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It's Pocky Day~! I'd like to go by J-Town and get some in celebration, but I have work from 12:30-8:30 tomorrow. -.- I may have to bite the bullet and just pay more (probably) for it if they have it at Bristol Farms.

I went to see Akanishi Jin again tonight, and here is a bulleted recap because I should've been asleep a couple hours ago.

But the good parts can best be summed up as: Friends + YARAYARAYARAYARAFJDSL YARACCHI WAS THERE. XD )

Okay, I may think of more later, but I really need to sleep now. Unrelatedly, ugh, I hope I get all of the documents I need for this application I am doing! Time is running out!
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VAMPS was last night, and my throat is still feeling scratchy, which means it was a good show. XD Hyde's voice is getting increasingly scratchy as well, since he screams so much and should stop smoking, but VAMPS still puts on a really excellent show, especially in terms of audience interaction. Perhaps the best I've seen, from the J-rock bunch? Miyavi's close, and GLAY's pretty good, except for Jiro, who just spins around in the back until "Shutter Speeds no TEEMA."

...on a sidenote, I just YouTubed that song to make sure I was getting it right, and pulled up a live clip from 1999. Jiro looks. Weird. XD

Anyhoo, VAMPS! )

Merchandise was quite affordable for once. I got a CD and a tote bag to add to my collection. XD Posters were $5 (D'espa's was $15 + signatures, but the quality is not great), CDs were $20, T-shirts were $20 (everyone else's have been $25-30, but I opted to not get a shirt because of the naked devilgirl on the back, and I didn't really want to spend $50 on merch), tote bags were $10, there was a cute folding fan for $25 (okay, that one wasn't as affordable), rubber wristbands were 2 for $5... no pamphlet thing this time, though.

So it was kind of an up-and-down experience. The ups definitely made up for the downs, but losing a button off my (new!) jacket while in line and stepping in gum twice and not being able to see half the time were annoying. XD

In SHINee news, adorable MV is confirmed adorable (aside from Key's collar thing, because that just makes me think bad things). A little over-leopard-printed, I have decided, but I really like the purple jacket Key has on, though I am biased towards purple, and it's not leopard-print pants. :P I am also amused that Twitter's trending topics make up for me not following any Kpop news comms, since shiny new things always pop up.

...I've really failed at going grocery shopping this afternoon. *scoots!*
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I have plans for more posts (like... memeage, whoops >.>), but first, a big flail. :D

I just got back from seeing X Japan in Oakland - though Yoshiki kept calling it San Francisco, more on that later - and though I, as always, had some misgivings before going 'cause I was going by myself, it was, as always, really awesome. :DDD

WE ARE.... )
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*does not have a D'espa icon >.>*

Back from D'espa! As things usually go, it went downhill first and then majorly up again. XD They started a little late, and played for less than an hour before having an intermission. The second half was... probably around the same length? There was no encore (unless they're counting the post-intermission part as the encore), but the crowd failed at calling for an encore anyways.

The good, the bad and the aslfjiweasdflj pretty )

As one of the guys I met tonight pointed out, though, this is definitely a merchandise tour. Maru Music/tour organizers are doing everything they can to sell things, and they had a ton of different merchandise, from shirts, to a hoodie, to a $25 folding fan (pretty, but not even for me the fan collector XD), pins, CDs, an Askew magazine special(?), a poster, a photo set.... If you spent $30 or more you were entered in a raffle to win a signed drumhead, as well. And the band only signed posters (and later shirts, and possibly just whatever merch) that had been bought at the show.

But eh, from a viewer's POV? Totally worth it. Not to mention, because the ticket price was relatively cheap for a Jrock concert, even with the merch I got, it was less than what I spent to go see GLAY, or 2PM/Wonder Girls.

Incidentally, slowly learning 2PM's member's names - still fail at identifying most of them - makes me sadder about missing their bit completely in that concert. Oh well. Next month will be SM Town, which I'm sure will make up for that!


