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SCREW's new bassist: I am looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the band, though I still miss Yuuto, of course. XD I know the white costumes are a rebirth/restart sort of look, but I can't help but wonder how Yuuto would've looked, too. Probably like a bunny of some sort. >.> Anyways, I hope that Rui will do well with SCREW (and that the awkward new-guy feeling will go away soon, but Manabu adapted pretty quickly, and I am hazarding that Rui has more band experience than he did XD).

Bloody Monday 2: Watched Episode 3 today. Without giving too much away (I think), I'll just say that sometimes I am actually glad for the predictability of TV shows. Also, fdsjiewlajfsd in general.

Real Life: I'm taking roomie home with me this weekend for Chinese New Year dinner with my parents, and a trip to Fenton's Ice Creamery (the ice cream parlor mentioned in UP. Yes, it's real, though the only part of it that really looks like the real one is the logo, which is exactly the same. It's also a ten minute walk from my house. :D).

Fanime: Exciting things are exciting! Stay tuned~



Jan. 25th, 2010 11:59 pm
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I was going to do some sort of concert report, but ZOMG, BLOODY MONDAY 2. Totally not going to be waiting for subs for this one before watching. XD It's unrealistic and over-the-top (especially whenever someone references "Bloody Monday," and there are dramatic pauses and a swell of music), but I am a sucker for a good action drama, and like the first one, the first episode of this definitely delivered right away.

Plus, well, the cast is nice. XDD


Ooh, shirts. Anyways. Class starts tomorrow, but I've only got two tomorrow, starting at 12pm, so yay!


Jan. 23rd, 2010 09:17 am
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Downloaded the Gokusen movie at 3am, which was perhaps not the wisest thing to do. XD Between it and my jetlagged roommate, I haven't slept yet. Well, neither of us has, so... woo!

I didn't go caphappy like I did with the Gokusen 3 special (not yet, at least), but um, flailsquee reactions? Ready, go - spoiler warning! )

Well, I thought it was worth the loss of sleep. Now off to actually eat breakfast for the first time in a week or two!
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I don't think people here realize how thin the walls are. Though I've been informed that Akmal is loud all the time, so perhaps, he just doesn't care. >.> Anyways, roomie comes back tomorrow! Eeee!

We had our International Student welcome dinner tonight, which was burritos as usual. I met a few more people, which was nice, and we all embarrassed one of our new Korean boys by singing "Happy Birthday" to him. :DD Leann also approves of my bakesale idea, but I have to run it by our non-existant Student Council first.

Hm. *jumps to fandom things* I think I'll actually try to pay attention to this season of dramas. I feel like I actually try to follow things every other season, which is pretty good for me. XD So far, I've watched the first episode of Shinsengumi PEACE MAKER, which has much cheese and much pretty (though Furukawa Yuuta looks terribly old >.> but his character does have a stressful life, so XD), and is a nice trim, 25-minutes short, so that may be my fluffy brainless drama, even if the plot isn't fluffy. XD

Shall give Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge a whirl, of course. The KameUchiTego trio amuses me just because I feel like half my flist would love the drama for one or more of them, and half my flist would hate the drama for the exact same reason (I'd expect that with dramas in general, but... especially these three?). XD But I think I'm most looking forward to Bloody Monday 2. Squee~

Between the three of those and our shiny fast Internet, I think I'll be good for 'TV.' Well, and I still want to get through more of IRIS, even if Korean TV and Big Bang spoiled the ending for me. -.-;
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I Come With the Rain was posted up at [ profile] jdramas, so I watched it today. And now I am highly recommending it. With some caveats.

If you are easily squicked, this is definitely not a movie for you. One of the characters makes sculptures out of human body parts. There is a lot of violence, some gore, and a scene with bugs on Kimura Takuya's pretty face. Personally, I thought the level of gore was really good. Nothing was too graphic - the bits that would've been were off-screen or hidden by camera angles/props - but there were definitely moments where I cringed in sympathetic agony. Lots of moments. But in a good way.

On the shallow upside, Josh Hartnett spends about half the movie shirtless (...though occasionally bloodied at the same time), and Lee Byung Hun, KimuTaku, and Shawn Yue are all shirtless at least once within the first hour. :D? And you get to watch them all speak English. Even Josh Hartnett! XPP And that KimuTaku dude.

