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Because sometimes (every day XD) I need a reminder that even though I dwell on the bad little things until they become big things, little things can be happy things, too.

Things That Made Me Happy Today
1) Food from Chinatown - jook, chow mein, cha siu, kimbap, saengsun and hobak jun, and melon cookies! Mmm. And there is cake.
2) Taking a hot bath.
3) Re-reading pieces of Kafka on the Shore and realizing that a) I still don't fully understand it (this does make me happy; every time I read it, I discover new things) and b) Oshima is still win. :P
4) Terry Pratchett. 'Nuff said.
5) Finally doing the banking stuff I said I would do last week. >.>
6) The Giants beating the Phillies. I'm not even a baseball fan. It's just nice that not all the major Bay Area teams are sucking this season. XDD Also, it was actually interesting at the end.
7) Friends. My friends, that is, not the TV show. Though that would probably have made me happy, too.
8) Happy Together on TV, which was funny even though I only knew who one of the guests was.
9) Hansen's Mandarin Lime soda. Also, coffee milk.
10) Subbed super Junior clips. Especially that Fantasy Couple one, because there is a gif from it that I have been quite curious about. And the one from Family Outing 2 with Taecyeon/Yoona vs. Soheechul.
11) Chicktionary. >.> Between that and Angry Birds, I feel I have a theme going with my iTouch games.
12) On a related app note, finding the SM TOWN LIVE '10 app, albeit way late. Still, I can have lightsticks or balloons or obnoxious flashing colors on my screen in the appropriate colors for all the groups! And they have little greeting audio clips, and funnily-written bios and pictures.
13) Catching up on some of the WTFery of the X-men. Absorbing babies! Wolf-demon mutant-human pregnancies! Oh, and Rictor and Shatterstar apparently kissed last year! On-screenpage, even! Go them. Poor Jean-Paul tries so hard, but only gets AIDS-retconned-into-a-Faerie-Disease (ya rly), off-screen romance (followed by paralysis) and snark. Well, snark's fun.
14) Not having writer's block!

P.S. U-KISS's Eli, breaking one's hand does not call for a 'lol.'. :P

Time to make more Heechul Twittgrish icons! Tomorrow. >.>
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I had another bad dream last night, but I can't remember the details anymore, and I'm pretty sure there were no creepy killer girls or K-pop idols in it. XD

Made kimchi stew today for lunch because I have been cold lately, and I need to find things to do with the big jar of kimchi we have. It turned out alright, I think, though I am still craving Korean food, but it's not as bad as the food cravings I would get when K8 would have food prizes on Janiben, or the Kansai Jrs. would go restaurant-spotlighting, or KAT-TUN would have cooking/food things on Cartoon KAT-TUN (before it got all weird), or when vistlip had their okonomiyaki-eating contest. I suppose I'll have to make do with Sorabol tomorrow when I go in to work.

(They called me this afternoon about tomorrow... I was tempted for a second to decline, but I could use the money, and I know I'd just sit around doing notmuch if I stayed home. At least I'll be doing something. I'm sure this will seem a little different three hours into my eight-hour shift. XD At least my bosses are in Vegas, so I can sneak a little maybe.)

Note to self: bring camera, make bracelets!

Also, need more K-pop icons, and possibly tags. Sorry, J-Pop/Rock, I'll be back in awhile~ I think once I gave in to SHINee, I gave in to the rest of them, but I'm enjoying it. XP It made me sad that the Korean idols were so hard for me to tell apart (some still are, but it's a lot easier now than when I first tried to learn SuJu, back in 2006).
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Bonamana + Lucifer = 7.25 minutes of kinda awesome XD

On the other hand, this just goes to show how similar these types of songs really are. But I can't say I really care. :P

...this may get the momentary association of "Bonamana" with naked old men out of my head. For that is the song I was listening to when I glanced out the window of the bus the other day and saw three naked men walking down Market Street in San Francisco. It was both more and less surreal than the time I saw a herd of naked old men doing a birthday bike ride in Golden Gate Park. (/_\)

Werk tomorrow. I think I will try to make bracelets again. I want to make a vistlip one, but they're tricky, so we shall seeeee.
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Korean TV... I watched a show about how SNSD is being marketed to middle-aged men in their 30s and 40s. It was a little weird watching a group of IT guys sit around on break and talk about them. Then there was the 48-year-old in a fangroup for Yuri, and the 33-year-old who lived at home with his parents ("He can't get married," his mom laughed; "You mean I won't," he corrected. Ha) and bought 10 copies of their album - one for him, and nine for the members of the group.

