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If anyone would like to link friends/fellow contributors/people who were wondering why you were carrying a crane around to this post, please go ahead!

I hadn't realized I actually first posted about this back at the end of February. O_o Granted, the first two weeks were pretty much just spent on gathering pictures, and most of the real work happened in the last week before Pancake Breakfast, but that is still longer than I thought it was. Funny, since I remember thinking that I had No Time For This when I first decided to do it.

Pancake Breakfast went well overall - a bit chaotic, and for some reason, everyone expected me to know who was working what position in what section of the dining areas (and also to be able to be bussing in three different areas at once). >.> Aside from working two shifts as a busser and contributing to the World Peace art exhibition, I made origami doves to hang from the ceiling as well as smaller doves and peace signs (not origami), so there will be pictures of those as well. Despite the rain, we ended up with almost 500 people in attendance over four hours,

The art piece turned out really well! There are a few things that gave me moments of ARGH, like when the paper warped, and how the kanji are kinda crooked, but generally, I'm very pleased with the end result. So THANK YOU ALL again for your support! ♥♥♥♥♥ I was amazed by the amount of pictures that were sent in, and I loved hearing the little stories that some of you included with them about the places/objects in the photos, or the process of taking them.

So, let's begin! If you want to skip me rambling about how I made the thing, go to the second cut. ;)

The creative process... )

And the actual exhibition starts about here! )

Once again, thank you all! The other pieces in the exhibition were really well-done - some were definitely made by art majors - but when I saw the final product up, I definitely didn't have that "AUGH AMATUER" feeling at all. It looks lovely. :D

Now... what to do with it when I have to take it down...
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REALLY. PLEASE HELP? ALSO, I'M TRYING TO GET PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD IN ON THIS, SO IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND THEM THIS WAY. And if you can't/don't do this, I won't hold it against you. ;) I will also maybe mail my holiday cards soon, since I'm promising to mail things now. -.-


WHAT: Helping Liz with an art project for the International House on the theme of "world peace." I want to collect a bunch of pictures of origami cranes in places around the world, and put them on a big foamboard. Ideally, I'd like each person to try and take at least 10 pictures each. They don't all have to be drastically different, but some variety would be nice. XD

HOW: I can send you a crane (or two, but just one per picture, please!) if you don't have origami paper/can't fold a crane. If you do want to use your own, then I'd just like to make sure I don't end up with a bunch of cranes all in the same color. This doesn't seem like it will be a problem. But if everyone suddenly decides they want red/green/blue/purple, then I will suggest others instead. XD

WHERE: Wherever you live. Especially for those of you in Faraway and Exciting Places, I'd love it if you could get at least a few pics in places that kinda reflect where you are. I don't know how feasible that is, but... yeah. Even just having the crane next to... a packet of TimTams, or a Costa cup and/or with some pound coins. Otherwise, just around your apartment/house, work, school, wherever. I'd like this to be international, but also reflect individual interests.

AND THEN: E-mail me (or zip and upload to somewhere like YouSendIt or Mediafire, if they're really big) the pictures, please! They just need to be big enough to print at Walgreen's, so... at least 540x360 pixels.

WHEN: By March 15th. Yeah, they really didn't give us a lot of time for this. -_-;

*The actual due date is in the first week of April, but they want pictures of the projects "almost finished" by March 15.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer any sort of compensation other than gratitude and YAYs for your time/effort, but I will definitely be sharing pics of the final product. :) If you're interested or have any questions, comment please! Comments will be screened in case addresses get passed around. ;)

Current list of places/crane colors )
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SCREW's new bassist: I am looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the band, though I still miss Yuuto, of course. XD I know the white costumes are a rebirth/restart sort of look, but I can't help but wonder how Yuuto would've looked, too. Probably like a bunny of some sort. >.> Anyways, I hope that Rui will do well with SCREW (and that the awkward new-guy feeling will go away soon, but Manabu adapted pretty quickly, and I am hazarding that Rui has more band experience than he did XD).

Bloody Monday 2: Watched Episode 3 today. Without giving too much away (I think), I'll just say that sometimes I am actually glad for the predictability of TV shows. Also, fdsjiewlajfsd in general.

Real Life: I'm taking roomie home with me this weekend for Chinese New Year dinner with my parents, and a trip to Fenton's Ice Creamery (the ice cream parlor mentioned in UP. Yes, it's real, though the only part of it that really looks like the real one is the logo, which is exactly the same. It's also a ten minute walk from my house. :D).