Overall, I thought the movie had a great sense of tension. Even when you know what's coming - the director liked to draw some moments out a lot - there's more of a feeling of, "Oh crap oh crap oh crap" than "blah blah blah." Some themes were pushed a bit too hard, I felt, but it wasn't so relentless that it ruined the movie by any means.

The music was done by Gustavo Santaolalla and Radiohead. Personally, I could've done with less Radiohead and more Gustavo, but the score went well with the movie. Stylistically, it took me a couple minutes to get used to the pacing and the filming style, but it fits the story as well. This director is the one currently signed on to adapt Murakami's Norweigan Wood, and I will tentatively say I think his style will work with Murakami's quirkiness (though obviously, it's a bit different adapting a book to screen than directing something that's purely script), which makes me happy.

And it was generally refreshing getting to see Asian actors with Western actors in a movie like this. Specifically, it was awesome getting to see KimuTaku ~the idol~ playing the character he does. I haven't seen anything from his filmography but MR. BRAIN, but this doesn't strike me as typical idol fare. XD

I really hope it gets a wider release (i.e. one in the US at all?). It'd be great to see it in one part, instead of two. Plus, the sound on the [ profile] jdramas version would fade in and out sometimes, and I couldn't quite tell if/how much of it was intentional for Dramatic Effect, or if it was due to the rip, but either way, it was a bit distracting. And, of course, it'd just be nice to see Asians in American-released movies in a "cool" movie like this one instead of seeing Americans in American remakes of "cool" Asian movies. :D

Also, I was halfway through that last sentence when I noticed that [ profile] nihongofrancais had posted a reviewflail about this movie too. Granted, her's is a little more spoilery (on a certain scale of spoileriness - she doesn't give a blow-by-blow account, ofc XD), but see, I am not the only one who recommends it!
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None of the recent J-dramas have really jumped out at me as MUST-WATCH-NOWs, so I went and watched Kisarazu Cat's Eye a couple weeks ago, and started Akihabara@DEEP last night (partly because of back-burner curiosity, and partly because [ profile] ilanabean42 recently pointed out the unfortunate lack of Kazapon love in the world). I totally want to take Page home and feed him cookies or something. So adorable. ♥ Also, if I was a bit nerdier, I would think up therapy techniques to help him with his stutter, but I am not. >.>

I tried fruitlessly to download the second episode allll afternoon, and it is finally done now. Yay! But I have been distracted by the first episode of MBLAQ's "Art of Seduction" show, and the dancey dorky Korean boys have won for the moment. I still die a little inside when I realize that they are all younger than me, and especially that Mir is the youngest (for some reason, I thought it was Thunder? Maybe because people keep mentioning that he's Dara's younger brother, so he seems like the baby XD) and still only eighteen. Though it's still not as weird as knowing that all of Big Bang is younger than me - not by much, but... o_O;

"Oh Yeah"'s lyrics don't match their dancing at all, and I feel like I lose brain cells when I listen to it, but I can't stop. Korea > Liz.

I do feel enthralled is a bit of an exaggeration, though... XD
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I thought I saw lightning (because who's taking flash photos outside at 4:40am, when I should be sleeping, but have fallen into a v6id and so am not. Again), and then....


I'm pretty sure there have been bugs crawling on me all night, since our room is warm, and my laptop is shiny.


1) Since Wednesday, I've slept a total of 10 hours and eaten 2 proper meals (lunch at 3pm on Wednesday, and dinner yesterday). I sort of worry myself sometimes with the ease with which I can forego food (today, I ate some Goldfish crackers and five Pringles, and drank a bit of water and a cup of tea. And I contemplated getting food a lot).

2) It sounds like rain! Ooh, it is... Too bad my room is still 80-something degrees Fahrenheit. It's quite nice outside.

3) I spent last night watching Neverland, the 2001 drama with Tsubasa, Ken, Hina, Toma and Koki. Once I got over the cheesy dramatic effects (drastic closeups every other second on people when Things Happened + completely unsubtle soundtrack), the terrible subs (there were Chinese subs and horrible English ones), and the generally poor video quality, it was surprisingly good (though I kept thinking that Ken looked like Yasu). If nothing else, the boys all get points for tackling such complex roles pretty well across the board.

