tonight (original plan: sleep ALL DAY LONG, or, okay, until noon) so I can wake up tomorrow morning and finish the fic before Fanime meeting at 3pm. Oooooorrrrr, I will make it to the next Fanime meeting. Oops. I did not wake up with enough time to get all I needed to do done before getting to the convention center. >_< Send fic to beta. Sleep ALL DAY LONG (or until noon) on Sunday. I am very much looking forward to Sunday morning. XDDD

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I zoned out yesterday to the first episode of Godhand Teru, which was one of this season's dramas I was pretty curious about. And I really would like to like it because I like quite a few of the actors and the premise is interesting, but I am on the fence about it.

Ramble! )

Today, I watched the first two episodes of Atashinchi no Danshi to hopefully override the meh-disappointment of Godhand Teru, and I think I have found the (second) drama for me to actually keep up with this season. I was a bit leery when I heard Maki would be in this one, because as much as I liked her in Nobuta, I could not stand her character in Kurosagi, and I was wary of the character here being whiny or dumb, or, well, like many other female leads. >.>

But she seems like a pretty nice balance between being strong-willed and kick-ass, completely out of her league as a girl caught up in this contract, and still being feminine (and thus able to dispense pearls of wisdom). And I like her scheming plots a lot. XD

Er... cut for spoilers for Episode 2? )

Aside from the family, I liked the side characters as well. I thought the net cafe staff guy looked familiar, and it turns out he's Eita' younger brother, but I'm pretty sure he didn't remind me of Eita. He doesn't have mouse ears, after all...

Aaaaand yeah! I'm glad to have found a drama I can brainlessly enjoy. XD I've been keeping up with Hyoryu Net Cafe, which is on its fourth episode now, and the story's going pretty slowly. Someone has started translating it, but from what I read, they don't have a proofreader, so there are a lot of typos. Like most of the time "you're" is spelled as "your" and I don't think I can deal with that. XD But it doesn't really need subtitles, and I'm mostly watching for Shinpei anyways.

*sheep sheep*

Pokemon sprites are seriously cute. ♥
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Could not get to sleep AT ALL last night, much to my annoyance. I have what is basically a final exam (mmm, short answer questions!) at 9am, and I tried to go to sleep at 2am, which is cutting it close in terms of good sleep hours, I know. By 4:30, I was not sleeping at all. I was and am very tired, but at the same time, extremely restless. I know I was thinking too much every time I tried to settle down. Meditating didn't even work.

After last week's all-nighter and the havoc it wreaked on my sleeping patterns, I was really hoping to not pull another one of those, especially this soon after. And of course, the whole... night before a final exam part is a little worrying. I'm sure I won't fall asleep, but I probably won't be thinking quite as well as I usually do. On the other hand, it's in the morning, so I will have hopefully hit my second wind by then, in which case, I will be very awake.

And then I will crash.

Instead of working on That Fic I was going to work on today after my final. x_x

Well. I will wake up and work on That Fic tonight.

In other news, Pon posted a really adorable series of entries back in March (I mention it now because they're being translated now XD) as they toured Nagano, Okayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Kouchi. Lots of pictures of Pon and various lovely sceneries, lots of declarations that Pon will pwn all sorts of local specialties (like Momotaro's fighting spirit and... some kind of udon's long-neckedness), lots of hijinks with Tora (♥) in which their manager is redecorated, lots of adventures with food, a couple instances of Pon calling Saga 'Saga-chan' (which just amuses me), and random Pon-like things like, "The sunset with the sea in the background was really pretty. It feels more luxurious than any kind of delicious food."

Oh, I am really much more fangirly on the inside. >.>

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Still functioning on less than an hour of sleep, woo! My presentation went pretty well, though I really wish I would stop getting so nervous in front of people - it feels like it's worse than it was even last semester when people were less familiar, which is weird. I was also able to get my Audiology lab out of the way.