Fanime: Exciting things are exciting! Stay tuned~

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I don't think people here realize how thin the walls are. Though I've been informed that Akmal is loud all the time, so perhaps, he just doesn't care. >.> Anyways, roomie comes back tomorrow! Eeee!

We had our International Student welcome dinner tonight, which was burritos as usual. I met a few more people, which was nice, and we all embarrassed one of our new Korean boys by singing "Happy Birthday" to him. :DD Leann also approves of my bakesale idea, but I have to run it by our non-existant Student Council first.

Hm. *jumps to fandom things* I think I'll actually try to pay attention to this season of dramas. I feel like I actually try to follow things every other season, which is pretty good for me. XD So far, I've watched the first episode of Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER, which has much cheese and much pretty (though Furukawa Yuuta looks terribly old >.> but his character does have a stressful life, so XD), and is a nice trim, 25-minutes short, so that may be my fluffy brainless drama, even if the plot isn't fluffy. XD

Shall give Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge a whirl, of course. The KameUchiTego trio amuses me just because I feel like half my flist would love the drama for one or more of them, and half my flist would hate the drama for the exact same reason (I'd expect that with dramas in general, but... especially these three?). XD But I think I'm most looking forward to Bloody Monday 2. Squee~

Between the three of those and our shiny fast Internet, I think I'll be good for 'TV.' Well, and I still want to get through more of IRIS, even if Korean TV and Big Bang spoiled the ending for me. -.-;
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For the past week, I've pretty much been jumping from assignment to assignment up until Thursday, which was taken over by Formal Dinner prep, and Friday, which was taken over by Formal Dinner set-up and the event itself. Yesterday and today were meant to be work days for the three papers I have due tomorrow (one is basically done, at least). Also tomorrow is my last day of Aikido class, and the mandatory Aikido field trip.

As you know, yesterday, I woke up feeling a bit sick. Today, I feel horrible. It's not as bad as when I was sick earlier this semester, but my head feels like it's made of stone. I just want to go to sleep, but I think I'll be up all night, since it's extra-hard to concentrate. >_<

I just realized that I've spent roughly half of this calendar year with some sort of cold or flu. I really think it's the I-house, aside from the MusicFest Plague. Ugggh. Someone please turn back time, or magically cure me, or write my papers for me. >.>


Nov. 11th, 2009 01:24 pm
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Vict is leaving LiZ at the end of the year, along with Yuu. ;_; Still waiting on a better translation for Ryou's post, but from what I got through (which was, admittedly, not the entire thing), the remaining three are going to continue with the band. Though he could just mean that LiZ will continue through the end of the year, since I could be missing some context due to lack of reading-the-whole-thing.

Well, I hope they stick around, and while it makes me sad to see Vict and Yuu leave, perhaps they'll get a new member or two who can pick the band up and maybe give them whatever it is they need to move towards an album release, or another mini-album, even.

Also, this came up on my Facebook feed today:

Last year, some of the film students at the I-House put this funny little mock-reality show together as an entry in the campus film festival. It revolves around a paranoid American, a womanizing Frenchman, and an incomprehensible Englishman who pines for a Chinese girl (...and IRL, when I first met Suraj, I could not understand him at all). It turned out pretty well, and I think we made it to the semi-finals - plus, there's some nice nostalgia for me. XD

...I was going to work on icons today. Oops. That will have to start happening after lunch. >.>

Another amusing tidbit: It'd figure the pretty heavily-tattooed bassist for xTRiPx would be the one to make a post about Kimutaku and SMAP. XD
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....I should've learned from last night to go to sleep before or at the same time as my roommate. >.> At least I'm definitely more tired tonight, even after a nap, so hopefully, I'll be able to sleep more tonight.

Pancake Breakfast was a lot of fun, but in different ways from last year. I saw a lot of friends from Coffee Night and elsewhere, and felt like I did less work than the last two times. It took me around half an hour to get my yukata on; I think the first step of just tying the thing closed was as hard as tying the obi. XD But Hitomi thought I was a genius, so yay~

I didn't take many pictures, but there are about a million floating around and I will get some. During George and my performance (with Arash, for two songs), there were so many camera flashes going off, and there were photographers like, crouched on the ground right in front of us and you could hear the clickclickclick... I wanted to laugh because it had such a celebrity feel to it. XD Ah, today would've been such a good day to start that photo-meme that's going around again... it'd cover Pancake Breakfast, International Quiz on Friday, the Halloween party on Friday night, and actual Halloween.