Spoilers, if anyone cares )/end spoilers

4) Still on a V6 kick. Stupid shiny new fandoms with all of their shiny TV shows... >_< Am saving the food ones until after I start eating properly again. Tonight's V6 "drama" was Hard Luck Hero, which was also surprisingly good. More fun than Neverland, since there's some humor in, with less angst, better music, more cars, and all of V6 being spazzy/flaily/panicky/dramatic together. ♥ Plus shirtless!Okada doing a random dance, for those who like their eyecandy with their pseudo-gangsta movies. ;)

Another reviewish thing, but sans spoilers )

5) Miyake Ken has a twin sister! But apparently, she left with his dad, whenever that was.

6) I went back and translated that little blurb with Ruiza from some JE magazine. Nothing particularly eye-opening (he thought Kimutaku's singing voice was cool! He was bad at Chem, and good at Math! He lived with two dogs, but one was his grandma's!), though I wonder why we had previously assumed that the drama mentioned (Ginrou Kaiki File) was one that he had been in... it's just one he liked. Which means that this blurb is from at least 1996, which means that at the youngest, he's 17 in that magazine.

7) There are definitely bugs on me.

8) Go figure that number 6 would be the one to break the train of V6-related rambling.

9) Today, I am going to sleep before 6am. So. Goodnight! I'll spend the weekend resetting my body, I think. :P

10) ...Oh, Bergerac's last live was/is today in Japan. :((( Tatsuha hasn't updated his blog since they first announced they were disbanding back in June, and I miss his random camwhoring.


Jul. 12th, 2009 01:58 am
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[ profile] dammitliv! Last night, I discovered that the back cover of GLAY's Heavy Gauge album GLOWS IN THE DARK. I have two glow-in-the-dark devil duckies, but I had not noticed my CD rack glowing before. XD

Dad is leaving for (the airport for a plane to) New Orleans in an hour, so I am staying up to wait. XD It's a volunteer project with his old youth church group, helping out Habitat for Humanity, which he's worked with for at least ten years now, locally.

*twiddles thumbs*


Bergerac has an announcement and individual statements up about their last live and the reasons behind their breakup. Rumors on the Bergerac comm say they just felt that they've done all they could as a band, and decided to break up before they started feeling grumbly at one another. From what I could decipher from Google's translation of their OHP, this doesn't seem wrong... there wasn't really any mention (that I could see) of them feeling like there was trouble within the band, but just a sense that they'd had a good run together, but it was time to move on. I hope that's not just spiel...

Sincrea has a new look, and their OHP seriously fails in my browser, or else something's just off with their coding. >.> But anyways, you can still see them. Kazi... a visor? Really? >.> Though I envy the blue streaks in his hair. Am not sure Tomo's Rapunzel look was really neccessary. XD I remain biased towards Hal Hiro, even with the random goggles. And now I will stalk them all on Ameba!

Oh. I went to... someone from vistlip's house on Ameba the other day. He wasn't there but another fan was, so I ran away. XDD


I watched Gohatto (Taboo) today, Matsuda Ryuhei's first big film from 1999, about gay attraction among samurai. Well, mostly just about his character and how, because of his attractiveness, Shit Goes Down. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be more... intricate(?) than I thought it would be.

A small bit of spoilery rambling )


I picked up Son Of A Witch, the sequel to Wicked, at the bookstore last night. I had intended for it to be reading for a week, but I have finished it already. >.> Oops. It's one of those books in which a lot happens, but by the end, you realize that not a lot has also happened, but I still quite liked it.

And now Dad is awake! >.> Time to pretend like I've been not on the computer...
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We finally went out for my birthday last night. Well, we went out to celebrate my mom's sort-of-promotion, but when my brother made the reservation, he also said that it was my birthday

I am so behind on dramas, again. XD I finally finished Hyoryu Net Cafe (and by finished, I mean I watched the finale, and the episode before that, and skipped 8 and 9, which is basically finished, right?), which seems like it didn't pick up until episode 8. Which, when you have 11 episodes, is kind of bad. Well, I suppose the first seven episodes were full of mysteries, and maybe they were trying to do a season-one-of-LOST-esque thing where lots of weird things are revealed but nothing is explained, but it didn't really work. It was just kinda boring. >.> Granted, I didn't understand most of it, but still... there just wasn't much happening. At least episode 10 had a decent amount of Shinpei having lines (and being a dense boy) while also having bright blue painted nails. XD

The fifth episode of Mr. Brain was much better, but that's to be expected. I'm almost glad the subbers are a bit behind because then I have more time to catch up on Atashinchi no Danshi and whatever else I was watching. >.> Like Shounen Club, since I'm definitely a month behind on that.

