Jun. 9th, 2010 12:49 am
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This will be a J-rock post! With numbers. No, emoji. Emoji are fun.

LiZ!Kai is in a new, formally-named session band! He and Ryou have been playing in groups ever since Vict and Yuu left, while Rei has been completely MIA. It's sad that I'm pretty sure LiZ is not going to come off of its "hiatus" but I'm not surprised. They're an ickle indies band, after all. And it's nice that Kai is still around for once! My favorite is not the one leaving the scene or becoming a host. The group is called Gakudan Hitori 2, and Ruchi, who recently left xTRiPx (for the second time - he was their first bassist, left, and then came back as their 'third') is in it as well.

Interesting that Kai won't be playing with them for their last three lives in July due to "personal feelings." I wonder what that means.

These shots of Versailles are pretty (and f-locked), though I kinda want to laugh at Kamijo. >.> But when I first clicked the link, my initial reaction was, "Wait, that's not the full set..." Ah, still.

Hm. Miku has a new band. I guess it makes sense, since An Cafe did go on hiatus to let its members pursue solo things, but it seems a little late? And it is weird to see Miku looking almost normal and not like a giant-eyed... creature thing. >.> That sounds meaner than it's supposed to be.

I really, really like Satsuki's image/theme/whatever (what with the wings and everything - is anyone surprised? XD). And yet I've listened to his music, maybe once? Will rectify this one day.

Looking at scans at [ profile] jrock_scans just reminds that I am still amazed at how giant and goofy Maaya from LM.C is IRL. Like, srsly. He looks shorter than Aiji in 90% of their promo things, and somehow, the shots of them standing next to each other (where Maaya is gigantic) never registered. XD

ViViD with Yoshiki and Toshi at Japan Expo in Paris... such a weird combination to me. XD Okay, they aren't playing together or even on the same day, but still!

Belated, but saaad about Canzel's impending disbandment. Surprised, too, despite them being an ickle Indies band.

I just tried to go to LiZ's OHP and I'm getting "Object not found!" :O They're still linked on Speeddisk's site, though. Really, I'd just like a solid, "LiZ is disbanding" post - I'm expecting them to, but this limbo state keeps that tiny sliver of hope alive against my better judgment.

Aaaaand, that's it. I am le tired, and I need to not sleep all morning like I did when I had yesterday off. :P


Nov. 11th, 2009 01:24 pm
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Vict is leaving LiZ at the end of the year, along with Yuu. ;_; Still waiting on a better translation for Ryou's post, but from what I got through (which was, admittedly, not the entire thing), the remaining three are going to continue with the band. Though he could just mean that LiZ will continue through the end of the year, since I could be missing some context due to lack of reading-the-whole-thing.

Well, I hope they stick around, and while it makes me sad to see Vict and Yuu leave, perhaps they'll get a new member or two who can pick the band up and maybe give them whatever it is they need to move towards an album release, or another mini-album, even.

Also, this came up on my Facebook feed today:

Last year, some of the film students at the I-House put this funny little mock-reality show together as an entry in the campus film festival. It revolves around a paranoid American, a womanizing Frenchman, and an incomprehensible Englishman who pines for a Chinese girl (...and IRL, when I first met Suraj, I could not understand him at all). It turned out pretty well, and I think we made it to the semi-finals - plus, there's some nice nostalgia for me. XD

...I was going to work on icons today. Oops. That will have to start happening after lunch. >.>

Another amusing tidbit: It'd figure the pretty heavily-tattooed bassist for xTRiPx would be the one to make a post about Kimutaku and SMAP. XD
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So, let's recap happenings in Jrock this year... just since this summer, even:

July - Bergerac announces their disbandment. Tatsuha disappears (and becomes a host, but I didn't know that at the time).
August - Jasmine You passes away.
September - Bergerac's last live. SCREW announces that Yuuto is leaving on December 31st way to ruin the new year, Yuu-chan.

Bergerac was one of my favorite semi-little indies bands, and well, obviously, Jasmine You passing away was a big deal for a lot of even casual fans. And YUUTO. ;_;

The latest casualty is Yuu from LiZ, who announced today that he would be leaving the band on December 27th.

Granted, of all the bands I follow, I would be the least surprised by a disbanding/departure message from LiZ, since they are so ickle. So I'm not entirely shocked, but it's still disappointing, especially since he's been there since the beginning. I hope they stay together, and I hope he turns up again somewhere (Iris suggested that maybe he and Yuuto and other Yuu-people will start a band). And I'll admit, I am glad it's not Kai or Vict leaving - I would definitely not be this calm. Though the fact that I haven't slept yet is probably helping the calm. I feel drugged. >.>

...and my iTunes is seriously plugged into my brain. Earlier, I was iconning Versailles, and Versailles kept playing, and I have 3700 songs on shuffle. At least I already have a LiZ tag - unlike the belated tags I made for Tatsuha and Yuuto. Sigh. I need sleep. @_@
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1) Your A9 picspam of the day:

I seriously srsly want his hair. I've wanted to dye my hair purple (or parts of my hair) for years, but I haven't done it yet because I am a chicken. One day, one day...

