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1) ...people are talking out in the hall at almost3am. I bet it's the people who'd complain if anyone but them was out there. >.>

2) Despite knowing that getting into another band is a Bad Idea when I should be focusing on school, I am burying myself in V6 things. Ken-chan has been... on my radar for awhile, I knew Morita and Inocchi from a clip of Takki on Gakkou e Ikou (in which Inocchi is hilarious), Iris has flailed at me about Okada, and I like the SC/Countdown renditions of their songs, but I'd never really paid attention to them as a group before. It's totally worth it, so far. XDDD Even though I had "Ai no Melody" stuck in my head all through Coffee Night yesterday.

3) Tonight, I became an investigative reporter. Or, as I like to think of myself, a SPY. Awesome.

4) GLAY WAS AMAZING. In what is hopefully not going to become a trend, [ profile] swtjemz and I had ticket adventures, since I forgot my ticket at the I-house, so we had to go back from Stanford to get it. >.> We got into the Fillmore right as the first song was starting, and took advantage of the lack of people outside to buy shirts. I also forgot to go to the ATM after class, so I didn't have enough money for my shirt (note to self: owe Jemz money again), and between us, we didn't have enough for one for [ profile] dammitliv. So sorry!! Aside from The Great Vacation CD(s), the US Tour shirt was the only thing they were selling.

Jiro had the most awesome pants )

After the concert, we were walking back through the J-Town mall, and some guy was singing "With Or Without You" at the karaoke place. Good choice, though he probably hadn't picked it because of GLAY. XD

This has been a good year for concerts, I'm realizing as I go through my concert tag. Just since April... there's been An Cafe, Yoshida Brothers, Epik High + MYK, Halko Momoi, VAMPs, and GLAY.

...I don't even want to think about how much money this has cost me. Okay, well, Momoi was basically free. But the others... XD Not that I'm complaining, really! Though I am also noticing now that last year's ticket was about as expensive as this one - I wonder why it felt so much more expensive this year. >.>

Though I would like to know why the Internet is so slow at 4am. This is my downloading time!
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I am unusually spammy today (yes, it's still Tuesday to me - I haven't slept yet XD), but! Good news! GLAY is coming back to the West Coast in September. :D Takuro had mentioned this in their MySpace blog a few months back, but the dates are now up.

Unfortunately/inconveniently, their SF show is on September 9th, which is a Wednesday night, and school will have started by then, but if I can get a ride up/back from someone, I will be alright, timewise. I'd go on my own, but I don't really fancy dashing around SF by myself at night trying to catch CalTrain back to San Jose before it stops running for the night.

Anyone else want to goooooo even though I should really be saving money not spending it? :DDDDD

~*~ All of the information above comes to you courtesy of [ profile] dammitliv ~*~

I watched Get Smart tonight, which was nice brainless fun, and inadvertantly had a green-themed snack selection: a little green mochi (made in Taiwan, with everything in Chinese on it, except for "de oishii" in Japanese XD), some garlic green peas (also made in Taiwan - my Grandma has discovered the dollar store near her house), and half of a green bell pepper.

I was pretty amused by this. And this icon is now finally appropriate!


Jul. 12th, 2009 01:58 am
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[ profile] dammitliv! Last night, I discovered that the back cover of GLAY's Heavy Gauge album GLOWS IN THE DARK. I have two glow-in-the-dark devil duckies, but I had not noticed my CD rack glowing before. XD

Dad is leaving for (the airport for a plane to) New Orleans in an hour, so I am staying up to wait. XD It's a volunteer project with his old youth church group, helping out Habitat for Humanity, which he's worked with for at least ten years now, locally.

*twiddles thumbs*


Bergerac has an announcement and individual statements up about their last live and the reasons behind their breakup. Rumors on the Bergerac comm say they just felt that they've done all they could as a band, and decided to break up before they started feeling grumbly at one another. From what I could decipher from Google's translation of their OHP, this doesn't seem wrong... there wasn't really any mention (that I could see) of them feeling like there was trouble within the band, but just a sense that they'd had a good run together, but it was time to move on. I hope that's not just spiel...

