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Woo! I'll just jump right into this recap, and start with the whining, so I can end on a good note. XD The quickie is that they sold out of merchandise completely, so we weren't able to buy anything. The initial sale table was pretty mobbed, too, so they ended up shutting it down. Now for the rambly ones: I seem to have bad intuition when it comes to bringing my camera to concerts. I brought it tonight, and left it in the car with the thought of just bringing it to the club later. The venue/band's only rule was no flash photography, which meant fancams were go. So I kicked myself periodically throughout the evening for opting to leave my camera in the car, especially since even though I was in the last row of the main floor, I had a pretty good view, particularly once everyone rushed the stage. >.>

We also skipped the afterparty, which, admittedly, I had come to be looking forward to (and it is pretty rare for me to be looking forward to going out to a club XD). It wasn't just because of Epik High - I was viewing it as my last chance to go out and have fun like that before the semester's end (though of course, spending a chance like that with Epik High is definitely a plus!). But everyone - all of two people :P - else didn't feel up for it, and the $20 cover didn't help, so I wasn't about to make things potentially momentarily awkward by being contrary.

I was also a bit miffed/confused by myself because I really didn't feel as excited before or after as I thought I'd be. I was actually really sad in the car ride on the way home for reasons that had nothing to do with the concert. During the show, however, it was an entirely different story...

Bottom line: Epik High is fuckin' amazing. )
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....Basically, I have problems with dates. I just swap weeks or days or something, and thus end up planning to do things on days they aren't happening, or worse, end up unprepared (or doing last minute prep) for something I need to do. I have a calendar to keep track of due dates and stuff, but somehow, things slip by anyways - they get written down on the wrong date, or somehow overlooked completely (for one class - and I managed to notice this 'cause I was double-checking my dates after yesterday's fiasco - I had all of the test dates/assignments written down except for one random test). So, how do people remember things they have to do?

In other news, after much wrangling and Ticketmaster failure, I has tickets to Epik High on the 15th! The first time around, I had a decent balcony seat, but then Ticketmaster errored on me. The second time, I ran out of time because the Activate button wouldn't show up on Visa's verification page. The third time, I played around with the size of my browser window and somehow got it to show up. I actually ended up with a floor seat in one of the central sections, though, so... maybe it's good that it didn't work? Granted, it's in the last row, so hopefully I'll be able to see. >.>

The show is right before finals, but luckily, half of my classes either don't have final tests or have their final tests before the designated week, and there's still the weekend to study. It will be a good break, I think, in between project crunch time and test crunch time. Maybe we will go see the Yoshida brothers that week too, which would be... quite different, but equally cool.

I don't think I've gotten this many comments on a Facebook status as I am getting now for the Epik High squee. XDD Too bad no one is volunteering a toy vehicle for my presentation tomorrow. I might end up just making an origami boat. >.>

I am kind of really enamoured with my header. XD This is a good sign!

Adopt one today!
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Holy pretty blond Aki. Well, probably not holy, really. Not quite sure what I think of his outfit, or what I'll think when we get bigger pictures, but so far, I like it. XD I'm having flashbacks to when Pon went blond, but not to such a aljfwie;ajwl?! degree. Also, Yuuya: *___*

In more fandom news, xTRiPx has a new single out with a new PV (their second) apparently with it. W00t!

And back to the nutty Koreans, this interview is a bit meh to me - just in that it wasn't particularly eye-opening or particularly cracky, but it has some cute moments (and hey, it's in English XD), like: Mithra->Tablo: Tablo's best quality is that he is crazy. His worst quality is that he tries to hide it sometimes.

On the boyband side (sorry, JE peeps, still Korean!), Jungmin and his narcissism is weirdly endearing. And well, so are his girly wiggles, his smile, his general sparkly ghei and his promises to kill his bandmates. ♥ If Hyunjoong wasn't such an intriguing and quirky person, Jungmin would definitely be my favorite from SS501.

XD Funny, I told Iris a few days ago that I felt kind of like I was sort of... letting down the people who friended me for fandom reasons, since - especially this school year - I've been rambling more about school and RL than fandom things, and I usually tend to flail about fandom to Iris or Liv, depending on who's online. :P But now I'm posting fandom-related things and I feel spammy about it. Though I'd feel spammy posting more than once a day about any topic...

I don't know why I'm still awake. But yay, day off!
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Woke up from a bizarre, traumatic dream in which my brother had accidentally killed my dad and an imaginary cousin via food poisoning (ala Iris's curry fears :P)... to an earthquake! A small one, but longer than what we usually get at home. It just rumbled on for a while.

In other news, EPIK HIGH IN THE US. *____* Hopefully, this is outside of the Korean Music Festival, which they aren't listed for (yet? when do they stop announcing people?) anyways. ....aww, dammit, SS501 is coming, though. Well, as entertaining as I find them, I'm not at the point where I would go to LA to see them, not to mention the ticket prices and my either ignorance of or current lack of interest in the other groups/artists listed. XD

But also, Tablo's blog is awesomely in both Korean and English, and Epik High just released a bilingual book/CD internationally and for a non-import price. Yay! Wants!

And I would flail more but I just realized that CRAP I HAVE TWO (thankfully short) PAPERS DUE IN AN HOUR. I knew I was forgetting something. -______-


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