2) The CDs I ordered back in May through Noriko have finally reached me! So I am listening to Queen of Pirates for the first time. Even though this was an expensive purchase overall, I think this one was definitely worth it (but next time? Not ordering through Amazon). ♥ For some reason, it never registered with me that the Kyosuke Himuro who wrote "Keep the Faith" was the same one who sings "Answer" with GLAY and "Calling" from the Advent Children soundtrack. Also, I got a pretty blond+chains Vict card with LiZ's Ruika, and it's great to see their lyrics for once. Ryou actually wrote both the music and the lyrics for "The Last Pulse" (which features a lot of Engrish) and the music for "Ruika," which Vict wrote the lyrics for. When I get a job, I think I will invest more in LiZ. XD

3) Articles for the house newsletter are due tonight. The theme/question has to do with what morals/ethics/philosophies people can learn from our cultures or what we've learned from someone elses/our own, and I have no idea. Originally, it had more to do with folktales, which was actually my idea, but this is different.


4) This mood icon pretty much sums up how I feel when the "Yay, shiny CDs!" buzz is gone. Blaaaargh. I hate being just sick enough that sitting through class is really uncomfortable but not sick enough to really justify staying home and sleeping. Though this is better in a way, because then... well, I don't have to stay in bed all day.

5) Possibly getting a ride home tomorrow, which would be lovely. Maybe this time, he won't leave without telling me. :P


Sep. 8th, 2008 05:06 pm
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LiZ!Kai's tongue is pierced. *_*

This news is almost worthy of its own post. XD I guess someone asked him for a piercing count, because he posted one:

Right ear: 7
Left ear: 6
Mouth (or, well, he might as well have put 'lower lip'): 4
Eyebrow: 1
Tongue: 1
Nose (but it's either closed up or he's just not wearing something in it for pictures - the translation is a bit fuzzy): 1

Littlefox. ♥ I want a picture of this tongue piercing, pls.

Also finally got D's Last Indies Live thing off the external and onto my computer without anything exploding, so I watched that yesterday. I fast-fowarded through parts of some songs and also dozed off in a couple bits, but I watched the glompy hugs at the end a few times because Asagi needs love. ♥

When I am finished with that, I will have over 2gb free on my harddrive, which is a first. Maybe I should try wrangling Satomi Hakkenden on so I can actually watch that properly too. Shoooooon.
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Well, my next post was going to be a HELLO NEW FRIENDS + JE Meetup recap post, but then, LiZ happened, so HELLO NEW FRIENDS, this is a little indies Jrock band that Liz flails over a lot. Like, whenever they do something, and especially when they change their costumes. Which isn't all that often. BUT IT'S HAPPENED AGAIN (last time was in March or April).

Like last time, their profile pics haven't been updated at the same time as their group pic, but hopefully they'll change them more quickly than before. >.>

Oh, Ryou. On the plus side, it doesn't look like he's crimping his hair this time. On the not-plus side, his head looks seriously odd-shaped, which I think might have something to do with the camera/how-it-was-shot as well as... Ryou's hair being too short and his head being odd-shaped.

KAI. Why is Kai so giant-looking? XDD But pretty! *so biased* Okay, his head is a little odd-looking too, in a balloony sort of way. But I think it's mostly because I am not used to him being so tall next to Ryou (and even Rei).

Rei is all rawr again, which I'd been seeing in blog pictures, but it looks much better here. Um... yeah... that's about it for the tiny rawr vocalist. :P

I think I remember Yuu talking about cutting his hair, or maybe that was someone else (I know Shun did, but I thought Yuu had too. Maybe?), but this is unexpected! In a good way. His hair has so many spiky bits they distract from the weirdness of his chin, which is actually not all that weird in this picture. Relatively not weird. >.>

Aaaaannnd lovely little Vict. :DD Who is getting prettier and prettier, even with that purpleblue blob on his face. I would like to see the other side of his face, though - I spy facepaint... seems to be 'in' now, which I do not mind at all. It's interesting. XD

As for the new costumes... well, somehow, they seem a little more uniform than they've been in the past, and I will miss Kai's armwarmers from before (things with laces - not shoes *_*), but it's cool to see them in new things. And I like purpleblue, so the color scheme is pretty to me. I wish we'd get more full shots of them, though.

edit: Profile pics! )

*blinks* And now even the flailiness of LiZ getting new clothes is not enough to keep me awake. I hope! It'd be nice to get decent sleep. :P
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Things that made me happy over the weekend (and we'll ignore the things that didn't because I'm trying to end on a good note, here):

1) Mao's hamsters sleeping in a pile. Mao's hamsters in general. I miss fluffy pets that don't beep and hiss at one another early in the morning.

