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Bonamana + Lucifer = 7.25 minutes of kinda awesome XD

On the other hand, this just goes to show how similar these types of songs really are. But I can't say I really care. :P

...this may get the momentary association of "Bonamana" with naked old men out of my head. For that is the song I was listening to when I glanced out the window of the bus the other day and saw three naked men walking down Market Street in San Francisco. It was both more and less surreal than the time I saw a herd of naked old men doing a birthday bike ride in Golden Gate Park. (/_\)

Werk tomorrow. I think I will try to make bracelets again. I want to make a vistlip one, but they're tricky, so we shall seeeee.
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Re: vistlip's car accident.

First, I'll preface this with: THE BAND IS ALIVE AND NOT SERIOUSLY INJURED (physically, at least). THANK GOODNESS. Of course, it's terribly sad that their manager did not survive, and I don't mean to make her death seem somehow 'okay' because the band is fine, but oh god, Shattered-Tranquility, you cannot give me a headline like "vistlip involved in car accident" with the first line of the article being "We have received news that vistlip was involved in a grave car accident this morning." and then make me scroll all the way past a picture of the band before I find out that the band all survived without life-threatening injuries.

The translations here of different articles mention that Tomo (real name Masushita Tomoo - or Tomohiro, or some reading of 朋央) was the driver of the van involved. Why the vocalist of the band was driving at 1am after a live is... a little perplexing to me, but what's done is done. I just know he's going to take this to heart, but I hope he can work through it without too-negative side-effects, and I hope the accident wasn't due to anything he did. :/ *squishes from afar*

Augh, all of them were too young for this... she was too young to die, Tomo's too young to have this hanging over him, and the others are too young to have seen it happen. Not that there's ever a time where it's better, and I know younger people witness much worse, but... man. A bunch of vistlip is pretty much my age, and thinking about being in a situation like that... I don't know. :/

This icon is totes inappropriate, but it's the only vistlip one I've got.
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Oh, before I forget! (Note to self: don't forget about 52 musics meme tomorrow XD) My brother is working on a project for work and wants to hear from women who have been planning their weddings in their heads - or, I suppose, women who are married and wanted something more/else as part of their wedding experience.

I guess he just wants to know what sort of things you'd like as part of a bridal package at a hotel (i.e. the Ritz Carlton? XD)... they're looking for things beyond the standard rose petals, champagne and chocolate, since that's pretty everyday stuff for them... so like, tablecloths/napkins that match the wedding colors, specific foods, etc. He's on the food/beverage side, so think more on that side of things as opposed to, say, spa treatments. XD

Yeah. I told him I'd ask around, since he put out an all-caps bulletin on Facebook. :P

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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New ViViD and Vistlip PVs are cute. :3 Vistlip more than ViViD, ofc, but ViViD has shirtlessness (from the armpits up -.-). And I think Reno tries too hard to look all rockstar when he plays sometimes. A-n-y-w-a-y-s.

I think I killed my goldfish somehow when I cleaned his tank last night. I mean, he survived the cleaning process, but perhaps he was so traumatized, he had a little fishy heart attack sometime during the night or something. :(

Now the biggest problem is figuring out how to properly dispose of him, since he might be dangerously fat for the toilet, but we have so many cats in the neighborhood, he'd undoubtedly get dug up if I buried him in the yard. Dilemma.

In less fishslaughtery news, I decided to take all of the Rage and Argh that I've been building up as The Last Airbender came out and racebending came to the fore again (I have a rant, but I think it'll just be filtered to those who asked to see it, since it's not really anything new, just my own ramblerant about it, but if anyone else wants to see it, lemme know and I will add you to my filter XD), and make something positive. I try to be optimistic sometimes. So I decided to see how easy it was to make bracelets with our new store design at Pandora, and made some elemental bracelets.

They're inspired by Avatar mostly just in that... they're based on the elements and use some/most? of the same color scheme. Beyond that, though, they're kinda their own thing. But Avatar was what influenced me to make these in the first place, so.

On to the pictures + rambling! )

The end!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!


