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Because I don't think something like this fits in my profile (I guess when I see them, I feel like it's bragging on some level?), but I do want to keep track of the lives I've seen. And okay, it's bragging on some level. XD I'm glad I've been able to see all of these people in concert. I'm only including pop/rock/contemporary music concerts, since classical ones would require me to dig through my envelope of random ticket stubs. Yes, I are a packrat.

...and I really do like lists. No, I don't know why I'm not sleeping yet; staying up this late just makes me weird(er)...

Concerts attended )

And soon, Utada will be on there, too! Woo~ Still not sure about Jero, since it'd be cool to go, but I don't really listen to him (which... doesn't really matter, since I didn't really listen to Hyde when I bought my ticket for that, either) and I think I should start conserving my money more if I'm to be on my own starting in June. >.>
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I used to hate shopping (and still kinda do, when I can't find anything, or when it's really crowded), but now I think I like it when I go by myself. Even if it is still frustrating to find things I like but not in my size, which often happens. And I dream of the day where I can go shopping for things I don't strictly need and not feel vaguely guilty about buying them. But it helps that my mom is willing to bribe me to go by offering to pay for some things. >.>

Made my bi-yearly trip to SF's Amoeba to scope out the J-pop/rock section, which has once again moved within the store. They're also still really pushing Kanon Wakeshima, since she performed a little set there. I spent $50, for which I got Kagrra's Shizuku (limited edition - $15), An Cafe's Gokutama Rock Cafe (Maru Music's US release - $10), V6's ∞ INFINITY ($5) and Volume 6 ($5), Utada's Exodus ($5), and Yuna Ito's Heart ($5). Granted, An Cafe's is the only new CD - the rest are used - but still!

Since I was supposed to be buying a nice coat and fingerless gloves, I actually went clothes-shopping, too, and found some nice things - though not fingerless gloves. Yay, otherwise. I still need to go book-hunting before this weekend.

And because my 5-year-old iPod is finally dying, I am contemplating what to get next. It may be an iPhone. >.>

Hm, hm, hm.

Because I like lists: To-Do Before Going Back to School~ )
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So very, very cold.

Note to self: work on V6 icon challenge before you lose it!

Also, sleeping before 4am is good, because now I am hungry. And now it's 5:30am, because I'm past the point of being tired and am in zombie mode. Frozen zombie mode. I'm also in list mode because I spent many many many hours today putting my mental notes into a pimp/resource post which is still not finished. It is about 4,000 words/codings closer to being finished than yesterday, though.

So as a frozen list-making zombie, I am going to start a list of fellow J-rockers blogging about SCREW, since Yuuto's last live is now over (yeah, I failed a few days ago when I thought it was the 7th. Am having serious date fail these days; it's a little worrying). ;_; Obviously, this is a work in progress, and will be updated as I blogstalk more after I sleep.

= ViViD's Ryouga
= ViViD's Reno
= ViViD's Sin (what good kouhai)
= Jin
= Yuuto
= Manabu
= Kazuki

It is a short list right now. :P
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Gotta say, it's a bit discouraging when you are the maker of three of four entries in an icontest and the fourth icon wins. XD It's a nice icon, so I'm not bitter or anything, and well, it's just an icontest. It's just kinda funny/sad (especially because I was joking with my roomie about me losing), since I rather liked all three of my entries.

I am home for Thanksgiving now. We went out for Chinese food tonight at the restaurant I've been going to since... birth, probably. Their cha siu wonton is probably one of my most favorite foods ever. ♥

Got lots of work to do on this break: cooking, writing papers, doing projects for the Ihouse, and being a good Faniminion. Some of these assignments are more fun than others. :P

To-Do, Turkey Edition
Shoosh, Ameba doesn't have a turkey and the only chicken was a baby >.> Snickerdoodles?
Be a Kitchen Grunt
Laundry! Also, don't forget formal dress.
EDAU 172 - Website homework - due... 12/1
COMM 174 - Research intercultural conflict in the US!! - due 12/07
LING 123 - Paper on apes vs. humans! - due 12/3
EDSP 162 - Discussion question #5! - due 12/2
Monitor Secret Santa :D
Clean kitchen more x__x ( general, since I am obvs not at school to do it now)
Google shtuff.
Holiday cards!
Icon NaNo!!

...yokay. That is totally all do-able. \o/?

And Lee Joon has swine flu, poor bebe. His bandmates may have it as well. >.>
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I meant to post this before, but I kept forgetting... [ profile] dammitliv linked me to it, and I think it is kind of awesome. To be honest, I couldn't watch the whole thing because as great as Michael Jackson's music is, the man himself creeps me out after awhile. >.>

This is the second part, but the uploader also has the first and third parts. Basically, MJ was in Japan and showed up at one of SMAP's rehersals to surprise them. I love when he first appears... Kimutaku's automatic peace sign, Shingo's fangirling, Nakai's incessant, disbelieving, "Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson?", Kusanagi's English introduction (and on an unrelated sidenote, he really looks Korean. Well, he reminds me of Jonghyuk, who I thought was Japanese when I first saw him, so maybe he looks Japanese after all XD), Goro's... dancing... Part 3 has handshakes, MJ being intrigued by the giant TV screen, and SMAP (but especially Nakai and Shingo) acting as MJ's bodyguards.

An unneccessary list of wishful thinking )

That list can best be summed up as "Needs Money!". -_- And time passes a lot more quickly than I think it does, sometimes - it's now almost 2:30am. *scoots off to sleep*
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I have a feeling that - for better or worse - this list will be much more expansive than my reading/movie list. >.>

Yup, it is. )
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Because I am indulging my list-making mood...

Dragons and their Husbandry )
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I have generally been failing at reading and watching things that aren't cheesy J-drama-esque type things, but I feel like indulging my list-making compulsion tonight, so! Not in chronological order AT ALL.

Reading List 2009 )

And the movies, cheesy YouTube-watched ones inclusive. I went through a boys-love phase, and watched quite a few of those while looking for ones with happy endings. >.> Also not in chronological order

Movie List 2009 )
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I am majorly behind on things. -_- I have writing to do/finish, and about a month's worth of banners for both of my icontests, along with other graphics things. I have pictures to send to friends from last August, December and January. >.> And pictures to post from UCSC (see, slacking), Christmas, and my laptop-less time - I needed to amuse myself somehow.

In the meantime, I will put up my book list because [ profile] ephignia likes them, and I shamelessly stole her table headings.

Reading List 2007 )

And because I like lists, I am also keeping a table of the movies I see this year. In both cases, I'm only listing things I haven't read/seen before, a'course.

Movie List 2007 )

I'm open to suggestions of things to add to either of those lists! Particularly the reading one, since I am so literarily out of it these days. ._. Conversely, if you're curious about anything, ask and I shall do my best to summarize/review it. It's safe to say that if it makes it to the list, I liked it (though by the middle of After the Banquet, I sort of wanted to just finish the book for finishing's sake... Mishima can get a bit depressing), though.

In-class essay on Hamlet tomorrow. I'm gonna kick its ass (:P), but I'm still getting nervous. It's annoying.


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