I can't believe it's May already... Saneh, who lived in the house last semester and came back to visit last week, left this morning for his home country of Thailand, and people are starting to take advantage of their last few weeks as housemates to go on weekend trips (Lani's in Vegas this weekend). Formal dinner invitations went out today, too. But I think the thing that made me realize just how close it is to the end of the school year was the last line of the most recent Fanime e-mail I received: Two and a half weeks to Con!!!


After the lab, I sped through the last few episodes of Pi Li MIT that I hadn't watched and... wow, Cherry Laoshi was not exaggerating when she said there was more family drama than a K-drama. XDD Not a bad show, but it definitely went down at the end. I felt like the way they tried to explain everything in the end didn't really match with a lot of the themes/actions of the earlier episodes, and the Big Twist was kind of between disappointing and WTF. Amusingly, there is one moment they totally stole from the Death Note movie (though maybe DN stole it from somewhere else, too) where they're using cameras to spy on a character and he's hiding a cell phone in a bag of chips he's eating. Gui Gui's character annoyed me so much I couldn't watch most of the last few episodes. She's just whiny and pouty and full of fail and yet all of the male characters just call her adorable and too cute and her boyfriend sticks gallantly with her to the end.

Granted, Arron's character is actually a bit of an ass sometimes, so maybe they deserve each other, but I don't buy that he'd tolerate her type as much as he did in the drama.

Sigh. There is so much music I want to buy. I still haven't ordered Epik High's latest project (or, well, any of their other CDs, since they're on mapthesoul too), so maybe I'll do that first, but I also want to buy ON/OFF's first CD ("Legend of Twins I" - they are srsly all about the twinlove; in the making of for one of their PVs about an eternal bond, Naoya says that his eternal bond is with Kazuya, and in another, they're asked about their treasures and each says the other brother), and perhaps Bergerac's mini-album. Andstuff.

Sorry if the dragons are getting annoying... I'm trying to see if I can get at least one of them to grow up without having to go to an ER. XD The adult daydream dragons (the light blue one) are so preeeetty, and I really like the new pinks, too.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Well, my paper is done, which is good, but now I'm at that point where I wonder about if I will oversleep if I sleep now, so maybe I should just stay up.

I have been drinking coffee milk, which is possibly making me jittery, and so is the moment of panic I just had because I think my lip piercing is trying to close, as my spacer would not go through easily, and I cannot find either of my two studs anywhere. I have a sinking feeling they are at home. I also have a feeling that one of the balls on the spiral lipring I'm wearing now will unscrew in my sleep and then I will have to buy another one... which... I am not really sure I want to do.


In other news, Kame is going to be playing a trainee teacher in the Gokusen movie! And his hair is not fail, at least from what I've seen so far. I remember rumors about them bringing back people from the old casts, but those were pre-Gokusen 3... I wonder if anyone else will turn up in a cameo, though it's not as though the cast isn't full enough of deliquency as it is, what with the Miura-Takaki group from Gokusen 3, plus Tamamori's crew from the special.

@___@ Sleep it is! And I will spare my flist from further jitterysleepy ramblings.

edit@6:35 Sleep is for the weak smart! *dies* Haven't done this in awhile! :D :D :D I wonder if sleeping through Audiology is okay.
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Kagrra no Su's last card game keeeeeled me. They are such lovely lovely dorks. I love it when Shin stops being shy and gets really into the game. XD And thank you Nao, for all of that gratuitous touchingtacklingfootsieplaying. :D This week has been grand for PSC: Miyavi on Sunday, watching the extra DVD from Alice Nine's Hello, Dear Numbers on an actual TV screen (I'd seen it before, but not in awhile, and damn, everyone is so pretty), general SCREW flailing, and now this. ♥

= Basically done with school now! Got a B- on my last test, but eh... as long as I pass (which I will). I overheard a girl telling someone she felt like she deserved to celebrate her semester since she thought that she "did good" this time, and didn't drop any of her classes! Any of her... two classes. Yeaaah. >.>

= Went to the dentist yesterday and ended up with a referral to a facial pain clinic thing in SF. The nightguard he gave me for a trial run had actually made my jaw lock up more (i.e. every night, and even for a few nights after I stopped using it). Sigh.