My parents came by, and BROUGHT ME A PUMPKIN. ♥ Actually, they brought a large pumpkin for the house, and a small pumpkin for me (which I discovered after I left), a pot of mums, and a carving kit. And also the stuff roomie and I ordered from HMV, some cough medicine, and vitamins. >.>

For one week, recommend / share:
→ Day 1: a song
→ Day 2: a picture
→ Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
→ Day 4: a site
→ Day 5: a youtube clip
→ Day 6: a quote
→ Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

I really want to just rec this channel, but まるです。 (I am Maru) is a good starting point. Maru is a big fat cat with adorable sock-mitten feet and an awesome, quirky personality that shows in cutehilarious ways (Maru loves boxes) and who lives in Japan. ♥ If he was my cat, I don't think I'd ever watch TV... not that I watch TV on the TV much these days anyway, but you know what I mean.

Maru also has a blog with nice pictures and other little characters like Harry the stuffed hedgehog and a giant Kapibara-san! Eee.

In other news, between my GPA, my lack of previous clinical experience and the fact that the clinic applications apparently close twelve hours before the time stated in the e-mail sent around, I will definitely be here another semester to take clinic. -_-; You can submit a late app if there's still space in clinic, but the only thing I really have going for me is my senior status, and if I have to retake classes like I think I do (but I don't for sure, because the head of clinic hasn't gotten back to me yet), I don't even have that. >.>
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We had to scrap the Secret song (a song from the Jay Chou movie, Secret, that is) because I failed at it once we moved from the basement to the actual 'stage.' I don't know what happened exactly (I know what I did wrong, but I don't understand why I lost my sense of counting so badly), but I'm disappointed, even though in reality, I know that I only learned the song - without sheet music, too, which I'm pretty dependent on - two days ago, and George went and changed all of the rhythms today. >.>

So we're playing Pachelbel's Canon and "Memories" from Cats with Arash, and the short violin duet we played last semester; actually, it's all from last semester. XD But it's fine. We didn't know we'd been automatically signed up to perform until less than a week ago.

I still don't really feel ready. I hate that whenever I perform, regardless of how well I've tuned beforehand, I always feel like I'm wildly out of tune. x_x

Well. I'll wake up at 8 to get dressed, practice with George at 8:45, and then be ready for my shift at 9:10... this weekend feels like it's been non-existant, which always happens with PCB. It just takes over.

For one week, recommend / share:
→ Day 1: a song
→ Day 2: a picture
→ Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
→ Day 4: a site
→ Day 5: a youtube clip
→ Day 6: a quote
→ Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

Day 4 already? o_O Hm. A site, eh? How about Denshi Jisho? Sometimes, I feel like their definitions for words are really, really broad or really varied (which may just be the word, but I dunno), but I generally find this site pretty useful. As in, I depend on it for word lookups when I try to translate. :P

I really like their Kanji look-up system, where you can select any/all of the radicals in a kanji and - usually - find it, and also that you can get sample sentences using the words you look up, though the results of that can be hit-or-miss, depending on what you're looking up. Also, when I just want to get hiragana for something, I like that I can type the romaji into the search box and it gets turned into hiragana.

...I can still hear snoring even with my headphones in and music turned up about four times louder than usual (yes, I know this is bad for my ears >.> I seriously cannot sleep with snoring, though; I'm just waiting for it to stop for a bit).

To end on a good note, Korean pancakes = excellent. The kimchi ones are bright orange, and have just the slightest bite to them at the end. XD
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Pancake Breakfast rehearsal was today, and it was extra-chaotic. Every semester, things seem to get more (unncessecarily) complicated, so that was fun. >.>

Good news! I did a lot better than I thought I would on my midterms! There was one, all essays, that I took while sick, and I pulled off a 95%. How, I don't know, but I am not complaining. XD

Bad news! Eh, you don't need to read about it~ )

Oh! More good news! I get to help Matias make the prize baskets for the International Quiz on October 30th. Fun times ahead. :D Also, roomie and I are full of creativity and making our Halloween costumes this weekend. /O/

For one week, recommend / share:
→ Day 1: a song
→ Day 2: a picture
→ Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
→ Day 4: a site
→ Day 5: a youtube clip
→ Day 6: a quote
→ Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

This one is surprisingly hard, not in the least because I have been failing at reading new things this year, and I'm so indecisive I can't pick a book to recommend. It usually depends on who I'm recommending a book to, but! I'll try with: a comic book!