Jan. 13th, 2010 05:42 am
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Because I don't think something like this fits in my profile (I guess when I see them, I feel like it's bragging on some level?), but I do want to keep track of the lives I've seen. And okay, it's bragging on some level. XD I'm glad I've been able to see all of these people in concert. I'm only including pop/rock/contemporary music concerts, since classical ones would require me to dig through my envelope of random ticket stubs. Yes, I are a packrat.

...and I really do like lists. No, I don't know why I'm not sleeping yet; staying up this late just makes me weird(er)...

Concerts attended )

And soon, Utada will be on there, too! Woo~ Still not sure about Jero, since it'd be cool to go, but I don't really listen to him (which... doesn't really matter, since I didn't really listen to Hyde when I bought my ticket for that, either) and I think I should start conserving my money more if I'm to be on my own starting in June. >.>
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1) ...people are talking out in the hall at almost3am. I bet it's the people who'd complain if anyone but them was out there. >.>

2) Despite knowing that getting into another band is a Bad Idea when I should be focusing on school, I am burying myself in V6 things. Ken-chan has been... on my radar for awhile, I knew Morita and Inocchi from a clip of Takki on Gakkou e Ikou (in which Inocchi is hilarious), Iris has flailed at me about Okada, and I like the SC/Countdown renditions of their songs, but I'd never really paid attention to them as a group before. It's totally worth it, so far. XDDD Even though I had "Ai no Melody" stuck in my head all through Coffee Night yesterday.

3) Tonight, I became an investigative reporter. Or, as I like to think of myself, a SPY. Awesome.

4) GLAY WAS AMAZING. In what is hopefully not going to become a trend, [ profile] swtjemz and I had ticket adventures, since I forgot my ticket at the I-house, so we had to go back from Stanford to get it. >.> We got into the Fillmore right as the first song was starting, and took advantage of the lack of people outside to buy shirts. I also forgot to go to the ATM after class, so I didn't have enough money for my shirt (note to self: owe Jemz money again), and between us, we didn't have enough for one for [ profile] dammitliv. So sorry!! Aside from The Great Vacation CD(s), the US Tour shirt was the only thing they were selling.

Jiro had the most awesome pants )

After the concert, we were walking back through the J-Town mall, and some guy was singing "With Or Without You" at the karaoke place. Good choice, though he probably hadn't picked it because of GLAY. XD

This has been a good year for concerts, I'm realizing as I go through my concert tag. Just since April... there's been An Cafe, Yoshida Brothers, Epik High + MYK, Halko Momoi, VAMPs, and GLAY.

...I don't even want to think about how much money this has cost me. Okay, well, Momoi was basically free. But the others... XD Not that I'm complaining, really! Though I am also noticing now that last year's ticket was about as expensive as this one - I wonder why it felt so much more expensive this year. >.>

Though I would like to know why the Internet is so slow at 4am. This is my downloading time!
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Woo! I'll just jump right into this recap, and start with the whining, so I can end on a good note. XD The quickie is that they sold out of merchandise completely, so we weren't able to buy anything. The initial sale table was pretty mobbed, too, so they ended up shutting it down. Now for the rambly ones: I seem to have bad intuition when it comes to bringing my camera to concerts. I brought it tonight, and left it in the car with the thought of just bringing it to the club later. The venue/band's only rule was no flash photography, which meant fancams were go. So I kicked myself periodically throughout the evening for opting to leave my camera in the car, especially since even though I was in the last row of the main floor, I had a pretty good view, particularly once everyone rushed the stage. >.>

We also skipped the afterparty, which, admittedly, I had come to be looking forward to (and it is pretty rare for me to be looking forward to going out to a club XD). It wasn't just because of Epik High - I was viewing it as my last chance to go out and have fun like that before the semester's end (though of course, spending a chance like that with Epik High is definitely a plus!). But everyone - all of two people :P - else didn't feel up for it, and the $20 cover didn't help, so I wasn't about to make things potentially momentarily awkward by being contrary.

