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It's Pocky Day~! I'd like to go by J-Town and get some in celebration, but I have work from 12:30-8:30 tomorrow. -.- I may have to bite the bullet and just pay more (probably) for it if they have it at Bristol Farms.

I went to see Akanishi Jin again tonight, and here is a bulleted recap because I should've been asleep a couple hours ago.

= YARA TOMOYUKI. YARA TOMOYUKI! wtf fingers, I am not trying to type 'tomorrow' He came out in a green suit for the Pop/Lock Dance section with a guy named Shin who did not get mentioned at the end. And then came out in samurai garb with a katana and killed Joey Tee the demon. And then came out at the very end in normal clothes and was generally tiny and dancey and adorable and badass all around. ALSDFKJ YARACCHI. ♥ He kinda made it worth it. XD
= Getting to hang (and crack jokes) with friends I haven't seen in awhile also made it worth it, though I was squeeing more about Yara even though they didn't know who he was. XP Ryo knew who he was, but didn't realize it was him until afterwards when I told her. Hikaru just laughed at me knowing things about Shounen Club, but also asked me who Joey Tee and 'Tomoyuki' were. I am amused at being the JE expert.
= Jin talking! He had a VTR in the beginning where they showed clips from LA and he talked a bit, half-coherently, but also actually yelled stuff at the crowd. I felt like it was more than LA, but I could be wrong. Nothing especially deep, of couerse. XD
= Three new songs ("Owaah" or something like that, "The Fifth Season," and one I don't remember). None stood out particularly to me, but then, it's taken this long for anything other than "A Page" and "Lovejuice" to grow on me. :P
= Having heard the songs before, mostly. They didn't do the karaoke-style lyrics this time, so if I hadn't heard them I wouldn't have had any idea what he was saying most of the time. And when the lyrics are in English, I do like to know what's going on.

= The concert being generally the same as the LA one. Good because I knew what was coming up for the most part. Bad because... I knew what was coming up. There was a bit of variation, but I mean, all his songs involved bright crazy lights and autotune (with at least one reference to booze optional but barely), so it didn't really seem that different.
= The Warfield is next to a strip club. Who knew?! Jin, probably. XD

= Majorly bright lights pointed up at the balcony made it impossible to see a lot of the time.
= Dancing was not as good as in LA - fewer dancers, for one, but also not as much as before (there was no dance crew for filler). They pared down the World Dance bit, though they left the background the same so it still said 'screen dance' when there was none. :P
= Things seemed more jumbled? I dunno, things were just as random as in LA, but after the first part with the MCs talking too much and stalling, it seemed like a big rush of Stuff.
= The girls in front of us deciding to stand up even when no one else around us was. I mean, sure, at that point it was pretty much all the same as LA, but I still wanted to be able to see from my seat? A middle-aged Asian guy behind us came down and scolded them, though. XD
= Pls stop the autotune abuse.

Okay, I may think of more later, but I really need to sleep now. Unrelatedly, ugh, I hope I get all of the documents I need for this application I am doing! Time is running out!
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