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When my parents got my brother and I, each year, they also bought some bottles of wine (a cabernet sauvignon) to keep until we were older. We opened one of my bottles tonight - it's probably a year or so past its prime, but in the scheme of a 22-year-old wine, that's not that bad, I think. :P The wine itself was pretty good, though I'm no conessieur.

Erika gave me some origami paper and a little box of figures and objects made out of sugar that are usually given on Girl's Day. Cute, and possibly expired. XD Well, probably not, but we like to joke about that since a lot of Erika's packaged food did end up being expired by the time we ate it. It definitely feels like she's gone, but it doesn't at the same time. Sigh. Keri said goodbye the same way my grandma does - very quickly and as if she wants to leave - but I think sentimentality makes her awkward. And she is going to be back briefly in August before heading off to Cleveland State, so I'll see her then.

I also said goodbye to a couple other people today, since they're leaving this week and I won't be going to the airport to see them off.

And because I guess I still care enough to try and save the first one XD:
Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Grr. The more I get nagged about applying for jobs, the more I feel I'd rather be unemployed for the summer than work retail. But of course, the longer I am unemployed, the more nagging there will be! I just really don't like how my mom's view is that a job is a job; it doesn't matter if you like it. But I would sort of like to at least have some sort of interest in whatever I end up doing, even if it's just on the level of, "Oh, I like this store as a shopper."
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To phrase things as I did in my diagnostic test report:

Plus (+)
+ EPIK HIGH TICKET arriving from home!
+ seeing everyone all dressed up all pretty
+ the appetizers, salad and dessert at Formal Dinner
+ finding a lovely dress at the mall that fits and is in a color that is not black or dark blue
+ the cute guys who work at the Japanese place in the mall - though at least one of them is probably Chinese... he was singing random songs while cooking (XD)
+ not being drunk
+ passing the "can you swivel your hips" test XD

Minus (-)
- crying for some unknown reason that probably has to do with realizing that once again, we're nearing The End
- the bruise on my shin from hitting it repeatedly on my bedframe in the last two days
- the bruise on my leg from my laptop falling off my desk and landing on it with its edge
- the bruise in the palm of my hand from my laptop falling off my desk (again) and nailing my hand with one of its corners (yes, I'm special. And my laptop falls because I have it sort of half off the desk sometimes, and if I gesture bigly, I sometimes hit it)
- burning my tongue on my tea at lunch
- and then feeling dehydrated
- being late with things

...'things' being a certain fic exchange. I am at the point where I'm treating it as a school assignment so I'll stop giving into distractions (like housemates and the Formal Dinner afterparty) and actually get it done. I know I probably shouldn't have signed up at all, since I did know it'd be around the end of the school year, but... ah, well. It's too late now, and if I didn't think I would fall asleep in the next fifteen minutes, I would pull an all-nighter if I had to, to finish it out of guilt. >.>

I went and made an angsty playlist of songs that remind me of people leaving/the end of things. Not quite as chill as the Jawaiian reggae, but more cathartic to listen to.

Okay, a plan: skimp on sleep tonight (original plan: sleep ALL DAY LONG, or, okay, until noon) so I can wake up tomorrow morning and finish the fic before Fanime meeting at 3pm. Oooooorrrrr, I will make it to the next Fanime meeting. Oops. I did not wake up with enough time to get all I needed to do done before getting to the convention center. >_< Send fic to beta. Sleep ALL DAY LONG (or until noon) on Sunday. I am very much looking forward to Sunday morning. XDDD

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Still functioning on less than an hour of sleep, woo! My presentation went pretty well, though I really wish I would stop getting so nervous in front of people - it feels like it's worse than it was even last semester when people were less familiar, which is weird. I was also able to get my Audiology lab out of the way.

I can't believe it's May already... Saneh, who lived in the house last semester and came back to visit last week, left this morning for his home country of Thailand, and people are starting to take advantage of their last few weeks as housemates to go on weekend trips (Lani's in Vegas this weekend). Formal dinner invitations went out today, too. But I think the thing that made me realize just how close it is to the end of the school year was the last line of the most recent Fanime e-mail I received: Two and a half weeks to Con!!!


After the lab, I sped through the last few episodes of Pi Li MIT that I hadn't watched and... wow, Cherry Laoshi was not exaggerating when she said there was more family drama than a K-drama. XDD Not a bad show, but it definitely went down at the end. I felt like the way they tried to explain everything in the end didn't really match with a lot of the themes/actions of the earlier episodes, and the Big Twist was kind of between disappointing and WTF. Amusingly, there is one moment they totally stole from the Death Note movie (though maybe DN stole it from somewhere else, too) where they're using cameras to spy on a character and he's hiding a cell phone in a bag of chips he's eating. Gui Gui's character annoyed me so much I couldn't watch most of the last few episodes. She's just whiny and pouty and full of fail and yet all of the male characters just call her adorable and too cute and her boyfriend sticks gallantly with her to the end.

Granted, Arron's character is actually a bit of an ass sometimes, so maybe they deserve each other, but I don't buy that he'd tolerate her type as much as he did in the drama.

Sigh. There is so much music I want to buy. I still haven't ordered Epik High's latest project (or, well, any of their other CDs, since they're on mapthesoul too), so maybe I'll do that first, but I also want to buy ON/OFF's first CD ("Legend of Twins I" - they are srsly all about the twinlove; in the making of for one of their PVs about an eternal bond, Naoya says that his eternal bond is with Kazuya, and in another, they're asked about their treasures and each says the other brother), and perhaps Bergerac's mini-album. Andstuff.

Sorry if the dragons are getting annoying... I'm trying to see if I can get at least one of them to grow up without having to go to an ER. XD The adult daydream dragons (the light blue one) are so preeeetty, and I really like the new pinks, too.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


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