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In another instance of Kpop pwning my other fandoms, D released their major anniversary photobook while at least 3/5 of them have horrible costumes and/or hair (Hiroki was fine until he got that bump in his hair - now, he's on the fence), and it makes me sad that I don't even want to click any of the thumbnails. Augh, Ruiza, even the crazy caveman look was better than this! ;_;

Meanwhile, SM released the teaser for SHINee's "Hello" MV, and it is bright and pretty and while it possess some questionable/distracting-in-a-not-neccessarily-flaily-way elements (Taemin's Mir hair, Key's all-red thermal-underwear-resembling ensemble, the Sesame Street-like set Jonghyun is sitting on, possibly the abuse of leopard print... okay, so the Mir-cloneness and Sesame Stree-ness I don't really mind since they amuse me), it has more than enough intriguing/shiny bits to make up for those. XD Like puffy cheeks and what Key is wearing around his neck when they've got their black outfits on, and well, the bright and pretty.

Also, I think I have the "Hello" font?

Let's see what else I can cram into this post in an hour.


Last week, I re-created/re-did the SuJu and SHINee bracelets I made, since werk was soooo sloooow. We were seriously taking pictures of the lamp, and the display cases, and things. I'm still not entirely satisfied with either of these, but that's mostly because we don't have the right colors for either of them.

Super Junior:

SuJu's actually looks the closest to a 'normal' Pandora bracelet of all the themed ones I've made, since most people build theirs up with ones they like/associate with the place they're buying at, rather than putting together a perfectly symmetrical, color-specific bracelet. Those two glass beads are the closest to 'sapphire' we get (though we do have some beads with sapphires, both real and fake, in them, the color's a bit dull - and I didn't feel like adding gold), and all of the silver ones are meant to represent the different members:

Leeteuk - angel
Heechul - girl (hey, he totally had that hair in that "Gee" performance he did with Leeteuk, Sungmin, Minho and Taemin last new year's)
Han Geng - panda :3
Yesung - turtle
Kangin - teddy bear
Shindong - picnic basket
Sungmin - pumpkin/Jack 'o Lantern
Siwon - horse (we have a LOT of bible/cross-related beads, but... the horse is cuter. XD)
Eunhyuk - monkey (it's really a mother chimp with her baby)
Donghae - fish
Ryeowook - baby carriage (eternal maknae, right?)
Kibum - boy (...yeah, he was hard. Originally, he was the suitcase because of living abroad and, well, not being with SuJu right now)
Kyuhyun - 'sun, moon and stars' (for STARcraft, har har har)

And Zhou Mi and Henry are the eighth-note and sneaker dangles, but I'm not sure I ever decided who was who. :P

Total Price (w/ tax): $905.44 USD



We don't really have many 'aqua' beads, either, so I basically just went with a lighter/brighter blue than what I used for SuJu. The ones that fit the best were those glass beads with gold cores, so I threw in more 2-tone beads to even out the color/goldness. I think I would've liked to have used a gold beadclasp bracelet, too. Anyways, there's two beads per guy, and the rest are just blue and/or shiny. Oh, and the boy is on there because they are boys. :P

Onew - chicken, Mr. Smiley "you are my sunshine" Sun
Jonghyun - music notes dangle, ...and I think the other was the two-toned abstract sun, since it is sort of blingbling >.>
Key - the lock and key (har har har), the little blob thing with the gold crown on it (divakey!)
Minho - soccer ball, blue ribbon (for his competitive streak)
Taemin - the pacifier dangle, the star dangle

Total Price: $1,920.63

Expensive boys. Well, the four glass beads alone would be $840 ($210 each). ^^;


And then I made a Herd Of Horsies running towards a lake with some trees and greenery around:

Like I said, it was a very slow day. I was tempted to make a herd of elephants, too. Or a school of fishies.

...I wonder if Ruiza likes K-Pop, too, or just JE. XD
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