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Woke up from a bizarre, traumatic dream in which my brother had accidentally killed my dad and an imaginary cousin via food poisoning (ala Iris's curry fears :P)... to an earthquake! A small one, but longer than what we usually get at home. It just rumbled on for a while.

In other news, EPIK HIGH IN THE US. *____* Hopefully, this is outside of the Korean Music Festival, which they aren't listed for (yet? when do they stop announcing people?) anyways. ....aww, dammit, SS501 is coming, though. Well, as entertaining as I find them, I'm not at the point where I would go to LA to see them, not to mention the ticket prices and my either ignorance of or current lack of interest in the other groups/artists listed. XD

But also, Tablo's blog is awesomely in both Korean and English, and Epik High just released a bilingual book/CD internationally and for a non-import price. Yay! Wants!

And I would flail more but I just realized that CRAP I HAVE TWO (thankfully short) PAPERS DUE IN AN HOUR. I knew I was forgetting something. -______-


Jun. 6th, 2008 02:06 am
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Hello, tiny earthquake!

Hello, previously-recently-calmed nerves!

Kids, this is why going to sleep at a reasonable hour in tiny earthquake country is good. If I'd been asleep, I don't think I'd have even noticed this one. Instead, I am awake, and randomly posting on LJ!

Apparently that was a 3.5, about eight miles away. Hm. Little rumbly~

'nother job interview tomorrow. I've decided to not take the one I interviewed for earlier, which means a) more peace of mind, but also b) not having a job. >.> Which means more nagging = less peace of mind. Eh.

Time to sleep. Rly.

edit: alkfjiwleafd Pon. SOMEONE is growing up, I see. *__*


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