Or perhaps I could go make up a menu of what I will be cooking for dinner this week, hunt for jobs, research driving schools and clean my birds' cage like I'm supposed to be doing. Or eat lunch! Lunch is good. I can watch dramas during lunch. XP

The seekrit project is almost ready to be revealed! Woo!
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Lani's back home now, but it doesn't feel like it. Maybe because I didn't see her off to the airport - or maybe because I was rather hungover when I said goodbye-for-real. There was one false goodbye-for-real before, when I thought I'd be heading home but my dad didn't want me taking BART so late at night, so I ended up staying the night at the Ihouse, after finally achieving 'go club, get drunk.'

I guess it doesn't really feel like any of them are gone, yet. I'm home, so it's not like I'd see them every day even if they were still here. But I think going back to the Ihouse in August will definitely feel a bit weird; it did even when I was just there to visit. Different names on all of the doors... two new people living in Lani and my room...

Well, things change.

As a 'reward' for finally finishing my latest exchange fic (one day, I'll stop either signing up for those, or starting them the weekend before they're due. Though I did start this one earlier - I just... ended up re-starting it twice with completely different ideas >.>), I watched Koizora (the movie), which I'd downloaded and then half-forgot I had. Predictable, full of Incidents, but I really liked it, even the sappy parts, which sort of surprised me. A bit of spoilers ) As much as I enjoyed Miura Haruma with blond hair, I think my favorite character ended up being Hiro's sister. XD Pretty, strong, and sane! Rawk.

And real life Akipon makes me happy. *ignores that Aki goes out to eat/shop/get-toys-from-claw-machines with everyone/Kenzo*
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1) I'm still trying to figure out Ameba Pigg. Rather, I returned to trying to figure it out, and get a lot more than I did last time. Not enough to really do anything other than run around and make people shiny, but most of the settings were full anyways. I did accidentally stumble upon both the VK-themed forest (that is, a meeting place for fans of VK in a park/forest) and "Johnny's Forest," which is... for JE fans, obviously, while randomly finding places to visit. XD

2) Despite the lack of subs and the fact that this drama actually needs English subtitles for me to be able to grasp big things, the lure of Kame&Kimutaku was too great, so I watched episode 3 of Mr. Brain today. After the twists and creepiness of Episode 2, Episode 3 was pretty straightforward and 'safe,' but it was still nice to see Kame onscreen again. XD Playing a 28-year-old. HA. Anyways. Seriously looking forward to next week's episode. I mean - Sato Takeru! And more ooh-y, (highlight to read, just in case anyone is spoilerphobic about the previews for future episodes XD) Sato Takeru playing the piano with bloody hands. Intriguing~ Episode 5 has Nakama Yukie guest-starring. :DD

3) Liv linked me to a performance of Gackt's newest single, Koakuma Heaven, which people should watch while paying careful attention to the lyrics. Or you can just click here. Or here for a translation, in both textspeak (what the song was written in) and normalspeak. Oh, Gackt. v(^_^)v

4) Bergerac's Tatsuha is finally 21. He celebrated by disappearing from his blog and possibly bleaching his hair again. I can't tell if it's a new picture he put up or not. :P

5) Um... 5... 5... Oh! [ profile] karinberry posted about the upcoming Beck live-action with Mizushima Hiro, Sato Takeru and Osamu Mukai all in the band (and Kiritani Kenta as well - who I keep picturing as either his character from Ryuusei no Kizuna or Rookies, mostly RnK). Shiny cast~


Jun. 8th, 2009 03:14 pm
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I came home to nagging about not having a job yet, and how a family friend's daughter sent out twenty-five applications, so clearly I am way behind, etc. etc. which slightly negated the point of my trip, but hey.

San Diego was fun - we wandered around Balboa Park, Old Town, Ocean Beach, Sea World, Seaport Village, the Gaslamp Quarter, the convention center (zomg, HUGE), and the maritime museum (with various old ships we could go on, including the ship from Master and Commander, and a Russian Cold War-era submarine). Aside from the brief stop in Avalon on Catalina Island, the cruise was mostly eating and sleeping, and watching the movies they ran every day. We saw Slumdog Millionaire and Fantastic Four 2 among others (like High School Musical 3 - ugh, at least the first one had some catchy songs).

