Jun. 9th, 2010 12:49 am
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This will be a J-rock post! With numbers. No, emoji. Emoji are fun.

LiZ!Kai is in a new, formally-named session band! He and Ryou have been playing in groups ever since Vict and Yuu left, while Rei has been completely MIA. It's sad that I'm pretty sure LiZ is not going to come off of its "hiatus" but I'm not surprised. They're an ickle indies band, after all. And it's nice that Kai is still around for once! My favorite is not the one leaving the scene or becoming a host. The group is called Gakudan Hitori 2, and Ruchi, who recently left xTRiPx (for the second time - he was their first bassist, left, and then came back as their 'third') is in it as well.

Interesting that Kai won't be playing with them for their last three lives in July due to "personal feelings." I wonder what that means.

These shots of Versailles are pretty (and f-locked), though I kinda want to laugh at Kamijo. >.> But when I first clicked the link, my initial reaction was, "Wait, that's not the full set..." Ah, still.

Hm. Miku has a new band. I guess it makes sense, since An Cafe did go on hiatus to let its members pursue solo things, but it seems a little late? And it is weird to see Miku looking almost normal and not like a giant-eyed... creature thing. >.> That sounds meaner than it's supposed to be.

I really, really like Satsuki's image/theme/whatever (what with the wings and everything - is anyone surprised? XD). And yet I've listened to his music, maybe once? Will rectify this one day.

Looking at scans at [ profile] jrock_scans just reminds that I am still amazed at how giant and goofy Maaya from LM.C is IRL. Like, srsly. He looks shorter than Aiji in 90% of their promo things, and somehow, the shots of them standing next to each other (where Maaya is gigantic) never registered. XD

ViViD with Yoshiki and Toshi at Japan Expo in Paris... such a weird combination to me. XD Okay, they aren't playing together or even on the same day, but still!

Belated, but saaad about Canzel's impending disbandment. Surprised, too, despite them being an ickle Indies band.

I just tried to go to LiZ's OHP and I'm getting "Object not found!" :O They're still linked on Speeddisk's site, though. Really, I'd just like a solid, "LiZ is disbanding" post - I'm expecting them to, but this limbo state keeps that tiny sliver of hope alive against my better judgment.

Aaaaand, that's it. I am le tired, and I need to not sleep all morning like I did when I had yesterday off. :P
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Quick squee: MBLAQ's Good L.U.V. MV so adorable (though I'm not sure I like all of the border effects). This definitely shows their other side (i.e. not the "chic-dol" one XD)... I mean, making cakes with small adorable children wearing cat hats, and generally being dorks together? Win. Plus, there was only one moment where I was afraid Mir would nomnom a child. XD

*dusts off DevArt* First thing posted in... two and a half years? I did this for the I-House newsletter. The theme this semester was Poetry, so the contributors each picked a poem and wrote a little bit about why they liked it and how it applied to their life here/the I-House (I cropped that out of this version). The illustrators/photographers then well... illustrated or photographed something to match the poem.

The Bell, The Bird, and Me
by ~icarianwings on deviantART

Translation, plus art rambling )

In JE news, I'm going through a Yamamoto Ryota phase that started... oh, two days ago? He was always squishy and adorable and a crazy enthusiastic wiggly dancer, and such a Yara fanboy, but somehow... watching Playzone 2009 just made me want to send him hearts. Instead, I just rewatched all the clips I have with him in them, and confirmed his squishy fanboyishness (also? He has a weird thing for Yara and Yara's snake. It's like he can't separate the two in his head). The way he lights up when Yara says anything nice to or about him (or mean about Senga, haha) is just lovely.

Surprised!Edit: I missed this completely. November 1st, Itsuki and Iru of (ex-)Bergerac attended some sort of event with Kouki (D=Out), Suzuya (of the also-disbanding Himeichigo), Yuuri (Irokui), Yukimi (Canzel), and Yuh (Vistlip). Apparently, whatever it was was Suzuya and Yuh's brainchild.
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I thought I saw lightning (because who's taking flash photos outside at 4:40am, when I should be sleeping, but have fallen into a v6id and so am not. Again), and then....