I was also a bit miffed/confused by myself because I really didn't feel as excited before or after as I thought I'd be. I was actually really sad in the car ride on the way home for reasons that had nothing to do with the concert. During the show, however, it was an entirely different story...

Bottom line: Epik High is fuckin' amazing. )
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The semester ended today. My presentation was the last in the class, and I think it went alright. I came back, and called the CIC TripleAdvantage people to cancel my membership, and of course, they tried to get me to keep my (unwanted, unintended, unwitting) membership in their service by extolling its virtues and promising a discount. After a nap and a bit of fuzzy-headedness, it finally started feeling like I had breathing space again.

The worst is over for projects and the end of the semester rush, and hopefully, the credit thing is taken care of. [ profile] swtjemz, Erika and I went up to San Francisco to see the Yoshida Brothers at Yoshi's. For those who haven't heard of them, they are two brothers (dur), Ryoichirou and Ken'ichi Yoshida, and they both play the shamisen. They're known for combining the Tsugaru-jamisen style of playing with Western and electronic influences. It's all instrumental, but I really recommend them, especially if you're rhymthically-inclined.

Regular post-concert recap )

Next up! Epik High and afterparty! And okay, there's a final first, but I'm starting to feel better, so I'm not going to dwell on that now. XD Now, I'm going to go catch up on my sleep (I'm at the point where I think I should apologize in advance for any bizarre typos that may appear).

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Ah, I can't believe I'd forgotten to mention the rest of Kanon's English MC, the whole of which consisted of, "Hello, San Francisco! I am Kanon. I am Japanese otaku! Ka-me-ha-me-ha-me-haaaaaaa!!" complete with blasty hands. Dork. XD

So last night, I went out with [ profile] swtjemz to a Yelp Elite event at a nice restaurant called the Plumed Horse. It was quite interesting meeting a different circle of her friends. XD I ended up drinking (waaay, evidently) too much on a nearly-empty stomach, and threw up when I got home. Somehow, I was still able to wake up to make my cheatsheet for my midterm today, which I think went pretty well, except for 1.75 questions.

Because I was out, I missed the student council where everyone voted on the T-shirt designs (every semester, there's a shirt that is made with everyone's names on the back), and mine won! I was pretty surprised, 'cause while I like my idea and think it's kinda cute, there were some really nice designs up for vote. But anyways, I get two free shirts and possibly a gift card, so I have to decide what kind of place I want a gift card to. I am thinking Best Buy... *eyes laptop, camera, printer, hard drive, flash drive (srsly? mine's 512mb... Saemi's is 16GB. That's like 1/4 of my hard drive)*

I watched Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War with Erika and Keri tonight. They showed it in the house last semester, but I was busy that night, so I didn't watch it, but I was around when it ended and pretty much everyone came out of the room crying, even the two middle-aged guys who brought the movie over for our International Movie Night, and Lee, who just nodded a lot and said it was realistic.

As reviewery as Liz's movie recaps get... )

Watching that movie just really made me think about Lee and Jonghyuk and Jina's brother, who went into the army while she was here last semester. I don't really come from a military family, so it's hard for me to think about... well, mostly Jonghyuk, since now I've seen Lee in his (dress) uniform, being in the army. I just can't picture it, even though Jonghyuk told us a couple stories about it (mostly that he had to sleep in the snow for days).

Don't know why I don't just have a movies tag to go with the dramas one, but I guess 'dramas' now just means 'media recaps' on my tags list. :P
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My laptop keeps shutting off by itself, so I will just post this for now and add more details tomorrow. (Aw, I'd hoped to have an An Cafe icon made for this, but my earlier attempts failed...)