I fell in love with Commerson's Dolphin at Sea World (aka the dolphin that everyone sees and goes, "BABY SHAMU!" at >.>). They're so pretty, and like to swim upside-down. XD We went to the dolphin show, the orca show, and the sea lion SNL spoof, which were all entertaining.

Trip blather, con't )

I skimmed the flist today and yesterday, but please let me know if I missed anything you want me to know - personal, or fandomwise! I saw that Alice Nine is settling on 'Alice Nine' as their name (thank you for being straightforward and not like some OtheR BandS who like eXtr@n3ou$ markings, A9! XD), and that Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow (or is it just Yuma with B.I. Shadow now, cause people were messing up his name?) is the next JE group to debut, along with NYC, a temporary group also with Yuma... nothing against the guy personally, but it is a bit of a WTF choice to me, next to all of the other Juniors that seem to have been getting pimped more. But then, the Kansai kids don't seem to get as much screentime normally. And hey, SHINee's done well, so why not debut an even younger group! >.>

Um... what else. Oh, I watched episode 2 of MR. BRAIN yesterday instead of the next episode of Hyoryu Net Cafe, and spent half the time staring at Kimutaku's awesome hair. No, that's not sarcasm. Gackt probably had a lot of fun with his role. Watched the Ousama no Brunch interview with Kame and Kimutaku this afternoon, which was amusing. I quite liked the episode I watched (as much as I SIGH-ed at neurology, I must admit that it does make some TV shows and things easier to understand and nitpick now), though it was probably not the best thing to watch right before bed. Now I'm looking forward to subs for episode 3, but I don't have space for the 1GB first episode, so it's off to find it *gasp* streaming somewhere for now.

...and then try to catch up on everything else, like finding a job. >.> And icontesty things, since Mom is not home and I am taking advantage of the nag-free time. XD
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HEE. GACKT will be on MR. BRAIN as some sort of crazy man, the episode before Kame's appearance (so... episode 2)! Kimutaku brings the guest stars, yo~ Actually, I wonder how much into the actual neuroscience this drama will get... My professors keep telling us that when we watch medical dramas now, we'll be able to understand more (which is true - we watched part of House in class and everyone was all, "Oooh, cranial nerve VII!"), and it'd be fun to test that. Not to mention, I could use the repetition.

In other fandom news, the San Francisco Symphony will be playing Final Fantasy music. While Nobuo Uematsu will not be conducting his own compositions, it would still be fun to hear the music live. I'll have to see how my budget is then, but... anyone want to go? :D

The 24-hour Quiet Hours rule is completely failing with my neighbors and the girls across the hall (Kylie and Co.). Because apparently, just because they don't have to study for 8am finals the next day, and aren't sleeping at 2am, no one else is either? Blah.

Next year's RAs seem like they might be a strict bunch. One of the girls is the one who this year complained a lot about everyone else, and ran for VP of student council with the platform of, "There were a lot of mistakes made last semester and I can fix them." The new Head Resident (like an RA, but without an actual shift) is a former RA who was the 'strict' RA of his year.

...and I wish SJSU would post their final exam times not in 24-hour time, because I think that I'm subtracting wrong and scare myself frequently. >.>

Neuroanatomy final today! I don't feel completely doomed for this test, at least, which is good! I am hungry, though, and unfortunately, this test could run all through dinner.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Ugh, I am not liking these random periodic bursts of heat that we've been having this Spring. It was quite warm today (er... yesterday), and supposed to be (a high of - and I feel like this sites estimates are usually low for the highs) 97F/36C later today. x___x Of course, it won't last, and it's supposedly going to be 78F/26C by Thursday. Dear weather, please stop yo-yo-ing, thanks.

Went to the last/mandatory meeting for Fanime today, and ended up sitting in front of two guys who decided to have a running snide commentary throughout the whole thing. Well, it was mostly one guy talking to the other. Annoying~ I am definitely glad to have met some people already, since I feel a bit weird coming in without ever having attended Fanime (or, well, any other con for that matter, aside from WonderCon one year). Even though its the whole reason I'm even in this situation, being friends with [ profile] swtjemz and having to listen to her talk shop at every concert or outing has its perks! :P

Cannot sleep. But I watched episode four of Atashinchi no Danshi, which was fun. I love how weird and two-faced all the brothers are. XD Spoilery. )

I skimmed through some of Godhand Teru, mostly for the previews to see how things would sort of go, and since it's only six episodes long (to make way for MR. BRAIN), I may be able to stand the hokeyness and the predictability for the characters I do like. Even if it does seem like Mizukawa Asami's character is less likable than I thought she was, her character's brother (aka Kaname Jun, again!) is turning out to be intriguingly ebil with his weird hands.