Marvel 1602 (it's Wiki, so it does have the entire story written out for the spoiler-phobic who take this rec seriously XD) was written in 2003 by none other than Neil Gaiman, and illustrated by Andy Kubert and Richard Isanove. It basically took the Marvel universe, and placed it in, well, 1602, during a time where the 'witchbreed' - mutants - are being hunted down and killed.

One thing I really like about 1602 is the variety of characters Gaiman packs into eight issues (though for me, it's one hard-cover book XD). There's Charles Xavier and the original five X-men, Daredevil, Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, Stephen Strange, Nick Fury, Thor, Captain America, Hulk and others, all renamed to be a bit more period-appropriate (I suppose), of course, as well as several historical figures. There's a departure from the typical Marvel illustration style, which is also nice; it looks more hand-drawn, more hand-colored, and less flat, somehow.

Gaiman doesn't really have much time to establish different personalities with the 1602 versions of the Marvel characters, but it's not really necessary. The plot is interesting and different just because of its context, but isn't particularly innovative or 'new.' But 1602 is really just a fun spinoff with a few twists thrown in. From a company where most spin-offs take place in roughly the same time as canon, just with different people in different configurations, it's a really nice alternative.
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I had to clean up the messes at the bottoms of two of our three fridges downstairs. So gross. I've already shared all the details with my roomie, so the flist is spared. Also, someone who was probably here during the summer left a bin with food in it which has since molded and leaked (luckily, just into the bin) and was basically turning all sorts of interesting colors and textures. *gags*

When I went home last weekend, I once again really wanted to move out. I love having 'my own' kitchen (or a family kitchen, at least - not a kitchen-shaped room for 72 people and their friends); I actually feel like cooking.

This cleaning is in preparation for our semi-annual Pancake Breakfast, which will be happening this Sunday, at the I-House! I was automatically (-_-) signed up to perform with George, so we will be playing Pachelbel's Canon with Arash on piano again, as well as a song from Secret, adapated from piano for violin and viola (George figured it all out tonight). As always, I would love to see any local LJ friends there, if you can make it. ;)

For one week, recommend / share:
→ Day 1: a song
Day 2: a picture
→ Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
→ Day 4: a site
→ Day 5: a youtube clip
→ Day 6: a quote
→ Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

Please to be clicking for the full-sized one. :3 This picture was taken by Hiroto from Alice Nine and posted at his blog (warning for streaming sound/tiny video clip), and though there are many other skyscapes I pondered, this one had grabbed my attention the most when I first saw it. Hiroto seems to really love, and draw inspiration and strength from the sky, and I think it shows in the pictures he takes - well, the sky-rambling he does on his blog helps, too.

Time to start plotting my version of NaNo this year... along with making my Halloween costume, and, of course, figuring out if I can graduate in May, or at least only one semester later. >.>
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Lani's back home now, but it doesn't feel like it. Maybe because I didn't see her off to the airport - or maybe because I was rather hungover when I said goodbye-for-real. There was one false goodbye-for-real before, when I thought I'd be heading home but my dad didn't want me taking BART so late at night, so I ended up staying the night at the Ihouse, after finally achieving 'go club, get drunk.'

I guess it doesn't really feel like any of them are gone, yet. I'm home, so it's not like I'd see them every day even if they were still here. But I think going back to the Ihouse in August will definitely feel a bit weird; it did even when I was just there to visit. Different names on all of the doors... two new people living in Lani and my room...

Well, things change.

As a 'reward' for finally finishing my latest exchange fic (one day, I'll stop either signing up for those, or starting them the weekend before they're due. Though I did start this one earlier - I just... ended up re-starting it twice with completely different ideas >.>), I watched Koizora (the movie), which I'd downloaded and then half-forgot I had. Predictable, full of Incidents, but I really liked it, even the sappy parts, which sort of surprised me. A bit of spoilers ) As much as I enjoyed Miura Haruma with blond hair, I think my favorite character ended up being Hiro's sister. XD Pretty, strong, and sane! Rawk.