An Cafe was, as expected, a lot of fun! And it was great getting to see Jemz again, as well as figuring out/remembering who Those Other Fanime Faces were. :P I don't think I ever thanked her for driving us around and trying to include us in the circle when various people came around to say hi (we saw/sortofmetbutnotreally An Cafe's stylist! Haha XD), so... thank you, [ profile] swtjemz! ♥

Fast typing, go! )

And added to say... )
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So I was told to do a post of Squee. Here it is. :D The GLAY concert really, really snuck up on me, but I guess that's what happens when you don't wake up the morning tickets go on sale to sit at your computer and try to get one.

I went straight from the library (where I found a book from 1968, written by 8th graders, called Oakland, the Mellow City. AHA HA HA HA) to the train station, where a creepy man came and stood like, two inches away from me, despite there being plenty of space elsewhere on the platform. And then when I walked away under the pretense of looking for a map, he kept staring at me, and I thought he was going to follow me, so I hid among other people.

And thus, Liz was made skittish until she found [ profile] slytherisa in Japantown. XD We had dinner there, and then headed over to the Fillmore, where we were right in front of a Very Loud Young Man (I think he probably has learning disabilities of some kind) who made a lot of calls on his cellphone and talking Very Loudly. We were also coincidentally conveniently right in front of one of [ profile] swtjemz's friends. XD know, I don't know why I do pre-live things. My momentum slows way down. Basically, Jemz talked work a lot, it was kind of cold but not too bad, and I didn't get my hand stamped for drink-buying-abilities even though I could (and probably should've just for hey-I'm-21! kicks, because I haven't had kicks yet. No birthday drink for Liz yet! Fail.). We hung around near the back again, since the Fillmore is also small, and this crowd seemed to have tall people in it. We ended up against the wall by the bar, which was nice because some of us were able to just sit on the divider thingie. I sat the whole time because I was taller sitting on that than I was when I was standing. >.>

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I got about twelve hours of sleep and woke up to my mom telling me to go do yardwork. -_- But here is Part Two! Plus some things I forgot that should've been in Part One, plus random family quotes. Actually, let's open with one of those that's unrelated to Jrock:

Mom: What do they call themselves in Dead Like Me?
Me: Reapers?
Dad: No, that's what those evil guys are in that other series (Firefly).
Me: Those are reavers.
Dad: Reavers is also that folk group.
Mom: Those are the Weavers.
Dad: Can't you see the reavers breaking out their banjos?

Anyways. )
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Today is my birthday (and Reita's!). My parents gave me a wrinkled $20 bill. It's in a lei see envelope, so I suppose that's nice, and I'm being nitpicky, but it's not even crisp. We usually make a point of getting crisp bills for presents because it's nicer. I got a card that was left with my other mail, and the lei see inside. And then I got extra nagging about doing chores, and extra nitpicking about the chores I did do. Haaaapy birthday to~ meeee. *snark* Anyways. My pre-birthday weekend was AWESOME, so I'll just call it my birthday weekend and stop feeling sorry for myself...

Thus, here is my obligatory concert post. Part one of two, because I am definitely rambling. And while I was not as special as [ profile] soulfulmaverick (see day two, wherever it will be) :P I like to think that my experience was a little bit more than just the 'usual' concert-going affair at least. There are cameos by famous people!

disclaimer/warning: I wrote this while running on 9.5 hours of sleep over the last three days, so things are long-winded and might not make complete sense because I couldn't think of words. Especially the Miyavi part. But that bit of news is ALL OVER the place. I tried to keep factual accounts as... factual as possible, but I do have a faulty mind sometimes. But I'm not compulsively lying here or anything.

Let's go: This has been the best birthday weekend EVER, ignoring the actual day. There's not much competition when you consider what I've done for my birthday in the past, and how when I was younger a lot of people couldn't go to my parties because it was Memorial Day weekend and they all went on trips, but now? MY TURN. Muah. This may be boring, but I am not just writing about the concert, because the whole trip was a new experience for me. I'd never flown by myself before, for one.