Last week, I watched the third episode of The Quiz Show 2, and didn't feel like I missed much (as far as carryover plot points) from skipping the first two episodes, but I'll probably go back and watch them at some time. Watching Yoko be sneaky is nothing new, but Sho's maniacal evilness is scarily fascinating. And scary. And of course, blah blah angsty emo past part is also interesting. :P

So it looks like this season, I will be trying to keep up with Atashinchi no Danshi, Hyoryu Net Cafe, and The Quiz Show 2. BOSS looks interesting as well, but subs are slow, so that one can wait.
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I zoned out yesterday to the first episode of Godhand Teru, which was one of this season's dramas I was pretty curious about. And I really would like to like it because I like quite a few of the actors and the premise is interesting, but I am on the fence about it.

Ramble! )

Today, I watched the first two episodes of Atashinchi no Danshi to hopefully override the meh-disappointment of Godhand Teru, and I think I have found the (second) drama for me to actually keep up with this season. I was a bit leery when I heard Maki would be in this one, because as much as I liked her in Nobuta, I could not stand her character in Kurosagi, and I was wary of the character here being whiny or dumb, or, well, like many other female leads. >.>

But she seems like a pretty nice balance between being strong-willed and kick-ass, completely out of her league as a girl caught up in this contract, and still being feminine (and thus able to dispense pearls of wisdom). And I like her scheming plots a lot. XD

Er... cut for spoilers for Episode 2? )

Aside from the family, I liked the side characters as well. I thought the net cafe staff guy looked familiar, and it turns out he's Eita' younger brother, but I'm pretty sure he didn't remind me of Eita. He doesn't have mouse ears, after all...

Aaaaand yeah! I'm glad to have found a drama I can brainlessly enjoy. XD I've been keeping up with Hyoryu Net Cafe, which is on its fourth episode now, and the story's going pretty slowly. Someone has started translating it, but from what I read, they don't have a proofreader, so there are a lot of typos. Like most of the time "you're" is spelled as "your" and I don't think I can deal with that. XD But it doesn't really need subtitles, and I'm mostly watching for Shinpei anyways.

*sheep sheep*

Pokemon sprites are seriously cute. ♥
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Still functioning on less than an hour of sleep, woo! My presentation went pretty well, though I really wish I would stop getting so nervous in front of people - it feels like it's worse than it was even last semester when people were less familiar, which is weird. I was also able to get my Audiology lab out of the way.

I can't believe it's May already... Saneh, who lived in the house last semester and came back to visit last week, left this morning for his home country of Thailand, and people are starting to take advantage of their last few weeks as housemates to go on weekend trips (Lani's in Vegas this weekend). Formal dinner invitations went out today, too. But I think the thing that made me realize just how close it is to the end of the school year was the last line of the most recent Fanime e-mail I received: Two and a half weeks to Con!!!


After the lab, I sped through the last few episodes of Pi Li MIT that I hadn't watched and... wow, Cherry Laoshi was not exaggerating when she said there was more family drama than a K-drama. XDD Not a bad show, but it definitely went down at the end. I felt like the way they tried to explain everything in the end didn't really match with a lot of the themes/actions of the earlier episodes, and the Big Twist was kind of between disappointing and WTF. Amusingly, there is one moment they totally stole from the Death Note movie (though maybe DN stole it from somewhere else, too) where they're using cameras to spy on a character and he's hiding a cell phone in a bag of chips he's eating. Gui Gui's character annoyed me so much I couldn't watch most of the last few episodes. She's just whiny and pouty and full of fail and yet all of the male characters just call her adorable and too cute and her boyfriend sticks gallantly with her to the end.

Granted, Arron's character is actually a bit of an ass sometimes, so maybe they deserve each other, but I don't buy that he'd tolerate her type as much as he did in the drama.

