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Back from D'espa! As things usually go, it went downhill first and then majorly up again. XD They started a little late, and played for less than an hour before having an intermission. The second half was... probably around the same length? There was no encore (unless they're counting the post-intermission part as the encore), but the crowd failed at calling for an encore anyways.


Before the show, I ran into a photographer who works a lot of the Jrock shows around here (like Fanime, which is how I know him :P), who told me that if he'd known I wanted something signed, he would've gotten something for me, since he had been covering the signing session, too. Whoops. But he also said he'd give me a ride home after finding out I was going to take public transportation, and me being safe is definitely more important to me than getting something signed. XD

As for the show... as always, I do not have a setlist. XD In fact, I only recognized about half the songs, and only knew "Abyss" because Hizumi announced it ("This song is inspired by deep sea."). He also announced "Garnet" (*squeeeee*), which was the last song, and I would've recognized that one anyways. XD A few of the others I've definitely heard, and on a few more, I could barely hear Hizumi, so it was hard to tell what melody/rhythm he was following.

Slim's is pretty small and it was far far far from filled. I was in the back of the group, and in the seventh or eighth row at the same time. :/ Bad for the band selling seats, but on the other hand, really really really good for seeing all of them. AND THEY WERE PRETTY.

They were all wearing sleeveless shirts except for Tsukasa, sadface, who was inexplicably wearing a black three-quarter sleeve top. Hizumi's shirt was more of a sleeveless buttonless cardigan sort of thing with no shirt underneath (ala their current promo pics) and he took that off, too, towards the end. The fangirls went nuts, but tbh, it's not like you couldn't basically see everything before. XD

Zero had a black vest on over a white tanktop with some gray/black pattern on it, and I just realized I have no idea what any of them wore, pantswise. XD Skinny jeans, probably? Or, well, whatever they're wearing in their current promo pics (Hizumi had harem pants, maybe?). Karyu had something on that kept swishing around and sometimes fell off his shoulder. And they were aaaallll gorgeous. *_* Though Karyu looks like a really scary bird.

Since Slim's has no pit, they were really big on fan interaction, and kept posing really close to the fans, or reaching out or allowing themselves to be touched. Zero kept nodding and smiling and yelling "Motto!" at everyone, and was just so adorable I started to think he's too chipper for a band with D'espa's image. XD The bad part about being so relatively close and being someone who does not generally join in the fist-pumping, head-banging, roaring responses of going to a rock concert is that when someone in the band looks in your direction, you feel like they really can see you. And okay, I may have had an embarrassing fangirl moment - an involuntary one - of AUGH BLUSHING when Zero looked my way once (but only once! The other times were fine). Karyu was a bit more aloof, and also on the other side for the first half (and also, Zero was just being so squishy), so I didn't see him as much. Tsukasa... poor Tsukasa didn't even have a light on him sometimes. But I still got a good view of him. He couldn't do much from behind the drums, but he did keep sticking his tongue out and flicking it around. XD

During the intermission, I went to investigate the merch table and found out they were doing another signing after the show, of poster bought at the concert. So I decided, what the hey I didn't go to the earlier signing, and bought one (and also IMMORTAL, since I had been planning to buy it anyways). I came back to find that the creeper kid from Fanime was in the exact same spot I'd been in pre-intermission. WTF! How does he do that?! I ended up in the center, though, so I got some better views when some tall guy wasn't standing right in front of me.

The frustrating part, though? The creeper kid caught one of Tsukasa's drumsticks. THAT COULD'VE BEEN ME. But at least I got to see it after he'd gotten it signed. It was all splintered in the middle. On the other hand, I don't even know what I'd do with that. It's hard enough figuring out how to frame my MusicFest shirt without spending a ton on a frame. And I got a poster signed, so. Yeah. >.> Don't really know what to do with that, either. Right now, Laruku's the only group to grace my walls.

Anyways. Aside from three drumsticks from Tsukasa, Zero was spitting picks throughout a lot of the show. It was, of course, adorable. XD Karyu threw some picks and spat some, but he wasn't as good at that as Zero. Hizumi and Zero also spat water and threw water bottles.

And afterwards, there was the signing. They'd put on T-shirts by then, and it was pretty fast, but weirdly, didn't feel rushed. I ended up being behind a girl who came from Japan to see them (funny, she wouldn't have fit my image of a VK fan, but I do feel like Western fans can get too much into having The Gawth Image, and that's where I get my VK fan images from XD), so I didn't try to use any of my fail Japanese. I just bowed and thanked everyone. The order was... Zero, Tsukasa, Hizumi, Karyu. And now it all seems like a bluuuur. They all just signed, shook hands and said thank you, but because the girl in front of me stopped to briefly talk to Hizumi, I was 'stuck' with Tsukasa for a little longer, so he said thank you like, three times. XD Well, he was already saying, "Thank you. Thank you very much." to everyone, in a raspy little voice, but he added another one. So our conversation was basically like, "Thank you. Thank you very much." "Thank you." "Thank you." "Thank you."

>.> I wins at social skills.

P.S. They were all really pretty close up, too.

In the end, it was a really good show, I still got something signed (and did NOT completely make a fool of myself when seeing teh pretty up close - it really is different seeing them onstage, I think, so that magic was not as strong XD), and I got a ride home! So all in all, yay!

day after edits: More things I forgot to mention from last night...

Tsukasa has a really firm handshake. Also, a really enthusiastic one, like he's SO GRATEFUL to see you (or going I'M A MAN REALLY XDD). And the crowd was really interesting. Aside from your typical American VK fan (the ones who come dressed up all goth), there were quite a few couples, and some otaku-looking guys (including one big, kinda fat white guy who caught Hizumi's first waterbottle, and a pick). The couples were very snuggly, which was kind of annoying, and also just weird. I mean, it's D'espairsRay! It's not exactly a good PDA soundtrack for snuggling. >.>

Speaking of waterbottles, Hizumi emptied most of his over the crowd before he threw it, but Zero's was still like, half-full, and also landed pretty close to me, but I was more worried about getting hit by it than catching it. 'Cause really, wtf do you do with a half-crushed waterbottle?

As one of the guys I met tonight pointed out, though, this is definitely a merchandise tour. Maru Music/tour organizers are doing everything they can to sell things, and they had a ton of different merchandise, from shirts, to a hoodie, to a $25 folding fan (pretty, but not even for me the fan collector XD), pins, CDs, an Askew magazine special(?), a poster, a photo set.... If you spent $30 or more you were entered in a raffle to win a signed drumhead, as well. And the band only signed posters (and later shirts, and possibly just whatever merch) that had been bought at the show.

But eh, from a viewer's POV? Totally worth it. Not to mention, because the ticket price was relatively cheap for a Jrock concert, even with the merch I got, it was less than what I spent to go see GLAY, or 2PM/Wonder Girls.

Incidentally, slowly learning 2PM's member's names - still fail at identifying most of them - makes me sadder about missing their bit completely in that concert. Oh well. Next month will be SM Town, which I'm sure will make up for that!
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