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VAMPS was last night, and my throat is still feeling scratchy, which means it was a good show. XD Hyde's voice is getting increasingly scratchy as well, since he screams so much and should stop smoking, but VAMPS still puts on a really excellent show, especially in terms of audience interaction. Perhaps the best I've seen, from the J-rock bunch? Miyavi's close, and GLAY's pretty good, except for Jiro, who just spins around in the back until "Shutter Speeds no TEEMA."

...on a sidenote, I just YouTubed that song to make sure I was getting it right, and pulled up a live clip from 1999. Jiro looks. Weird. XD

Anyhoo, VAMPS! )

Merchandise was quite affordable for once. I got a CD and a tote bag to add to my collection. XD Posters were $5 (D'espa's was $15 + signatures, but the quality is not great), CDs were $20, T-shirts were $20 (everyone else's have been $25-30, but I opted to not get a shirt because of the naked devilgirl on the back, and I didn't really want to spend $50 on merch), tote bags were $10, there was a cute folding fan for $25 (okay, that one wasn't as affordable), rubber wristbands were 2 for $5... no pamphlet thing this time, though.

So it was kind of an up-and-down experience. The ups definitely made up for the downs, but losing a button off my (new!) jacket while in line and stepping in gum twice and not being able to see half the time were annoying. XD

In SHINee news, adorable MV is confirmed adorable (aside from Key's collar thing, because that just makes me think bad things). A little over-leopard-printed, I have decided, but I really like the purple jacket Key has on, though I am biased towards purple, and it's not leopard-print pants. :P I am also amused that Twitter's trending topics make up for me not following any Kpop news comms, since shiny new things always pop up.

...I've really failed at going grocery shopping this afternoon. *scoots!*
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The Internet here is making the old I-house Interent look lightning-fast. x_x 10kb/s FAIL. Also, I was accidentally half an hour late to work today, which I am secretly glad for because the day was sooo sloooow. Post-Christmas shopping rushes do not affect us. XD But ultimately, I feel this day was good. :3

Good! Gary stopped by (with his sister and his mother) to visit me at the store, and then I ran into Justin during my dinnerbreak, which came at 2:30 when I was still full from lunch, because my bosses didn't want to have to cover for me (okay, that part wasn't good - the running into was XD).

Good! I have a little book on basic Japanese grammar and it is actually helpful. I wish it had kana as well as romaji for the examples, but it's succinct and gets the basic idea of things across, which is more what I need.

Good! [ profile] dammitliv and [ profile] elagnithgins, and [ profile] pot_and_kettle's presents all came today! It was like Christmas morning, but at 11pm and more exciting. XDDD ♥♥♥ My mom kept hovering around to find out what I got, too. Sys, everything was lovely, but I gotta say that I love that the pen was wrapped in some kid's math progress report. XD Definitely unique wrapping paper.

Good! Revisiting the old "list your top 10 celebrities" meme at [ profile] kamikaze_bunny's demand. XD The last time I did this was over three years ago when I was still heavily into X-men RPGs and not yet really in J-fandoms. This time? I went solely with Asian fandoms. And I am so indecisive I started kinda picking by category, which is how they're organized (as opposed to in 10-1 order). Also, if you asked me my top ten in a month, some of them would probably be different. :P

(Internet is now at 7.6kb/sec. *diiiies veeerry sloooowly*)

Hiyo, shiny people! )

Well, that's my list! I really rambled a lot, as I usually end up doing... :P And I could've added at least a few more people to this list, I think, since I like a lot of people equally/almost equally, but for different reasons. This will definitely do for now, though!

Tomorrow, we are off to the U.S.S. Enterprise! W00t~

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Hee, KAZ posted a blog from SF. He also talks about Seattle, but the SF part was mostly: Today after breakfast, I went shopping in San Francisco by myself. I bought some T-shirts and jackets that are not available in Japan. San Francisco is really cold, so you must have long sleeve shirts!

They also went on a cable car, and to Alcatraz. :D

And here are some videos I have talked about:

Hyde meeting Megumi on Utaban. He is so not over twenty dorky. XD Nakai: "Okay, Love love attack!"

And HERE is Arashi doing the first part of A.RA.SHI with blindfolds/headphones on. XD Matsujun FAILS. I think this is one of my favorite Arashi clips, along with anything in which Aiba gets chased by wild animals and/or speaks English. >.> I have a broad definition of 'favorite.'

I added/am adding a bit more to the last post, so check there if you want more concert rambling. XD I'm also finally listening to the CD. ♥ It makes me feel good even though I had to wake up today to move sheetrock up to the freakin' ceiling of our little workshop.

...Okay, listening to "Sex Blood Rock N'Roll" keeps making me think of Miku's duck voice in An Cafe's Duck no Magical Adventure. >.>


Jun. 12th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Yes, this deserves its own post.

AUGH. *________________* I want scans of Hiroto from Neo Genesis 36 so badly now. Alien-visual-rock!Pon can replace hide!Pon in [ profile] dammitliz's layout. :DDDD

I am flailing incoherently on the inside, really. *_____*

Also, the Takagi twins will be guesting on an episode of Meitantei no Okite, Matsuda Shota's detective comedy. And I think they will both be part of Kusanagi's yakuza in Ninkyo Helper. Yay, Takagis! :D

...did not know Yabu was in that, too. And Yamamoto Yusuke! Eenteresting.

EDIT: OH. And I forgot about this yesterday (yes, a travesty, I know)!


I was reminded of this because someone else (that scan came from [ profile] sidnad) posted scans of SID, VAMPS and Gackt up at [ profile] jrock_scans, which therefore included:


The end. Of the world. How has this post not spontaneously combusted yet?
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*_________________________* Oh, Hyde. Playing with cherries while KAZ just gets to try and find interesting poses to strike with a skull. XD

Yes, it was really hard not to make a joke of arguable tastfulness about this picture.

I may have to go buy this Pati Pati. GLAY's shoot is shiny, too, and there's also Mao's... sort of weirdly-soft-looking solo shoot.

EPIK HIGH (+ afterparty!) TONIGHT!! I feel pretty good about my Audiology final, too, so I won't be dwelling on that later. That stupid monthly thing, there may be dwelling upon, though.

...there are suspicious noises coming from upstairs. (/_\) And hey! I think this song has part of my name in the title. Ha. I never noticed that before...

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Free Image Hosting at + Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

asdfjaiwe;al I know there are better pictures of Hyde for this, but am I not the only one who got srs Hyde vibes from Aki's costume?

Fic, pls.

Going home this weekend! It's weird, 'cause during the summer, I always laughed about coming home/seeing family every weekend, but last weekend, they came down to drop stuff off, and this weekend, I'm going home. XD But hey, it's a three-day weekend, I don't have much work yet, and there's no food service here, so why not go home for a bit of mooching? >.>

And hahahaha at Yuusuke in this shoot. Sorry bebe. >.>

I wonder whatever happened to that prequel to the mermaid!Yuusuke+kelpie!Ruiza(+ninja!Aoi) that I had going...

*creates more random tags*


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