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I had a job interview at Gap Body today in a very inconvenient part of San Francisco, but I took advantage of the running around I had to do to stop off at Amoeba on the way back for the first time in a couple years. Before I discovered how to get to Japatown, Amoeba was the only reason I'd really go over to SF on my own, but I got lazy about sitting on the bus that long. XD

Anyways, I knew I'd buy something, since unlike the Berkeley Amoeba (at least that I've seen), the SF store has a Jrock/pop section and there are usually some pretty good finds. I tried telling myself to get stuff from groups that I really like already and was pondering buying stuff from. Of course, that didn't really work. On the other hand, I got four CDs and a Cirque du Soleil DVD - all used, but in basically-new condition; some of the CDs still have obis included for those who care about those - for less than $45!

The spoils:
Vidoll - Bastard :: $11.99
GLAY - Heavy Gauge :: $12.99
Kinki Kids - C Album :: $2.99
SMAP - Sample Bang! :: $7.99

The GLAY CD is the most confusing CD I've ever gotten. What appears to be the front cover is actually the back cover... upsidedown. Also, 1999!Kinki Kids look so different, especially Tsuyoshi. I definitely had a few moments of "...Wait, is this really him?" when I was looking at the cover.

But yeah, I actually listen to Vidoll and GLAY (though not much lately), and have liked what I've heard of KinKi, but pretty much all of my exposure to SMAP's music has been through Junior versions on Shokura or the Summary renditions of things, so that was a bit of a random buy. A very cost-effective random buy, but still. XD

Yay, new music! Yay, Mr. Brain with Sato Takeru is up!


Jun. 8th, 2009 03:14 pm
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I came home to nagging about not having a job yet, and how a family friend's daughter sent out twenty-five applications, so clearly I am way behind, etc. etc. which slightly negated the point of my trip, but hey.

San Diego was fun - we wandered around Balboa Park, Old Town, Ocean Beach, Sea World, Seaport Village, the Gaslamp Quarter, the convention center (zomg, HUGE), and the maritime museum (with various old ships we could go on, including the ship from Master and Commander, and a Russian Cold War-era submarine). Aside from the brief stop in Avalon on Catalina Island, the cruise was mostly eating and sleeping, and watching the movies they ran every day. We saw Slumdog Millionaire and Fantastic Four 2 among others (like High School Musical 3 - ugh, at least the first one had some catchy songs).

I fell in love with Commerson's Dolphin at Sea World (aka the dolphin that everyone sees and goes, "BABY SHAMU!" at >.>). They're so pretty, and like to swim upside-down. XD We went to the dolphin show, the orca show, and the sea lion SNL spoof, which were all entertaining.

Trip blather, con't )

I skimmed the flist today and yesterday, but please let me know if I missed anything you want me to know - personal, or fandomwise! I saw that Alice Nine is settling on 'Alice Nine' as their name (thank you for being straightforward and not like some OtheR BandS who like eXtr@n3ou$ markings, A9! XD), and that Nakayama Yuma with B.I. Shadow (or is it just Yuma with B.I. Shadow now, cause people were messing up his name?) is the next JE group to debut, along with NYC, a temporary group also with Yuma... nothing against the guy personally, but it is a bit of a WTF choice to me, next to all of the other Juniors that seem to have been getting pimped more. But then, the Kansai kids don't seem to get as much screentime normally. And hey, SHINee's done well, so why not debut an even younger group! >.>

Um... what else. Oh, I watched episode 2 of MR. BRAIN yesterday instead of the next episode of Hyoryu Net Cafe, and spent half the time staring at Kimutaku's awesome hair. No, that's not sarcasm. Gackt probably had a lot of fun with his role. Watched the Ousama no Brunch interview with Kame and Kimutaku this afternoon, which was amusing. I quite liked the episode I watched (as much as I SIGH-ed at neurology, I must admit that it does make some TV shows and things easier to understand and nitpick now), though it was probably not the best thing to watch right before bed. Now I'm looking forward to subs for episode 3, but I don't have space for the 1GB first episode, so it's off to find it *gasp* streaming somewhere for now.

...and then try to catch up on everything else, like finding a job. >.> And icontesty things, since Mom is not home and I am taking advantage of the nag-free time. XD
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My roommate went to Cancun for break, my house friends went to Hawaii, it was 74 degrees Fahrenheit at home today, and... Chicago is windy and rainy, and expecting snow early in the morning. :P

Iris is asleep semi-conscious(?) next to me with some WIPs open for a meme. XD And I am having belated allergic reactions to Bo the cat, who was out earlier. Oh well. At least I don't feel like I have a cold anymore because of them - though I do think I'm basically better now.

Earlier, I scanned the comments left on Myv's Myspace entry and on Melody's earlier one and some of them are just disgusting. I know that the fans who are rude and selfish enough to actually say things to the two of them about how they don't support the marriage, and hate that Myv has 'betrayed' his fans or whatever, are a very very small minority of his fans, but it just takes one comment to make the whole thing that much more sour. Blah. Oh, well. I'm sure he knows that his sane fans support both of them - or are at least polite enough to not bash them in poorly-spelled, grammatically-horrible comments.

And now Iris is definitely asleep again. I will follow suit, as I have a plane to catch tomorrow and then an hour drive down to school...

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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Bwahahaha. I am in Chicago! [ profile] coiled_iris is "totally awake," and just "resting [her] eyes" next to me. It looks a lot like sleeping, though... XD Meanwhile, it's still only 10pm to me. Granted, I didn't sleep very much last night, between the packing and the waking up early to go to the cemetary (since Grandpa died on the 31st of March), and sitting on a plane/in an airport is surprisingly draining, but I don't feel like sleeping yet, I guess. :P

I sort of feel like I should have something in mind to do, or some idea of what is going on, but this whole trip doesn't really feel like something that's actually happening. I think I just thought of going to Chicago a few weeks before I booked tickets, and usually a) ...I don't travel by myself, and b) I go with my family and my dad makes plans. So this is very unusual and a little surreal. And I am very out of my element, so I will just follow Iris around. XD


Or maybe I will write fic now while she is not paying attention...


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