2) D's new PV. Enigma mentioned the Gacktness, but it does have srs Gackt vibes. It's like Mizerable + Redemption with different colors and a slightly different setting, which is not BAD, since that means violins and feathers and wings. ♥

3) Sleeping in.

4) Kanjani8 in general. >.>

5) Epik High's new album. Which I haven't listened to yet. But there's pretty much no way they can go wrong right now. :D

6) Chocolate-covered gummies.

7) New Photoshop brushes.

8) LiZ!Kai getting better after a five day 100-102F fever + infection! Somewhat better. Not!hospital better.

9) WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH NEW PROFILE IMAGES FOR LIZ FINALLY. *__* Rei and Kai haven't really changed and yet. And yet. Everything is so much more vibrant now. ...Yuu, your hair/forehead/head looks weird now too. Smile more and then I can maybe overlook that. Vict is officially really really pretty. His makeup reminds me of Cirque. Ryou... for some reason looks out of place with the rest of the set. Not because of him, exactly, but the shadows and lighting and whatnot of his picture.

...anyways, we can definitely tell which of these things I experienced in the past and which I discovered while writing this post. >.>


Apr. 4th, 2008 10:59 pm
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Sorry Yasu, but the happy!bee is just not quite fitting my current mood. >.> Therefore, I have a new, not seasonally-themed default icon. 'Cause Kai is a little* fox. <3

Tomorrow is orientation day at SJSU, which means I get to wake up at 6:00am on a Saturday to catch a train to arrive at school by 9am. x_x Originally, the parents were going with me, but Mom decided that I need to practice taking the train by myself, which I am being absurdly anxious about. Well, buying/getting the ticket. Stupid nerves.

* - Kai finally admitted his height: 164cm. XD He's taller than Vict and Rei (who is a Short Blond Vocalist at 159-160cm), and maybe a few centimeters shorter than Yuu, while Ryou LOOMS at 175/175cm. XD

For some reason, Kai recently posted in their OHP's blog a clarification that he likes women more than men. XD Which Yuu followed with a post clarifying that he and Kai aren't In A Relationship and that he likes women too. It came after something Yuu said during an MC for a recent show ("Kai wa ore no dakara," the meaning of which is unclear to me, since I am not used to sentences ending with 'dakara' >.>). Rei added that they're both "explaining things in the diary - suspicious! Fufufu." *paraphrases/uses Google Translator*

Hungry. Tired. Cried three times today for no apparent reason. (-_-);
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BUT I DID IT ANYWAY. ZOMG LIZ. Er, not me-Liz, band-LiZ. *______*

VICT IS BLOND. And... not quite pretty, since it's Vict, who used to be all dark and glowery and now is BLOND and shiny and has beautiful wingy eye makeup. But he's something. He-llo. *_*

Kai's hair is brighter! Which I already knew. >.> But I like it! Rei's silver has been gone for awhile, so the blond isn't surprising, but he looks older now, I think. Yuu's chin is still really weird. >.> And Ryou is like Gaze!Kai... he doesn't change. :P I wish he would at least stop crimping his hair, though, but I think it was worse before.

I also like their new name/logo design. Very swirly., if only they would change their individual profile pics too, then I could get more decent icons out of this. *still doesn't have a Kai icon* *wants a Vict one too now*

In other news, I am crying at EVERYTHING today. I will blame this on hormones and being Yasu - I tease because I love, rly a girl. Also, I've discovered I can fit under my desk very nicely. >.>
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What. what. No one told me people finally put LiZ's comments up on YouTube. What!

This one has embedding disabled. It's older (not much, since Kai's there), and everyone is crammed onto a small staircase. XD

This one is longer (yay!), slightly clearer (yay!) and more recent (yay!). Ryo cannot be seen very well because he's hiding behind Rei and picking at his hair the entire time, but at least you can tell when he speaks since his voice is the deepest. Rei does most of the talking anyways. Yuu reminds me a bit of Yuuya at the end of this one, but... not crazy.

They are generally sort of giggly and squee. LiZ! ♥♥♥ I have much love for this ickle band.

There was going to be a story here about Liz (me liz, not band liz) and my moment of failure with a cute prolly-Korean guy, but I just typed it out in AIM, so I am going to be lazy and copy-paste. And it's really not that exciting. This sort of thing just doesn't happen often with me, so it was kind of fun. XD

So I sez... )

edit: And this one was actually uploaded when I made my pimp post. How did I not find it before? o.O
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It is 1:03am... and now we shall see how long it takes me to type this up... Anyways, today it is Yuu's birthday (*points at icon*), and if I wait around to finish pseudo-translating the one questionnaire/survey I have for LiZ, I would never make this post, so....

LiZ - the band with the coolest name in the world )

Edit: Oh, God, this layout is horrible for pimp posts. I need a wider layout. x_x Which is sort of sad since I spent days just trying to fix this one...


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