Sigh. There is so much music I want to buy. I still haven't ordered Epik High's latest project (or, well, any of their other CDs, since they're on mapthesoul too), so maybe I'll do that first, but I also want to buy ON/OFF's first CD ("Legend of Twins I" - they are srsly all about the twinlove; in the making of for one of their PVs about an eternal bond, Naoya says that his eternal bond is with Kazuya, and in another, they're asked about their treasures and each says the other brother), and perhaps Bergerac's mini-album. Andstuff.

Sorry if the dragons are getting annoying... I'm trying to see if I can get at least one of them to grow up without having to go to an ER. XD The adult daydream dragons (the light blue one) are so preeeetty, and I really like the new pinks, too.
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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= Uh, yeah. A no-comments-allowed post is totally the way to go about sharing "news" that you are totally (and incorrectly, it turns out) assuming is true based on a picture. ...and then she says she didn't want to make a big deal out of it without an official source.*kicks*

= I want to ask Daichi what he thinks of the new SMAP scandal, since they're his favorite Japanese group/artist. It was funny (mostly in a WTF way) at first, but hearing about the possible consequences for this just make Japan and her legal system seem scary. Such harsh punishments...

= Tomo is going around posting on Facebook walls now that he's back in Japan. He doesn't feel like he fits in there, and he also added, "time passes without me.... all i can do is keeping in touch with you guys who i love so much. thats not really cool, but thats life.
feel free to contact with me and come japan to bite me. ill be in japan with alcohol which makes you show me real you."

(/_\)ooO(( 一寸はずかしい~ ))

= Marathoned Fuma no Kojiro yesterday. It's the kind of drama I really just enjoy - brainless, a bit fantastical, violent (but not too gory), kind of stupid but not too cheesy, and with a lack of annoying female characters (I tolerate idiot guys better for some reason, probably because they're supposed to be stupid, while I think most of the girls are supposed to be cute). The CG isn't that badly done, though there is the hokey jump/flying that Asian dramas seem to like. XD

Though what is up with male heroes being monkey-like (in action), immature guys who pitch their voices up and act silly? Or maybe that's just this and Sentai Gekirangers. >.>

At any rate, it is a fun ride. )

= I am doing a really bad job of paying attention today. It probably doesn't help that the guy next to me keeps dozing off. My teacher just groaned, "Oh, I hate this part of the class." XD
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Ah, I can't believe I'd forgotten to mention the rest of Kanon's English MC, the whole of which consisted of, "Hello, San Francisco! I am Kanon. I am Japanese otaku! Ka-me-ha-me-ha-me-haaaaaaa!!" complete with blasty hands. Dork. XD

So last night, I went out with [ profile] swtjemz to a Yelp Elite event at a nice restaurant called the Plumed Horse. It was quite interesting meeting a different circle of her friends. XD I ended up drinking (waaay, evidently) too much on a nearly-empty stomach, and threw up when I got home. Somehow, I was still able to wake up to make my cheatsheet for my midterm today, which I think went pretty well, except for 1.75 questions.

Because I was out, I missed the student council where everyone voted on the T-shirt designs (every semester, there's a shirt that is made with everyone's names on the back), and mine won! I was pretty surprised, 'cause while I like my idea and think it's kinda cute, there were some really nice designs up for vote. But anyways, I get two free shirts and possibly a gift card, so I have to decide what kind of place I want a gift card to. I am thinking Best Buy... *eyes laptop, camera, printer, hard drive, flash drive (srsly? mine's 512mb... Saemi's is 16GB. That's like 1/4 of my hard drive)*

I watched Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War with Erika and Keri tonight. They showed it in the house last semester, but I was busy that night, so I didn't watch it, but I was around when it ended and pretty much everyone came out of the room crying, even the two middle-aged guys who brought the movie over for our International Movie Night, and Lee, who just nodded a lot and said it was realistic.

As reviewery as Liz's movie recaps get... )

Watching that movie just really made me think about Lee and Jonghyuk and Jina's brother, who went into the army while she was here last semester. I don't really come from a military family, so it's hard for me to think about... well, mostly Jonghyuk, since now I've seen Lee in his (dress) uniform, being in the army. I just can't picture it, even though Jonghyuk told us a couple stories about it (mostly that he had to sleep in the snow for days).