I'm pretty sure there have been bugs crawling on me all night, since our room is warm, and my laptop is shiny.


1) Since Wednesday, I've slept a total of 10 hours and eaten 2 proper meals (lunch at 3pm on Wednesday, and dinner yesterday). I sort of worry myself sometimes with the ease with which I can forego food (today, I ate some Goldfish crackers and five Pringles, and drank a bit of water and a cup of tea. And I contemplated getting food a lot).

2) It sounds like rain! Ooh, it is... Too bad my room is still 80-something degrees Fahrenheit. It's quite nice outside.

3) I spent last night watching Neverland, the 2001 drama with Tsubasa, Ken, Hina, Toma and Koki. Once I got over the cheesy dramatic effects (drastic closeups every other second on people when Things Happened + completely unsubtle soundtrack), the terrible subs (there were Chinese subs and horrible English ones), and the generally poor video quality, it was surprisingly good (though I kept thinking that Ken looked like Yasu). If nothing else, the boys all get points for tackling such complex roles pretty well across the board.

Spoilers, if anyone cares )/end spoilers

4) Still on a V6 kick. Stupid shiny new fandoms with all of their shiny TV shows... >_< Am saving the food ones until after I start eating properly again. Tonight's V6 "drama" was Hard Luck Hero, which was also surprisingly good. More fun than Neverland, since there's some humor in, with less angst, better music, more cars, and all of V6 being spazzy/flaily/panicky/dramatic together. ♥ Plus shirtless!Okada doing a random dance, for those who like their eyecandy with their pseudo-gangsta movies. ;)

Another reviewish thing, but sans spoilers )

5) Miyake Ken has a twin sister! But apparently, she left with his dad, whenever that was.

6) I went back and translated that little blurb with Ruiza from some JE magazine. Nothing particularly eye-opening (he thought Kimutaku's singing voice was cool! He was bad at Chem, and good at Math! He lived with two dogs, but one was his grandma's!), though I wonder why we had previously assumed that the drama mentioned (Ginrou Kaiki File) was one that he had been in... it's just one he liked. Which means that this blurb is from at least 1996, which means that at the youngest, he's 17 in that magazine.

7) There are definitely bugs on me.

8) Go figure that number 6 would be the one to break the train of V6-related rambling.

9) Today, I am going to sleep before 6am. So. Goodnight! I'll spend the weekend resetting my body, I think. :P

10) ...Oh, Bergerac's last live was/is today in Japan. :((( Tatsuha hasn't updated his blog since they first announced they were disbanding back in June, and I miss his random camwhoring.
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I had a job interview at Gap Body today in a very inconvenient part of San Francisco, but I took advantage of the running around I had to do to stop off at Amoeba on the way back for the first time in a couple years. Before I discovered how to get to Japatown, Amoeba was the only reason I'd really go over to SF on my own, but I got lazy about sitting on the bus that long. XD

Anyways, I knew I'd buy something, since unlike the Berkeley Amoeba (at least that I've seen), the SF store has a Jrock/pop section and there are usually some pretty good finds. I tried telling myself to get stuff from groups that I really like already and was pondering buying stuff from. Of course, that didn't really work. On the other hand, I got four CDs and a Cirque du Soleil DVD - all used, but in basically-new condition; some of the CDs still have obis included for those who care about those - for less than $45!

The spoils:
Vidoll - Bastard :: $11.99
GLAY - Heavy Gauge :: $12.99
Kinki Kids - C Album :: $2.99
SMAP - Sample Bang! :: $7.99

The GLAY CD is the most confusing CD I've ever gotten. What appears to be the front cover is actually the back cover... upsidedown. Also, 1999!Kinki Kids look so different, especially Tsuyoshi. I definitely had a few moments of "...Wait, is this really him?" when I was looking at the cover.

