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If anyone would like to link friends/fellow contributors/people who were wondering why you were carrying a crane around to this post, please go ahead!

I hadn't realized I actually first posted about this back at the end of February. O_o Granted, the first two weeks were pretty much just spent on gathering pictures, and most of the real work happened in the last week before Pancake Breakfast, but that is still longer than I thought it was. Funny, since I remember thinking that I had No Time For This when I first decided to do it.

Pancake Breakfast went well overall - a bit chaotic, and for some reason, everyone expected me to know who was working what position in what section of the dining areas (and also to be able to be bussing in three different areas at once). >.> Aside from working two shifts as a busser and contributing to the World Peace art exhibition, I made origami doves to hang from the ceiling as well as smaller doves and peace signs (not origami), so there will be pictures of those as well. Despite the rain, we ended up with almost 500 people in attendance over four hours,

The art piece turned out really well! There are a few things that gave me moments of ARGH, like when the paper warped, and how the kanji are kinda crooked, but generally, I'm very pleased with the end result. So THANK YOU ALL again for your support! ♥♥♥♥♥ I was amazed by the amount of pictures that were sent in, and I loved hearing the little stories that some of you included with them about the places/objects in the photos, or the process of taking them.

So, let's begin! If you want to skip me rambling about how I made the thing, go to the second cut. ;)

The creative process... )

And the actual exhibition starts about here! )

Once again, thank you all! The other pieces in the exhibition were really well-done - some were definitely made by art majors - but when I saw the final product up, I definitely didn't have that "AUGH AMATUER" feeling at all. It looks lovely. :D

Now... what to do with it when I have to take it down...
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Quick squee: MBLAQ's Good L.U.V. MV so adorable (though I'm not sure I like all of the border effects). This definitely shows their other side (i.e. not the "chic-dol" one XD)... I mean, making cakes with small adorable children wearing cat hats, and generally being dorks together? Win. Plus, there was only one moment where I was afraid Mir would nomnom a child. XD

*dusts off DevArt* First thing posted in... two and a half years? I did this for the I-House newsletter. The theme this semester was Poetry, so the contributors each picked a poem and wrote a little bit about why they liked it and how it applied to their life here/the I-House (I cropped that out of this version). The illustrators/photographers then well... illustrated or photographed something to match the poem.

The Bell, The Bird, and Me
by ~icarianwings on deviantART

Translation, plus art rambling )

In JE news, I'm going through a Yamamoto Ryota phase that started... oh, two days ago? He was always squishy and adorable and a crazy enthusiastic wiggly dancer, and such a Yara fanboy, but somehow... watching Playzone 2009 just made me want to send him hearts. Instead, I just rewatched all the clips I have with him in them, and confirmed his squishy fanboyishness (also? He has a weird thing for Yara and Yara's snake. It's like he can't separate the two in his head). The way he lights up when Yara says anything nice to or about him (or mean about Senga, haha) is just lovely.

Surprised!Edit: I missed this completely. November 1st, Itsuki and Iru of (ex-)Bergerac attended some sort of event with Kouki (D=Out), Suzuya (of the also-disbanding Himeichigo), Yuuri (Irokui), Yukimi (Canzel), and Yuh (Vistlip). Apparently, whatever it was was Suzuya and Yuh's brainchild.
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Going out for my birthday drink tonight~ It's a bit anticlimatic considering that a) er... there were parties sophomore year, and b) I'm going with people who have spent the last year(s) studying abroad in places where they were already quite legal XD, but I guess it's something we wanted to do anyways.

And randomly, some pictures of a sadly-unfinished project that I really need to finish. I started it in... late October, so right when I was getting into JE (and at that time, NEWS and maybe KAT-TUN specifically), and then something happened and I lost momentum.

But I had this idea to make little Sayaendou!chibi pirate heads out of paper and then make a big peapod, and stick Velcro on the back of them so that I could move them around on the peapod. I got as far as making the pirate heads, which was really most of the work, but then I realized I'd need two sheets of paper to make a decent peapod and that I only had one shade of green (is it a sign that I am a true artiste that I am so finicky? XDD), and everything went blah. I'll finish one day.

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum )


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