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Thanksgiving was as epic as it usually is at my house, from the waking up early (almost 45 minutes earlier than my alarm, in my case - and I'd had a dream that I was hosting an X'mas party and running late and stressing out >.>) to the day of cooking, to the awesome appetizers, which are different every year, to the predictable tastes of everything we had for dinner, to the massive pile of dishes afterwards... and now the sleepiness. XD It was generally a lot of fun, though. Everyone all got along and my spacey grand-aunt wasn't too out of it this year. Last year, she was almost falling asleep at the table. This year, though, she even remembered that Saemi had been with me last year, and asked where she was. :O

I made two and a half icons today, which is, aside from the turkey day-related things on my to-do list, all I was able to get done... Tomorrow is a trip to Sacramento to visit Evil Gramma, which will be So Much Fun. I wonder how many bushels of various bitter vegetables she'll try to give us. >.> Oh, and I posted some drabbles I'd written on the train for my first post evar at [ profile] je100 (finally), so that was productive and not on my list at all. Saturday will have to be my Really Productive day, then.

Mmm, in shiny news, Rui has an amazing ability to look pretty in all sorts of hairstyles, the most recent being dreads, which many Jrockers seem to end up using as a pineapple impression. Are jealous. Especially because he has popped up with a new style (that looks like an old style, but shh) and a lighter color, and it looks lovely on... at least the left side of his head. And okay, I'm a sucker for those... mini-cornroll things. Whatever you call them.

The first picture is from his blog, and the second is from Haku(-sama)'s. Haku's the bassist for Canzel. I am sort of surprised I'd never heard of the band before... or it was just the name in passing and I don't remember it. Anyhoo.

Pretty! Haku's got a cute little smile, too.

...and I'm really way more sleepy than thankful, but it's Thanksgiving, so what the hey. XD
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First day back selling Pandora beads... not too bad, considering we moved to a location that seems somewhat invisible (like, I used to walk by our current storefront a lot, and I don't remember it being there >.>) and a guy let his tiny dog shit in the corridor outside so there was pooprints around - outside the store, at least - for a few hours. Among a surprising number of sales, I sold a single gold bead for $295 to a German guy.

Tomorrow, I must remember to bring my camera (for taking pictures of bracelets I make) and a book. Despite the periodic rushes, most of the day was pretty quiet. And I'd thought my four-hour shifts were boring. Now, I'm opening the store (definitely not boring trying to beat the alarm on the way in XD) and working seven hour shifts. For better or worse, these are mostly weekend shifts - good because yay, we actually get business, and not good because... for example, apparently it was sunny in SF today, and I didn't see it at all. :P

Ah, retail. Nothing like standing around all day not doing too much most of the time, and coming home completely exhausted. XD

I also bought my GLAY ticket tonight, which I think is the most expensive ticket for a single band in my concert-going history - almost $60 with fees. I know they'll put on a worthwhile show, but I can't help but wring my hands a bit... I still have to do back-to-school shopping, and now that I have this job, I definitely need a decent pair of comfortable flats. I'd also wanted to place my Hoarded Music order with HMV this week, but I dunno if I feel like I can justify the spendingspendingspending with, "I trust the postal service at home more than at school," which is true.

I should probably cut my lunch budget as it is. I currently have to work almost two hours just to pay for daily transportation and food. Le sigh. But at least I get a paycheck! Paychecks are nice. :D

And now, more blogspam, this time from Jui, who should write voiceovers for sad dramas. I mean that in a good way. I read this post and kinda teared up a bit. For those who are reading and don't know, Jui is the vocalist for Vidoll. His sister died three years ago, from causes he hasn't mentioned (to my knowledge), and he wrote a song called "Sister" for her. A performance of it made it to a live DVD, and Jui pretty much cries his way through the whole thing. It turns out that their new song was also inspired by his sister, and he explained that recently (margins condensed to save space):

I was helped so many times by Yuka-san's smile. )

A-l-s-o, I think I've found a character I can dress up as for Halloween and then recycle also cosplay as for Fanime (maybe on kimono day next year? XDD). Heh heh heh. I will look ridiculous, but it might work. >.> I hope. Or I think I hope.
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[ profile] annapeace, now is when everyone should be going, "Aww, how cute!" XD Ganked from Miyavi's MySpace:

She is so "Lovelie" !!

we hope our lil girl will become a person who is able to love and also be loved,
and that's the reason of her life and why she is born.

so we gave her the name 愛理 "Lovelie"

愛 stands for Love
理 stands for Reason

"The reason of Love"

and also we gave her a middle name.

"Lovelie Miyavi Ishihara "as an american.

(click for the giant version I accidentally did not resize the first time around!)

Full entry under the cut, with excerpts back in place XD )


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