= Signed up for my third behind-the-wheel test, a day before the transfer info day at SJSU and two days before my permit expires again.

= Sold one of my books back today for $58. Maybe I'll splurge after all. Stupid Queen of Pirates disrupting my nice little indies J-rock buying plan.

= Brain feels like this: @_@

= Going to get a Venus flytrap today. I want to get two so I can have one in my room. It shall be named Ryo-chan~ with the tilde. And hopefully I will not kill it.

= That Day In the Life meme looks interesting, but I think I will wait until... well, I guess I could start it tomorrow, but Friday seems like an odd day to start on. Maybe Saturday? I feel memeish and jumpy, though that's possibly because I got two hours of sleep and drank coffee (decaf, but still).

= How shall I cut my hair? Not too short, but I want to do something new(ish).


Apr. 25th, 2008 01:46 pm
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Did not sleep last night, and clearly am out of practice (fortunately) with pulling all-nighters, since I kept falling asleep during the day.

But there's something cool about coming home and flipping through the entertainment section of the paper and seeing:

Just Announced
Miyavi. May 19. Slim's. (On Sale Sunday.) (415) 255-0333. www.slims-sf.com.

It sounds silly, but it's kind of like, "YAY mainstream newspaper," even though it's just a standard sort of blurb. Also, ooh, another SF date! Not that I can go, since that's finals week, but hey.

...And of course, I really want to nap and my birds are being boisterous and fighting. -.-

Note to self: Practica Musica.

Hee, Akishoupon having dinner~ Kay, sleeping now.
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WTF. I need to stop posting when I'm really tired, even if I'm thinking, "YES, I'm done! I will post today and be productive and THEN go to bed!" I always wake up the next morning feeling like I was drunk - you know where you can't quite remember what you did, but you know you did something, but it seems like it could've been a dream?

And then I went to make sure I hadn't completely messed up my HTML or something, and my end note for this fic ('cause that's usually what I stay up late posting) reads:

[So tired. Will read for big holes and things tomorrow, but if you spot any now, let me know. I'm the Wookie.]

...I have no idea why I'm the Wookie. -.-

In an annoying trend of continuing to slam my formerly-splinted finger into drawers and doors, I caught it in the door to the garage yesterday, and now there is a blood blister. Sigh. So clumsy.

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I am watching Yamapi do magic tricks with Monsieur Pierre on Utaban, and they are totally using a Cirque du Soleil song as Dramatic Mysterious Background Music. (perhaps from "O", I think?) I am so easily amused. They repeated the first five seconds about eight times, and sort of cut and spliced a bit, but it is definitely Cirque. XD

Tonight, we went to Chefs Without Borders' Anti Human-Trafficking Gala, also presented by the Asian Chefs Association. It was MCed by a couple of local newscasters, and Martin Yan (of Yan Can Cook fame) was the auctioneer. XD He kept berating everyone for not bidding, and there was a bit of a Rush Hour moment when he exclaimed, "Do you understand English?" and then translated the current bid amount to Cantonese just in case. :P

My brother fanboyed Roy Yamaguchi (who looked both younger and shorter than I thought he'd be). He asked for a picture with him, and then told him he loved his restaurants. Hee~

And of course, the food was fantastic. Not a lot, since it was just little samples from a lot of different restaurants, but enough. Along with the food, there was a fashion show highlighting the cultures Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, three countries where human trafficking is especially severe. What was cool about that (for me) was that all of the models were Southeast Asian as well. The producer and Vietnamese star of Holly also presented a trailer for the movie, and the girl was so shy that she could barely speak. There was a live auction and a raffle, which were sort of boring aside for Martin Yan's aggressive auctioneering. XD