But yeah, I actually listen to Vidoll and GLAY (though not much lately), and have liked what I've heard of KinKi, but pretty much all of my exposure to SMAP's music has been through Junior versions on Shokura or the Summary renditions of things, so that was a bit of a random buy. A very cost-effective random buy, but still. XD

Yay, new music! Yay, Mr. Brain with Sato Takeru is up!
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In the continuation of the tear-inducing war movie-watching, Erika and I saw Letters From Iwo Jima tonight, which she hadn't seen yet. She liked it, even with the crying. XD

I continue to be surprised and slightly worried by how quickly and randomly I glom onto things. Tonight's case is Aki from Sadie. I haven't really listened to Sadie, so all of my exposure to them - aside from just seeing pictures of them in passing at [ profile] jrock_scans - has mostly been through Iris, who has rambled about them and their blogs at me before, and who linked me to [ profile] sadie_blogs, which is on my flist and which is where the translations in this post come from. XD

So, the most recently-translated Q&A post from Aki includes this one, which caught my eye:

Q214. I want to get a labret piercing, but does it hurt?
A. Not at all.

's true! I've heard this before from at least one other person with a labret, but no one else seems to believe me. The piercing did not hurt! Healing was a bitch, but only for maybe a week. Nevermind that the fact that Aki has eleven other piercings or so points to him possibly having either a high tolerance for pain, or being more M than he likes to come off as. :P

Anyways, now I am digging through his blog just for kicks, which include (Q144 was already all in English):

Q144.i've got a question about mizuki and kei. they look like love each other.
   is that true? are they a couple?
A.I don't know. Please ask them.

I've been crawling in the dark, looking for the spark.
<-- I wonder if that one was written in English first. The rhyme seems oddly cutesy. XD

Well. I'll take a listen to them tomorrow, I guess, since if I am going to glom onto Aki at all, I should at least do that. And I can see glomming happening, albeit for really random reasons, such as his labret chain (which I wanted early on, just for kicks and possibly Halloween or scaring new people >.>) and his self-translations of his blogs. I'm sure Iris has mentioned it before, but... is there a history to that? Like... is it just randomly for fun, or did he live/study somewhere English-speaking before, or...?

And speaking of blogs... Ameba has this new thing that is kind of reminiscent of Pet Society on Facebook and other similar Sims-like things, where you can create an avatar of yourself and you have a house (okay, a room with a table and two chairs) and I think you can then go out and wander around. I made a pixel me, and can't figure out how to leave my room, but it's okay! She's cute just running around in the little box. XD
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Added more to my An Cafe post, though I actually don't know if I have any An Cafe fans on my flist (who weren't at the show, that is... Jemz :P). But it's there for my memories, I guess!

I woke up for class, went to the room, and found out that we don't actually have class today, which I knew, too, because as I came back to my room, I remembered telling Jemz that when I was still figuring out if I could go to An Cafe. >_< So now I want to sleep again.

Maybe a nap and then I'll work on my notesheet for my midterm tomorrow...

But first, YouTube!

= YouTube Symphony Orchestra Global Mash-up - Tan Dun's "Internet Symphony, Eroica"

I think this project is pretty cool, and would've loved to be a part of it if I... were a better player. >.> They do have at least one violist, though, from Sydney! I like the intro videos as well, since it's interesting to see the variety of people who were picked for this and who will be performing together at Carnegie Hall tonight.

I am also amused because this this YTSO and the youth orchestra I was in is called YPSO. XD

= Wizard - Masumi... stripping

I don't even remember how I got to this video, but I know that Rame's attempt to get Jui to strip from a few years ago was involved. XP Because of that, I didn't actually expect Masami to strip down to a thong (and then not even that, but by then he's got a robe). Didn't expect the random handcuffs and the blindfold either, but man, that boy knows how what "fanservice" is. XD Though... arms and abs are nice, but being able to count ribs is less so. Burgertiem!

And hey, I like their music too. Though I really don't need more new bands to listen to, especially with my laptop struggling as it is. >.> AND with drama season starting up! Eeee. The first episodes of three of the ones I am interested in are up - and I'm still hoping someone will pick up Hyoryu Net Cafe to sub, though I'm just glad it's being uploaded right now. I impressed Saemi yesterday by knowing more about current/past season dramas she does, so she asked me to tell her about the big dramas that have come out since she's been here in the US. Ha.