And now the news is on, and of course, they are talking about Haiti. Some reporter just asked a guy who had been trapped in a building, "What was it like being trapped in there?" "...not good," he replied. Well. Yeah.

I've been poking around [ profile] help_haiti, pondering what to offer. Maybe graphics or something in the lightning round. I feel like now is one of those times I wish I was still more into more 'mainstream' fandoms, but I guess you don't really need that for graphics. >.>

I think I'll be roping Roomie into oganizing a bakesale Coffee Night with me, too. It seems I'd much rather do things that lead to donations than actually just donate money.

...why is Green Day on the Korean news? *blinks*

edit: Offering graphics!
And an origami kit!

Another why: why is it 2pm and I still have not really done anything productive today, either? -.-
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None of the recent J-dramas have really jumped out at me as MUST-WATCH-NOWs, so I went and watched Kisarazu Cat's Eye a couple weeks ago, and started Akihabara@DEEP last night (partly because of back-burner curiosity, and partly because [ profile] ilanabean42 recently pointed out the unfortunate lack of Kazapon love in the world). I totally want to take Page home and feed him cookies or something. So adorable. ♥ Also, if I was a bit nerdier, I would think up therapy techniques to help him with his stutter, but I am not. >.>

I tried fruitlessly to download the second episode allll afternoon, and it is finally done now. Yay! But I have been distracted by the first episode of MBLAQ's "Art of Seduction" show, and the dancey dorky Korean boys have won for the moment. I still die a little inside when I realize that they are all younger than me, and especially that Mir is the youngest (for some reason, I thought it was Thunder? Maybe because people keep mentioning that he's Dara's younger brother, so he seems like the baby XD) and still only eighteen. Though it's still not as weird as knowing that all of Big Bang is younger than me - not by much, but... o_O;

"Oh Yeah"'s lyrics don't match their dancing at all, and I feel like I lose brain cells when I listen to it, but I can't stop. Korea > Liz.

I do feel enthralled is a bit of an exaggeration, though... XD
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For one week, recommend / share:
→ Day 1: a song
→ Day 2: a picture
→ Day 3: a book/ebook/fanfic
→ Day 4: a site
→ Day 5: a youtube clip
→ Day 6: a quote
→ Day 7: whatever tickles your fancy

From O'sensei Ueshiba Morihei's collection of doka, little sayings that apply to the practice of Aikido:

Large does not always defeat little.
Little can become large by constant building;
large can become little by falling apart.

I ran across this while going through the doka for a paper I had to write on them. Unlike most of them, which tend to be 'deep' or have this sense of serene balance, this one seems kind of cute to me as well. Maybe it's just because I'm little. XD It does reflect that sense of balance that O'sensei liked to stress, though, and the general sense within Aikido that being big and strong doesn't automatically make you the winner. If you're small, but able to use your opponent's strength against them, there's no reason for you to lose. :D

In other news, welcome back to the world of catchy poppy Korean songs, SS501! Rebirth is a good mini-album title, especially since because everyone went and changed their hair, I had to actually concentrate to figure out who was who the first time around. >.>
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Watching May 18 (화려한 휴가) was probably not the best idea for a pre-bed movie. Tonight started out well; I watched WALL-E again, since Iris's flailing about it when she watched it made me want to see it. Watched the October 11th episode of Shokura, as mentioned in the last post.

Moved on to most of Coming Century's most recent live tour (okay, I kinda sped through a lot of the songs in search of ones I knew, MCs, and VTRs but I will watch the rest some time), which was predictably entertaining (and had unexpectedly fail costumes at some points - really, V6 had been doing so well). Okada really does love his skinship. XD He managed to grab both Go and Ken's asses at different points; with Go, it was pretty quick since they were walking, but Go still noticed while Okada pretended like he hadn't done anything, and with Ken, he used the ass-grabbing to push Ken along the stage, and Ken told him to not do that. XD

And then I watched May 18, since it had finished downloading. It's a Korean movie, based on the brutal crushing of a supposed civilian uprising in May 1980 by a somewhat rogue military force. I guess I kept comparing it to Tae Guk Gi in my head, since that's the other Korean war movie I've seen, and both have main characters who are brothers. This one is not quite as gory as Tae Guk Gi, but just the fact that it's not about two armies fighting one another - it's about the military vs. civilians/a civilian militia made it - I think - more poignant for me. Well, I feel like I cried through a good quarter of it.

