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FIRST: Last call for craaaaaaanes! You can comment here (or on any post) with links, or e-mail them as attachments or an upload link to - I do need them approximately NOWish, though. XD

...but I did mess up my timing again, so I have longer to finish the whole thing than I thought I did, so if you absolutely need more time, I have some flexibility.

And courtesy of [ profile] sidnad:


Aki reminds me of a really girly version of GLAY's Takuro. Which I think is a good thing. Such a pretty (and inadvertantly funny) boy man. Especially when he's cosplaying his senpai-idols. XDD
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LJ is once again not working nicely for me (and possibly roomie). I'm writing this entry with the ugly Times New Roman-only, no-graphics version of the Post page. -_-;


At least I managed to check my flist, though, so until LJ starts cooperating, I will leave you all with this pic (courtesy of [ profile] tekaki) of Aki channeling Hyde, which I COMPLETELY approve of.

*____* This makes me keysmash inside, but I can't help but be amused, too, because he tries so hard to be rawr sometimes (not that he isn't succeeding; I mean, it's not like Yuuto trying to be rawr, but it's still cute on some level). XDD

Now back to writing a paper. >.>
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I woke up later than I'd hoped to, so now I'll have to go shopping on my dinner break, which will undoubtedly be at 2:30 again. >.> I had a really weird and sort of disturbing dream that combined my mom's nagging, the clay from this Korean program on a potter I was watching yesterday, Fanime and Playzone 2009. It was like we had Juniors (and random Jrockers) at Fanime, and were trying to pull a production of Playzone together. And my mom was the director. >.>

So that was fun. But then I woke up, and [ profile] tekaki had scanned Aki's part of Rock and Read 28. The whole shoot is lovely... I'm not sure what to make of the shorts he's wearing, but that didn't matter when the two pictures below appeared:

*______* + ahahahaha, tramp stamp. >.> I love his tattoo, really. I love it a lot. ♥ And it's nice to see it.

*rushes off to work with pretty images in her head*
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The Internet here is making the old I-house Interent look lightning-fast. x_x 10kb/s FAIL. Also, I was accidentally half an hour late to work today, which I am secretly glad for because the day was sooo sloooow. Post-Christmas shopping rushes do not affect us. XD But ultimately, I feel this day was good. :3

Good! Gary stopped by (with his sister and his mother) to visit me at the store, and then I ran into Justin during my dinnerbreak, which came at 2:30 when I was still full from lunch, because my bosses didn't want to have to cover for me (okay, that part wasn't good - the running into was XD).

Good! I have a little book on basic Japanese grammar and it is actually helpful. I wish it had kana as well as romaji for the examples, but it's succinct and gets the basic idea of things across, which is more what I need.

Good! [ profile] dammitliv and [ profile] elagnithgins, and [ profile] pot_and_kettle's presents all came today! It was like Christmas morning, but at 11pm and more exciting. XDDD ♥♥♥ My mom kept hovering around to find out what I got, too. Sys, everything was lovely, but I gotta say that I love that the pen was wrapped in some kid's math progress report. XD Definitely unique wrapping paper.

Good! Revisiting the old "list your top 10 celebrities" meme at [ profile] kamikaze_bunny's demand. XD The last time I did this was over three years ago when I was still heavily into X-men RPGs and not yet really in J-fandoms. This time? I went solely with Asian fandoms. And I am so indecisive I started kinda picking by category, which is how they're organized (as opposed to in 10-1 order). Also, if you asked me my top ten in a month, some of them would probably be different. :P

(Internet is now at 7.6kb/sec. *diiiies veeerry sloooowly*)

Hiyo, shiny people! )

Well, that's my list! I really rambled a lot, as I usually end up doing... :P And I could've added at least a few more people to this list, I think, since I like a lot of people equally/almost equally, but for different reasons. This will definitely do for now, though!

Tomorrow, we are off to the U.S.S. Enterprise! W00t~

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Jul. 28th, 2009 08:37 am
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I want to go back to sleeeeep~ I woke up at 7:30 and don't know why. And for the first time ever, Solitaire froze today, which is not a good sign.

On the other hand, there is Aki amusement: One would not think that being called "shitty," would be a good thing, but Aki thinks it's cute (heart) (also like the do-M tag XD).