And real life Akipon makes me happy. *ignores that Aki goes out to eat/shop/get-toys-from-claw-machines with everyone/Kenzo*
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When my parents got my brother and I, each year, they also bought some bottles of wine (a cabernet sauvignon) to keep until we were older. We opened one of my bottles tonight - it's probably a year or so past its prime, but in the scheme of a 22-year-old wine, that's not that bad, I think. :P The wine itself was pretty good, though I'm no conessieur.

Erika gave me some origami paper and a little box of figures and objects made out of sugar that are usually given on Girl's Day. Cute, and possibly expired. XD Well, probably not, but we like to joke about that since a lot of Erika's packaged food did end up being expired by the time we ate it. It definitely feels like she's gone, but it doesn't at the same time. Sigh. Keri said goodbye the same way my grandma does - very quickly and as if she wants to leave - but I think sentimentality makes her awkward. And she is going to be back briefly in August before heading off to Cleveland State, so I'll see her then.

I also said goodbye to a couple other people today, since they're leaving this week and I won't be going to the airport to see them off.

And because I guess I still care enough to try and save the first one XD:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Grr. The more I get nagged about applying for jobs, the more I feel I'd rather be unemployed for the summer than work retail. But of course, the longer I am unemployed, the more nagging there will be! I just really don't like how my mom's view is that a job is a job; it doesn't matter if you like it. But I would sort of like to at least have some sort of interest in whatever I end up doing, even if it's just on the level of, "Oh, I like this store as a shopper."
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HEE. GACKT will be on MR. BRAIN as some sort of crazy man, the episode before Kame's appearance (so... episode 2)! Kimutaku brings the guest stars, yo~ Actually, I wonder how much into the actual neuroscience this drama will get... My professors keep telling us that when we watch medical dramas now, we'll be able to understand more (which is true - we watched part of House in class and everyone was all, "Oooh, cranial nerve VII!"), and it'd be fun to test that. Not to mention, I could use the repetition.

In other fandom news, the San Francisco Symphony will be playing Final Fantasy music. While Nobuo Uematsu will not be conducting his own compositions, it would still be fun to hear the music live. I'll have to see how my budget is then, but... anyone want to go? :D

The 24-hour Quiet Hours rule is completely failing with my neighbors and the girls across the hall (Kylie and Co.). Because apparently, just because they don't have to study for 8am finals the next day, and aren't sleeping at 2am, no one else is either? Blah.

Next year's RAs seem like they might be a strict bunch. One of the girls is the one who this year complained a lot about everyone else, and ran for VP of student council with the platform of, "There were a lot of mistakes made last semester and I can fix them." The new Head Resident (like an RA, but without an actual shift) is a former RA who was the 'strict' RA of his year.

...and I wish SJSU would post their final exam times not in 24-hour time, because I think that I'm subtracting wrong and scare myself frequently. >.>

Neuroanatomy final today! I don't feel completely doomed for this test, at least, which is good! I am hungry, though, and unfortunately, this test could run all through dinner.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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To phrase things as I did in my diagnostic test report:

Plus (+)
+ EPIK HIGH TICKET arriving from home!
+ seeing everyone all dressed up all pretty
+ the appetizers, salad and dessert at Formal Dinner
+ finding a lovely dress at the mall that fits and is in a color that is not black or dark blue
+ the cute guys who work at the Japanese place in the mall - though at least one of them is probably Chinese... he was singing random songs while cooking (XD)
+ not being drunk
+ passing the "can you swivel your hips" test XD

Minus (-)
- crying for some unknown reason that probably has to do with realizing that once again, we're nearing The End
- the bruise on my shin from hitting it repeatedly on my bedframe in the last two days
- the bruise on my leg from my laptop falling off my desk and landing on it with its edge
- the bruise in the palm of my hand from my laptop falling off my desk (again) and nailing my hand with one of its corners (yes, I'm special. And my laptop falls because I have it sort of half off the desk sometimes, and if I gesture bigly, I sometimes hit it)
- burning my tongue on my tea at lunch
- and then feeling dehydrated
- being late with things

...'things' being a certain fic exchange. I am at the point where I'm treating it as a school assignment so I'll stop giving into distractions (like housemates and the Formal Dinner afterparty) and actually get it done. I know I probably shouldn't have signed up at all, since I did know it'd be around the end of the school year, but... ah, well. It's too late now, and if I didn't think I would fall asleep in the next fifteen minutes, I would pull an all-nighter if I had to, to finish it out of guilt. >.>

I went and made an angsty playlist of songs that remind me of people leaving/the end of things. Not quite as chill as the Jawaiian reggae, but more cathartic to listen to.