Jul. 1st, 2010 12:11 pm
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PSC Indies is just acquiring bands lately... first born (who are now BORN? I guess capital letters are a PSC indies thing - SCREW, ViViD, formerly SuG) and now D=OUT. Hm. I know this is probably a good thing in terms of the bands getting more opportunities and having more resources/funding available, buuut... at the same time, it's PSC, so we'll see how it goes. XD

...and though Speed Disk has updated its site to reflect D=OUT's move, LiZ still appears on the list. But their OHP still doesn't exist anymore. -_- I think Speed Disk might be dying at any rate - they're losing bands like whoa and not getting new ones.

Ahh, need to actually get shit done today. Cleaning and mailing and writing letters...

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ai yah!

Jun. 24th, 2010 05:18 pm
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This is me making an effort to post more inane things in my LJ and stop spamming Twitter whenever I have stray thoughts that Must Be Shared With The WORLD. XD This is also me taking a break from mentally rearranging my room in preparation for physically rearranging my room. It's been like this for four years - I guess I feel that graduation marks another new beginning, and it'd be nice to change things up a bit. Too bad one wall is pretty much dominated by a window, thus ruling out half of the places I could move my bed due to earthquake safety (beds under/in close proximity to glass windows = bad news for big planetary shaking XD). Another significant percentage of places is ruled out because of bad feng shui and/or my mom subscribing to superstitions regarding things like getting up on the (literal) right side of the bed. -_-; Too bad, I'm gonna stick the right side of my bed against the wall. So there.

A-l-s-o, D'espairsRay is coming to SF in August and I want to go ($26 with fees, at Slim's), but I'd have to walk back to BART afterwards, and wandering the streets of SF - even if it isn't a very long walk - by myself at 10(ish)pm is not my idea of fun. The only other person I know who's going is Awkward Turtle from Fanime who will undoubtedly find me and try to make awkward small talk. I need someone to either hide behind or talk to instead. :P

>.> I'm probably still going anyway, but it'd be nice to have someone to go with, for company, even, not just self-preservation. XD Anyone? Otherwise, I will just have to pull out the pseduo-Gawth and try to scare people with the threat of stompy boots and/or pointy pain.

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Pomona was nice, though weirdly overcast and cold - it's waaaay hotter here in the Bay Area than it was there. We had a lovely lovely dinner last night and I took pictures on the way home when I wasn't freaking out about having to drive, or sleeping of... sky. And roads. And sometimes cows. XD

I didn't sleep well, partly because we were waking up really early and mostly because my dad snored really loudly and I couldn't get to sleep. So now is naptime, even though I also feel like puttering around with Photoshop or writing or drawing or something Creative.

Okay, and it's a dragon post:
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Jun. 9th, 2010 12:49 am
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This will be a J-rock post! With numbers. No, emoji. Emoji are fun.

LiZ!Kai is in a new, formally-named session band! He and Ryou have been playing in groups ever since Vict and Yuu left, while Rei has been completely MIA. It's sad that I'm pretty sure LiZ is not going to come off of its "hiatus" but I'm not surprised. They're an ickle indies band, after all. And it's nice that Kai is still around for once! My favorite is not the one leaving the scene or becoming a host. The group is called Gakudan Hitori 2, and Ruchi, who recently left xTRiPx (for the second time - he was their first bassist, left, and then came back as their 'third') is in it as well.

Interesting that Kai won't be playing with them for their last three lives in July due to "personal feelings." I wonder what that means.

These shots of Versailles are pretty (and f-locked), though I kinda want to laugh at Kamijo. >.> But when I first clicked the link, my initial reaction was, "Wait, that's not the full set..." Ah, still.

Hm. Miku has a new band. I guess it makes sense, since An Cafe did go on hiatus to let its members pursue solo things, but it seems a little late? And it is weird to see Miku looking almost normal and not like a giant-eyed... creature thing. >.> That sounds meaner than it's supposed to be.

I really, really like Satsuki's image/theme/whatever (what with the wings and everything - is anyone surprised? XD). And yet I've listened to his music, maybe once? Will rectify this one day.

Looking at scans at [ profile] jrock_scans just reminds that I am still amazed at how giant and goofy Maaya from LM.C is IRL. Like, srsly. He looks shorter than Aiji in 90% of their promo things, and somehow, the shots of them standing next to each other (where Maaya is gigantic) never registered. XD

ViViD with Yoshiki and Toshi at Japan Expo in Paris... such a weird combination to me. XD Okay, they aren't playing together or even on the same day, but still!

Belated, but saaad about Canzel's impending disbandment. Surprised, too, despite them being an ickle Indies band.