They had random comedic characters in it, which was a bit unsettling... since, ultimately, you know there won't be a happy ending, and at least one of the funny guys was more of a caricature than a character, so it was hard to match that with the context of the movie. The main character's arc was pretty predictable, as well, but there aren't too many different directions one can go in a movie like this.

At any rate, I generally liked it, but it's not the best movie to sleep on.

So now I have screencaps from the Kamisen tour final, their first in six years. :D

Illustrations of the things mentioned above, plus a VTR bit )

And sleepiness just hit me like a ton of bricks. Wow. *blinks* Time for bed, hopefully without dreams of bloodshed. >.>
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So Myv has a little baby girl!! And poor melody had to go through twenty hours of labor... I don't really know why I'm so happy for them, since obviously, I don't know either of them, but... I guess it's still a bit surreal to me. XD Myv is definitely not the first guy from his generation of performers I'd expect to end up married and a father.

And I know I am way behind on this, but Lee Jun Ki had a new minialbum thingie a few months ago. I finally got around to checking it out, and found the MV for J Style, in which Jun Ki is a shapeshifting panther, is surrounded by fangirls and boys, and displays a frustrating amount of chauvinism as he inspects a line of women as if they're horses, but is also still as pretty (if not prettier) than most of them, and thus I can forgive him. >.> Plus, eyeliner. And the lyrics are also, um, win (italics are English in the song):

Don't look so surprised, you promised!
I wanna give u the best service tonight
Whatever you want, I want to give it all to you
I wanna satisfy your senses all night

You're my V.I.P, always hold me, oh
I'm your T.O.P, giving only my best, yeah...

Come closer, I'm ready to go in
Let me in, you want me? Invite me, it's so simple (baby)
Touch me, I will take you to another fantasy world
You want me?
Come on, touch me, come on, welcome to J Style

Leave your reaction for afterwards
U know the best is yet to come, but tonight
Heat it up as much as you can, starting up
Set up your sexy dance right now

- more at The Purple Line

Yup. XD Though the "T.O.P" part just reminds me of TOP from Big Bang. Which I'm kinda okay with.
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Holy pretty blond Aki. Well, probably not holy, really. Not quite sure what I think of his outfit, or what I'll think when we get bigger pictures, but so far, I like it. XD I'm having flashbacks to when Pon went blond, but not to such a aljfwie;ajwl?! degree. Also, Yuuya: *___*

In more fandom news, xTRiPx has a new single out with a new PV (their second) apparently with it. W00t!

And back to the nutty Koreans, this interview is a bit meh to me - just in that it wasn't particularly eye-opening or particularly cracky, but it has some cute moments (and hey, it's in English XD), like: Mithra->Tablo: Tablo's best quality is that he is crazy. His worst quality is that he tries to hide it sometimes.

On the boyband side (sorry, JE peeps, still Korean!), Jungmin and his narcissism is weirdly endearing. And well, so are his girly wiggles, his smile, his general sparkly ghei and his promises to kill his bandmates. ♥ If Hyunjoong wasn't such an intriguing and quirky person, Jungmin would definitely be my favorite from SS501.

XD Funny, I told Iris a few days ago that I felt kind of like I was sort of... letting down the people who friended me for fandom reasons, since - especially this school year - I've been rambling more about school and RL than fandom things, and I usually tend to flail about fandom to Iris or Liv, depending on who's online. :P But now I'm posting fandom-related things and I feel spammy about it. Though I'd feel spammy posting more than once a day about any topic...

I don't know why I'm still awake. But yay, day off!
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Woke up from a bizarre, traumatic dream in which my brother had accidentally killed my dad and an imaginary cousin via food poisoning (ala Iris's curry fears :P)... to an earthquake! A small one, but longer than what we usually get at home. It just rumbled on for a while.

In other news, EPIK HIGH IN THE US. *____* Hopefully, this is outside of the Korean Music Festival, which they aren't listed for (yet? when do they stop announcing people?) anyways. ....aww, dammit, SS501 is coming, though. Well, as entertaining as I find them, I'm not at the point where I would go to LA to see them, not to mention the ticket prices and my either ignorance of or current lack of interest in the other groups/artists listed. XD

But also, Tablo's blog is awesomely in both Korean and English, and Epik High just released a bilingual book/CD internationally and for a non-import price. Yay! Wants!

