Aug. 10th, 2010

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I had another bad dream last night, but I can't remember the details anymore, and I'm pretty sure there were no creepy killer girls or K-pop idols in it. XD

Made kimchi stew today for lunch because I have been cold lately, and I need to find things to do with the big jar of kimchi we have. It turned out alright, I think, though I am still craving Korean food, but it's not as bad as the food cravings I would get when K8 would have food prizes on Janiben, or the Kansai Jrs. would go restaurant-spotlighting, or KAT-TUN would have cooking/food things on Cartoon KAT-TUN (before it got all weird), or when vistlip had their okonomiyaki-eating contest. I suppose I'll have to make do with Sorabol tomorrow when I go in to work.

(They called me this afternoon about tomorrow... I was tempted for a second to decline, but I could use the money, and I know I'd just sit around doing notmuch if I stayed home. At least I'll be doing something. I'm sure this will seem a little different three hours into my eight-hour shift. XD At least my bosses are in Vegas, so I can sneak a little maybe.)

Note to self: bring camera, make bracelets!

Also, need more K-pop icons, and possibly tags. Sorry, J-Pop/Rock, I'll be back in awhile~ I think once I gave in to SHINee, I gave in to the rest of them, but I'm enjoying it. XP It made me sad that the Korean idols were so hard for me to tell apart (some still are, but it's a lot easier now than when I first tried to learn SuJu, back in 2006).


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