Okay, a plan: skimp on sleep tonight (original plan: sleep ALL DAY LONG, or, okay, until noon) so I can wake up tomorrow morning and finish the fic before Fanime meeting at 3pm. Oooooorrrrr, I will make it to the next Fanime meeting. Oops. I did not wake up with enough time to get all I needed to do done before getting to the convention center. >_< Send fic to beta. Sleep ALL DAY LONG (or until noon) on Sunday. I am very much looking forward to Sunday morning. XDDD

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It is 3:42am, and it's a good thing I'm not trying to sleep right now. I'm still writing about Sparky the squirrel and his adventures in S-blend land.

Anyways, people were just yelling/cackling/stomping in the halls. People were outside an hour ago, shouting and singing. I can hear... well, I almost hope they're sex noises, because otherwise, someone is either in serious pain or has Down's Syndrome (I really don't mean to make fun of Down's here, but the sounds honestly remind me of the nonverbal boy with Down's who I've observed a couple of times...). x____x

On the other hand, this seems like a good time to use one of my new icons.

I woke up late today (yesterday?) and threw off my planned schedule, but it was alright. The Japanese Culture Association Festival was fun - they got over twice as many people as they were hoping to get, but they didn't run out of food. I didn't get to try the okonomiyaki, though, 'cause they were probably cooking a fresh one when I had to dash out to my class meeting. Fresh, burning hot takoyaki, though? Mmm. Mako asked me if I wanted to try making some, but I didn't have time, and would also undoubtedly fail, though the two guys and the girl who were making them made it look easy (if slightly messy), of course. I grabbed some kakigori on my way out, which made for a nice snack en route to the library.

Aside from the food, they had posters put up with information about different parts of Japan, origami paper, and yukata that people could try on (one was the one I wore at Pancake Breakfast, which has been in my closet ever since >.>), as well as two dance performances from a pair of middle-aged ladies in purple kimono with shiny pretty fans.

After my group meeting, we ended up going out for sushi, too, since one of Erika's friends works at a restaurant on First that Erika had wanted to try. She wasn't with us this time, but it was good, so I have no problem going back with her. XD

...awww, it sounds like Shinpei went to see the play Manpei is one of the leads in and cried so much his eyes hurt. ♥

And now the noise is starting again. What part of "Shhh!" do these people not understand? *rawrs*

Adopt one today!
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UC Santa Cruz's POT IS BAD DON'T CELEBRATE 4-20 e-mail reminded me of why I actually don't mind still being on their mailing list despite not having been a student there for several years. XDDD Oh, UCSC. They're basically going to shut off/reduce public transportation to the half of campus where the massive pot smoking takes place, as well as banning overnight guesets in the dorms for that weekend, closing the West Entrance of campus, and towing cars that park near the meadow where the smoking happens. Nice try, but I doubt it'll work.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 4pm. Also, just remembered that I only have to go to audiology for an hour to learn how to use the Big Audiometer Room (eep!), so I should've scheduled my appointment at 3pm instead. >.> Oh, well. I just have breaks from 1-2pm, and 3-4pm now. :P

It is a little disappointing to have put so much time (with [ profile] dammitliv's time, too!) into getting [ profile] pickmybest up and running again, only to have the participation level drop to six batches for the current round with two days left... and I would be kinda surprised if we get up to ten by Friday night. :/ If people with icon comms, etc. would like to pimp us, I'd greatly appreciate it. :DD I really do think it's a good place to get an idea of what people think about your icons in a positive way - and it still has a bit of critique to it, so it's not just people going, "ZOMG PRETTY" about your entire post; you get specific feedback.

That said, I am one of those six people with a new batch up (with random icons from... a looong time ago, through today! >.> Those are the SS501 ones), soooooo please vote if you'd like: Yo, check it out, yo!