Don't know why I don't just have a movies tag to go with the dramas one, but I guess 'dramas' now just means 'media recaps' on my tags list. :P
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I downloaded the Gokusen Graduation Special thing despite the lack of subs (yet!) because... well, TAMA-CHAN! and also, it's not like the Gokusens have the more original/different plots ever, so understanding exactly what they're saying all the time isn't really necessary. XD

I ended up watching for Yuki Jutta and Mayama Akihiro (Kiba and Aoyama from Mei-chan) as well, which led to paying more attention to the rest of the class, which led to also watching for Maeda Goki, who conveniently has a bright blue streak in his hair (and oh, hey, was in that drama where one of Tama-chan's minions gets kissed by a boy). :P

Anyways, I went a little caphappy between the various people sightings, the glee of watching Tama be sullen and badass and the fact that there are just some really awesome facial expressions to be seen. :P Therefore, although the caps are small, this is probably still not dial-up friendly, since there are a lot of them.

...I honestly don't know if you can actually have a plot spoiler for any Gokusen, but... IMAGE SPOILERS AHEAD. Plot ones too, I suppose. :P )

I mock because I was very entertained. XD I actually looked up some new vocabulary from this, which was an unexpected benefit. And okay, maybe I am really looking forward to the Gokusen movie.

In other Gokusen-related things, the Akame-Becky-Joyman comedy duo segment from Cartoon KAT-TUN 102 is great, too. Becky's Yankumi impression is pretty much spot-on. XD Plus, it's been nice to see Jin and Kame interacting in Not Entirely Awkward ways (though the awkward "The janitor told me to come here." "Oh." bit from Epi.100 was also great :P). Though fandom pretty much killed the pairing for me, they did used to be pretty good friends, and it's sort of rare that Jin is actually... I dunno, talking and happy during K-T things? >.>

And I could probably ramble more, but it's almost four and I have class at nine, so you're all spared. For now.


Mar. 22nd, 2009 12:05 am
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Sato Takeru turned twenty today. From his blog, he seems happy to be an adult now. XD

Between Maou and Mei-chan no Shitsuji, I think I'm finally starting to get into the idea of actually watching dramas as they come out instead of waiting until they're all done and subbed, 'cause even if the one-week wait can be frustrating, it's kind of fun, too. :P And there are a few dramas coming out that I would like to watch as they run:

Hyoryo Net Cafe: Okay, this one was initially because Takagi Shinpei has a role in it, and I would like to know who he plays and how much he gets to do. :P But it also seems like it could be interesting; the premise is a little odd, but the whole 'universe of its own' part is intriguing.

Godhand Teru: >.> I tend to be initially interested with dramas because of someone in them (Bloody Monday is an exception), and in this case it was both Araki Hirofumi and Hiraoka Yuta (who looks pretty hot on the drama's site XD). I have not really watched a medical drama before, so we'll see how it goes. I think his character has the potential to be one of those really annoying protagonists, depending on how much of a klutz he is, but Yuta plays klutzes pretty adorably, and I hope it'll go that direction instead of obnoxious.

Atashinichi no Danshi: There was a preview for it at the end of Mei-chan's last episode, and Maki's character seems less timid (or whiny, ala Kurosagi) than previous characters I've seen her play. Plus, okay, that is a pretty family she is moving in with. XD Hopefully, her character won't be a huge turn-off...

The chances of me actually keeping up with three dramas are pretty low, but hopefully I'll manage at least one. :P Admittedly, if Shinpei has a tiny role in Hyoryu Net Cafe and the plot doesn't grab me in the first episode, I'll probably drop it.

But in the meantime, I have Dororo from the video rental store to watch tonight (though I should be good and watch it tomorrow, since I have to wake up at 9am >.>)! It's somewhat based on the manga by the same guy who created Astro Boy, and stars Shibasaki Kou in the title role and Tsumabuki Satoshi as the main character. Eita is the next listed actor, and Anna Tsuchiya also has a role as the wife of Sugimoto Tetta (who was the father in the family that Mei would always escape to in Mei-chan :P). Gekidan Hitori, who played Toma's brother in Maou, also has a role as a gangster. The action director is Ching Siu-Tung, who also choreographed Shaolin Soccer, Hero and House of Flying Daggers among other things, so it should be pretty, or at least, not too hokey. XD And the music was composed by Yasukawa Goro, who also composed Moon Child (and I quite like that score), with Mr.Children providing the theme song, "Fake."

Plotwise, it's basically about samurai and demons, which is always fun, provided I don't get nightmares from the demons. >.> Anyways! Will go watch XD!Noriko kick some ass now!


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