Aug. 12th, 2009 12:24 pm
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Another Jasmine You mention: Revenant Choir has a page up with translated blog entries/messages from other people in the J-rock industry. Sono and Anzi's are there (along with the entries from the rest of Matenrou), and their translators are waay better than me, so yeah. I'm just relived I wasn't completely off-base on everything. >.> Also, that I don't have to try and translate anything anymore (to satisfy my own curiosity), since Asagi's entry is long and Asagi-ish, and therefore very poetic and... epic. But very nice. And Soan's post is just heart-breaking. Most of the other people who posted knew Jasmine in some way or who just felt connected to him through their music/instrument, or if they were closer friends, their posts are still somewhat guarded, but Soan's isn't.

Excerpts... don't really know why )

But after I read that page, I came across Miyavi's latest MySpace post. And ignoring the scraggles on his chin, it and the accompanying picture, lifted my mood:

The post with the picture properly in place )
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I've discovered that these days - regardless of whether or not I'm especially hormonal - watching movies makes me cry really, really easily. Sometimes, nothing sad will be happening; I'll just start crying. It's a little worrying. But today, I was watching the extra stuff on the DVD for the last season of Friends, a show that I really enjoyed, but never thought I'd cry over. And I cried.

Then I came on LJ and saw a slew (starting with [ profile] l33t_dreams's, which made me feel like I'd electrocuted myself) of posts about Jasmine You having passed away. I really don't know what to say. I hadn't heard of him before Versailles, and Versailles wasn't my favorite band, but I guess... well, Iris and I had made a whole AU 'verse in which Jasmine You was pretty much the regal, kickass queen, so I've had a soft spot for him for awhile. And his shoot in the latest Rock & Read was just so pretty, and relatively... undressed (for Versailles), that I'd really hoped we'd get to know more and see more of him from different angles like that one.

I can't really think straight right now. It's hard to be in a state of shock and trying to figure out how to grieve (the word seems a bit strong for someone I didn't ever meet, but I think it fits well enough), while someone who is completely ignorant of this nags you about household chores and school-related things. :/

...but I can think that it is kind of disgusting that the second comment to that S-T post is just, "I've always wondered what would happen if someone from a vk band died..." WTF. Unfortunately, this isn't the first time this has happened - I don't suppose this person has heard of, oh, hide? Or Kami? That aside, it just seems in poor taste, even if she wasn't a fan of the band.


Jul. 28th, 2009 08:37 am
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I want to go back to sleeeeep~ I woke up at 7:30 and don't know why. And for the first time ever, Solitaire froze today, which is not a good sign.

On the other hand, there is Aki amusement: One would not think that being called "shitty," would be a good thing, but Aki thinks it's cute (heart) (also like the do-M tag XD).

And did we already hear about Tegoshi and Aki having dinner together? I think it was just Tegoshi having dinner with Hyde and Takuro, yes? Tego gets around~ Nothing against him, but I sort of wish it was someone else with all of these fun little connections, just 'cause I like my crackbunnies, and I dunno... I feel like with Tego, they're not all that cracky. Plus, it just would've been funnier if it'd been Massu. XD

SID also talks about how they're so secretive, and how they use janken to decide who pays for things. I'd have thought that Mao would've learned his lesson about that by now. :P

In other Jrock news... this does not spell leader-sama to me. Oh, Kai. I do find myself somewhat intrigued, though, and Jasmine You should definitely look like this more often (though maybe with a different coat >.>).

And in non-Jrock, but still link-happy, news: WTF. Police in Mobile, Alabama pepper-sprayed and tasered a basically-deaf, mentally-disabled man (though they didn't know that until afterwards) when he wouldn't come out of a store restroom because he didn't understand what they wanted, and then justified that amount of force by saying that the man had a potential weapon - an umbrella.

Now to maybe try and sleep for another hour. >.>


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