I just tried to go to LiZ's OHP and I'm getting "Object not found!" :O They're still linked on Speeddisk's site, though. Really, I'd just like a solid, "LiZ is disbanding" post - I'm expecting them to, but this limbo state keeps that tiny sliver of hope alive against my better judgment.

Aaaaand, that's it. I am le tired, and I need to not sleep all morning like I did when I had yesterday off. :P


Jun. 6th, 2010 01:05 am
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My feet are dying. Even though I was on my feet a lot at Fanime, at least I felt like I was doing something most of the time, even if it was just walking around looking for cameras, or running around the convention center carrying things. It's better than feet hurting hurting hurting from standing in one place doing nothing for hours on end.

Which is what my job is, basically. XD Especially now that we have become a Pandora Concept Store, so all our furnishings are Pandora-dictated, which means a) the beads are arranged inconveniently (both for us and for people wanting to look at them), so I can't easily play with them like I did before, and b) THE CHAIRS ARE GONE. ;____________; No more sitting places in the store. Which means I have 45 minutes for lunch - about half that time is spent sitting, I'd say - and ~8 hours of standing. Plus time for waiting for trains and things. Plus shoes that are nice but not that great for standing that long. It's not too bad when I'm actually doing things, but yeah, we don't get a huge amount of business, so probably a third of the day is spent standing around doing nothing.

And I think I'm suffering from people withdrawal, both Fanime and I-House people. There are some people from both that I do not miss, but generally... it's a big difference to go from being around so many people and the funtimes associated with them to being home with parents. XD

Anyways, I need to do a Fanime post at some point. There was so much going on this year, not just with Fanime, that I think I'll have to break it down by day, in order to cover all of the chaos. But I think tomorrow is tentatively my last day for work for this block (unless I decide to go in on Tuesday, buuuuut.... we'll see), so I should have time for that later this week.
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If anyone would like to link friends/fellow contributors/people who were wondering why you were carrying a crane around to this post, please go ahead!

I hadn't realized I actually first posted about this back at the end of February. O_o Granted, the first two weeks were pretty much just spent on gathering pictures, and most of the real work happened in the last week before Pancake Breakfast, but that is still longer than I thought it was. Funny, since I remember thinking that I had No Time For This when I first decided to do it.

Pancake Breakfast went well overall - a bit chaotic, and for some reason, everyone expected me to know who was working what position in what section of the dining areas (and also to be able to be bussing in three different areas at once). >.> Aside from working two shifts as a busser and contributing to the World Peace art exhibition, I made origami doves to hang from the ceiling as well as smaller doves and peace signs (not origami), so there will be pictures of those as well. Despite the rain, we ended up with almost 500 people in attendance over four hours,

The art piece turned out really well! There are a few things that gave me moments of ARGH, like when the paper warped, and how the kanji are kinda crooked, but generally, I'm very pleased with the end result. So THANK YOU ALL again for your support! ♥♥♥♥♥ I was amazed by the amount of pictures that were sent in, and I loved hearing the little stories that some of you included with them about the places/objects in the photos, or the process of taking them.

So, let's begin! If you want to skip me rambling about how I made the thing, go to the second cut. ;)

The creative process... )

And the actual exhibition starts about here! )

Once again, thank you all! The other pieces in the exhibition were really well-done - some were definitely made by art majors - but when I saw the final product up, I definitely didn't have that "AUGH AMATUER" feeling at all. It looks lovely. :D

Now... what to do with it when I have to take it down...
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To everyone who sent me crane pics! I want to put together a list of contributors and where they took pictures, so please let me know how you'd like to be credited. So far, the consensus is "First Name, Last Initial," but if you'd like to use something else (full name, nickname, LJ username, first initial + last name, only first/last name, etc.), that's fine, too, as long as it is kid-safe. XD

Project Update:
I'm looking at another $60-70 worth of photo prints here... x_x I love seeing all of the pictures people have sent in, but man, it's hard to narrow them down, and now I really do have to... I can't afford to print all of these!

This is either my last round or second-to-last (depending on if Erika can get me Japan pics), and I definitely have enough pictures. I just made the mistake of weeding out the ones that I kinda liked for collages first, and now that I see my subtotal, I am thinking I will need to re-do some of these and swap some pics out. At least Walgreens does the formatting for me. :P

Ugh, I hope this ends up like one of those Mastercard ads.