Upcoming Important Dates:
= 04/09: DR. APPT. 4pm
= 04/10: EDSP 161 Learning Journal due 12pm
= 04/12: EDSP 120 HW/Quiz due 9pm
= 04/14: An Cafe!!!
= 04/16: EDSP 112 Midterm
= 04/19: Fanime meeting

...I see I will be leaping from day to day for the rest of the month. I have a project due sometime - either the 23rd or 30th, too.
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So apparently (I haven't double-checked these sources, so... yeah), Miyavi's announcement did include a proclamation that he is going to be a father! And the baby is either due this summer, or in seven months... if it's seven months, then they were actually married before she got pregnant, but yeah (and if it's summer, they either married right after or right before they married, since I think the rumor was that they'd married last October). I can't be bothered to dig through fan reports right now, so I'll just wait for something more credible. XD At any rate, I'm glad he was finally able to say something directly to his fans, and hopefully the crazy ones will stop begrudging him his happiness.

edit: Aw, Kazuki was at Myv's live yesterday. No word from the others yet about the show, though.

I realize I haven't done a good Chicago post yet. I will... some day (*ignores the non-existant Tahoe trip post*) when I get the pictures off my camera and I'm not tired/allergic/sick.

Pancake Breakfast was as hectic as usual. Buffet Server was a pretty good position to work, actually, even if it was occasionally chaotic trying to answer three questions at once. I had the most to explain about my section, too (the Chinese breakfast: rice porridge with hot potatoes, tea eggs and the three toppings for the porridge - peanut gluten, dried pork and pickles), but it wasn't too bad. Bussing was more confusing, and definitely more work.

The performance went off well, except for the parts where I hit the microphone ("Don't worry about it," Louis said. "Don't pay attention to it." "I'm not worrying about anything," I replied. "You're not wearing anything?" Louis leered. That guy. :P), and when the second half of our last piece, the violin/viola duet, fell off of the stand right as we started.

[ profile] swtjemz showed up at the end, in time to still see everything set up, and everyone in their outfits (and the post-PCB dance/clean-up party XD) but without having to pay. I got to escape the cleaning and whatever post-PCB hijinks there were by dashing off to Pierce Ink, [ profile] slytherisa's workplace, Sweet Breams (chibi taiyaki!),Tenkan(?) for a Happy Hour dinner, and Kino's. :D Great fun, and a nice escape before the school week starts up again.

In less happy news, my throat is killing me again, my nose is stuffed up, and I am quite tired. I'm sort of hoping these are just a mix of allergies and me choking on an egg at breakfast/lunch, and not me being sick for the fourth time in the last two-and-a-bit months.
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1) *insert keysmash here*

Helloooo, baby. I sort of want to do that "top 10" photomeme thing again just for fun and eyecandy.

2) I think I'm getting sick. My throat hurts and I am sniffly. I should maybe stop staying up so late and start eating better. But having cracktastic conversations with people is just so entertaining.

3) Tonight's cracktastic conversation involved explaining 'doggy-style,' the difference between Richard and Dick (and how Richard is a name but not a body part), and perverted words/phrases in three different languages.

I blame a certain Burmese boy.

4) Note to self: Jerry. As in Tom and Jerry.

5) Coffee Night tonight involved trying to slip ice down peoples' shirts/pants/holes-in-pant-knees. Grand immature fun. I think I won.

6) GIP! Oh, Teru. So unfair.

7) I had a number seven, but I don't remember what it was.

8) Oh! I'm going home this weekend. It will be good, I think, even if I miss some hijinks. No booze, no smoky-smelling clothes, just... nagging, which I can live with for two days, right?

9) CURSE YOU AND YOUR CATCHINESS, BIG BANG. At least I'm not feeling particularly driven to find out stuff about the group members other than their names. :P There's something weird about most of them being younger than me, even if being 20 is really not the same as being like... 15. I guess it's just that with Jrock, they tend to look younger than they are, and with Kpop, I keep thinking they're older than they are.


10) AkiPon + Kenzo = cute drinking fun. Cute drinking fun + Ruki = Impending Doom. Impending Doom + Uruha = DESTROY.
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This is so much more exciting than just getting into schools. Getting into colleges the second time around is sort of anticlimactic. But I really wanted to live at I-House, and now I will be!

Tomorrow will be my last session with my second (or first, depending on how you look at it) tutee. She's such a strong, wonderful person, and she's far more optimistic than I would be if I'd lived her life. There may be more to follow on that, there may not. I sort of wanted to make a post that wasn't f-locked, though. *weird like that*

I completely forget my other yaaay note for the day. Oh, this wasn't it but it is also yay: I've discovered that Claritin works on my allergies. Yay!


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