And I would flail more but I just realized that CRAP I HAVE TWO (thankfully short) PAPERS DUE IN AN HOUR. I knew I was forgetting something. -______-
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Because my class was cancelled today, I spent the afternoon marathoning RH Plus, which is refreshingly fluffy for a vampire show. Of course, it has its angst and woe and blood, but it's generally quite cute. Tochihara Rakuto is the most adorable vampire ever, too, and his character was my favorite. I mean, his name is Ageha (a swallowtail butterfly), and he's NOT all emotastic about being a vampire, and he supplies most of the ghei moments that survived the un-shounen-ai-ing of the original manga.

Halfway through, I speedwatched the Aquarian Age live action that came out last year because Tochihara was also in that and I like wings. I am usually pretty easy to please with movies and things, but man, that was a horrible movie. XD Takeru and Keita Kimura (Tsukasa, the ickle angel boy) were the most interesting characters/parts. Though I was amused by Tochihara once again playing a character with ~special intuition~.

Erika and I also started watching Boys Before Flowers last night, and the boys are quite pretty (especially Hyun Joong). XD And since I still haven't watched Hana Yori Dango, the story is shiny and new for me, too. It's sort of weird to actually phsyically watch a drama with someone else, but it's a nice change... we both laughed at the random English ("Oh... my... god...") and when the F4 getting-dressed-in-the-morning montage abruptly started (though, hello! *hotlinks lazily >.>*).

I've been using dramas as ways to broaden my musical horizons, so I'm giving KELUN and SunSet Swish a listen, and currently YouTubing SS501 (thus continuing to untintentionally avoid DBSK :P)... I couldn't remember what I thought of them when I caught that episode of Music Core. So far, I like KELUN more consistently than SunSet Swish, and SS501 PV watching was momentarily stalled by listening a clip of their English skillz/fail. XD And weirdly, the UR Man PV made me tear up a bit because I think I was doing a massive generalizing thing and associating it with Jonghyuk, who I'm sure would hate that since he doesn't understand why DBSK/Big Bang/etc. are popular. :P

Oh. So, tomorrow is "Snow Day" on campus. Eight tons of snow is going to be trucked in and dropped in front of the event center. Hilarity. I feel like the associations sponsering this could spend their money in better ways. >.> On the other hand, free food!

Baby needs to grow up!
Adopt one today!
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♥ The Animaniacs will never not be awesome.

♥ Snagged The Alphabet Icon Challenge meme thing from [ profile] noveltea. It's like the fic one that I still have to write for but am totally ignoring, yes but with icons.

♥ I'm co-modding another comm: [ profile] popversified! [ profile] dammitliv created it and wanted a co-mod for the Jpop/K/C-music parts that she's not as familiar with. It's a place for AU crossovers between the band of your choice and a book/movie/TV show/video game/etc.

♥ An (probably a month-old?) episode of Music Core was on the Korean channel on Sunday, which was cool. I had fun trying to predict who would be on, though I had to write down some names to try and look them up later by guessing who I thought they were based on the number of people in the group. And it's nice getting to see groups/artists I hadn't heard of, or hadn't listened to much. The lineup that I either recognized or could write down and decipher in some form while I was watching:

Smash (without Shin Bong Sun) - Never Ending Story
Untouchable feat. Hwayobi - It's Okay
Wonder Girls - Nobody
Nell - Part 2
2PM - Only You + 10 out of 10
SS501 - UR Man
Big Bang - Sunset Glow
Bi - Only You

...I wrote down the title for another one in Hangul, and didn't get the female singer's name at all. And there was another one I completely missed that was quite pretty. The Smash song was pretty catchy, and they do a silly little leg-swinging dance in it at one point that amused me. XD I think Music Core got their subtitles wrong because I know I didn't miswrite it, but I had 2PM down as 10PM and "10 out of 10" starting with a 2. And Nell! I've only heard them through the collaborations their members have done with Epik High, but I think I want to check them out more. XD

Today, there was a program doing a top 20 countdown of... guys. I'm not sure what the qualifications were, but Tablo was #9 and John Hoon was #2. Yay?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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