Four sheets of foamboard: $10.00

Photos of 1,000 cranes: toomuchtothinkabout $120.00

Stamps: $5.00

Blu-Tack I ended up not Using: $3.00

Gloss medium: $4.00

(Paintbrushes and rubber cement: $5.00) <- in parantheses 'cause Mom generously paid for those. XD

An art project that looks ~awesome~?

Better Damn Well Be Priceless.

This is not to say that I haven't loved seeing what everyone has come up with; it's just the money part that has me cringing a bit. Well, and how I know I will end up doing this all Thursday night.

Though I am amazed at how I will be spending at least $100 on photo prints, but I still haven't bought things for me that I know I want and have been telling myself I will get at some point in the near future. >.> Need to stop thinking so hard about self-indulgences, sometimes. But I guess this is a self-indulgence, of sorts, too... anyways. Contributors, comment please!

Comments are screened just in case.
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FIRST: Last call for craaaaaaanes! You can comment here (or on any post) with links, or e-mail them as attachments or an upload link to - I do need them approximately NOWish, though. XD

...but I did mess up my timing again, so I have longer to finish the whole thing than I thought I did, so if you absolutely need more time, I have some flexibility.

And courtesy of [ profile] sidnad:


Aki reminds me of a really girly version of GLAY's Takuro. Which I think is a good thing. Such a pretty (and inadvertantly funny) boy man. Especially when he's cosplaying his senpai-idols. XDD
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I continue to be allergic to everything. Almost fell asleep at work, too. Did my taxes, and finally got around to catching up on things and... man, I missed a bunch of Jrock news, most of it bad (well, the bits I care about, at least). :(

Hm. I'm not so surprised to hear about Sincrea disbanding. Disappointed, yeah, since I quite liked them and hoped they'd do a lot more, but with the abrupt hiatus (it's not like they were stagnating in their releases, and no one mentioned health issues or anything), it kinda seemed like it was coming. I guess they just couldn't work things out...



If the news about bis's Shunsuke passing away is true Another untimely death this year, and it's only March. :( Such a shock, again (even though I never really listened to bis or any of his other projects), especially since it looks like he's been active lately, so it doesn't seem like he'd been hospital-ridden like Jasmine was.


I hope it's not true. But if people in the industry have been posting about it... well, hopefully, it's a misunderstanding/miscommunication. I want to believe that, at least, though I know that it's unlikely. :(
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So far, I've received cranes from [ profile] annapeace, [ profile] dammitliv, [ profile] elagnithgins, [ profile] ginzarhapsody, [ profile] karinberry, [ profile] l33t_dreams, [ profile] lucentstreak, [ profile] slytherisa, [ profile] stirfried_lies, [ profile] sunfish60669, and [ profile] swtjemz. If I've missed anyone, please let me know! It's entirely possible I overlooked a post or lost a comment somewhere or that I have your pictures and just missed your name here. @_@ Thank you very much to everyone who has sent in pics so far! It's been really lovely to get this sort of response. ♥♥♥

I'm going to be taking pictures myself up through the last week of March (I was told today that, "oh, it's fine" that my project is far from done - lasjdf;wei way to make me needlessly worry), so if anyone has any additional pictures or hasn't gotten around to taking any yet, feel free to send them. :) I think I have a lot of blue crane-pics, though, so cranes in other colors (especially... dark/bright green, yellow, orange, gray/black/white, I think) would be nice. :D

I still put together a rough draft/outline version, just so that I have an actual plan. Which I do. Sort of. >.>

Anyhoo, for the curious who want to see how this is going )

ack. late!

Feb. 24th, 2010 08:47 am
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Yuuto resurfaced yesterday! He's pretty non-VK now, playing support for a band called Bloom, and going by Miyagi Yu. The last I'd read (a month after it was initially posted since I somehow missed it) was that he wasn't even sure he'd stay in the industry, which made me sad. XD

But now he's blog-stalkable again, so yay!

...and my jaw just cracked when I yawned. That's gonna ache for awhile.