Sincrea has a new look, and their OHP seriously fails in my browser, or else something's just off with their coding. >.> But anyways, you can still see them. Kazi... a visor? Really? >.> Though I envy the blue streaks in his hair. Am not sure Tomo's Rapunzel look was really neccessary. XD I remain biased towards Hal Hiro, even with the random goggles. And now I will stalk them all on Ameba!

Oh. I went to... someone from vistlip's house on Ameba the other day. He wasn't there but another fan was, so I ran away. XDD


I watched Gohatto (Taboo) today, Matsuda Ryuhei's first big film from 1999, about gay attraction among samurai. Well, mostly just about his character and how, because of his attractiveness, Shit Goes Down. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be more... intricate(?) than I thought it would be.

A small bit of spoilery rambling )


I picked up Son Of A Witch, the sequel to Wicked, at the bookstore last night. I had intended for it to be reading for a week, but I have finished it already. >.> Oops. It's one of those books in which a lot happens, but by the end, you realize that not a lot has also happened, but I still quite liked it.

And now Dad is awake! >.> Time to pretend like I've been not on the computer...
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So I was told to do a post of Squee. Here it is. :D The GLAY concert really, really snuck up on me, but I guess that's what happens when you don't wake up the morning tickets go on sale to sit at your computer and try to get one.

I went straight from the library (where I found a book from 1968, written by 8th graders, called Oakland, the Mellow City. AHA HA HA HA) to the train station, where a creepy man came and stood like, two inches away from me, despite there being plenty of space elsewhere on the platform. And then when I walked away under the pretense of looking for a map, he kept staring at me, and I thought he was going to follow me, so I hid among other people.

And thus, Liz was made skittish until she found [ profile] slytherisa in Japantown. XD We had dinner there, and then headed over to the Fillmore, where we were right in front of a Very Loud Young Man (I think he probably has learning disabilities of some kind) who made a lot of calls on his cellphone and talking Very Loudly. We were also coincidentally conveniently right in front of one of [ profile] swtjemz's friends. XD know, I don't know why I do pre-live things. My momentum slows way down. Basically, Jemz talked work a lot, it was kind of cold but not too bad, and I didn't get my hand stamped for drink-buying-abilities even though I could (and probably should've just for hey-I'm-21! kicks, because I haven't had kicks yet. No birthday drink for Liz yet! Fail.). We hung around near the back again, since the Fillmore is also small, and this crowd seemed to have tall people in it. We ended up against the wall by the bar, which was nice because some of us were able to just sit on the divider thingie. I sat the whole time because I was taller sitting on that than I was when I was standing. >.>

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laksdfiawejwael I am so giddy. I haven't eaten since like. 2pm (it's 1:20am now >.>) and I don't even really care, but I'm sure I will when I wake up.

Went over to a friend's house to watch the Olympics, since I don't really watch it on my own, just because I am preoccupied with the Internet, and it's more fun with people who are really interested in the sports sometimes.

Diving, swimming and men's gymnastics + ranting because zomgshuttupannouncers )

GLAY TOMORRRROOOOOOOOOW. I am deciding whether I want to do a day of immersion, or just go in knowing the songs that I do (and given that I'm horrible at identifying Jrock songs from bands I listen to far more obsessively, there are not very many of those) and enjoy hearing a bunch of things live before I dig them up online. >.>

We'll see how tomorrow feels. :D
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I'd forgotten that the full DVD/performance/whatever for Danger Crue's Jack in the Box live was going to be around now-ish, and Liv just linked me to the hyde x GLAY (x Aki, really... Satochi and Nii were there too, but in terms of using x... def. x Aki XD) performance, and it is so cute and pretty and full of glompage and love.

Aki loves on Hyde and Teru and Taku. And there is cute Hyde+Teru, and Hyde majorly glomping Aki in a buttsecksing sort of way, and Aki patting Taku on the head. And AKI'S SMILE OF GLEE through the whole thing. And Hyde does his little wiggle dances. And is all smiley with Teru.

And Nii just stands there. Poor Nii gets no camera love. Satochi doesn't get much camera love either, but he didn't even have the ability to run around and glomp people.


My night just got a lot better. :DDD ♥

Spring Break is next week! Unfortunately I have to spend it going out and "selling myself" as my mom put it. To find a job though, not as one. :P


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