Plus, I like dressing up. Except that I hadn't worn heels in probably a year, so walking from the parking garage to the hotel where the event was held was a bit teetering.
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ARGH. I woke up exactly an hour late today (8am), and if I leave the house after 8:04, unless I run to the train station (which I physically... can't, without losing consciousness at some point), I will be late for my 9:30 class. And I have had a test. At least the teacher drops our two lowest scores, and her tests aren't very hard - and though I'd still would've preferred to drop two tests that I actually took, I'm glad she does that. In any other class, this probably would've meant a dramatic drop in my grade. >.>

I had a very chaotic dream in which my family was throwing a homecoming party for my brother, so I was running around making sandwiches and ice cream cones (er... filling ice cream cones?) in this underground lair and then running them back up to our house. And for some reason, my room had a door to the outside, so everyone kept coming in through my bedroom instead of the front door - a bunch of relatives, and some high school friends, and then this random huge gaggle of people who were hailed as "some of those Arashi guys," but did not actually resemble JE!Arashi at all. In the underground lair next to mine, there were two young scientists who'd separated out all of the components of a person on an almost-molecular level (or else they had everything in highly-magnified little glass bubbles - but this was a dream, it doesn't need to make sense) and were very excited about this. The components of people were multi-colored little structures of varying, generally-round shapes made of tiny dots. ...like the diagrams of molecules/compounds in textbooks, basically.

So I had a busy dream, and I didn't even hear my alarm go off, and woke up and was instantly stressed again. X_x

Well. I will chill out here for a bit, and then go and work on some tutoring stuff, I guess. There's no point in angsting about that test anymore. But I should figure out if my alarm is actually going off.
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Everyone should go check out Pesoguin. It's where the penguin from a few entries ago came from; Ryou sent Kai another little penguin, so I decided to see if there were more. And zomg, there are. If you hover or click on any of the ones bobbing around at the top, they do things. :DDD

[livejournal.com profile] l33t_dreams made me an awesome, Takeru-ish pillow - meaning it's pink and leopard-print. And AWESOME. It's also been helping me sneak at night, so yay! I use pillows to prop myself up in bed when I am on late at night when I'm not supposed to be. According to my mom, my laptop should stay on my desk. It should not actually ever be on my lap. BUT AWESOME PILLOW.

And Kame is going to be on Aiba's aminal show again, because 1 Pound Gospel was filming nearby(?). There's a little preview clip around of him with an adorable baby otter:

...realistically, this is right before the otter bites him. XD No, no, I don't think that happens. If you ever want to hear me verbally flail, aminals are the way to go. Just FYI. XD

Time has come to decide where I'm going in the fall. Compare and contrast! )

Oh! We start tutoring next week - Tuesday for me. It's kind of nice to know that other people in the class seem just as nervous about this as I do. XD I have two female students, both ESL. One speaks Spanish, and the other Mongolian (and I cannot pronounce her first name at all >.>). I was kind of hoping for a language with a structure I know better, since I think that'd help me identify the sources for some writing issues that seem to come up, but it should be fine. I think my biggest worry right now is where exactly the first-day paperwork we have to fill out is in the tutoring room. XD

Other classes are going well. Music theory is turning out to be my most UGH NO class, not because I'm not interested in it, but because the teacher is not very good at teaching. I'm three points away from an A in Geography, absorb information in Art History like a good little sponge, think that ECE is a bit boring/common-sense but sort of interesting I guess, and pretty much love the Tutor Training class. It's really refreshing to have a class in college where everyone gets to know each other. Plus, I have my lunch buddy friend from Tokyo to talk Japanese/Chinese with. XD Even though it gets confusing.

Note to self: Remember that there is a usually a point in dramas that you are interested in where they start getting into what will be the Bigger Plot, and that it seems to occur around episode 4 or 5 and that you should not watch those on school nights because then you will want to know what happens and end up staying up too late. Also, four hours of sleep does not count as Alright, Enough just because it's only an hour away from five which is only an hour away from six which is A Really Good Amount of Sleep (but not really). -.-

Today, my hot chocolate with whipped cream not only had whipped cream but chocolate sauce and green sprinkles on it. :D

...clearly, I've been saving up a lot of babbling.

en la vida

Feb. 19th, 2008 11:28 am
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+ LiZ!Kai posts some cute pics. XD This one was sent to him by Ryou, I think.