Woke up at 4:50am on Friday and managed to remember to pack my sunglasses (which I did not use) and forgot my regular glasses completely. Also forgot to turn off my alarm clock. Anyways. I get to the airport, say goodbye to my parents, and then there is an announcment:

All flights to Southern California are grounded. Radar is down. )

I started this entry at 12:48pm, and it's not 10:35pm. To be fair, I did get distracted by chores, and Kagrra no Su's latest episode. Hello, forearms. And archery + Kagrra = :D Actually anything that has them running around, jumping up and down, and sportsifying is :D. And Shin seems to be Sin now... which cracks me up. Because it's Shin. And sin.

I need to go to sleep. Mike just called to wish me a happy birthday. ♥ I usually don't like to make a big deal out of it, but I figure that a) I'm counting JrockRev as my birthday present and b) I jumped out of teenager land, so I'm entitled to a little boasting. :P
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Realization of the moment: In the last 24 hours, I have spent almost 13 hours standing up. My feet, however, realized this long ago and would like me to remain Not Standing On Them for a long period of time. Going to see POTC2 tonight, though, so that'll be a reprieve.

The weather's getting all warm again. Ew.

This post is earmarked for Hyde babbling. [ profile] dammitliv, this is the closest you'll get to a review. :P It will even be under a cut. )

My body hurts. Very suddenly. Perhaps my feet have convinced my ribs and my spine that they have a worthy cause.

negai yo!

Jul. 7th, 2006 02:15 am
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[ profile] ranaeressea, my love, I really do think I owe you part of my soul.

If I'd arrived at the Fillmore when I'd intended to, I would've gotten lost/stuck somewhere in the back which, while it isn't really that far from the stage (in comparison to say, when I saw Coldplay on a hill overlooking an ampitheater), the number of people (and number of people waving their arms in the air) probably would've made it impossible for me to see. As it was, [ profile] ranaeressea is crazy and arrived in the wee hours of the day, and let me cut in line, so we were the standing-room-only equivalent of being in the fourth to sixth (depending on the jumping and shoving) rows. VERY good. Fucking awesome, really.

Hyde is a real person. And he didn't really look at ickle as I thought he would, except for when he stood up on the two platform things they'd rigged up on top of the front speakers(?). Then you could see his boots, and his head, and how little stuff was inbetween. :P

And oh... man. He smiled and glowered (and glowered and glowered) and smirked and did The Tongue Thing - several Tongue Things. Should be illegal, those. He talked more than I thought he would, even if it did seem to be off of cue cards. And he used the Governator's line (you know, "Ah'll be bahck." only without the Austrian). And flubbed his English once, but everyone just cheered, and he made a little, "Shh, that didn't happen" sort of gesture and started over.


Fantastic wonderful show. I wish that his voice could've been heard better during some of the songs, but well, being in close proximity to electric instruments contributes a bit to the drowning-out of other sounds. There were also a few moments where I thought I was going to stop breathing because it got squishy, and a few times where I got stuck directly behind a larger person, but for the most part, I had a nice little window and some space.

Oh, and I SAW THE WINGS. And now I can die happy.

There may or may not be a more organized, coherent post about this. It might be one of those things better left rambling and squee-y, so maybe there'll just be another one of those types of posts. And finally, in other, musically-related news, I'm going to be participating in a study on perfect pitch. That will be interesting.

edit: I want Hyde's clothes. Not because they were Hyde's but because they were damn cool clothes. Especially the pants. >.> Okay, I want Hyde's pants. :DD And I like his hair, too, except I would keep mine a bit more below the shoulder.

I need to just make a longer, lj-cut entry with all of my babblings as they come to me rather than keep editing this one. I'm apparently too lazy to do a cut right now.

edit again: Man, I am so wired. I can't believe I have work tomorrow. But I think I'm seeing POTC2 in the evening. And then I work the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that.


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