Oh, damn. Dare I use a torrent and risk getting banninated? :O At least the upside of Hyoryu Net Cafe being only 25 minutes long is that the file is relatively small. *wibbles* Ah, well. I will just set my upload limit to something obnoxiously low...

I think these just need a little nudge, since one of them has already hatched... so, sorry, dragons again!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Because my class was cancelled today, I spent the afternoon marathoning RH Plus, which is refreshingly fluffy for a vampire show. Of course, it has its angst and woe and blood, but it's generally quite cute. Tochihara Rakuto is the most adorable vampire ever, too, and his character was my favorite. I mean, his name is Ageha (a swallowtail butterfly), and he's NOT all emotastic about being a vampire, and he supplies most of the ghei moments that survived the un-shounen-ai-ing of the original manga.

Halfway through, I speedwatched the Aquarian Age live action that came out last year because Tochihara was also in that and I like wings. I am usually pretty easy to please with movies and things, but man, that was a horrible movie. XD Takeru and Keita Kimura (Tsukasa, the ickle angel boy) were the most interesting characters/parts. Though I was amused by Tochihara once again playing a character with ~special intuition~.

Erika and I also started watching Boys Before Flowers last night, and the boys are quite pretty (especially Hyun Joong). XD And since I still haven't watched Hana Yori Dango, the story is shiny and new for me, too. It's sort of weird to actually phsyically watch a drama with someone else, but it's a nice change... we both laughed at the random English ("Oh... my... god...") and when the F4 getting-dressed-in-the-morning montage abruptly started (though, hello! *hotlinks lazily >.>*).

I've been using dramas as ways to broaden my musical horizons, so I'm giving KELUN and SunSet Swish a listen, and currently YouTubing SS501 (thus continuing to untintentionally avoid DBSK :P)... I couldn't remember what I thought of them when I caught that episode of Music Core. So far, I like KELUN more consistently than SunSet Swish, and SS501 PV watching was momentarily stalled by listening a clip of their English skillz/fail. XD And weirdly, the UR Man PV made me tear up a bit because I think I was doing a massive generalizing thing and associating it with Jonghyuk, who I'm sure would hate that since he doesn't understand why DBSK/Big Bang/etc. are popular. :P

Oh. So, tomorrow is "Snow Day" on campus. Eight tons of snow is going to be trucked in and dropped in front of the event center. Hilarity. I feel like the associations sponsering this could spend their money in better ways. >.> On the other hand, free food!

Baby needs to grow up!
Adopt one today!


Jul. 2nd, 2008 02:09 am
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Spent the night being modly, so now it's time for random video spam!

Fahrenheit (飛輪海) - Canon Camera Ad IN ENGLISH
Jiro sounds like such a doof with his one line, "Yeah, and it looks cool." XDDDD Calvin does most of the talking, but Arron gets to pronounce some multisyllabic words too, such as "immediately" (I think that's Arron). They do pretty well, though, which isn't really a surprise, considering where they've been.

Alice Nine - Shunkashuutou PV
Finally! It's like a flashback, which is sort of weird since I don't think I was in fandom when this song came out. Anyways. It's a lot like that Number Six movie they made, but with better (read as: less XD) acting and more adorableness.


Vidoll - Giru and Shun cook oysters for Jui
Aside from being hilariously domestic and mean (poor Jui probably didn't trust his food for a week), I learned how to cook an egg on top of noodles. Or in a pot in general. But so that it's solid, not like egg drop soup. YOWW!

Kanjani8 - AVOCADO!
How to cut and pit an avocado. We don't really buy them enough for me to have learned to do that on my own, and I'm always the one who has to do things with them, so my parents did not know either. XD Plus, learning things with K8 is just fun. EVERYTHING is SO EXCITING!!!!

Now, I should sleep before I get pulled into a video void.


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