And did we already hear about Tegoshi and Aki having dinner together? I think it was just Tegoshi having dinner with Hyde and Takuro, yes? Tego gets around~ Nothing against him, but I sort of wish it was someone else with all of these fun little connections, just 'cause I like my crackbunnies, and I dunno... I feel like with Tego, they're not all that cracky. Plus, it just would've been funnier if it'd been Massu. XD

SID also talks about how they're so secretive, and how they use janken to decide who pays for things. I'd have thought that Mao would've learned his lesson about that by now. :P

In other Jrock news... this does not spell leader-sama to me. Oh, Kai. I do find myself somewhat intrigued, though, and Jasmine You should definitely look like this more often (though maybe with a different coat >.>).

And in non-Jrock, but still link-happy, news: WTF. Police in Mobile, Alabama pepper-sprayed and tasered a basically-deaf, mentally-disabled man (though they didn't know that until afterwards) when he wouldn't come out of a store restroom because he didn't understand what they wanted, and then justified that amount of force by saying that the man had a potential weapon - an umbrella.

Now to maybe try and sleep for another hour. >.>
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But if there were pictures of naked Aki, I'd definitely be posting... As it is, I wasn't going to post tonight, but then I saw Aki with facial hair. ...though I have no comment about it other than ellipsing so I don't really know why I felt the need to post about it. I also have no comment about his decision to buy a shirt that says, "I'm not a plastic!" on it. But Kenzo with Stitch gnawing on his head is cute. XD

I figured out two more things (or rather, read about two things and then tried them successfully XD) on Pigg! Got a new shirt, yay! Still haven't figured out how to buy things without actually purchasing the points with real money, but one day~

Because I feel the need to get out of the house for awhile, I am pondering going to the Obon Festival in SJ Japantown this weekend. I still have Erika's yukata, too, so I could even wear that. On the train. Hah. I'd also like to see the Peanuts/Beethoven exhibit in the MLK library that was there during the school year but I completely missed because I am fail like that. >.> Hm, hm, hm.

Crud. I should start sleeping before 2:30 one of these days. Maybe then I'll wake up before 11...


Jul. 7th, 2009 12:52 am
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Saw UP tonight. Amazing, lovely movie... it's definitely one of my favorites from Pixar (but nothing touches Finding Nemo XD), and the short before is awesome as well. The local touches are always fun - in this one, the ice cream shop that the boy talks about going to is an actual ice cream shop(/restaurant) that's about ten minutes walk from my house. :D It's a bit of a local legend, so that was fun to see.

I was going to ride on the UP high for the rest of the night, but Liv gave me some bad news when I got home (not your fault, Liv! I'm glad to know, even though it's sucky :P):

Bergerac is disbanding.

And I kinda want to cry. Not the ideal way to discover I'm more attached to this band than I thought I was (or wanted to believe I was, I guess)... They released their first mini-album just a few months ago, and they announced their plans to disband at their first one-man at the year, so... I am definitely surprised. They'll play their last live September 12.

They're just so goofy and dorky (Itsuki has an awesome cackling laugh XD), and I like their music, and I don't want them to go away! Well, they obviously feel that the band won't work out, but I at least hope they can find/form other groups so they can stay in the scene. >.> Especially Tatsuha, because yeah, I'm biased, and he is an adorable, tiny (just the neck of his bass looks almost as tall as he is), Gloomy-Bear-obsessed piece of almost-jailbait. Ah, but it's hard to be optimistic when they're all being emo in their blogs like they are. Iru's like Yuuya - a cracky, crazy drummer; he should not be emo, ever. XD

Ahhh. At least I was planning on buying their mini-album already. ;_______;


And for a horse of a very different color, I spy Aki's name in Yuuto's blooooog~ Run away, Yuu-chan!

my failtranslation )
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Lani's back home now, but it doesn't feel like it. Maybe because I didn't see her off to the airport - or maybe because I was rather hungover when I said goodbye-for-real. There was one false goodbye-for-real before, when I thought I'd be heading home but my dad didn't want me taking BART so late at night, so I ended up staying the night at the Ihouse, after finally achieving 'go club, get drunk.'

I guess it doesn't really feel like any of them are gone, yet. I'm home, so it's not like I'd see them every day even if they were still here. But I think going back to the Ihouse in August will definitely feel a bit weird; it did even when I was just there to visit. Different names on all of the doors... two new people living in Lani and my room...

Well, things change.