+ On March 03, I will have had my LJ for five years, and in five entries (after this one), I'll reach 1,000 posts.

+ I think I landed on my finger funny last night in aikido; it's kind of swollen now.

+ I got 2.5 hours of sleep last night, the least amount of sleep in awhile. It's weird how lack of sleep somehow makes textures and patterns stand out a lot more, even while my brain feels kind of like mush.

+ It seems it was supposed to start raining again this week. I forgot. I looked outside, saw brightness behind the clouds (big looming clouds), went outside, decided it wasn't that cold, and so am now cold. As it is raining.

+ I don't remember last night's dream at all. I remember the night before's just enough to know that it wasn't horribly violent or otherwise traumatizing. I'm not sure if it got better that night because I was awake enough to meditate properly before falling asleep, or because I'd cried a fair amount that night. I used to cry myself to sleep a lot when I was younger.

+ There is a mourning dove in a surprisingly sturdy-looking nest outside. Mourning doves are notorious for building ridiculous nests that don't look like they should work at all, either because they're flimsy or on an unsteady surface.

+ Am back in my first RP fight after a good break. It's fun. I've got bonesetter and cattales (aka purplepink!Ueda who is half-cousins with GLAY's Takuro - PBs are fun - and FLH's Aaron), if any of you non-RP peeps are curious enough to click. Mm, violence.

+ I will go get lunch now, I think.

= GIP! Last night, I remarked upon Taku's pants at the Jack in the Box live, and [livejournal.com profile] dammitliv said, "Taku is awesome pants :D" and I decided it should be iconed. >.> He really is awesome pants, though.
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Forgive my crappy touchpad writing, and my inability to spell Cantonese words. XD The mouse's name is Mousedude, and he's one half of the crime-fighting rodent duo named Hamsterman and Mousedude. He was created and drawn by one of my best friends/the co-author (I was Hamsterman), and scanned and traced and gifted with props by me, so don't steal it. Or him.

And as tagged by [livejournal.com profile] sugarless_666:

The Seven Things Meme )

Also, if anyone is interested in Chinese Astrology and what it says about you (whether you believe in it, or are just curious), I'm going to throw out my annual-ish offer to work out peoples' profiles/fortunes-for-the-year. If you're interested, comment with:

Date of birth: MM/DD/YY
Time of birth: (rounded to the nearest half hour is fine; don't forget AM or PM!)
E-mail address:

And if you'd like to hear about your possible compatibility with another sign, also include their birthdate.

Comments are screened; those without horoscopal stuff in them will be unscreened. Remember to take these with a grain of salt; there are so many readings that by the end, you might have been told you're suited for a job in the arts, as a lawyer, a potter, a CEO, a restaurant host, a horse trainer, and everything in between. :P
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More to follow on that! Eventually. But it has to do with this new default icon. And a semi-new void where I actually understand bits of things without English subtitles (though Mandarin ones help!), and where last night's Word-That-Jumped-Out-At-Me was "bīng qí lín" ('ice cream') of all things. And how I think that we should all communicate via emoticon (I was going to attempt to write that bit in Chinese, but my grammar is so rusty, you're spared - for now). I wish I was better at outward squeeing. I squee a lot internally... >.>

Also, revenge for being pulled into that void known as Jpop. >.> Though I guess I'm not complaining too much.

And, just 'cause:

Look! I made a band!

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random
The first article title on the page is the name of your band.

2. http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3
The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.

3. http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/
The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

You then take the pic and add your band name and the album title to it, then post your pic.

...very Windham Hill, methinks )

I'm seriously pondering a username change, and I am pretty sure of what I would change my username to which is a lot further along than I was when I mentioned this before. But do I want to pay LJ more than I already do, though? Do I want to continue having a username that is ultimately meaningless..?


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