*zooms to class, late* >.>
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REALLY. PLEASE HELP? ALSO, I'M TRYING TO GET PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD IN ON THIS, SO IF YOU HAVE FRIENDS WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND THEM THIS WAY. And if you can't/don't do this, I won't hold it against you. ;) I will also maybe mail my holiday cards soon, since I'm promising to mail things now. -.-


WHAT: Helping Liz with an art project for the International House on the theme of "world peace." I want to collect a bunch of pictures of origami cranes in places around the world, and put them on a big foamboard. Ideally, I'd like each person to try and take at least 10 pictures each. They don't all have to be drastically different, but some variety would be nice. XD

HOW: I can send you a crane (or two, but just one per picture, please!) if you don't have origami paper/can't fold a crane. If you do want to use your own, then I'd just like to make sure I don't end up with a bunch of cranes all in the same color. This doesn't seem like it will be a problem. But if everyone suddenly decides they want red/green/blue/purple, then I will suggest others instead. XD

WHERE: Wherever you live. Especially for those of you in Faraway and Exciting Places, I'd love it if you could get at least a few pics in places that kinda reflect where you are. I don't know how feasible that is, but... yeah. Even just having the crane next to... a packet of TimTams, or a Costa cup and/or with some pound coins. Otherwise, just around your apartment/house, work, school, wherever. I'd like this to be international, but also reflect individual interests.

AND THEN: E-mail me (or zip and upload to somewhere like YouSendIt or Mediafire, if they're really big) the pictures, please! They just need to be big enough to print at Walgreen's, so... at least 540x360 pixels.

WHEN: By March 15th. Yeah, they really didn't give us a lot of time for this. -_-;

*The actual due date is in the first week of April, but they want pictures of the projects "almost finished" by March 15.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer any sort of compensation other than gratitude and YAYs for your time/effort, but I will definitely be sharing pics of the final product. :) If you're interested or have any questions, comment please! Comments will be screened in case addresses get passed around. ;)

Current list of places/crane colors )
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LJ is once again not working nicely for me (and possibly roomie). I'm writing this entry with the ugly Times New Roman-only, no-graphics version of the Post page. -_-;


At least I managed to check my flist, though, so until LJ starts cooperating, I will leave you all with this pic (courtesy of [ profile] tekaki) of Aki channeling Hyde, which I COMPLETELY approve of.

*____* This makes me keysmash inside, but I can't help but be amused, too, because he tries so hard to be rawr sometimes (not that he isn't succeeding; I mean, it's not like Yuuto trying to be rawr, but it's still cute on some level). XDD

Now back to writing a paper. >.>


Feb. 11th, 2010 11:46 am
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Is anyone else having major trouble doing anything (like accessing?) Livejournal most of the time? x_x I seem to be able to get on in five minute bursts, and then it just goes, " dee dah, I shall load the page for you but only after an additional five minutes and only in HTML format. And you can't log in. Oh, maybe just this once. But you can't look at your flist!"

Ugh. So I am going to stop trying to check LJ all day and hope for an improvement. It doesn't help that the site's last update is from Jan 30. *eyes LJ*
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SCREW's new bassist: I am looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the band, though I still miss Yuuto, of course. XD I know the white costumes are a rebirth/restart sort of look, but I can't help but wonder how Yuuto would've looked, too. Probably like a bunny of some sort. >.> Anyways, I hope that Rui will do well with SCREW (and that the awkward new-guy feeling will go away soon, but Manabu adapted pretty quickly, and I am hazarding that Rui has more band experience than he did XD).

Bloody Monday 2: Watched Episode 3 today. Without giving too much away (I think), I'll just say that sometimes I am actually glad for the predictability of TV shows. Also, fdsjiewlajfsd in general.

Real Life: I'm taking roomie home with me this weekend for Chinese New Year dinner with my parents, and a trip to Fenton's Ice Creamery (the ice cream parlor mentioned in UP. Yes, it's real, though the only part of it that really looks like the real one is the logo, which is exactly the same. It's also a ten minute walk from my house. :D).

Fanime: Exciting things are exciting! Stay tuned~



Jan. 25th, 2010 11:59 pm
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I was going to do some sort of concert report, but ZOMG, BLOODY MONDAY 2. Totally not going to be waiting for subs for this one before watching. XD It's unrealistic and over-the-top (especially whenever someone references "Bloody Monday," and there are dramatic pauses and a swell of music), but I am a sucker for a good action drama, and like the first one, the first episode of this definitely delivered right away.

Plus, well, the cast is nice. XDD


Ooh, shirts. Anyways. Class starts tomorrow, but I've only got two tomorrow, starting at 12pm, so yay!


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