As a 'reward' for finally finishing my latest exchange fic (one day, I'll stop either signing up for those, or starting them the weekend before they're due. Though I did start this one earlier - I just... ended up re-starting it twice with completely different ideas >.>), I watched Koizora (the movie), which I'd downloaded and then half-forgot I had. Predictable, full of Incidents, but I really liked it, even the sappy parts, which sort of surprised me. A bit of spoilers ) As much as I enjoyed Miura Haruma with blond hair, I think my favorite character ended up being Hiro's sister. XD Pretty, strong, and sane! Rawk.

And real life Akipon makes me happy. *ignores that Aki goes out to eat/shop/get-toys-from-claw-machines with everyone/Kenzo*
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1) *insert keysmash here*

Helloooo, baby. I sort of want to do that "top 10" photomeme thing again just for fun and eyecandy.

2) I think I'm getting sick. My throat hurts and I am sniffly. I should maybe stop staying up so late and start eating better. But having cracktastic conversations with people is just so entertaining.

3) Tonight's cracktastic conversation involved explaining 'doggy-style,' the difference between Richard and Dick (and how Richard is a name but not a body part), and perverted words/phrases in three different languages.

I blame a certain Burmese boy.

4) Note to self: Jerry. As in Tom and Jerry.

5) Coffee Night tonight involved trying to slip ice down peoples' shirts/pants/holes-in-pant-knees. Grand immature fun. I think I won.

6) GIP! Oh, Teru. So unfair.

7) I had a number seven, but I don't remember what it was.

8) Oh! I'm going home this weekend. It will be good, I think, even if I miss some hijinks. No booze, no smoky-smelling clothes, just... nagging, which I can live with for two days, right?

9) CURSE YOU AND YOUR CATCHINESS, BIG BANG. At least I'm not feeling particularly driven to find out stuff about the group members other than their names. :P There's something weird about most of them being younger than me, even if being 20 is really not the same as being like... 15. I guess it's just that with Jrock, they tend to look younger than they are, and with Kpop, I keep thinking they're older than they are.


10) AkiPon + Kenzo = cute drinking fun. Cute drinking fun + Ruki = Impending Doom. Impending Doom + Uruha = DESTROY.
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Free Image Hosting at + Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

asdfjaiwe;al I know there are better pictures of Hyde for this, but am I not the only one who got srs Hyde vibes from Aki's costume?

Fic, pls.

Going home this weekend! It's weird, 'cause during the summer, I always laughed about coming home/seeing family every weekend, but last weekend, they came down to drop stuff off, and this weekend, I'm going home. XD But hey, it's a three-day weekend, I don't have much work yet, and there's no food service here, so why not go home for a bit of mooching? >.>

And hahahaha at Yuusuke in this shoot. Sorry bebe. >.>

I wonder whatever happened to that prequel to the mermaid!Yuusuke+kelpie!Ruiza(+ninja!Aoi) that I had going...

*creates more random tags*


May. 16th, 2008 12:19 am
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Went to see the SF Symphony tonight for a Brahms showcase. I'm discovering that I'd much rather play a two-and-a-half hour concert than sit through one, especially since Michael Tilson Thomas is not as energetic/dynamic conductor as some others (like my old youth orchestra conductor). The music was, of course, great, though, but I'd still rather listen to it one movement at a time. Brahms wrote some nice viola lines.

I wore a halter top and a long skirt today, which got me a lot of compliments at school, and "You should cover up. You're showing too much skin," and "People were TALKING about your skirt, you know" from my mom (by talking, she means that someone mentioned sequins after I walked by, and my skirt has rows of sequins on it). Because I totally wanted to wear a sweatshirt and pants in 100+ degree weather, mom.

Even though it's cooled down outside, it's still 85 degrees in the house. I just want to go to sleep, but I have a Geography test tomorrow, and I should actually go to Music Theory with some more of my song to show. >.>

And this post almost made it without having something fangirly in it, but then I was blog-hopping, and discovered that Aki is being a social butterfly again.

On the 12th, he went out with Kenzo, which is prolly not really that unusual. On the 13th, he went out for drinks with Kazuki and Yuuto from SCREW. Yuuto is the fuzzy one; Aki's got his arm linked with Kazuki's (I think). Also on the 13th, he hung out with Chiyu from Sug... but took an unexciting picture.

He also had a moment with some celery, but that's a whole 'nother story.

Aki, the PSC hogroupie.


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