Jun. 6th, 2010 01:05 am
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My feet are dying. Even though I was on my feet a lot at Fanime, at least I felt like I was doing something most of the time, even if it was just walking around looking for cameras, or running around the convention center carrying things. It's better than feet hurting hurting hurting from standing in one place doing nothing for hours on end.

Which is what my job is, basically. XD Especially now that we have become a Pandora Concept Store, so all our furnishings are Pandora-dictated, which means a) the beads are arranged inconveniently (both for us and for people wanting to look at them), so I can't easily play with them like I did before, and b) THE CHAIRS ARE GONE. ;____________; No more sitting places in the store. Which means I have 45 minutes for lunch - about half that time is spent sitting, I'd say - and ~8 hours of standing. Plus time for waiting for trains and things. Plus shoes that are nice but not that great for standing that long. It's not too bad when I'm actually doing things, but yeah, we don't get a huge amount of business, so probably a third of the day is spent standing around doing nothing.

And I think I'm suffering from people withdrawal, both Fanime and I-House people. There are some people from both that I do not miss, but generally... it's a big difference to go from being around so many people and the funtimes associated with them to being home with parents. XD

Anyways, I need to do a Fanime post at some point. There was so much going on this year, not just with Fanime, that I think I'll have to break it down by day, in order to cover all of the chaos. But I think tomorrow is tentatively my last day for work for this block (unless I decide to go in on Tuesday, buuuuut.... we'll see), so I should have time for that later this week.
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SCREW's new bassist: I am looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the band, though I still miss Yuuto, of course. XD I know the white costumes are a rebirth/restart sort of look, but I can't help but wonder how Yuuto would've looked, too. Probably like a bunny of some sort. >.> Anyways, I hope that Rui will do well with SCREW (and that the awkward new-guy feeling will go away soon, but Manabu adapted pretty quickly, and I am hazarding that Rui has more band experience than he did XD).

Bloody Monday 2: Watched Episode 3 today. Without giving too much away (I think), I'll just say that sometimes I am actually glad for the predictability of TV shows. Also, fdsjiewlajfsd in general.

Real Life: I'm taking roomie home with me this weekend for Chinese New Year dinner with my parents, and a trip to Fenton's Ice Creamery (the ice cream parlor mentioned in UP. Yes, it's real, though the only part of it that really looks like the real one is the logo, which is exactly the same. It's also a ten minute walk from my house. :D).

Fanime: Exciting things are exciting! Stay tuned~

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Ugh, I am not liking these random periodic bursts of heat that we've been having this Spring. It was quite warm today (er... yesterday), and supposed to be (a high of - and I feel like this sites estimates are usually low for the highs) 97F/36C later today. x___x Of course, it won't last, and it's supposedly going to be 78F/26C by Thursday. Dear weather, please stop yo-yo-ing, thanks.

Went to the last/mandatory meeting for Fanime today, and ended up sitting in front of two guys who decided to have a running snide commentary throughout the whole thing. Well, it was mostly one guy talking to the other. Annoying~ I am definitely glad to have met some people already, since I feel a bit weird coming in without ever having attended Fanime (or, well, any other con for that matter, aside from WonderCon one year). Even though its the whole reason I'm even in this situation, being friends with [livejournal.com profile] swtjemz and having to listen to her talk shop at every concert or outing has its perks! :P

Cannot sleep. But I watched episode four of Atashinchi no Danshi, which was fun. I love how weird and two-faced all the brothers are. XD Spoilery. )

I skimmed through some of Godhand Teru, mostly for the previews to see how things would sort of go, and since it's only six episodes long (to make way for MR. BRAIN), I may be able to stand the hokeyness and the predictability for the characters I do like. Even if it does seem like Mizukawa Asami's character is less likable than I thought she was, her character's brother (aka Kaname Jun, again!) is turning out to be intriguingly ebil with his weird hands.

Last week, I watched the third episode of The Quiz Show 2, and didn't feel like I missed much (as far as carryover plot points) from skipping the first two episodes, but I'll probably go back and watch them at some time. Watching Yoko be sneaky is nothing new, but Sho's maniacal evilness is scarily fascinating. And scary. And of course, blah blah angsty emo past part is also interesting. :P

So it looks like this season, I will be trying to keep up with Atashinchi no Danshi, Hyoryu Net Cafe, and The Quiz Show 2. BOSS looks interesting as well, but subs are slow, so that one can wait.


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