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Woke up from a bizarre, traumatic dream in which my brother had accidentally killed my dad and an imaginary cousin via food poisoning (ala Iris's curry fears :P)... to an earthquake! A small one, but longer than what we usually get at home. It just rumbled on for a while.

In other news, EPIK HIGH IN THE US. *____* Hopefully, this is outside of the Korean Music Festival, which they aren't listed for (yet? when do they stop announcing people?) anyways. ....aww, dammit, SS501 is coming, though. Well, as entertaining as I find them, I'm not at the point where I would go to LA to see them, not to mention the ticket prices and my either ignorance of or current lack of interest in the other groups/artists listed. XD

But also, Tablo's blog is awesomely in both Korean and English, and Epik High just released a bilingual book/CD internationally and for a non-import price. Yay! Wants!

And I would flail more but I just realized that CRAP I HAVE TWO (thankfully short) PAPERS DUE IN AN HOUR. I knew I was forgetting something. -______-
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Mrr. For the last week or so, I have been having stressful dreams usually involving school, or huge crowds, and also people from school (high school and college) and a few random Jpop/rockers. I think I'm stressing about moving out again, even if I don't feel worried when I'm awake. x_x

I've started volunteering twice a week at a local library, which has mostly been rather boring. The woman I work for is very meticulous and methodical and... slow (her way of opening up a new Word document is to open an existing one, go File --> Close, then go File --> New), and has low expectations, I think. Last week, I finished my task (sorting maps and writing them down by hand) after seventy minutes, and she asked if I wanted to go home, even though I'm there for two hours. >.> And then said it was okay if I took a break (but two hours of simple tasks where I am sitting down the whole time is not really all that hard to do non-stop). But she wasn't there yesterday, so I got to do some inventory stuff. Even after working retail for a bit, scanning things is still fun, and I got to feel important while pushing a cart around and loading books on it. People also asked me questions (or stared at me as if they wanted to ask a question), and I was moderately helpful for two of them, and not helpful for one.

Sleepy. Cold. Mehblargh.
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Let us open with a brotherly quote:

"brother: o shit waffles! yeah i forgot about that one..."

So, yes. I forgot that we were going to drive down to LA tomorrow to retrieve said brother. We're staying overnight, and coming back on Saturday. Because the weather is so hot (this is probably the warmest summer I can remember - we do get warm days here, but usually not until August, and certainly not in May like he have this year), we're leaving at 5:30am to try and beat most of the Central Valley heat. x_x

BUT ON THE VERY UP SIDE, I get to see [ profile] karinberry again! And it hasn't even been a year since our last meeting. :DDD

I had a dream last night that there was a fancam for Ryo and Ohkura's TORN, and the dance involved kissing. At least I think it was a dream. >.> I didn't remember it until this afternoon, which makes me wonder if it's my faulty memory smushing things from last night's 1-Hour Challenge together.

I also have a ramble to do for Satomi Hakkenden, but I'm going to wait until I watch the bits I haven't watched yet. I've seen 95% of it, and the other 5% either on mute or um... while skipping around. I watched it at night, and my dreams are easily influenced by whatever I'm doing before I sleep, and I did not want evil dreams.

But I definitely recommend it. It surprised me because I was expecting something hokey and unintentionally silly, but despite the conventional plot devices and the hilarious fake blood, it's pretty good (though not without its hokey moments, since there is a Romance). There's pretty hair, and violence and a bit of gore, and pretty pretty costumes, and Yamashita Shoon and puppies. No, really.

I need a wibblyninja!Shoon icon (haha, at first I left off the 'icon' part). And to possibly write fic about wibblyninja!Shoon. >.> *has bunny, sort of*

*totally hit a Shoon spot in my Juniors void*

And finally, for some context re: the beginning quote, brother was actually talking about forgetting Father's Day:

brother: maybe ill buy him my reportcard AHAHAHa
me: ...
me: odd child


Nov. 13th, 2007 12:44 pm
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First, a dream. Who wants to look into Liz's subconscious?! I don't... )

Last time I posted a version of this meme, I posted a dream, so I thought I'd just be consistent. XD I kept almost the same list as last time, though I shifted a few people out/around. Since, well, most of them are ones I've either written, or have muses for, and as the Kyoyama shows, I will write things that come out of this meme. :P

Snagged from [ profile] wandering_legy:

Pick 12 random slashable characters in any order:
01. Yamapi (NEWS)
02. Uruha (Gazette)
03. Aki (SID)
04. Kame (KAT-TUN)
05. Tsukasa (D'espairsRay)
06. Yuuto (SCREW)
07. Ryo (Kanjani8)
08. Hiroto (Alice Nine)
09. Miyavi
10. Tegoshi (....NEWS Tegomass XD)
11. Ruiza (D)
12. Shin (Kagrra,)

Now answer the questions under the cut. No peeking at them until you create your list!

Here we go! )
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I am so easily distracted.

1) Jpop was in my dream again, and this time there was an actual plot! Candyland! )

2) A moth flew into my eye last night. That was interesting.

3) Parents come home tomorrow. Sigh. The quiet was nice while it lasted.

4) Found LiZ!Yuu's blog yesterday. Don't know how I missed it before... but lookit Kai lurvin' on his guitar. And the picture Yuu posted for New Year's. Ya rly.

5) Memeage! I was tagged for that other one where you tag people in the middle of it, twice, so no more tagging of Liz. :P This is not that meme!

Rules: Make a list of 12 people from your fandom of choice. DO NOT read the questions until you have done so-- it spoils the whole point of the meme.

Done for J-rock, but I ran out of names (doing one per band, just 'cause I'm weird), so there are three JE boys in there, and Ryo's a bit of a cheat, because he's in two bands but whatever. It's because of Iris.

I use a random number generator. >.> )


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